EDITORIAL: A New Low for Vladimir Putin


A New Low for Vladimir Putin

Beauty and the Beast

There’s a reason this editorial appears, unlike any of its predecessors, last in our lineup of posts in today’s issue.  In it, we’re going to report on behavior so vile and obscene that it demeans our blog to have to do so.  Its position indicates our shame, on behalf of Russia.

We thought Vladimir Putin’s repeated interviews by the doddering imbecile of CNN Larry King, whose unwatched show is now defunct, represented the pit of shameless propaganda to which Putin could sink, but we were very wrong.  There was still Naomi Campbell.

That’s right, supermodel Naomi Campbell, one of the great airheads of the modern age.  With King no more, Putin decided — in the wake of one of Russia’s greatest national tragedies, the Domodedovo airport bombing — to favor Campbell with an interview for publication in GQ magazine.

Yet, ironically, it may be that Campbell coaxed out of Putin the most revealing information the world has yet learned about this malignant troll who is laying waste to Russia as surely as if he were Stalin.

Quoth Putin:

I like the girls a lot, they’re beautiful. The girls in the erotic calendar were courageous and they were not scared. As student journalists, they couldn’t fail to understand what might have been said to them after doing this. Nonetheless, they were not deterred and did the calendar anyway. So, frankly, that’s what I liked the most.

Putin was talking about the young scantily clad “journalism” students who made a calendar praising his dictatorial regime and declaring their desire to have sex with him at his bidding.

The amazing drivel that poured forth from Putin’s mouth at the worst and most inappropriate time possible reveals Putin for the vacuous and callous bastard he truly is.  His rank cowardice in choice of “interviewer” betrays his entirely appropriate lack of confidence in his ability to parry the questions of an intelligent, seasoned journalist.

How is this possible? How could Putin possibly have managed his affairs with such appalling stupidity that a ridiculous, offensive “interview” like this could appear on the pages of a foreign publication when the dead of Domodedovo are not even cold in their graves?  His actions add insult to injury, the echo the unfeeling, oblivious acts of Soviet dictators, and they cry out for his removal from power.

It’s to say nothing, of course, of the amazingly inappropriate, un-presidential remarks themselves, which show Putin brazenly babbling like a schoolboy about the gross sexual behavior of young students.  We are reminded of Putin’s previous appalling act of pulling up the shirt of a young boy on the street and kissing him on the stomach.  It seems this man has no morals, no shame, and no reason to fear any kind of popular retribution.

If Russia is to have any hope of a future, this reptile must recede into Russia’s past as quickly as possible.

4 responses to “EDITORIAL: A New Low for Vladimir Putin

  1. I just read the GQ interview at their website. It was hilarious – Putin even evaded some of Campbell’s questions, such as “were you just showing off?” (referencing his shirt-off photo ops). Talk about softball, but to be honest, it was just his speed anyway.

  2. According to some reports I’ve seen, Putin was allegedly at some of Berlusconi’s bunga bunga parties.

    Scurrilous nonsense, I’m sure.

  3. I wonder how many little boys Berlusconi imported to suit Putins tastes…..

  4. According to journalists and officials in the room and published accounts by Agence France-Presse late Wednesday and Kommersant and The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, Mr. Putin was heard saying, “Say hello to your president,” to Mr. Olmert, referring to President Moshe Katsav, who could face criminal charges that he raped and assaulted two former employees. Mr. Putin added, “He really surprised us.”

    The microphone was quickly turned off as reporters were ushered from the room, but the news organizations reported that Mr. Putin went on.

    “We did not know he could deal with 10 women,” he said, according to those in the room and the Post and Agence France-Presse accounts, apparently referring to the complaints by several women that Mr. Katsav harassed them or worse.

    Kommersant’s version — citing the remarks in Russian — was cruder. “He turned out to be quite a powerful man,” the paper’s reporter in the official Kremlin pool, Andrei Kolesnikov, quoted Mr. Putin as saying. “He raped 10 women. I never expected it from him. He surprised all of us. We all envy him.”

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