EDITORIAL: Berlusconi goes Down


Berlusconi goes Down

Bosom Buddies Berlusconi (left) and Putin

Vladimir Putin’s best pal, Italian ruler Silvio Berlusconi, was indicted by prosecutors last week for buying sex from a child and for theft. He already faces numerous charges for official corruption.  His immunity from prosecution has been lifted.  He’s going down, and he’s going down fast.

To say the least, we are not surprised.

To say the least, Putin is guilty of at least as much public and private corruption as his bosom pal Berlusconi, ought to be facing at least as much attention from Russian prosecutors. Revelations about the personal palaces Putin is building for his golden years alone ought to be enough to justify this .  That it isn’t happening is a testimony to the vast differences in civilization between Russia and Italy.

Instead of disciplining Vladimir Putin as Italy is doing, Russian are only giving this madman more power.  As we report in our lead editorial, Putin is recklessly reviving th worst, most arbitrary and crazed acts of the USSR.  He is banning foreign journalists, banning foreign holidays, banning foreign time itself.  He is driving out the last vestiges of modern democratic civilization from his country, and his citizens are not lifting a finger to stop him.

Let’s be clear:  Italy is a democratic country with a vibrant press corps and fully developed pluralism, which limits the power of the national ruler.  But Russia, with absolutely no serious checks on Putin either in terms of divided power, opposition politics or journalism, is a black void, and the world really has no clear idea about the true scope of the corruption in which Putin is personally engaged.  In all likelihood, the horrific acts Putin carries out on a daily basis make Berlusconi look like Mother Theresa.

But you can judge a man by his friends.  Berlusconi is one of Putin’s very closest confidants, and he’s a shameless criminal who has abused his office in every way imaginable.  Putin is the same.  If the people of Russia do not take steps to rein him in, Putin will destroy Russia just as Brezhnev and his ilk destroyed the USSR.

39 responses to “EDITORIAL: Berlusconi goes Down

  1. A good way to look at this is to quote that old saying, “I look at your friends and so shall I judge you!”

    In other words looking at that ‘fascist gangster’ V. Putin and so I judge you ‘mafioso’ Berlusconi.

    After all don’t “birds of a feather stick together”!!!

  2. If you really want to get sick to your stomach look up the picture of Berlusconi kissing Gaddafi’s ring.

    • Hey, Maimonides,
      NOTHING, but NOTHING beats the lips kissing orgies performed by Russian leaders e.g., Brejnev kissing passionately the east german commie and hundread others. How revolting it was…..

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Whom do you propose they should have kissed instead — you yourself? Get a life, boy.

        • An old Russian joke:

          The Soviet leaders are in the airport to say goodbye to some leader of some African country. The visitor’s plane is already in the air and fast disappearing, but Brezhnev is still waving enthusiastic goodbyes. Kosygin and others tell him:

          – Leonid Ilyich, let’s go! He is an insignificant pawn from an insignificant country.

          Brezhnev exclaims:

          – But such a great kisser!

  3. Don’t be so sure Italy is a “democratic country with a vibrant press corps and fully developed pluralism”. It may not be as bad as Russia, but it’s got one of the more dysfunctional political cultures in Europe. Italian voters swing between far-right lunatics and Communist lunatics.

    • Too true.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Having worked in Italy myself, my take on aforesaid country amounts to the following.

      Italy, among other things, features:

      a) Obesity
      b) Car worship culture – your feet is for stepping on the gas and the brake, respectively
      c) Rampant islamophobia
      d) American bases
      e) Crime, corruption, and greed

      Ergo: If if weren’t for USians’ congenital inability to master foreign languages, Italy would actually come in handy for them as somewhere to settle. Granted, (e) may not be that pleasant always, but it certainly shouldn’t alienate USians to any significant extent.

      • Having worked in Russia I can state the following.

        Russia amongst other things features:

        a) Obesity
        b) Car worship culture, pedestrian crossings are ranging stripes and the footpath is an overtaking lane, plus those flashing blue lights are great for driving on the wrong side of the road and killing innocent bystanders…
        c)Rampant islamophobia and racism against all non slavs.
        d)no American bases thank God, we would not want normal American servicemen and women contaminated by Russians.
        e) Crime, corruption, and greed that are pretty much the worst in the world.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Although you tried to hide it, (d) is (d)efinitely part of your problem with Russia. Westerners in general and residents of English speaking countries in particular, with few exceptions, judge the world’s countries and peoples primarily out of concern for imperialism’s “Business-as-Usual”. Moreover, I sincerely doubt you ever set foot, let alone worked, in Russia in the first place — wouldn’t that be sort of “below you”, ol’ chap? If you did do that, however unlikely that seems to be, one is tempted to suspect you made a botch out of your commitment. You were just revealed as incompetent, pure and simple. That, in fact, could actually explain your anti-Russian rantings: An act of futile, vainglorious “revenge”.

          • Actually no, I dislike Russia for its racism, mass murdering rampages, and general lack of anything remotely resembling honor or human decency.

            Having worked on refugee projects tends to poison one against a country such as Russia.

      • The most corrupted countries in Europe are still a paradise in coparison with the sh33876hole called Russia that is drowning in its own excrements – it is truly priceless to see russia humiliated….

        • Oh, the proverbial “verge of collapse”, comme d’habitude. Encore aussi réjouissante comme toujours, cette connerie! Du bist wirklich ein blöder Arschloch, mein Schatz.

          • Hey, klaine schwaine, in case you haven’t noticed, 8 out of 10 in moscow are not only muslim but central asian, uzbeks, turkmen, kyrgyz;
            600 000 chinese a year just cross nonexistant chinese-russian border and settle in siberia – chinese just retaking siberia, a chinese territory stolen by russians a while ago – just in case you haven’t noticed….By the way, go and buy a book called Bloodland, Europe between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Synder, a history proferssor at Yale. Barbarities commited by russians on Ukrainians and Polish people are difficult to comprehend for any civilized european- one of the russian butcher was killing personally 600 people a day. it seems that chinese might unleash this same barbarity on the russian dogs…..

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Is this what silly Psheks make for a living, or what? Worthless country, worthless people, worthless faith. Reading your utter trash makes me wonder if Europe wouldn’t be better off if Poland were terminally carved up between Germany and Russia — two renowned countries with authentic culture and history.

              • LOL floppy, Germany and Russia are renowned all right, but not in a good way.

                Germany murdered 20,000,000 people, and Russia 61,000,000 in the 20th C. That is what Germany and Russia are renowned for, bringing death and misery and racist oppression to hundreds of millions of people.

                Russian culture is like a viral infection, it should be eradicated.

                • Slow learner, eh? Stalin killed Avogadro’s number of people — or maybe even peoples. Six times ten to the twenty-third degree. Repeat after me: Six times ten to the twenty-third degree. I won’t let you off the hook until you comply, einverstanden?

              • Manfred, you schwantz! What about Austria?! Doesn’t it deserve a piece, like in the good old times?

                • Haha, fine with me — no doubt about that! And the very first law to be enacted after Poland’s well-deserved undoing is to stipulate that each and every Pole shall forever be singing that unforgettable mega-hit “Moskau”, the refrain of which reads:

                  Moskau, Moskau
                  Wirft die Gläser an die Wand
                  Russland ist ein schönes Land, o-ho-ho-ho-ho, HEY!
                  Moskau, Moskau
                  Deine Seele ist so groB
                  Nachts da ist der Teufel los, a-ha-ha-ha-ha

                  And so the Poles would finally have contributed something worthwhile!

              • Klaine Schwaine,

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  Est-ce que tu en pourrais produire une mise en musique, peut-être? Volontiers comme sonate pour piano et violin, s’il te plaît.

                • McCusa,

                  Your “caps lock” key got stuck in the middle of your post again. You should stop jerking off to you own wet dreams, or at least aim away from the keyboard.

              • Dlaine Schwaine,
                Don’t flatter yourself. You russians consider yourselves equal to germans -hummmm – during the last war germans considered russians just dirty smelly animals, Do I have to remind you that after Ribbentrop – Molotov pact germany attacked the soviet union and unleashed the barbarity against everything rusian on a cosmic scale. They had such a total and utter contempt for the russians that they starved 3 million prisoners of the war – they wouldn’t touch anyone of them they just let them starved. By the way, Hitler wanted push the russians as far east as possible into central asia – in case you didn’t know…

  4. It is not only Berlusconi who has whored himself to Russia. The entire German political and economic establishment has done so too!

    Everyone thought when Schroeder was defeated and Merkel replaced him in September 2005, that Germany would ceased its sucking up Russia. No Germany under Merkel has pursued the exact foreign policy, Nord Stream continues, Germany has prevented the EU from formulating a coherent energy policy to combat Russia’s energy monopoly and aggression.

    Must I remind everyone it was France and above all Germany that VOTED the Membership Action Plan for Georgia and Ukraine TWICE in 2008, at Bucharest Summit April and again at Brussels in December after Russia had invaded Georgia in August.

    Now the greasy dwarf Sarkozy has sold Mistral amphibious assault ships Russia, and has shamelessly propagated Russia new European security architecture plans.

    George Friedman explains this new Moscow-Berlin axis.

    Western Europe, specifically Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands will never confront Russia. Because of their own energy, economic and strategic considerations, Russia knows and the Eastern Europeans know this too.

    What I propose and have done repeatedly, is a new US-UK-Eastern Europe/Baltic States alliance and co-operation to counter Russian imperial ambitions.

  5. Warren wrote: “Everyone thought when Schroeder was defeated and Merkel replaced him in September 2005, that Germany would ceased its sucking up Russia. No Germany under Merkel has pursued the exact foreign policy

    Of course Germany has and will always pursue the same foreign policy that Germany sees as proper. When you wrote “Everyone thought”, it should mean “everyone among the russophobes in London and Washington, DC”.

    Germans and almost all other people around the world know very well which country is exterminating innocent civilians in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, which country is threatening war on Iran, and which country accepts nothing less than total world domination.

    • Actually most Germans I know were appalled by Schroeder, and are equally appalled by the continuing reliance on Russian gas.

      And as for this load of tripe Germans and almost all other people around the world know very well which country is exterminating innocent civilians in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, which country is threatening war on Iran well from a population of over 31,000,000 the war has killed around 100,000 people (most of them killed by Russian armed terrorists one might add) which is horrible enough, but when compared to what Russia has and is doing in the Caucasus, where in Chechnya alone they have killed over 200,000 people from a pre war population of around 1,200,000 people.

      Then we have the extermination of the Georgian populations of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the supply of weapons and pilots to Sudan, where they are used to commit genocide in Darfur, that sort of thing.

      And we have the Russian supply of nuclear technology and missile technology to Iran, a country whose president has repeatedly promised to “wipe Israel off the map”.

      I thought you claimed to be Jewish Ostap, funny how you support a government that supplies Israels enemies with their means of killing Jews.

  6. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry that I didn’t read your post above, but I am glad to inform you that you have replied to my 100th post in a row. Which entitles you to a present: a flea collar. It will be mailed to you to your work address, along with a note to your boss telling him how you spend your workday. Cheerio!

  7. Ming the Merciless

    Funny how communist propaganda is toxic!

    Even so-called anti-commies are poisoned by it!

    For your information, all these Italian judges are frenzied bolcheviks and the most rabid of Sylvio’s foes are actually working FOR HIM in his various newspapers THAT HE OWN!!!

    All these charges are total fabrications…what else can you expect from marxists?

    Italians blamed for being islamophobes? Who the hell is doing all the beheadings for the last millenia? Next to these satan’s spawns, even the bolcheviks look like choir boys.

    Basically, you commies are a bunch of hopeless cretins…you are supplying nukes to Iran, who murdered your own children in Beslan…how stupid can you possibly be?

    I like this video, your beloved sand monkeys sawing the neck of a russian child soldier in Grozny, bawling for his mommy as his neck is slowly sawn off with a rusty dull pen knife(yes, keep sucking up to muslims until they kill you!):



  8. http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2011/02/16/13552.shtml

    Read this!!!! I am not a muslim,but Umarov is telling the complete truth!! Our shameful pro-russian western traitor-governments condemn the suicide-bombings in Moscow,but did they also condemn the genocide of 320.000 chechen civilians between 1994-2003????????????????? Long live Dokka Umarov!!!!!

  9. Umarov talking about Genocide and treachery, summer 2005. Again he is talking the truth

  10. Of cousre Umarov tells truth, comparing population figures of the republic in 1990 and 2005. The fugure looks correct excepts that it concers population and not only chechens ethnically. About total 350,000 MIA…of which about 80-90k in EU and Tukey, presently. About 30-40k MIA during independence years 1996-1999 (mostly all of them were non-chechens ethnically). And, unknown exactly figure, but from 200k up to 250k refugees escaped from the republic to russia and other ex-ussr republics…nobody counts, nobody cares about…they are not humans !

    • Actually Aborigenous, groups like Memorial and Helsinki Group put the Chechen dead at arond 250,000 with around 400,000 to 500,000 refugees both internal and external, this includes all ethnic groups present in the republic at the start of the wars.

      The vast overwhelming majority of those killed were ethnic Chechens, of course the Russian military also killed tens of thousands of Russian citizens of Chechnya during its carpet bombing of Grozny and other towns. Not to mention Russian troops indulging in their usual orgy of looting and murder.

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