January 14, 2011 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Neo-Soviet Russia goes Berzerk

(2)  Khodorkovsky Strikes back at Russia

(3)  Nemtsov in the Neo-Soviet Dungeon

(4)  Putin has Russia over a Barrel

(5)  Nazis and Russians, Birds of a Feather

(6) Potemkin Skolkovo


11 responses to “January 14, 2011 — Contents

  1. Poland’s “Russophile” Tusk finally (so late, too late) understood what Putin’s Russia really is (death and lies):


    In response, “the liberal” Medvedev publicily (Russia’s main TV channels) mocked him further:


    If you want to write about this and need an illustation, there are many pictures of Tusk and Putin embracing after the Katyn crash. Just use Google Image with their names.

    From the Reuters article:

    “From the Polish point of view, the draft report from the Russian side as it has been sent is without question unacceptable,” Tusk said in televised comments to reporters in Brussels on the sidelines of a European Union summit.

    The Russian report has not been made public and Tusk did not go into details of what it contained.

    The report does not comply fully with the Chicago Convention which regulates international air travel, he said.

    “This negligence and mistakes or lack of positive reaction to what Poland has been asking for, all these things allow us to say that some of the report’s conclusions are without foundation,” Tusk said.

    Russia is expected to study the Polish comments on the report and the two will then attempt to write a conclusive version of what happened.

    Poland’s main representative on the investigation, Edmund Klich, has already expressed dissatisfaction with Russia’s stance. For example, the two sides disagree about whether the flight should be classified as military or civilian — a potentially crucial point in assigning responsibility for the decision to land in poor weather.

    Kaczynski’s identical twin brother Jaroslaw, who heads Poland’s main opposition party, the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS), has accused Tusk and Moscow of effectively engineering the crash and of collaborating to cover up its real causes.

  2. Also BBC (and yes, the embrace by Putin as a picture there, with the caption “Russia pledged to fully investigate April’s crash”):


  3. Also about Tusk, last week:


    “Tusk had earlier said he had faith that the investigation was being carried out correctly by the Moscow investigators.”

    And on the “report” of the Russian “investigation” (cover-up) that was just finished (Tusk’s outrage was last month, since then all Polish objection were completely ignored by “investigators”) – this article was added just minutes ago:


    In Warsaw, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the late president’s twin brother and head of the opposition Law and Justice party, sharply criticized the Russian aviation authorities’ report, calling it a “mockery of Poland” and saying it unfairly puts all the blame on Poles. He said the report fails to offer convincing evidence the Poles are solely responsible and is based on speculation.

    There was a broad expectation in Poland that Russia would acknowledge some responsibility and the Polish prime minister, Donald Tusk, expressed anger last month at an earlier draft by Russian investigators that also reportedly put responsibility only on Poles.

    The issue of responsibility has a strong emotional component in Poland, where suspicions of Russia remain strong due Moscow’s domination of Poland in communist times, and to older conflicts.

    • Also just published:


      Kaczynski and his delegation were on their way to attend a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the World War II Katyn massacre, in which 20,000 Polish officers and other prisoners of war were killed by the Soviet secret police.

      The visit was a highly symbolic step for the two states. Katyn had long strained relations, with Moscow until 1990 blaming the killings on Nazi Germany.

      Russian aviation officials today handed over their report on the crash to Poland, where it has already come under fierce criticism.

      Kaczynski’s twin brother, former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, blamed the report for putting the entire blame on the Polish pilots and branded it “a joke against Poland.”

      He told a news conference that his right-wing Law and Justice party (PiS) would call on the Polish parliament to reject Russia’s findings.

      Pawel Kowal, a Polish member of the European Parliament who served as a close adviser to the late Polish president, told RFE/RL that the report aimed at whitewashing Russia.

      “It does not focus on explaining all of the reasons or following all of the threads, it focuses exclusively on defending the reputation of Russia’s raison d’etre,” Kowal said.

      A lawyer for Kaczynski and other relatives of the victims, Rafal Rogalski, told Reuters that Russia’s findings were one-sided and “an absolute scandal.”

      Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich said most of the Russian commission’s findings were accurate, but noted that the report gave only a partial account of events.

      Polish officials had criticized a preliminary Russian report released in December, with Prime Minister Donald Tusk saying the findings were unacceptable and riddled with errors.

      Tusk has reportedly cut short his holiday and is due to deliver a special address on the report on January 13.


      Tusk described the investigation as “unacceptable,” saying that some of the conclusions it had made were “without foundation.”

      Polish cabinet spokesman Pawel Gras said Tusk would not cut short his holiday in the Italian Dolomites to read the report.

      Poland’s leading investigator, Edmund Klich, said he doubted all of Poland’s comments on the report had been adopted by the Russian side, since they would have taken weeks to consider and were only handed over in mid-December.

      Kaczynski and other Polish dignitaries were on their way to a memorial ceremony in honor of Polish officers killed by Soviet secret police when their plane crashed in thick fog on April 10. All 96 people on board were killed.

  4. More on Putin Commission “report”:


    Poland’s main representative in the investigation, Edmund Klich, called the report “incomplete” and said it “contains mistakes” concerning commands by Russian air traffic control dispatchers.


    “We still need to analyze the report thoroughly, but of course there is a chance this is the beginning of trouble (between Poland and Russia),” a senior foreign ministry source told Reuters.

    Poland will still expect Russia to amend its report to address concerns raised by Warsaw, said Eugeniusz Smolar, head of the Center for International Relations.

    “This will be very difficult to achieve, of course. And if the Russians don’t do it, we will have yet another bilateral dispute dragging on for decades,” he said.

  5. This crash was an execution of the death sentence passed by putin on Polish President Kaczynski for actively supporting Georgia and Ukraine. Not long time ago there was a strange assassination attmpt against the brothe rof the President… TO SLAUGHTER THOSE MAGINIFICENT PEOPLE AND THEN LOOT THEIR BODIES AND STEAL THE MONEY USING THEIR CREDIT CARDS IS TRULY SOMETHING REVOLTING EVEN FOR THE BARBARIC RUSSIAN STANDARD. But there is a poetic justice – just look at moscow an asian city 8 in 10 of all moscowites are from central asia – and a non existant army 50% asian and muslim THAT IS MAGNIFICENT INDEED….

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