SPECIAL EXTRA: Umarov Declares war on Putin

Appearing on YouTube, separatist leader Doku Umarov (above, center) has declared war on Russia, the city of Moscow, and Vladimir Putin. So much for a “pacified” Caucasus.  Here’s one “bandit” still very much alive and kicking on his “toilet.”  In fact, he’s spitting in Putin’s eye. (Anyone thinking this chap is bluffing best think again.)

After the jump, the full English text of his remarks, provided by an LR reader (corrections appreciated).

NOTE:  We cannot but express our outrage at YouTube for daring to remove this vital historical document from its virtual pages, apparently in response to Kremlin-sponsored pressure. The above is at least the second posting of the video and we cannot say how long it will last. To censor this material is an offense against basic principels of democracy and YouTube should be ashamed.

DOKU UMAROV:  I seek refuge in God, the Almighty Creator of our world, from the cursed Satan, and I declare that I believe in Him and that Mohamed is his prophet! I am Amir Abu Usman, Dokka Umarov, Amir of the Caucasian Mujahideen and the Caucasus Emirate. Today I am here in the mountains of Southern Chechnya where I am visiting a base of the Martyr and Sabotage Batallion “Riyadus Salihin.”   I am here with [to my left] Amir Khamzat, the Amir of “Riyadus Salihin” and, to my right, this is the Ingush Mujahid Seyfullah, who will carry out a special operation in the Russian vampire empire soon! Seyfullah’s martyr operation (at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport some days ago) was a wake-up-call for you, the population of Russia. If you are going to ignore this wake-up, call then more attacks will follow, month by month, God willing, even week by week. 2011 has just started and I promise you that this year will be a year of blood and tears for you Russians. We will bomb and burn you in your cities, war will come to your homes, and do not blame us for these results.  Blame Putin and his pack of dogs, who started the war in the Caucasus. They continue to carry out incredible crimes in the Caucasus and every martyr operation inside Russia is a retaliation attack for your own crimes, which are much bloodier than our own attacks. Here in “Riyadus Salihin” I have seen 50-60 martyrs, who are ready to depart to Russia soon to carry out their missions. And these missions will continue, until you have made Putin to leave the Caucasus. I promise you, the Russian people, that our attacks in your cities will cease in the same moment when the last armed Russian occupant has left the Caucasus. This will be the moment of our and your relief from this horror.  I repeat:  Do not blame me and my Mujahideen for your coming tears. It was your own bloody vampire Putin and his satanist army, who has created this whole misery. Blame them. Wake up, before it is too late.  Here I end my appeal to you, the people of Russian. But Amir Khamzat has a few words for you.”

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  2. Some words from Amir Khamzat:

    – My batallion was founded by Amir Shamil Basayev in 2002 to bring the war back to the place where it started,in Moscow. Many operations were carried out since 2002,but you,the russian people,didn´t learn anything. You are still admiring the horned Satan Putin,you are still supporting him,so we are forced to teach you more lessons.And this year we will teach you more lessons than you can imagine. “Riyadus Salihin” has so many volunteer martyrs as never before,you Amir Dokka´s words are true,that this year will be a year of blood and tears for you. You may ask who has created these many volunteer martyrs?? Ask Putin,he has created them.He has killed their parents,their brothers,sisters and friends.So do not be surprised,that many young martyrs are ready to give their lives in your russian cities. I promise you,that your mouthpiece Putin is weak,he is a dog,who barks,but the caravan of our holy Jihad goes on with full speed.

    Some words from Seyfullah,who blew up in Moscow-Domodedovo two weeks ago.

    -I am here to issue some last words to those who know me. Don´t be sad,that i am leaving this cursed world soon.This world is an evil place and i will depart to a much better world soon. Allah will judge me and give the place which i deserve. Others will follow and take my place. There are many young martyrs in the Caucasus who are ready to give their lives for Allah and the Kavkaz. I don´t have any words for the russian people.Amir Dokka and Amir Khamzat already told everything which was necessary. I seek refuge in God from the cursed Satan and soon i will meet my creator. This world is cursed and i am happy to depart from it.

  3. It’s kinda like a reverse version “blood and tears offer” speech by Churchill.



  4. Meanwhile,

    AP Exclusive: Fugitive Russian lawmaker in high-stakes legal fight flees to US, fears for life


    Egiazaryan compared himself to other business and political figures who have run afoul of Russia’s political elites — including Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former Yukos Oil chairman who has twice been convicted of financial crimes. Many Russian human rights activists say Khodorkovsky’s prosecution was politically inspired.

    But two of Khodorkovsky’s most prominent supporters, rights advocates Lyudmila Alexeyeva of the Moscow Helsinki Group and Lev Ponomarev of Russia’s For Human Rights, wrote to key U.S. lawmakers Jan. 29, urging them to raise questions with the State Department and Department of Homeland Security about Egiazaryan’s continuing presence in the U.S.

    Alexeyeva criticized Egiazaryan’s role on a parliamentary committee he helped found on human rights in Chechnya. Alexeyeva wrote that the panel had provided cover for well-documented atrocities during Russia’s second war with Chechen insurgents.

  5. Some of recent violence north of Georgia:


    Zoom to a flashpoint for more incidents in a single location.

  6. The US hosted blog supports terrorists?
    No big news.

    • Are you saying that you think the New York Times supports terrorism when it reports the statements of Osama bin Laden??

      Dude, you’re TOTALLY deranged. Please check yourself in to a mental hospital immediately.

      Since you are obviously an illiterate moron, we’ll explain that the purpose of this post is to expose the failure of the Putin adminsitration to protect the Russian homeland and “pacify” Chechnya, not to support terrorism, which we condemn.

      • The official Putinite version now is “it has nothing to do with Chechnya”. Well, IF the official version (which is right now “an autonomous [Ingush] group of up to 7 people” or whatever) is correct, it has indeed nothing to do with Chechnya – directly. Even Umarov was kicked out of Chechnya after his former fighters of the local “criminal underground” (the latest Ruspeak buzzworld, replacing “band formations”) told him to go **** himself for taking responsibility for every random blast in Russia and forsaking Chechen interests. He’s now in Ingushetia probably, and R-S is now an Ingush group too.

  7. Putin and his beloved ‘mafia’ run Russia is definitely starting to use old cold war tactics to silence western reporters, after all he cannot put out a contract to have them silenced permanently, so what does he do? he has Luke Harding, the Guardian’s Moscow correspondent, expelled from Russia.


  8. Website: Chechen rebel leader claims airport bomb

    MOSCOW (AP) — A website affiliated with Chechen rebels has released a video in which insurgent leader Doku Umarov claims responsibility for last month’s deadly suicide bombing at Russia’s largest airport and threatens more bloodshed if Russia does not leave the region.

    The Kavkaz Center website says it received the video late Monday. It was not clear when or where the video was recorded.

    Read more:


  9. here it is.

    And here is the new video with Umarov!!

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  11. Rts,

    Take a good look:



    “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”
    Joseph Stalin

    “Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.”
    Jean Rostand

    “Kill tens of people, and you are a terrorist. Kill tens of thousands, and the victims should be grateful (besides they deserved it).”

  12. кхм Ю туб показывает всякую хрень, что ролик в сети делает? Непорядок. Ролик конкретно пропутинский, да и вообще сайт у вас наверняка создан фсбшниками.

  13. Doku Umarov is Chechnya’s enemy and the Kremlin’s ally


    This Monday 7 February the Islamic extremist website Kavkazcenter posted a message in which Doku Umarov, the self proclaimed “Emir of the Caucausian Emirate” assumed responsibility for the Domodedovo airport bombing that heinously killed 36 innocent civilians, including one Briton, and wounded scores more.

    This was an entirely predictable claim. It arrived late, but was apparently recorded on the day of the crime, 24 January. Umarov assumes responsibility for all terrorist attacks in Russia. As a result he deservedly attracts the condemnation of the whole world and has now been entered on the UN list of wanted terrorists. We must remember the other tragedy in all this is that he also attracts a terrible stigma to all of Chechnya and by association all Chechens. Western societies and the media have great problems in distinguishing between the various factions involved, when of course Chechen leaders encompass a wide political spectrum.

    Doku Umarov is in fact Chechnya’s greatest enemy. He effectively scares off all potential international sympathy and engagement with human rights in Chechnya. He is consequently despised by all those good Chechens that yearn for peace. His actions legitimise Russia’s oppressive policies in the Northern Caucasus. He also contributes to the general suppression of democracy in Russia, thereby prolonging the life of a corrupt and authoritarian regime in the Kremlin.

    In effect, the Kremlin has no better ally in its campaign against its own people than Doku Umarov.

    The West generally fail to identify this, but Russians understand the ruse much better. Well informed experts have long drawn attention to the apparent links between Umarov and the Russian secret police, the FSB. There is a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence and logic to support their theories. There are rumours and reports that Umarov is presently in Kabardino Balkaria, a neighboring republic to Chechnya, and that he is well connected and guarded by the Russians.

    When the next terrorist attack takes place and further innocent lives lost, the West will of course express their sympathy and condolences to the Russian prime minister, and pledge wholehearted cooperation against international terrorism.

    Maybe they should take a deep breath and seriously ask themselves whether the man they are addressing is not the victim, but in fact, as many believe, the perpetrator!

    Ivar Amundsen
    Director, Chechnya Peace Forum

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