EDITORIAL: What can Russia Do About it?


What can Russia Do About it?

Scholar Paul Goble points to an important bit of analysis by Valery Bondarenko on the Imperia website which highlights Russia’s foreign-policy impotence even in its near abroad.  What can Russia really do, Bondarenko asks, to rein in the actions of countries like Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova if they choose to go their own way, independent of Russia?

Next to nothing, he answers.

Bondarenko shows that Russia has no coherent policy towards Eastern Europe and that even if it had a policy its only means of pursuing it would be Gazprom. While other countries operate extensive, coordinated webs of non-governmental organizations, Russia has nothing but energy blackmail to rely upon.

Russians understand and seek to learn nothing about the cultures and ideologies of the peoples of Europe. Instead, Russians prefer to rely upon blunt trauma, which only engenders virulent hatred and resentment of Russians throughout the region.  The peoples of Europe believe that Russia’s only desire is to wipe out indigenous culture and replace it with Russian culture, and to liquidate any opposition groups just as they are liquidated within Russia itself.

Russians are routinely shocked and surprised when the they learn how they are viewed in Europe.  They cannot comprehend the use of non-governmental organizations because their leaders are not willing to accept even in theory the notion that a division of power between governmental and non-governmental actors could be proper.  While Western governments are confident enough in their own legitimacy to encourage this division, and see its benefits, the Russian state knows its legitimacy is only as long as the barrel of a gun.  They cannot afford to release even a small faction of their power, since to do so could cause their collapse.

The result is that Russia stands utterly alone, without friends or allies among significant nations in Europe, and once again on the verge of national collapse.

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: What can Russia Do About it?

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Ha ha, silly clowns babbling like a bunch of alcoholics sitting on a park bench.

    As usual, you can’t expect the LR imbeciles to make their minds up even as to what should be their fundamental, guiding narrative. In this particular blog barf, Russia is utterly impotent, powerless, without friends (or, in more standardized LR parlance: “on the verge of collapse”). But, as fitting for dungheads with an irrepressible desire to be heard no matter what, that’s perfectly compatible with the exact opposite message of hysterical paranoia, usually targeting Vladimir Putin.

    Great work, team!

    • Klaine Schwaine,

      You forgot to take your medication…..

      • mccusa,

        Your helpful comment to Klaine Schaine, about him taking his “medication…..” is much, much to late as he already is a silly and alcohol brain damaged babbling clown from the excess somogonka he consumes daily! leave him be sitting on a park bench in his blissful, and deluded alcoholic state.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          For all my drug abuse — or maybe because of it — my postings are immensely more to the point. And appreciably funnier too. It testifies 100% to just how utterly hopeless you are, Bohdan: KNOWING what I’m hooked on and stubbornly refusing to follow suit, prefering your own boring, annoying, and unintelligent way of writing.

          • My, my, more delusions of grandeur darling MS, next you’ll be telling me that you can walk on water – but go ahead I do understand your dilemma. And yep keep on doing what you are best at, which is rave on and keep on raving on, you hairless Swedish ape!

            The only way that you will ‘improve’ is that your raving will border more and more on hysteria, than on fact! so do keep on making my day with your senseless dribble, as it only further cements my unshakable belief in your mental state of mind.

            Last but not least, LR is an English language blog – as pointed out by her on several occasions – on Russia! you know your beloved ‘oppressive, money stealing and murdering soviet ruSSia’, ruled over by the iron fist 0f the soon to be president for life, VV Putin. But no you have to, in your narrow minded way, keep on adding those articles in foreign languages; which I and I’ll wager the clear majority of this blogg’s users, do not and have no intention of understanding? That about sums up your so called and self same ordained ‘intelligence’, a big and hearty LOL.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Cada joven Polaca muy guápa
        Estará una puta del papa

  2. In theory, Russia could change, in practice though, it’s never going to happen.
    It’s both funny and sad the way some ordinary Russians react to the negative opinions about Russia held by many East Europeans – they get offended, probably because they can’t understand how these Eastern European ‘traitors’ dare to refuse to get treated like slaves and doormats by the thugs in Kremlin the way the Russians themselves have been treated for centuries.

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Bohdan is inundated with unquestionable proof that his way of writing is failing. If he does not change it, he will take the consequences without sympathy or support.

    “Hairless, Swedish ape” — that was fairly good, though :-)

  4. “Russians are routinely shocked and surprised when the they learn how they are viewed in Europe.” ———-

    Abramovich, Berezovsky and some 10.ooo new Russian londoners al are viewed in very positive way in the UK. I ever thought Putin is a CIA agent hired by FBI to keep Russian “stabilization” money with the US/EU banks. Might I ask you to be more specific on the subject – which “Russians” did you mean???

  5. mccusa | January 31, 2011 at 2:07 pm | Reply
    “volodia putain – on trakhayet maltszikov utrom ili vieczerom – do tell…”

    Come to Moscow. They will dispel your doubts in a couple of minutes and “tell” you more than you might be willing to hear. :-)
    Think before you write!

    • rt,
      good old fashioned russian blackmail, who wants to visit the sh@#$%t hole called moscow anyway. My I refresh your memory, the video of putin lifting a t shirt of a six-year old boy and kissing the boy’s tummy was all over the States- mr putin did it with such a precision and speed that can only indicate the years of practice. And those persistant rumors from East Germany about putin’s activities there…..

      • Chciałbym mieć seks z brzydka Polaka!

        • You, kleine schwaine, are beyond pathetic – this sentence in Polish PLEASE…… By the way, talking about perfums – Polish people experienced the horror called russian perfums. One beautiful day, to the shock of all Poland, smelly ‘eau de russe’ appeared – it was called ‘krasnaya moskva’ – so the next day, all over Poland this Polish joke was going around that the new and very potent toilet dezinfectant was avaliable – it was a russian perfum called ‘krasnaya moskva’…

  6. rts wrote;

    Come to Moscow. They will dispel your doubts in a couple of minutes and “tell” you more than you might be willing to hear. :-)
    Think before you write!

    rts, this horrifying statement must be from your previous job as a bucher in Lubianka interrogating, maiming and killing people [mostly russians, thanks God]. You russians truly deserve another wave of 1936/37 ‘fun’ and yes PUTIN TRAKHAYET MALTSZIKOV – it is his dirty little secret….

  7. this is a very important subject and everything about it must be done very carefully.

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