EDITORIAL: Russia vs. China, the Smackdown


Russia vs. China, the Smackdown

China is a Communist country.  Russia is supposedly capitalist.  Suppose a major business publication were to undertake a study of the two countries to decide which one presents a more horrific environment for foreigners to do business in:  Which country do you think would come out on top – that is, on the bottom?

Did you guess Russia?  You’re right!  The study’s authors explain:  “We applied a concept called the Capital Receptivity Index (CRI) that measures an EE using 23 specific factors — distributed among the four elements listed above. Countries are scored on each factor from 1 (world’s worst) to 5 (world’s best), which makes the maximum possible score 115. Tallied as a percentage, the CRI of the U.S. is 82% (94/115), Russia’s is 38% (44/115) and China’s is 46% (53/115).”

Here is the data breakdown (with each country’s score out of the total possible score):

  • Corporate governance.Russia (11/30) scored poorly due to tight government control of companies and poor protection of minority shareholders — offset slightly by the absence of restructuring barriers. China (11/30) arrived at the same score as Russia, but it has slightly better protection of minority shareholders, with very little transparency and tight government control of companies.
  • Financial markets. Russia (11/40) scored poorly due to low valuations, no market for initial public offerings, weak transparency, absence of long-term shareholders and limited depth. China (17/40), while sharing some of Russia’s weaknesses, got a higher score due to its higher valuations, limited IPO market and greater depth of market participants.
  • Human capital.Russia (18/25) scored well due to excellent technical skills, training and labor rates — offset by weaker management skills. China (20/25) scored even better than Russia, sharing its technical skills, but enjoying more competitive labor rates and better management training and skills.
  • Intellectual property regime. Russia (4/20) scored poorly due to weak IP laws and lack of enforcement. China (5/20) arrived at a slightly higher score because it has some IP laws — but they aren’t enforced.

“The investment climate in our country is bad. It’s very bad.”  Those are not our words, they are the words of the President of the Russian Federation, Dima Medvedev himself. And given the foregoing data, none can doubt him. But People with actual qualifications in trade and economics are a bit more blunt.  Here’s what authors of the China-Russia study say:

You can put new clothing on a formerly communist nation, but it’s hard to change what’s under its skin. Russia has really awful bones beneath its fairly unattractive surface.  Unfortunately, Russia is under the illusion that it can use PR spin to dissipate investors’ concerns about its past abuses of capital providers and convince new suckers to invest there.  If forced to pick one of the two to place my money in, choose China.


China beats Russia across the board, in every category, even though it is a Communist state.  China even beats Russia in qualification of workers including education, and it crushes Russia in areas like wage rates.  China is aggressively expanding and improving in every aspects of economic performance while Russia is stagnating, showing that even within an authoritarian model rulers who actually care about the fate of their country, as opposed to merely being interested in personal gain, can innovate.

There is lots more evidence out there, for anyone who chooses to look, about Russia’s virulent hostility to investors both foreign and domestic.  The upcoming trial of Victor Bout threatens to thrown an even more terrifying light on the Russian government than that barbaric recent re-trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky has already done.

And in this very issue, we report on yet another global study that places Russia at the very bottom of the world in terms of safety, honesty and civilized behavior.  Russians are inundated with unquestionable proof that their government is failing. If they do not change it, they will take the consequences without sympathy or support.

35 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia vs. China, the Smackdown

  1. >> Russians are inundated with unquestionable proof that their government is failing. If they do not change it, they will take the consequences without sympathy or support. >>

    Guess that boils down to “Russia will collapse any second now. Should, however, Putin stay in power and Russia keep gaining strength despite our noisy clamors to the contrary, the LR team will feel no sympathy or support. Take that.”

    La Russophobe, vous êtes vraiment la plus bête société qu’on n’avait jamais vue. Allez-vous faire enculler tous.

    • Klaine Schwaine,

      Russia woundn’t collpase any second now – I don’t think so – russia is going down slowly disgustingly, golodnaya pianyaya , gryaznaya obosranaya na kolenach, toniot w sobstviennom govnie no kaneczno moguczaya what a joke… klaine schwaine – you are totally detached of reality – I suppose you still think that Kursk is on A SECRET MISSION UNDERWATER HUNTING AMERICANS…..

      • mccusa wrote: “Klaine Schwaine,

        Wow, genazvale, your German is as good as your English and better than your Russian. Wohl getan! Or, as you would write: “Wool get tan!”

    • Klein schwaine wrote;

      Guess that boils down to “Russia will collapse any second now. Should, however, Putin stay in power and Russia keep gaining strength despite our noisy clamors to the contrary, the LR team will feel no sympathy or support. Take that.”


      Russia is gaining strength – yeah russia even ‘created’ Russian nato – member countries; armenia, usbekistan, kyrgyzystan, moldova the greatest military powers in the world. And russia, of course, with bulavas that cannot hit the target, kursk typy of submarines – and russian army starving freezing – 50% asian and muslim go and start another war….

      • russians = world most dirtiest and most revolting people. Yaaawn…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Out of the hole came…

          Hopefully, the readership enjoyed my collection of proverbs in four different languages targeting Poland and its renowned people before sweet little Kim took action.

          • Hey Kleine schwaine
            Poland and its renowned people singlehandedly destroyed that pile of sh.., blood, misery and dirt called the soviet union and caused the total humiliation of your so called empire – no wonder russia is trying to get even with Poland ever since [hence political murders, political initmidation or e.g., your primitive but not fully russians jokes…] – perhaps in 500 years you russians will appreciate what Poland did for your people – Poland did something next to impossibe liberated the russian slaves who DIDN’T WANT TO BE LIBERATED.
            Here is the joke from the time of soviet occupation of Poland. Russians/Soviet are divided into two groups; optimists and pessimists – optimists are sure that they will all be arrested, put into the cattle wagons and TRAVEL to Siberia. The pessimists are sure that they will be all arrested and WALKED to Siberia….

      • mccusa, warum bist du mit einem Steifschwanz beschäftigt? Noch nie einen gesehen?

  2. Though I don’t understand a word in French I wholeheartedly support it.

    • Typical sovok reaction. They don’t understand (don’t have the facts, don’t want to know) yet they offer wholehearted support. Are we suprised Russia is run by Putin?

  3. Manfred Steifschwanz

    The concluding sentence in French: Хуй вам в роть! :-)

    • х вам в ро.., х вам м в ро.., х вам в розовые губки. !No pasaran!

    • Kleine Steinschweine
      Your best trait has revealed you for what you are. Nothing but a foul mouthed, uneducated, and nyet Kultura Russian NaSShi uncouth peasant.

      I for one do not for even a split second believe that you can talk all those civilized languages, but that instead you use the good services of someone like Wikipedia to translate your ruSSian, into all those other languages – hence your attempt to translate that Moscali filth into French came a good and proper cropper as all written civilized languages do not allow your type of filth by blocking it out – and hence you had to revert to your mother tongue.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Come on, don’t be so jealous, love. But let it be known that Manfred Steifschwanz beats Wikipedia by several orders of magnitude in mastering foreign languages. Let it be known too that I especially enjoy writing in (perfectly fluent) French, due to the name of this sick joke for a blog.

        And no: I’m not Russian, believe it or not.

        GrüB Gott!

        • MS
          Me “so jealous”?, I don’t believe it, what me “so jealous” of what – you? Not in your wildest dreams, dear ‘love’ commophile.

          Boy you do go on, ad nauseam may I add, sweetie. By the way if you really learned all those languages – you wasted your time. You should have spent your time more productively, like learning the truth about your beloved fascist Russia, or your paymaster, the next “Secretary General of Imperial Russis – (the one and only) ‘вова’ Putin. Heil Putin!, heil Putin!, and heil Putin!

          Ta, ta, love and for once in your life be real.

      • Воткни хохла рогами в землю
        И дай по яйцам каблуком.
        И ты услышишь, как он взвизгнет
        Отборным русским матерком

  4. kleine schwaine,

    Russians are not quite humans hence no jokes – by the way you russians are so f@#$ing ugly – look at the great lova tolstoy, the rapist of children and young girls, and a writer, he looked like a missing link, the pathetic midget duo of putin and medvedev – perfect for midget throwing competition – the perfect pass time of the big californians, men kissing lonia – the eye brow brejnev, malenkov the pederast, what about a perfect kalmuk face – volodia lenin. You russian should be proud of this variety – so soso stalin looks not bad at all – no wonder you russians put him on the icons…

  5. Klaine Schwaine,
    Here is another russian joke from Poland – the day of national mourning was declared in Moscow and throughout all 11 time zones of proletarian paradise , all happy soviet were in deep shock and disbelief – all politbureau members were killed in tragic citcumstances when the huge branch was broken from the tree…and all politbureau members fell into their death….

  6. Kleine Schwaine,
    To cheer you up a little. Here is another Polish joke about stupid Soviet/Rusians.

    Soviet Russia is modernizing; the first streat-tease joint will be opened soon in the Soviet Union. National competition for the coveted position of a streap-tease danser is in fool swing – young komsomole girls, actresses, young KGB agents and ballet dansers all compete. And the unexpected winner, anonimously chosen by the soviet society was Praskovia Panteneyeva Podserob, aged 68, short, fat, BUT SHE KNEW LENIN PERSONALLY….

    • Impressive as usual: “streat-tease” and “streap-tease danser”

      Silly Pshek, considering your US bootlicking it’s pathetic you can’t even get your English spelling straight, indeed featuring two “competing misspellings” of one and the same word. Your unfunny stories are worse even.

      Now, come on: Unless you’re completely lost as a learner, you should be able to catch up a little here. My postings do furnish an ample supply of talented — as well as humorous — linguistics, most convincingly demonstrated in rhymes and ditties in four different languages.

      By the way: Care to guess my nationality?

      • You are a despicable peace of human refuse, regardless of your nationality. An ability to speak four languages is not enough to make you a normal human being no matter how much you brag. Adolf Eichmann, undoubtedly a hero of yours, also knew several languages.

        Your postings are neither “humorous” nor “talented.” I think “revolting” is a better description.

        Sorry, I cannot express this in four languages.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          That’s “despicable PIECE of”, my love. Maybe you would cope with English spelling better were you familiar with at least ONE (1) Roman language, French in particular.

          Vulgar braggadocio and outright bigotry are the hallmarks of this, ahem, “very special forum”, thank you.

          • I admit I misspelled a word, due to rapid writing and neglecting to proof-read, but I do know how to spell it in my native language. And I do speak a good deal of Spanish.

            Nothing however changes the fact that you are not a normal person. Would a normal person post here in languages that he knows not many readers can read? What would be a purpose? To brag? Even that cannot be appreciated. Go to a French language board and perhaps native French speakers could tell if you really possess a good command of the French language.

            So, my conclusion remains: you are a worthless PIECE of refuse.

            • Now you’re talking. And my reply remains:

              Right on the mark! Why do you think I’m attracted to this blog? Like draws to like, whether you like it or not. Arguably, you do not like my presence here since I expose your idiocy, vileness, and vanity for any sane person to see, although I’m most definitely not alone in this endeavour.

      • I ‘wanna’ guess your nationality MS.

        Seeing that your posts are so unreal, so out of this world. I got it, you must be from Mars!!! Hence your nationality is Martian.

        Right love?

        PS and if I’m wrong – stiff sh*t – who cares.

    • wow man. don’t quit your day job.

      that was ALL kinds of horrible. either it got lost in translation or the Polacks haven’t watched enough of Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle or Russell Peters in their lives.

  7. What is with russian diplomacy, kleine schweine – one humilation after the other – rogozin is being kicked out from the NATO press center BY A JANITOR then, Dimasha is not allowed to enter Israel – Israelies practically showed dima a middle finger. Also our fearless leader lavrov, ignored by the whole word while trying to ‘revive’ the middle east talks… And there is a scary one apparently, busher in Iran is heading for the same fate as chernobyl nuclear russian wonder??? Dear check it for me you are so well informed …..

  8. RV wrote: “Sorry, I cannot express this in four languages.

    Only four? You are too modest. I bet you cannot express yourself in at least four hundred languages.

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