EDITORIAL: Russia and the Apes who Guard Her


Russia and the Apes who Guard Her

Russia's Ape in Chief

Russia is guarded by apes, as if she were a bunch of bananas.

This leads to some truly barbaric consequences. For instance, in the wake of the arrest of former first deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov for criticizing the Kremlin while holding a written legal writ to do so, followed by a torrent fo foreign outrage and a lawsuit against Russia by Nemtsov in the European Court for Human Rights, Russian parliamentarian Anton Belyakov of the “Just Russia” political party called for an investigation.

Of Nemtsov.

You read that right.  Belyakov thinks these events prove only that further investigation of Nemtsov himself, to see if he is a paid agent of foreign powers, is warranted.  No investigation at all is needed to determine if Nemtsov was treated properly when he was housed in a bare room for days or made to stand throughout his trial or sentenced to shocking two weeks in prison without evidence.

But to Belyakov, the fact that any foreigners would side with Nemtsov proves conclusively that he is their paid agent, seeking to destroy Russia.

He doesn’t care that Nemtsov was given a permit to demonstrate by the Russian government to demonstrate, and arrested anyway.  He doesn’t care that Nemtsov was once the elected governor of a Russian region, nor does he care that Nemtsov was once the first deputy prime minister of Russia, appointed by the same man who made Putin prime minister and president.  He doesn’t care about the barbaric conditions under which Nemtsov was held while in prison, doesn’t care about the obvious brutality of his sentence, and doesn’t care that Nemtsov will humilate Russia by negating his conviction in the European Court for Human Rights.

Instead, just like his Soviet ancestors, all Belyakov cares about is trashing Nemtsov and crushing his criticism of the regime, so as to continue its power unabated. And that is the same as to say continue its mistakes unabated, until Russia is absolutely destroyed.

30 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and the Apes who Guard Her

  1. The only problem is that despite the fact that the vast majority of Russians seem to be hell-bent on running their own country into the ground, Russia’s destruction is never final. It’s like in that Garfield Quote, ‘whenever I think I hit the absolute bottom, someone hands me a shovel’
    In Russian there is a saying that fish starts rotting from the head, however, as Victor Pelevin noted in his Sacred Book of the Werewolf, in Russia whenever the rotting starts, it’s the healthy body that gets cut off and discarded while the rotten head carries right on, thus every time somebody comes up with a really good idea in Russia, said idea almost immediately gets snuffed out and buried (often along with the author), and at the same time every bad thing that Russia ever in its long history is still alive and kicking.

    • awesome video? can you kindly tell me why it is awesome??

      maybe because your gullable russophobic self believed every word these 6 slavic-turned-islamic scumbags said?

      these 6 are scum of the world, unable to figure out what to do in life so they’ve resorted to such extremist actions.

      here’s a link uncovering the truth about them….”partisans” loool. yeah, partisans who drive around town and scream “allakh akbar”?


      • It’s awesome because it shows that in some regions in Russia people have been driven to such extremes that they’re willing to adopt any ideology as long as it allows them to finally take action against the corrupt oppressive criminal regime based in Moscow. And this is clearly an indication that the Russian empire as we know it may truly be on the brink of collapse and that is a good thing. Russia in its current form must be dismantled and replaced with something else, something at least a little less corrupt, crazy and criminal.
        These six misguided youngsters turned to Islam because in the kind of world they were living in, however ironic it may seem, Islam provided them with the only source of law and fairness. It’s a rather brutal kind of fairness in which those who commit crimes must pay for them by having their throats slashed, but believe you me, things in Russia are at such an advanced stage of degradation that the only way to stop the Russian government and police from committing crimes is by having some sort of avengers who don’t talk or hold trials but simply slash the throats of those caught red handed.
        However strange it may seem to someone living in sunny Australia, but in Russia between the Kremlin and Islam, Islam is actually beginning to look like the lesser evil. Especially if Islamic militants were to attack the police and government officials rather than set off bombs at busy airports.

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz

    It’s plain to see that our team are no experts in zoology either. Adding the text “Russia’s Ape in Chief” to a caricature of Putin as “The Russian Bear” looks as silly as always. One feels obliged to ask what miscreants are actually staffing LR. Apes? No, not really. Much worse lowlife than that, to wit: Poles, Georgians, and USians (of course).

  3. What’s the matter MS? does that fittingly beautiful caricature of your beloved “Russia’s Ape in Chief” upset your applecart? good so it should as he belongs to the lowest of the low category!

    You don’t have to spin your fascist propaganda on this wonderfully truthful and honest blog, instead crawl back to the ‘RuSSia Today – Rubbish Trash rag’ with your ‘so called and suspect’ command of languages – the #1 being Martian from the ‘RED’ Planet – to spin your ridiculous fairy tales! Believe me your unreal propaganda skills will be much appreciated there by like minded, brain dead soviet zealots of your caliber.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Not upset at all, love. It’s just that I cannot hold back my superiority complex as I delve into the tripe spouted here. Just to still your curiosity: Open up your preferred search engine and type in the two strings “Russia Today” and “Nussiminen”. Enjoy!

  4. No way MS, love, you were frothing at the mouth, when you wrote your penultimate blogg. I mean how dare LR belittle that ‘untermensch’, that “Russia’s Ape in Chief”.

    And again I have no desire to read those trash rag of yours, I’ll leave that up to you. Give me LR any day, and that’s by a long shot.

    Finally, no one is making you “delve into the tripe here”!, just vamoose chum back to your idiotic RT. As for your “superiority complex”, believe me that is your worthless and baseless opinion, so be a good boy and return to the trees where you came from and belong, unless of course – and which I strongly suspect – you are in fact in the pay of ‘вова’ Putin.

    • Haha, darling — you’re just another little ugly lady in my harem alongside Kim. Now, stop fro…, sorry, throwing tantrums and come to your senses. In fact, I liked the caricature of Putin but felt the team made one of their usual blunders with their silly “clarification”.

      Угадай, насколько Путин мне оплачивает ? Деиствительно, ты большой дурачок, Bohdan.

  5. MS

    You’ll have to accept that I’m going to treat you’re first paragraph with the contempt that it deserves.

    But to the first half of your second paragraph “Guess, as to how much Putin pays me?” I will reply. It’s probably not much, and I suspect it’s only “peanuts”!! get it sunshine?

  6. Just a quick note on the go…. Some pubertal historians, who constitute most of the LR authors, recently were donkey-stubborn in their groundless anti-soviet claims. The CIA inspired rhetoric that they throw on you all the time likes to equate Communism to nazism. They spent hours yelling that Hitler and Stalin were brothers in law. They even tried to impose ideological censorship on this clownish blog. Now if anybody is still interested the Good Empire got a magic Prozac pill 4 them. Enjoooooooy! Who’s on top? Who’s around? And who was the REAL Hitler’s ally? Yeah……

    This was shot in Berlin, during the 1936 Olympic games boycotted by both Spain and Soviet Union. The picture effectively puts an end to all the creepy lies LR is trying to spread. Good luck and good night fellas!:)

    • I am not sure what point you are trying to make. The picture shows what seems to be an awards ceremony during the Berlin Olympics. So? What are those “creepy lies” that the picture “puts an end” to? Can you be more specific?

      Then, I don’t think the USSR really “boycotted” those Games. The USSR did not participate in the International Olympic Movement and was not recognized by the IOC until the early 1950’s. How can one “boycott” those Games if one was not a member? Don’t know about Spain.

    • Oh thickheaded one, they are saluting their flags as they raise them before receiving their medals.

      Meanwhile, here are some pics of the joint Russian-German victory parade in Poland 1939, the real alliance of Evil.


      • Oh and this gem:

        • Randy Andy: Maybe this Western tripe learned by rote as compulsory curriculum would appear more convincing if it came from some non-Western source for a change. As usual, self-opinioned navel gazing Anglo-Saxons and others parroting them are too dense to believe there exists a world history beyond the rendition perpetuated by Murdoch and the CIA.

          • Never mind floppy, we all know who Hitlers most important ally was, until 1941 of course. Of course, it might help Russian idiots such as yourself to realise that you come from the most corrupt, amoral, and basically evil state in history.

            • Are you suggesting Pentagon and other philanthropical institutions for Everlasting World Peace are somehow paying any attention whatsoever to the average Western dullard’s tripe about World War 2 ? If so, you are kindly asked to provide due links confirming this (immensely surprising, indeed) petty bourgeois character prevailing among the powers-that-be.

              Idiot — agreed. Russian — no, although I don’t feel the slightest offended. Most corrupt, amoral, and basically evil state — says who? The peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America? If you REALLY knew which country I live in since the day I was born, you would look silly beyond laughable. For now, it’s silly AND laughable.

            • Just ignore him Andrew. He thrives when somebody posts something responding to him. Perhaps a cone of silence would be a solution and he’ll just go away.

              The more I read his rantings and ravings, the more I am inclined to think that he is just a sexually frustrated adolescent boy who desperately wants to lose his virginity but can’t. So, he lashes out. I am sympathetic with that; I remember how it was many many years ago. Hopefully, he will soon find a suitable girl or boy, as the case may be, to provide the outlet to his ever growing lust, and being busy with that will leave us alone.

              Until then, we’ll have to read his pearls of wisdom, unless of course we all agree to ignore him totally and maybe that would resolve the issue.

              • Well said RV! however with one big disagreement on your “his pearls of wisdom”.

                What MS having the ability to spout – “his words of wisdom” ??, never in a ‘million years’. It is more like ‘his words of useless propaganda trash’ in glorifying himself and his beloved ‘Pootie’ ape. A view that he, and only he, shares with his fellow soviet retards – where sanity is sadly missing and is not a prerequisite to intelligent discussion – and who thankfully comprise only a smidgen of LR’s bloggers.

                • Of course, Bohdan, I did not mean to imply he had any wits. “pearls of wisdom” was just a little piece of sarcasm, a rhetorical flourish, if you will. This should be clear from the context of what I wrote, but I should have put this expression in the quote-unquote marks.

            • Andrew

              Since our mutual fiend MS has stated on more then one occasion that he is not Russian, your second paragraph should read – with all due respect – ‘Of course, it might help Russian fawning idiots such as yourself to realise that you worship the most corrupt, amoral, and basically evil state in history.”

              PS As to his nationality? it would not surprise me in the least if he is a so called “Englishman”, born in either India or Pakistan! With emphasis on India rather than the latter.

      • And here are some more of the Nazi Germans and Communist Russians being good mates and allies in their joint invasion of Poland….

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          I think “Poland and the apes who guard her” would have been a substantially better heading in view of the team’s comments.

          Eau-de-Cologne n’est pas Eau-de-Pologne.

          • Kleine Schwaine wrote ‘I think “poland and the apes who guard her”..
            Is there any video showing those pathetic russian ‘apes’ at the victory parade in moscow’s red square 1945- those dirty russian pigs marching directly to the gulags – you russians have no honor, no selfrespect, no dignity – – anybody can spit at your mongolian faces and you will say it is raining. By the way, Eau-de-Cologne, in russia is consider just another drink and a soap – don’t you eat it…..

  7. “But to Belyakov, the fact that any foreigners would side with Nemtsov proves conclusively that he is their paid agent, seeking to destroy Russia.”

    Possibly John McCain’s next karmic disaster waiting to happen after Charles Keating (bank fraud), Sarah Palin (going rogue), John Roll (property rights destroyer). It’s time for the good people of Arizona to put out the recall notice on John McCain…he’s clearly defective merchandise…lemon law should apply here.


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