Most people are more than willing to complain on the Internet or in their kitchens that Medvedev has little chance of succeeding in his fight against corruption. But at the same time, given the chance, they would eagerly snatch a piece of the corruption pie that comes their way. This is exactly why an increasing number of Russians would like to have a government job for themselves and their children. Polls over the last 10 years consistently show that young people entering universities view government jobs as being the most promising — and lucrative, despite the low official salaries.

You may think, if you are a crazed Russian nationalist or Russophile lunatic, that it was some evil Western “russophobe” who wrote those words, but it wasn’t. It was Kirill Kabanov, a Russian and chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee, a Moscow-based nongovernmental organization.

And he was stating fact that has been proven scientifically by organizations like Transparency International, namely that Russia is the most corrupt major nation on this planet, at all levels of society, from top to bottom.

Last week, the world saw the devastating consequences of this paralyzing corruption when yet another bomb exploded in Moscow, killing three dozen and injuring nearly two hundred more — this time inside one of the nation’s leading airports.   Unable to respond with anything more than palpably corrupt neo-Soviet denunciations, Putin’s Russia was exposed for that fraud we have long known it to be.

Russia is a nation of kleptocrats out for their own personal enrichment, people who care nothing about the fate of their fellow man.  And this runs right the way to the very top echelons of the Kremlin, as recently released photos of Vladimir Putin’s personal mansion now under construction make clear.

Nobody says a word in Russia about Putin’s obscene dacha, just as they say nothing about his total failure to preserve the security of Moscow against terrorist attacks, to deliver basic services like medical care to the population, and to diversify the Russian economy.  Nobody seems to notice how Putin spends billions on personal luxury and cold-war confrontation, diverting critical resources from Russia’s children and choosing instead to fill their heads with propaganda and lies.

We saw the results of this policy at the Domodedovo airport.  Dozens killed, more than a hundred injured, and what Russia’s own “president” called a “state of anarchy.”  But did Dima Medvedev ask why his “prime minister” Vladimir Putin had not corrected this “state of anarchy”? Did he consider sacking Putin, as Putin surely would have done in Medvedev’s place?

He did not.  Did Medvedev accept any blame on his own part for failing to correct the security situation at Domodedova, or more importantly for failing to bring peace to the besieged Caucasus region?  He did not.

The whole point of the Putin dictatorship was to sacrifice freedom and democracy in exchange for the end of terrorism.  Putin was supposed to liquidate the “bandits” in their “outhouses.”  Yet, under Putin terrorism has flowered even in the capital city of Moscow and the Caucasus region is in flames.  Russians, in other words, have surrendered their liberty for nothing. They are living in the worst of all possible worlds.

In the wake of the Domodedov0 horror, one of the leading announcements from the Kremlin was its intention to pursue yet a third round of criminal indictments against jailed dissident oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  Nothing could better illustrate how Putin is fiddling while Moscow burns than this outrageous juxtaposition of events. Instead of working hard to keep Moscow safe, Putin is working hard to keep himself safe from political opponents.

Compare Russia to America:  Since the 9-11 tragedy in New York City, there has not been a single terror act against Americans by the jihadists on American soil.  Yet such events are continuously repeated in Russia after the infamous theater massacre, and Americans continue enjoy their extensive freedoms while Russians live in virtual slavery.

And so such incidents will go on repeating themselves until Russians, fetid and bloated with corruption, cause their country once again to collapse in disgrace and horror.  If Russians think they can simply go blithely on living in one of the most corrupt civilizations on this planet, they need a national psychiatrist.

39 responses to “EDITORIAL: DomoDEADovo

  1. It’s interesting that DME (Domodedovo) is the largest airport in Moscow by passengers flights, it is also the only airport that is under government owned, no extremest group has claimed responsibility for the bombing, and one of Dima’s first responses was to blame the management at DME. Additionally, even Russian experts are having trouble understanding the reasons behind this. http://news.rambler.ru/8847350/

  2. “Compare Russia to America: Since the 9-11 tragedy in New York City, there has not been a single terror act against Americans by the jihadists on American soil.”

    Maybe Bill Clinton and his friends are the only ones with the means and the motive to cultivate global terrorism.


    • Oh no Don, the Russians were far more effective at real terrorism:

      On October 31, 1979 Soviet informants to the Afghan Armed Forces who were under orders from the inner circle of advisors under Soviet leader Brezhnev, relayed information for them to undergo maintenance cycles for their tanks and other crucial equipment. Meanwhile, telecommunications links to areas outside of Kabul were severed, isolating the capital. With a deteriorating security situation, large numbers of Soviet airborne forces joined stationed ground troops and began to land in Kabul on December 25. Simultaneously, Amin moved the offices of the president to the Tajbeg Palace, believing this location to be more secure from possible threats. According to Colonel General Tukharinov and Merimsky, Amin was fully informed of the military movements, having requested Soviet military assistance to northern Afghanistan on December 17.[37][38] His brother and General Dmitry Chiangov met with the commander of the 40th Army before Soviet troops entered the country, to work out initial routes and locations for Soviet troops.[37]
      On December 27, 1979, 700 Soviet troops dressed in Afghan uniforms, including KGB and GRU special force officers from the Alpha Group and Zenith Group, occupied major governmental, military and media buildings in Kabul, including their primary target – the Tajbeg Presidential Palace.

      That operation began at 19:00 hr., when the Soviet Zenith Group destroyed Kabul’s communications hub, paralyzing Afghan military command. At 19:15, the assault on Tajbeg Palace began; as planned, president Hafizullah Amin was killed. Simultaneously, other objectives were occupied (e.g. the Ministry of Interior at 19:15). The operation was fully complete by the morning of December 28, 1979.
      The Soviet military command at Termez, Uzbek SSR, announced on Radio Kabul that Afghanistan had been liberated from Amin’s rule. According to the Soviet Politburo they were complying with the 1978 Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good Neighborliness and Amin had been “executed by a tribunal for his crimes” by the Afghan Revolutionary Central Committee. That committee then elected as head of government former Deputy Prime Minister Babrak Karmal, who had been demoted to the relatively insignificant post of ambassador to Czechoslovakia following the Khalq takeover, and that it had requested Soviet military assistance.[39]
      Soviet ground forces, under the command of Marshal Sergei Sokolov, entered Afghanistan from the north on December 27. In the morning, the 103rd Guards ‘Vitebsk’ Airborne Division landed at the airport at Bagram and the deployment of Soviet troops in Afghanistan was underway. The force that entered Afghanistan, in addition to the 103rd Guards Airborne Division, was under command of the 40th Army and consisted of the 108th and 5th Guards Motor Rifle Divisions, the 860th Separate Motor Rifle Regiment, the 56th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade, the 36th Mixed Air Corps. Later on the 201st and 58th Motor Rifle Divisions also entered the country, along with other smaller units.[40] In all, the initial Soviet force was around 1,800 tanks, 80,000 soldiers and 2,000 AFVs. In the second week alone, Soviet aircraft had made a total of 4,000 flights into Kabul.[41] With the arrival of the two later divisions, the total Soviet force rose to over 100,000 personnel.


      The Russian invasion of Afhganistan resulted in around 1,000,000 civilian deaths and the displacement of over 5,000,000 people.

      Then we have the terrorist actions of the Russian government in eastern Europe (Hungary 56, Czechslovakia 68, Gerogia 92-94, Chechnya etc etc etc) and quite recently in the case of ethnic cleansing in the South Ossetian region of Georgia (Shida Kartli)

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz

    At long last, LR came up with a really damned good concept:


    For once, I take a bow for the team’s linguistic skills!

  4. Steamed McQueen

    Americans continue enjoy their extensive freedoms while Russians live in virtual slavery.

    While I agree with LR’s basic point – Russia continues to circle the drain- let’s not get all that excited about American freedoms… freedoms that have been severely curtailed since 9/11.

    Putin and company are looting the country for their own gain – of that there is no doubt, but the average Russian actually has more freedom than the average American. While there are a myriad of ‘laws’ in Russia these laws are very selectively enforced and a lot of actions that would land the typical American in jail are performed without consequence or even the thought of consequence by Russians.

    While I am all for the Rule of Law there is such a thing as over-reaching by government. America (and the UK) seem to have a stranglehold on regulating behaviour.

  5. @ Compare Russia to America: Since the 9-11 tragedy in New York City, there has not been a single terror act against Americans by the jihadists on American soil.

    But there was a number of terror acts against Americans not by jihadists on American soil. Just one example: Virginia Tech.

    • Are you suggesting Russia hasn’t had such events as well, liar?

    • Let’s not call random acts of violence terrorism, particularly the acts carried out by mentally disturbed or unstable individuals. They are not because they don’t have an underlying political message. I know you want to find a confirmation that your zoological hatred of the United Sates is somehow justified but you have failed

      • Of course, then the things become much more comfortable for you.

        “Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”
        — Noam Chomsky

        • I don’t care about Chomsky. What is your point? That the shooting at Virginia Tech was an act of terrorism? If yes, why are you saying it? Did the murderer there make any political demands?

          While Chomsky is unquestionably among most important linguists in the world, that’s where his expertise ends. His political views are irrelevant. Hating America is not enough to make one an expert in politics (well, it’s is probably enough in Russia). You might as well provide quotes from Che Guevara or Mao or Castro or Pol Pot or some other left-wing murderer. They have just as much to contribute

          • @ What is your point? That the shooting at Virginia Tech was an act of terrorism?

            Of course, it was act of terrorism.

            @Did the murderer there make any political demands?

            He expressed a deep hatred of America. BTW, Domodedovo terrorists also didn’t make any political demands. Moreover, all terrorists are mentally disturbed in a sense.

        • My take on the subject is that the most salient feature of terrorism in the present era of imperialist globalization amounts to “Unbridled Corporate Gangsterism”. Sadly for Chomsky, his beloved country and proud compatriots are a lost cause. Westerners in general and Yanks in particular KNOW what Chomsky constantly tries to evade: Western monopoly capital is the indispensable force which allows Westerners to spend other peoples’ and countries’ natural resources and labour output, for which the oppressed Third World is being rewarded by toxic waste, misery, and outright slaughter. On this basis, Westerners will never cease to be the very ardent defenders of terrorism that they are.

          • Hmmm, considering that the “workers paradise” of the USSR was and is pretty much the most polluted place on earth thats a bit rich floppy.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              As we say in Swedish: “Goddag yxskaft”

              • Mr. Schwaine Kleine is a certified lunatic – every time he forgets to take his medication this site is being flooded with these pathetic, multilingual, insane messages [diagnosis; Mr. Schwaine shares this same mental disorder with russia – border line disorder combined with la manie de grandeur] -both are insane but really impotent and harmless….

  6. @RV “…While Chomsky is unquestionably among most important linguists in the world, that’s where his expertise ends. His political views are irrelevant.”

    Chomsky’s political views are irrelevant?

    Says who, you?

    I think most people would consider Chomsky’s arguments any day over yours, whoever you are.

    Two critical points, the claims being made and having them heard. Chomsky makes claims (whether truthful or not) and they are heard.

    • Avram Noah Chomsky is a “libertarian socialist” and hence he will get a large approval rating vote from any socialist country or communist.

      Furthermore, he is labeled by Zionists as “a self-hating Jew”.

      Operation Mindcrime: The Selling of Noam Chomsky, by Alex Burns

    • Of course, Chomsky’s silly ideas are heard because he is very famous. But just because he is a pre-eminent linguist does not mean he is worth anything as a political scientist. Just like it’s one thing when Einstein talks about physics and quite another when he propounds his views on modern ballet or on cancer surgery methods.

      Accordingly, while Chomsky is heard, nobody ever acted on his nonsense as far as I can tell, making him irrelevant.


    Very clever! Very funny! What a STUPInDous mind!

    And highly appropriate. As appropriate as making puns at the victims of 9-11.

  8. I have got a comment to put to Manfred Steifschwanz.
    You’d better call a spade a spade and the US – a Nazi terrorist nation. US has morphed into corporate fascists as I see it.
    911 – psychos run the USA today, 911 is a conclusive evidence of a satanic parasite state. Tortures are a part of their modus operandi worldwide.
    Why Russia after all???

    • Agreed 100%, rts. But the fact of the matter is that the US Empire alreay had achieved, many times over at that, what

      a) Nazi Germany attempted half a century later during its mere 12 years’ existence.


      b) Imperial Germany successfully carried out in Namibia in 1904

      In view of the above, it’s appreciably more to the point labeling Nazi Germany (and its successor, The German Federal Republic) as “Germerica”, or something.

      • Hmmm, well considering that Russia was responsible for 62,000,000 deaths in the 20th C alone under communism, then ad in a couple of hundred thousand North Cuacasians, Georgians, Moldovians etc.

        Come on Floppy, you will have to do better than that.

        Look at the regimes Russia supplies arms to, such as Iran, Burma, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, the Muj, Venezuela, Sudan, Syria, Sri Lanka, and a whole host of other repressive regimes.

        Oh and BTW, east Germany (DDR) was much more of a successor to Nazi Germany, right down to the uniforms and secret police.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Slow learner, eh? Haven’t I already told you that Stalin killed Avogadro’s number of people, maybe even peoples (in the plural tense of the word) ?

        • I told you Andrew, just ignore him, maybe he’ll just go away. This lunatic will not leave us in peace until he finally loses his virginity, and that may take a while. You know how it is with adolescent boys.

          • Excellent piece of advice, sincerely. rts posted a comment which was explicitly meant for me, elaborating on the subject of terrorism. However, as fitting for a half-witted Western petty bourgeois, Andrew couldn’t refrain from spouting some worthless reactionary tripe learned by rote.

            Ergo: Andrew is kindly asked to take RV’s most poignant piece of advice seriously.

            • Now floppy, just because you can’t get any (ar get it up) you really should take RV’s advice.

              Besides, the 62,000,000 figure is pretty well researched, and when added to the 74,000,000 killed by the Chinese communists, goes to show that anyone who still believes in communism is obviously a retard.

  9. Terrorists attack in Domodedovo — first attack in Russia, *obviously directed against foreigeners* (in poorly secured airport arrival zone, not somewhere else).
    But who cares? Obviously not La Russophobe. If some islamists murder some citizens of USA, UK, Germany, Italy — it is good thing… but only if this happens in Russia, of course.

  10. 12 Killed in 1999 Moscow Blast Remain Unidentified


    All 35 people killed in last week’s Domodedovo Airport bombing were identified within three days of the attack. But 12 long years after another horrific terrorist attack in Moscow, 12 victims remain unknown, their bodies stored in a morgue by authorities who haven’t found the money to carry out the necessary DNA tests.

    The unidentified victims died when a powerful explosion ripped through a nine-story apartment building on Ulitsa Guryanova in southeastern Moscow in September 1999, killing 100 people. The blast was one of several that destroyed apartment buildings in Russian cities that month, prompting the start of the second Chechen conflict.

    Ninety-six body fragments belonging to the 12 slain people remain at the city’s Lianozovo morgue, said Tatyana Karpova, head of Nord Ost, a group that supports victims of terrorist attacks.

    Lawyers Igor Trunov and Mikhail Trepashkin, who represented families of the 1999 bombing, confirmed that body fragments remain unidentified, and Trunov said by telephone that city officials have explained that they have no money for DNA tests.

    In fact, city officials demanded that relatives of those killed in the bombing pay for DNA tests using money they received as compensation from the state, Karpova said. Those who refused were unable to identify the bodies of their loved ones, she said.

    “When you are grieving, they brazenly exploit you,” Karpova said by telephone.

    Moreover, many relatives were denied proper compensation, lawyer Trepashkin said. Those who were paid got meager sums of 5,000 to 10,000 rubles, Trunov said.

    In comparison, a private Moscow firm is currently offering DNA tests for 12,000 to 16,000 rubles.

    Three relatives of people killed in the 1999 bombing spoke of their grief over not finding the bodies in recent interviews with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

    Lyudmila Knutova lost her 31-year-old son in the bombing and could not find him later among the dead, so an empty coffin was buried instead.

    Tamara Gorbyleva lost her 4-year-old grandson, daughter and son-in-law, but only the daughter was identified.

    Anna Pakhomova lost her father.

    Two of them paid for DNA tests, and the third did a free-of-charge test, but none managed to identify their relatives among the body fragments examined during testing.

    The presumed victims officially have been listed as missing. No official data is available for how many people are on this list after the blast.

    Knutova, reached by phone, refused to talk, saying she did not want to “reopen old wounds.”

    Gorbyleva, a member of the Nord Ost group, also declined to comment.

    No contacts for Pakhomova were available.

    In the 12 years since the blast, no government agency has offered an explanation for why the body fragments remain unidentified.

    A 2006 counter-terrorism law and a 2008 government regulation assign the responsibility of assisting victims of terrorism to the Emergency Situations Ministry and the Cabinet in general, as well as regional authorities.

    Inquiries submitted two weeks ago to all three state bodies, including Moscow’s City Hall, which has the status of regional government, as well as City Hall’s health department, which supervises Moscow’s morgues, went unanswered Wednesday.

    The Prosecutor General’s Office, which led the investigation into the bombing, refused to comment on the matter, saying the inquiry should be handled by the Investigative Committee, which was separated from the agency last month.

    Trepashkin blamed the limbo on negligence by investigators, the high cost of DNA testing and “the large amount of work” the investigation required.

    Some victims have not been unidentified because their remains were collected at the bombing scene by excavators, piled together and only sorted much later, Trepashkin said.

    The month of the Ulitsa Guryanova bombing was dubbed “Black September” because three other blasts took place nationwide within weeks. The death toll of the four attacks, including another bombing in Moscow and explosions in Dagestan’s Buinaksk and the Rostov region’s Volgodonsk, reached 293.

    Officials said the spate of attacks was masterminded by three Islamist militants, including an Uzbek citizen and two natives of Karachayevo-Cherkessia.

    The Uzbek native, Denis Saitakov, was killed in action in Chechnya in 2000. Another suspect, Achemez Gochiyayev, remains at large, and the third, Yusuf Krymshamkhalov, was given life in prison in 2004.

    Trepashkin is among the critics of the Kremlin who have called the attacks a security service plot to justify the new Chechen campaign and bring Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to power. Putin was elected president in 2000, in part because of his strong stance on terrorism.

    Many of those who conducted independent investigations into the 1999 attacks have been prosecuted on charges they have called fabricated or died under murky circumstances. Trepashkin himself spent four years in prison after being convicted of divulging state secrets.

    Now-deceased critics of the Kremlin in connection with the 1999 attacks include investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya, shot dead in 2006; Alexander Litvinenko, a former security officer who was poisoned with radioactive polonium in London in 2006; and State Duma deputies Sergei Yushenkov and Yury Shchekochikhin, who sat on a Duma commission to investigate the bombings.

  11. I am inclined to think Domodedovo is yet another CIA orchestrated trick on Putin performed by the US proxy “Muslim” clowns.
    Same went for Beslan 6 years ago.

    • Oh. The CIA released the attackers from Russian custody, the CIA cosplayed as the FSB “special forces” clowns and destroyed the school, the CIA did the Russian “investigation” that did not mention the CIA.

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