Brutal Pain and Humiliation for Russian Women at the 2011 Aussie Open

Dinara Safina makes history for her country. Ouch.

The year’s first grand slam proved yet another new low in the pain and humiliation being inflicted upon Russia of late by the women’s professional tennis game.  Calling these women “dominant” is like calling Americans dominant in soccer.

Things started out at the Australian Open with an amazing bang of negativity when Dinara Safina, one of only two Russian women in tennis history to be ranked #1 in the world, was blown off the court like the fraudulent pretender she is in her very first match of the tournament by Kim Clisters.  Safina became the very first player of either gender to be ranked number one and then ejected from a grand slam event without winning a single game, getting savagely crushed by Clijsters 0-6,0-6.  In was one of the most disgraceful performances in tennis history.  Safina’s doubles team was also booted out in its opening match in woeful fashion.

And then it got worse.

Russia’s most famous player, ever, and winner of its largest group of grand slam titles, #14-ranked Maria Sharapova, was booted out of the tournament before the quarterfinals in easy straight sets by the lowly #30-ranked German Andrea Petkovic.

Svetlana Kuznetsova, winner of two grand slam titles (though only because she faced lame fellow Russians in the finals of those tournaments) was also whipped before reaching the quarterfinals, though at least by a higher-seeded player —  Kuznetsova is in freefall in the rankings, and squeaked into the seedings at #23.

Russia’s #13 seed Nadia Petrova meekly lost to an unseeded opponent in the third round.

Russia’s #16 seed, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, did the same.

Russia’s #18 seed, Maria Kirilenko, did not even make it to the third round, getting blown off the court in the second, again by an unseeded rival.

Russia’s #24 seed, Alissa Kleybanova, did the same.

All this carnage left only one Russian, the country’s top seed and #2 overall, with a chance of getting as far as the quarterfinals in the year’s first grand slam.  And fate was smiling on Vera Zvonareva:  Her fourth-round match was one of only two in the field of eight that did not involve a seeded player. She was only required to beat lowly Iveta Benesova of Czech Republic, ranked just #60 in the world, after barely squeaking past the #31 seed in the third round in  tight second-set tiebreaker.  Should she beat Benesova, Zvonareva could not face a top-20 seed in her quarterfinals match; she was guaranteed to face the weakest opponent of any contender in the draw.  Her road into the semifinals, in other words, was a cakewalk.

Once in the semis, however, Zvonareva then needed to face Kim Clijsters, the #3 seed. This was a match Zvonareva was also supposed to win, since being the #2 seed meant she should have appeared in the finals against world #1 Caroline Wozniaki.  And having had such a ridiculously easy path into the semi-finals, Zvonareva was well rested and in the best possible position to thump the lower-ranked and seeded Clijsters and march into a grand-slam final. What’s more, Clijsters is a journeywoman player who has already retired once from the sport and given birth to a child.

But Zvonareva was not even competitive. She went down in easy straight sets to the lower-ranked Clijsters 3-6, 3-6.  It was a non-competitive match in which the Russian was once again exposed as a mere pretender, her #2 ranking an utter sham.  As soon as Russia’s “best” player was forced to be on court with a significant opponent, she did not merely lose but spectacularly collapsed, just as she has done in every grand slam final she has ever entered. If she’s the best Russia can offer, it’s a pretty sad commentary on the state of Russian tennis.

And that was the end of Russia.

19 responses to “Brutal Pain and Humiliation for Russian Women at the 2011 Aussie Open

  1. how many Americans have participated or achieved anything in this tournament? you know what they say about glass houses and rocks….

    at least Clijsters is an Aussie favorite. I was cheering for her over Zvonareva.


    Umm, did you check the men’s doubles, dimwit?

    The point is that Russians claim tennis fame. Americans don’t. Russian tennis fame is an absurd lie, Russians are AWFUL and UNWATCHABLE. Does it make Russians feel better to know that another country is even worse? If so, maybe that acceptance and rationalization of failure is why Russia is such a mess. That’s our point.

    • Men’s doubles! Doubles don’t count, Schlampe.

      • Would you say that if Russia won the doubles title, idiot?

        Either Venus or Serena Williams, America’s two top female players, hold more grand slam titles than all Russian women who have ever played the game combined. Are you really sure you want to compare American results to Russian?

  2. Whats the benefit of denigrating sportspeople as though its relevent for opposition to the Russian gov? Its a low blow and dissafects peoples sensibilities of consideration about the pettiness of the intended demoralising, and detracts from la russophobes credibility as hysterical.


    What’s low is your total failure to read this blog and and attempt to understand the basis of our reporting before attacking it in exactly the same manner you complain about. You’re an amazing hypocrite in the classic Russian style.

    We’ve repeatedly explained that Russian tennis is just like the Russian state. Many ignorant fools inaccurately perceive both are doing well, when in fact close study reveals absolute failure. And both refuse to accept criticism, just like you do, preferring as Russians always have to kill the critic and live in oblivion until national collapse results.

    Get it, ape?

  3. Clearly, a nation’s worth is measured by its performance the Australian Open. Americans place d a whopping 1 (one) woman into the 3rd round (out of 32), while Russia, which is almost half the size of USA, placed only 7 (seven). In the 4th round, there were 0 (zero) Americans and only 4 Russians, out of 16. No other country had more than 1 (one).

    Thus, only 25% of top female tennis players in the entire world come from Russia. Russia is a country of losers! USA, all the way!


    Umm, either of America’s top two female players hold more grand slam titles than all Russians who have ever played the game combined.

    And, umm, Americans won the men’s doubles title this year, with one of the most dominant doubles teams ever to have played in tennis history.

    But, umm, nobody in the world thinks of Americans as “dominant” or has illusory misunderstandings about their quality of play. They do about Russia.

    Instead of admitting Russia has a serious problem and needs reform, you choose to attack the critic, ignore the need to reform, and continue the failure, just as idiotic and petty Russians have always done. That’s why Russia stands once again on the brink of collapse, you ignorant, nasty little moron.

    With “friends” like you, Russia needs no enemies.

    • Gosh Maimonides’

      My O’ my? if you believe that on the results as shown by the recently completed Australian Open tennis tournament, that “Thus, only 25% of top female tennis players in the entire world come from Russia.”, than you have a huge problem with logic thought!!

      Back to the drawing board and olive groves for you dear ‘El Greco’.

      I am an avid tennis buff, and as I have played the game for ages, love to watch it when it is played by professionals – but in all honesty nothing turns me off more than when the theatrical Russians get on the court. They must think it’s a soap opera stage! and that the average spectator is not only blind but also stupid. Hence when these ‘untermensch, damen und herren’ get on the stage, read – court, I automatically turn the TV off to spare me the boredom of watching their cheap antics.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Ergo: When Russians enter the court, Bohdan approaches LR:s proverbial verge of collapse. Hopefully a stroke or something. Game, set, and match Russia.

        • And when kleine schweine, the hairless Swedish ape, makes an appearance every one faints on account of the obnoxious ‘B.O. parfum – a la vee vee Putin’. Hopefully a bolt of lightning will materialize out of the clear blue sky or something similar – to straighten you out and clear the air up. Game, set, and match free world as no way could your beloved and fascist ruSSia accomplish this in a ‘Tausend Jahre’ of wishful thinking, darling dolt.

          As a suggestion why don’t you get out on the tennis court and chase the balls for your beloved Ruski female apes. I’d most probably die of laughter at the sight – AND – your wildest dream of dreams would be fulfilled. Who knows, your beloved ‘fuehrer’ for life may even honor you with a ‘Heroi of the soviet union – gong’ so that ‘youse’ can stand by his side at the next victory parade against ‘fascism’.

          Please give it some serious thought sunshine, as I certainly am serious in trying to help you!! LOL!!

          • Bohdan

            Aren’t you a bit immature for your age? By your age of seven, most children outgrow BO and “ape” insults. Grow up.

            • The big mistake you are making is in judging me by yourself, so try another line of tack, preferably an intelligent “line of tack”, rather than your childish attempt, dear Maimonides.

              Now, be good enough to explain in your own little words what I meant by “BO” and “ape”, so that we can compare notes to prove just how far out of touch you are from reality.

              And furthermore, child, why was your ‘BO’ not in quotation marks whereas ‘ape’ was! after all you are supposed to be quoting me, right?

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            Bohdan is inundated with unquestionable proof that his way of writing is failing. If he does not change it, he will take the consequences without sympathy or support.

            “Hairless, Swedish ape” — that was fairly good, though :-)

            • Well, well MS, I see you have a problem in thinking up fresh new answers. You actually wrote the same above answer to one of my earlier replies to you under LR’s blogg called ” 9 RESPONSES TO: WHAT CAN RUSSIA DO ABOUT IT?”, dated “January 30, 2011 at 5.20 am”.

              This ‘sweetie’ constitutes SPAM! what’s the matter have you run out of your stock answers or is the pressure starting to tell on you and getting you down? Do have a rest – a permanent one, hopefully – as you badly do need one and than and only than return back into the fray. Or is it that your junk writer has gone on strike? in which case, never mind that’s part and parcel of life – you will get over it one day, hopefully.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                Mon petit sot,

                The formulation that I repeated is a cute little piece of sarcasm, in case you haven’t noticed. I took one of La Russophobe’s own recent pronunciamentos and changed a tiny handful of words so as to have myself appear more seductive in the eyes of such a witty, attractive man such as yourself, love. Anything against a hairless Swedish ape, by the way?

                • No sweat sweetie, none at all! it’s just that I believe that you belong in a zoo. The audience there will be much kinder and more appreciative to/of you.

                  Think of all the ‘goodies’ people will toss you, like lollies, sweets, bananas and peanuts to boot. And all free too!

                  Bon appetite.

                  Sadly though, your so called “cute little piece of sarcasm” goes from the sublime to the ridiculous (i.e. not very clever). What next, do tell, as I’m all ears.

  4. Bohdan wrote: “Now, be good enough to explain in your own little words what I meant by “BO” and “ape”

    That’s not how it works in adult world, Bohdanchik. Since I am not your psychiatrist, I am not qualified to explain what you mean. You should be able to explain your own words. If you can’t – don’t use them.

    • Maimonides – you have not disappointed me at all, dear brainwashed child. As I suspected all along, surprise, surprise, that that would be your answer. In the vein of a soviet indoctrinated communist, you sadly don’t answer the question being asked , but instead redirect it to the opposition.

      While on the subject I asked you a perfectly normal question in English, and you responded like a true Russian ape! Furthermore, nothing could be more from the truth as like when you reply “That’s not how it works in adult world”. Wrong chum, because if one says something in English and the other party does not catch the true gist of it they are entitled to an explanation of what the 1st party meant! BUT not so in your beloved KGB run Russia, where you and your “untermensh” KGB kind do not need to answer any questions, because ‘that’s not how it works in your – neck of the woods – world’.

      And about you not being a psychiatrist, thank’s be to the almighty. Besides one needs a brain for that.

  5. “Brutal Pain and Humiliation for Russian Women at the 2011 Aussie Open”

    Brutal Pain and Humiliation? It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. The Russian girls tried but fell a bit short of winning. Most other countries – especially USA, which had dominated tennis for many decades – didn’t even try. Americans placed 1 (one) woman into the 3rd round (out of 32), while Russia, which is less half the size of USA, placed 7 (seven). In the 4th round, there were 0 (zero) Americans and 4 (four) Russians, out of 16. No other country had more than 1 (one).

  6. Proves the point that when Russian tennis players have to compete against world class professionals, they fail miserable. A good example being the recent Australian open!

    As to your “The Russian girls tried but fell a bit short of winning”, what? ‘fell a BIT short’ if that’s not a classic case of KGB disinformation, than what is.

    Look at the facts of the matter, if by some stupid reasoning the Australian Tennis Association had paired the Russians against each other, than one of them would have reached the semi finals (i.e. the last four players), irrespective of whether they are world class or just an average “A” class player (the step before a world class match and subsequent ranking).

    This means that in the four quarter final matches, each Russian was matched to a non Russian, final result? they all lost! so that not one of them progressed into the two semi final berths. What an ignominious end.

    Be good enough to explain this phenomenon, in your classic quaint way, dear comrade.

  7. @ Bohdan:

    This means that in the four quarter final matches, each Russian was matched to a non Russian, final result? they all lost!

    That’s as wrong as it can be. There was only 1 (one) Russian girl in the quarter-final, and she won by defeating a non-Russian girl and moved into the semi-finals.

    so that not one of them progressed into the two semi final berths. What an ignominious end.

    That’s no how mathematics and the world works, child. Vera Zvonareva progressed into the semi-finals, and she is Russian.

    Be good enough to explain this phenomenon, in your classic quaint way, dear comrade.

    I am not a doctor to be able to explain your mental problems over the Internet. However, the cause may be due to insufficient blood supply to your brain in the womb, or your mom accidentally dropping you on a hard floor a few times.

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