February 11, 2011 — Contents



(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin Stumbles

(2)  DomoDEADovo shows Putin’s Incompetence

(3)  DomoDEADovo shows Russian People’s Cowardice

(4)  DomoDEADovo reveals Two Kinds of Russian Terrorist

(5)  What Russians can learn from Egyptians

(6)  DomoDEADovo shows Putin’s Failure

(7)  EDITORIAL:  A New Low for Putin

NOTE:  We are delighted to present a special issue today chock full of Russia analysis from mainstream world sources that could easily have been first published here on this blog. The Domodedovo attack has jolted the world, at last, into the realization that we have been right all along.

NOTE:  Russian women are super hot, the most beautiful in the world, right? Well if so, how come only one of them made the list of the planet’s 99 hottest, and she comes in at a pitiful #80? It’s a puzzlement?!

11 responses to “February 11, 2011 — Contents

  1. Russian Orthodox Church allowed to enter politics

    The Church, which made the announcement on Wednesday, said it had made some exceptions allowing clergy to enter the political arena in cases where the Church encounters hostility from other faiths and factions. It did not elaborate.

    “Exceptions to this rule can be made only in a case when the election (to government) of clergy … arises from the need to counteract forces…”, a statement posted on Patriarch Kirill’s official website mospatriarchia.ru said.

    Read more:


  2. Yikes

  3. One only has to read former KGB General, Oleg Kalugin’s book “Spymaster: My Thirty-two Years in Intelligence and Espionage Against the West.” and the chapter therein on the Russian Orthodox Church to realize that this satanic church is but another arm/branch of the KGB ‘apparatus’.

    Wherever or whenever reference is made to this (so called) church by the KGB, it is as to the ‘brothers’.

    So what’s new I ask you?

  4. Hitler said similar things about the Jewish religion.

    • Your comment is nonsensical.

      Did Hitler ever state that the Orthodox Jews were an arm of the KGB?

      In fact, when Hitler come to power he started killing and arresting Christian Priests.

  5. Because most of the prettiest Russian women aren’t really well known — they’re simply strolling down boulevards in Moscow or St. Petersburg (or even Yoshkar Ola or Nizhnyj Novgorod), unknown to anyone but those who know them personally. I can tell: I was born in Brazil, where women also tend to be beautiful, moved to Europe, and went a couple of times to Russia: their women are indeed on average much prettier than elsewhere. You can see stunning women walking down the street who you’d almost never see in London or Amsterdam.

    But that says nothing about the country or its culture. It’s mere genetic lottery.

  6. Fearful Russian lawmaker flees to U.S.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A wealthy Russian lawmaker has fled with his family to the United States, saying he fears assassination over accusations that some of Russia’s richest and most influential people swindled him in a real estate deal. Back home, he’s been charged with financial crimes.

    Ashot Egiazaryan says he is considering seeking asylum in the U.S. But after suing a Russian billionaire and several former business partners — including a close friend of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s former mayor — he said he doesn’t feel safe even in this country.

    Read more:


  7. Meanwhile, the sub simian scum of the FSB are afraid of documentary films about Khordokovsky:

    Khodorkovsky film vanishes again as director says: ‘It’s like a bad thriller’
    • Documentary’s final cut stolen days before Berlin premiere
    • German director Tuschi says crew were harassed in Russia

    The final edit of a documentary about jailed Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been stolen from the director’s office in Berlin, just days before its world premiere.

    In what police described as a “very professional break-in”, four computers containing the last cut of the film, titled simply Khodorkovsky, were removed from Cyril Tuschi’s premises.

    The documentary was due to be premiered at the Berlin film festival next week.

    Khodorkovsky, a fierce critic of Russian president Vladimir Putin, was once his country’s richest man but has been in jail on fraud charges since 2005 after falling foul of the Kremlin.

    Although police have no leads in the case, there is suspicion that the theft is politically motivated and forms part of a Russian campaign against its critics.


  8. Moscow forest activist detained with her kids

    Today at 15:55 | Associated Press

    Russian environmentalists trying to protect an ancient woodland outside Moscow say one of their activists has been detained by police along with her children.

    He said her children, aged three and six, were also being held.

    Read more:


  9. Alla Chernysheva’s detention Thursday with her daughters, aged 3 and 6, came on the same day as authorities announced highway construction will begin in March.

    “It’s all a lie,” said Yevgeniya Chirikova, the leader of the group defending Khimki forest. “We are seeing the start of a new trend against our movement … only Hitler would use such tactics.”

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