EDITORIAL: Neo-Soviet Russia goes Berzerk


Neo-Soviet Russia goes Berzerk

The cell is a concrete box, 1.5 by three metres, without a window and without even a mattress. A bare floor and that’s it. Absurdly, they have charged me with disobeying the police. For three hours the police bosses didn’t know what to charge me with; then they received an order from upstairs. I understand this action is designed to frighten the opposition. They are mad and don’t know what to do with us. We cannot and will not give in.

Note written by former Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov and smuggled out of his jail cell in Moscow following his arrest for publicly criticizing the Putin regime in a permitted demonstration

Vladimir Putin started of 2011 by making it seem that his New Year’s resolution was to conclusively prove to the world once and for all that his country has gone berzerk.

First, one of his “judges” convicted Mikhail Khodorkovsky again, ignoring his years of incarceration in Siberia and ignoring the fact that the evidence against him was a total charade.  As we report in today’s issue, the “judge” cited testimony from witnesses who said Khodorkovsky did not steal oil as proof that he had done so, and convicted him of stealing more oil than the prosecution had accused him of doing.  He was then sentenced to the absolute maximum allowable by law.

Then, another one of Putin’s “judges” convicted Boris Nemtsov of participating in an illegal demonstration even though the event had the formal written permission of the government.  As we report in today’s issue, Nemtsov was held in a cell with bare walls (no windows, ventilation, raised bed or even mattress on the floor) and made to stand through his entire four-hour “trial.”  Unlike Khodorkovsky, the only “crime” of which Nemtsov was even accused is speaking to harshly about the Kremlin’s crackdown on democracy. Unlike Khodorkovsky, too, Nemtsov has held high-ranking government positions and been elected to office.

But the rule of law, of course, is a meaningless concept for the barbaric clan of apes that now rules Russia.

At last, the world is finally coming round to listen to the warning we have been issuing here on this blog since April 2006.  An editorial in the Economist says it best:

That requires a show of principle and a change in tactics. The West should recognise that this marks a new, more repressive phase of Mr Putin’s rule, and treat Mr Nemtsov as a prisoner of conscience. America has complained, as have some members of the European Parliament, but European leaders have been shamefully silent. Of course, Russia will continue to reject any protests—as it did over Mr Khodorkovsky’s sentence—but if the Europeans are silent, Mr Putin will assume that they acquiesce. The EU’s interests may differ from America’s in dealing with Russia, but its values do not. Fabricating cases against political opponents is unacceptable whether you are in Paris, Berlin or Washington. If Russia continues to act in this way, it should be chucked out of the G8.

It is time for the world’s democratic leaders to heed this warning. Nobody can now deny that the world is faced with a barbaric neo-Soviet state which presents exactly the same type of threat to our way of life that was posed by the USSR. Indeed, the neo-Soviet regime is run by a clan of proud KGB spies who are relics of the USSR, and know no other way of behaving.

The notion that Russia was somehow moving away from that dark past, that “president” Dima Medvedev could somehow protect people like Nemtsov and Khodorkovsky from further abuse, has been utterly destroyed.  It is clear that if the West continues to ignore neo-Soviet Russia, its crackdowns will only become more frequent and bloody.

Therefore, the West must act now.

87 responses to “EDITORIAL: Neo-Soviet Russia goes Berzerk

  1. He is in a concrete box, 1.5 by three metres, without a window and without even a mattress. A bare floor and that’s it. And then … he finds a piece of paper and a pen to write a note and … finds the way to smuggle it out of his jail cell (perhaps through non-existing windows?). What a romantic story!

  2. No, no, and no! as usual casasa you got it all wrong again. No, no, and no I don’t mean ‘again’ I mean STILL.

    What? you think that this is “a romantic story”. Well have another big slug (i.e. swig) of your beloved somogonka, you desperately need it.

    Tell me dear brain damaged, russophile ape, have you ever thought that Nemtsov could have smuggled a piece of paper and pen in as he already had it hidden on him when he was illegally arrested – after all it is not the first time that, courtesy of Putin, he is incarcerated in one on his countless holiday ‘cells’ – and then had a decent and sympathetic friend or guard smuggle the written message out?

    Back to the somogonka for you, tovarish.

    • Свежо питание, но серится с трудом, ukro-cattle. Back to salo and horilka.

      • Hey, sracasasa,
        What languaged do you you use – the dead language called russian – drop that idiotic cyrillic – nobody is interested it this sh..t??? We thought etoy sobachyi yazik uze ne suszczestvuyet?? Move to Magadan, tovariszczczsz, and start a new site there for the slaves called russian/mongolian tribe….keep away from the west…

        • Hi mccusa,

          I saw some of your publications in this blog and want to ask – from what country are you? Nothing personal, just wondering. You got “USA” in your nickname, but you obviously been in touch with “death” russian language.

          Talking in regards to the article – I think, that if Nemtsov would be a president and Medvedev would be an opposition leader, than you would say nearly the same and just names would be changed.

          When you have hard-to-answer comments from people who want to oppose you, than you say that it is only the government, which is bad one. But when I read your articles in “Russophobia” segment, I realized that you just hate everything in us. You don’t care if it is Nemtsov, Politkovskaya or whatever who. You care if person is opposing to whatever in Russia as whatever in Russia is wrong :)

          • *I’ve seen…

          • Hi Misha,
            I ‘love’ a lot of things about Russia; e.g., that you Russians walked to the gulags in the name of the ‘russian empire’, that 95% of Russians live in pure 18th century; no gas, electricity or gaz and YOU DON’T object to this ‘perfect’ condition, that your OWN RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT INFLICTS ON 100 MILLIONS [40 MILS ARE THE MUSLIMS AND DON’T WANT TO BE IN RUSSIA]. The only thing I object to is the spreading of this Russian barbarity to civilized European countries like Finland, Poland, Estonia, etc. . We in the West respect your choices, and tradition of gulags, Chernobyl and tea with polonium as long as it doesn’t contaminate the European culture.

      • Ah casasa! showing your usual Russian foul mouthed and ape mentality. Nyet kultura for you, dear russophile ape.

        Back to the nashi pig pen for you, and while there say ‘hello’ to beloved fuehrer for life ‘вова’ Putin!

        • Bohhhhdan, you are full of “khulture”, wild ukro ape. Still saying hello to a mirror? Back to Tjaginbok and Bandera, you sausage-n-salo emigre to the middle of nowhere (Australia?).

  3. Russia continues its downward death spiral of fooling itself into believing that they are ascending into the civilized world of the West. Good luck.

  4. Manfred Steifschwanz

    >> Therefore, the West must act now >>

    Las mismas tonterías como siempre. Que se joden estos rusófobos de mierda. Por muy “listos” que sean, van a tener que trabajar MUCHO más para asustar a Rusia. Aullan como perros que se hubieran locos, jajaja…

    • Hey, Klaine schwaine,

      Yes, we know, you passed the linguistic tests at the Lumumba University or was it Lysenko Institute with flying colors [mostly red] we are impressed. Get over it; it is totally useless….

  5. Russia continues its downward death spiral of fooling itself into believing that they are ascending into the civilized world of the West. Good luck.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Ajoute le même message une troisième fois, s’il te plaît. Après je dormirai mieux, merci bien.

  6. Why not discuss the “downward death spiral” of the Good Empire? Especially after the today’s Arizona shootings?

    • It’s the downward spiral of a leftist “Communist Manifesto” loving maniac. As he also was a follower of “Mein Kampf” he would be a good candidate for Nashi.

      Don’t worry the Good Republic will soon end its experiment with Obamao’s commies and progressivos, and the world will breathe easier…

      • Last time the world was breathing that way people like you were operating gas chambers. It will end up the same way, and the punishment will come (fly in) from the East.

        • In 2012 Good Empire will reopen the gulags and you russian will march in where you always belong…

        • Good Empire

          I had to smile at your “Last time the world was breathing that way people like you were operating gas chambers.”

          Is that so? I suppose that you would know this point well, because the ‘last time the world was breathing that way, people like you were operating the NKVD vodka and pistol shot in the nape of the neck death battalions.’ Where innocent people died in the 10’s of millions under your beloved communist terror – so unlike the fascist (in actual fact Nazi) terror, where they only died in the millions. Ponal tovarish!

          • Bohdan:
            It’s kinda hard to get through your Ukrainian version of the Brighton Beach English. But are you sane enough to say that you can kill with “vodka and pistols” on the same scale as death factories like Auschwitz could? Ukrainians are brothers to Russians and Belorussians. And all the peoples of the USSR are still living like a forcefully dismantled family. There was just a bunch of collaborators like Bandera who helped the Nazis out at the camps. And then switched to work for the CIA to escape the inevitable punishment. Are you a part of that breed?

  7. Good Empire,

    Every time I watch the ‘Victory Parade’ on the Red Square in 1945, I think about the second part of this pathetic performance when the ‘russian victors’ marched directly from the Red Square to the gulags – can you get more pathetic and contemptible??? I DON’T THINK SO….So stop talking about this ‘victory’ that was won THANKS TO AMERICAN MONEY, FOOD AND EQUIPMENT and be thankful to the USA.

    • God… Are you getting your education from the “WWII for dummies”? Your American help was a tiny bite of what was needed for the war. Were you assembling Katyushas or t-34s in the frozen factories of Uralmash? Were you paying 50 000 lives daily during the battle for Kiev? Were you pouring your blood on the Kurskaya Duga, the greatest tank battle in human history (check Wikipedia if you never heard)? While the USSR was bleeding but fighting in Stalingrad your monkey leaders were negotiating a deal with the Nazis in case the Reds lose the game. You did nothing to smash Hitler. Nothing. You were cowardly hiding until 1944 when it was all clear and the Soviets were about to march into Berlin. How dare you to say what you just said.

      And for the rest of the russophobes who like to ramble about the Molotov-Ribbentrop supposed peace accord. The USSR was fighting the Nazis since the Civil War in Spain began. It was 3 year before the pact. The whole world at that time was on the Soviet side. If you were not kicked out of school you should have heard about Mr. E.Hemingway’s “For whom the bell tolls”.

      You never experienced a serious war on your territory. Casualties like ours would make you surrender in 2 days like most of Europe did. You are just a crowd of facebook era x-boxs monkeys who simply don’t know how life and death look like in real world.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Yankee drivel
      Void and trivial

      • “mccusa” is Georgian, and goes by several nicks around these ‘ere parts. Replying to him/her is though he/she were American is a humongous exercise in futility. (As is replying to him/her, period.)

        • Thank you!
          And how do you know it?

        • Futility,
          I was born and raised in the Soviet occupied Poland, but educated in the catholic schools there. As you Russians might suspect , Polish people, totally ignored that communist cr..p coming from Asiatic Russia and follow their own christian/catholic european way of life that started in AD 966. Of course, we had a lot of fun e.g., seeing soviet intourist visitors – so pathetic, dirty, but totally shocked that in Poland life is better than in the soviet paradise – for those poor devils
          Warsaw was a pure Western city, watching the so called soviet heroic movies about world wold II, only we treated those idiotic movies as a comedies the more russian dead the more fun we had. We were making fun of atrocious russian taste in everything, including the ‘soviet fashion, russian total lack of hygene – obviously the toilet paper was a capitalistic invention. THE CONTEMPT FOR SOVIET UNION/RUSSIA WAS AND STILL IS TOTAL … IT WAS TRULY A FIENDISH PLEASURE TO SEE COMMUNIST RUSSIA SO BARBARIC, HUNGRY AND POOR. IF ANYBODY COULD SEE THE SO CALLED OCCUPIED RUSSIAN ARMY IN POLAND IN PLACES LIKE LEGNICA, YOU COULD SEE HALF ANIMALS, OCCUPYING OUR TERRITORY..AND TODAY, IN SPITE OF THE MOST OUTREGEOUS POLITICAL MURDER OF POLISH PRESIDENT BY MONSIEUR PUTAIN, AND ROBBING THE MURDERED VICTIMS AND USING THEIR CREDIT CARDS, POLISH PEOPLE ARE BEING VINDICATED – HOW? – JUST LOOK AT MOSCOW – 100% CENTRAL ASIAN CITY – WHERE 8 OUT OF 10 IS ASIAN – PRICELESS!!!

            • ‘Goga’, Goga’, ‘Goga’
              Thanks for agreeing with me in such an elegant russian way – I know it is hard to digest this barbaric russian reality, including the pathetic attempts by russia to play a world power, while totally ignored by the greats of this world….By the way, wasn’t Mr. Rogozin kicked out from the NATO’ conference room, by a JANITOR, just after Russia’s attack on Georgia, while trying to justify the russian aggression?? Poor chappie, had to leave through the kitchen entrance…Wasn’t Mr. Lavrov [ tbiliskyi ormiaszka] totally ignored while trying to ‘restart’ a talks on South and North Korea problems – apparently NOBODY SHOWED UP!!!!

              Nienawisc i calkowita pogarda Polakow dla Rosji i wszstkiego co rosyjskie nie ma granic – trwa to juz 1100 lat…- Jakikolwiek kompromis z rosja nie ma zadnej szansy to byloby znizanie sie do poziomu azjatyckich rosyjskich barbarzyncow….

              • Nienawisc i calkowita pogarda Polakow dla Rosji i wszstkiego co rosyjskie nie ma granic – trwa to juz 1100 lat…- Jakikolwiek kompromis z rosja nie ma zadnej szansy to byloby znizanie sie do poziomu azjatyckich rosyjskich barbarzyncow….

                Да да, в 11 веке ты и остался.

              • “KURVAAAA!” is what your head of polski aviation yelled two seconds before the crash. The tree was placed perfectly.

        • mccusa=aaausa=ivan is georgian sausage emigre to Poland, who has learned 20 words (samogon- gulag-mongol, etc.) and tries to operate with them at this blog, but most of people ignore her posts, even the phobes. She thinks she’s become European and is very proud of this.

          • casasrasa,

            We still have a lot of Russians working in free Poland – they are mostly cleaning ladies, and unskilled workers…..

            • We in Germany also have lots of Poliaks working for us — mainly cleaning toilets, but also sometimes doing more advanced jobs, like cleaning the whole house …

              • casasrassa,
                Unfortunately the russians in Poland not only cleaned polish toilets and took care of garabage – THEY ALL WERE STEALING FROM THE POLISH FAMILIES THEY WOR ED FOR – we understand it is in every russian DNA to steal – they couldn’t help it….

          • casasrasa,
            Let’s see your ‘european’ roots – born in magadan, in the gulags, father, although unknown, most probably of czukczi origin, mother half uzbek half russian – you are the glorious continuation of racial mixing of russia that goes back to the Golden Hord….

            • all wrong, darling. Guess again.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                Haha, this slaboumny yob tvayu durak mat’ really holds Poland in the highest esteem. Stubborn fact: The only Pole worthy of any reverence throughout history is Feliks Dzerzjinsky. But that man REALLY deserves our homage, mind my words.

                mccusa: Hast du Angst, Kleinbürger?

                • Kleina schwaine,
                  I am so impressed by the love you have for my compatriot, Felix Dzierzynski – by the way he came from the highest Polish nobility, he seemed so displaced among those half animals asiatic russians even though they all shared that idiocy called communist ideology; but I digress…May I suggest that in order to honor your hero, russians should reopen lubianka, start arresting and torturing ordinary russians, send them to gulags, to starve them to death – just to honor Felix’s achievements…

                • kleine schwaine,

                  Poland is held in great esteem by CIVILIZED countries – so be definition russia is excluded. By the way, those russians who still are in Poland, they are not only spying for russian but thye are stealing from Polish people. But Polish people understand that – to be a thief is in every russian DNA….

            • Oh boy, aren’t you racist?

    • Dear mccusa,
      But still, from which country are you from? Really from USA?
      I am from Latvia :)

      Soviet Union won this war. Yes it was a victory. Victory was effective. From other point of view, if we talk about efficiency – yes it was a “fail” in some way’s. Faith of the Soviet people was a myth and the country failed. No doubt. Now new generations will work on not letting that kind of things to become reality again. Russians will build civil society sooner or later. Medvedev and Putin tandem is temporary solution and they know it. Russia have to build something more open in long term. For instance during next year or two Russia will join WTO and accept the “rules of the game” of this organisation.

      Russia will not reopen Gulags in 2012. It will become more and more friendly with USA and Europeans as the North part of the world is loosing weight in the world economy. There are parts of society who prefer India, China or Iran, but they are minor one’s (at least at the moment and in the current situation).

      And for everybody:
      Speaking about Russian economy. Russia’s debt in percentage of GDP is one of the lowest among developed countries, so they still have lot’s of freedom in speeding up their economy. Now they are seeking the way’s to lower possible corruption and find the most efficient ways for investments.
      Russia almost done with their equivalent of GPS. Their communicators and navigators will use both systems and will be more effective. It also excludes some political risks (about technology development in Russia).
      Russia is actively seeking ways to reduce dependence on commodities and I hope that they will find solutions faster, than it looks like right now :)

      OK, I don’t live in Russia as I was born in Latvia (actually in USSR), but I communicated with them a lot during my ERASMUS year. I have friends there. Most of the people I am communicating with drink a little, don’t smoke and are planning to have 3 kids, as they feel that it will be a patriotic decision. I am also planning 3 kids by the way :)

      Summary: Things are much more positive than you think! :)

      • Mishka, dearie, judging from the context of your mail you are either totally drunk with the russian samogon or high on Afghan heroin – dream on……

      • mishiko,
        Explain to the West the logic behind the fearless soviet army fighting Nazi ‘s agression – the russians fought and won the right to be sent to Siberia, to be starved to death, to be humiliated and destroyed physically, mentally and morally by THEIR OWN RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT – CONGRATULATION!!!!

    • Qu’est-ce que c’est “amerirican money” in this issue ?
      Charles Higham. Trading With The Enemy: An Expose of The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949. New York, 1983.

  8. Sorry Misha, but Russia is not coming back now or ever. The Russians have a choice: [1] Dozens of criminal gangs running the country, or [2] One criminal gang running the country. There is no third choice.

    • Ron,
      But why?
      To be honest, my mother is originally from Russia and when she is travelling home she is always embarrassed with the level of corruption there (and with make-up as well :) ).
      But still, why do you think that things are unchangeable?

      P.S Waiting for a serious answer, not the mccusa comments!

      • Dear administration,

        What mean, that “my comment is awaiting moderation”?
        I want to contribute to this blog, but I want to know the rules of the game.

        Faithfully yours,

        • Most likely, it means that the fools known as the LR team just doesn’t know how to run things smoothly — sheer clumsiness neatly accompanying all their other virtues :-)

          До свидания,


    • Same as US’ll never back into the power they had in 90-th…never. They have no any choice. EU is in fewer…and will never come back into power as they for the moment (choises: 1) step back from democracy; 2) wipe out from the union 5-6 counties) And what ? Time runs, world changes…

  9. Speaking of doing well economically a sure sign of failure to come are blustering comments. For instance Russia was going out into space and divert an asteroid!!! No such very difficult thing occurred, of course. Russia is a hollow shell and blustering comments proves it.

    The same with China. They are going to build a railroad in California!! They are going to build a speedy train to Europe!! etc., etc. These blustering comments are a sign that China is also a hollow shell. Failure is now preordained for the Chinese.

    China is building empty cities with abandon!!! The housing (knowing the Chinese) probably has no plumbing or wiring!! Speculators a 1,000 miles distant are buying all of this housing and continuously reselling at a nice profit. The central bank (through front organiztions) is providing the financing. Bye bye China. Have a nice crash.

    • I don’t say that Russians are high-tech super power. It’s a strong regional country with (yes!) a lot of problems and willingness to look stronger than they are . I am saying that they also have good technical universities and this universities are capable to produce and invent. For instance both Boeing and Airbus have a engineer bureau in Russia, which means that they are appreciated by Russian engineers.

      • This a reply for Ron

      • Misha, in case you missed it – technology, progress, modernisation, tolerance, all these ideas come FROM THE WEST. Tell me what russia contributed to the world recently except for gulags, chernobyl and tea with polonium????

        • They have Yuri Gagarin)))
          This thing states a lot.
          To be fair – yes European model of living, inventing and developing currently is best in the world (my personal opinion)!!
          Russians have a lot to understand to get it.

          • Hey Misha, I thought that a dog called layka or whatever is the name won the race to conquer the space – Mr. Gagarine was a runner-up…..

  10. To all the kgb russian contributors to this site;

    Just to let you know about another Tupolev’s crash – this time in Iran – glory to the russian technology!!!!!!!!

    • Dear mccusa,
      Nobody is perfect. I am also disappointed with this fail. I offer to you to hope together that construction bureau which fault it is will learn this lesson (if it is a construction bureau fail).

      Yea, and 2.3m Latvia is currently making it first road building project in 40m Poland ;) .Don’t worry this is not bad – this is great as you have to contribute in Latvian economy recovery.

      P.S. And your way of communication shows that you probably are a kid (my personal opinion).

    • For mccusa,

      Please memorize, that not all the people who like certain things in Russia works in KGB (or FSB or whatever) ;)

      And do you feel how weak is you argument that I’m drunk if I state that I know and communicate with Russians who live normal life and want to have kids? Oh please..

      • Mishikio, dearlie,
        As a good russian citizen should’t you take care of the millions of russian orphans – sick, retarded, hungry, and totally abandoned by mother russia. I saw a program on European Journal about the only one orphanage in Siberia where children were treaded like human beings but this orphanage was RUN BY POLISH CATHOLIC NUNS.

        • My best regards for Polish Catholic Nuns. This is very good!
          I am not a Russian citizen. I am Latvian citizen (actually I see my self as an EU citizen).
          The thing is that yes there are many problems in Russia (including lot’s of orphans). But there are also a bright sides. My point is that brights sides my be developed and than they will take care about the rest of the country.

          • And why do you call me “Mishikio, dearlie”?
            I’m not making fun of your name.

          • Misha, what are those bright sides – can you mantioned one or two??

          • Misha, my point is that all the rest of orphanages in Russia run by RUSSIAN STAFF are the chambers of horror -beating, starving, abusing, stealing food from those poor russian children. Civilized countries take care of their children and their elderly. Obviously it is not the case of Russia. The Polish Catholic nuns were allowed [by Yeltsin] to go to Siberia and take care of hundreds of Polish Catholic churches built by Polish prisoners over the centuries. In the process they discovered those horrors inflicted by Russian adults onto the innocent Russian childrens. They stayed out of the catholic believes of charity to help the poor in spite of the horrors inflicted upon the Polish population by the Russians. Poland and Polish people is truly a GREAT.

      • Of course, Misha, not everybody in Russia works for KGB or FSB but everything and everybody is CONTROLLED by them. You haven’t noticed that yet – you must be drunk…

        • Dear mccusa,

          He he)))
          At least you have a stile in conversation (about me drunk)
          Bright sides are:
          *Russian air technologies (Yes yes even with fail in Iran)
          *Russian Nobel prizes (Yes yes it could be more of them)
          *Russian poetry and literature (No doubt including today’s writers)
          *Russian humor (especially political one)
          *Russian language. .. and don’t say that it is a dogs language and bla bla. Currently I’m in touch with one polish girl who is writing bachelor in russian language philology. She like the language a lot.

  11. Misha:
    Your defense of Russia is as good as anything can be. Are your friends in cities or in the outback?? Are they men as well as women??

    • Hi Ron!

      Yes, they are men and women. Mostly women))
      But you are right – I know only people from large cities. The situation in the periphery is much harder. The European Union pays much more attention to the periphery than Russia and EU regions are way less corrupted.

      The size of Russia is a potential strength and a curse. It is hard to maintain infrastructure (+ corruption as usual). This is why government is not willing to risk to loose technology development temps and concentrate attention on several regions (my personal opinion). From other point of view problems in rural areas are common for all BRIC countries. It is only USA and EU who relatively solved this problems.

      Russia is actually loosing most of it positions (in the World Scale). They also go further, but EU, China, India etc go further faster (but this blog is stating they are going to die tomorrow or after tomorrow (my personal opinion)). My point of view is that people should look at the situation from both sides. There are a bad things and a good things countries do :)

      I am also freaked out when I here sentences like “Stalin effective management”, but companies like Kaspersky Lab make me think that there are smart and good people in Russia as well.

      Hope, that I made my self clear :)

  12. “Crash if China” means crash of US. Sorry if the real situation does not suit your methal fly in “utopia sky”.

    • Hi Aborigenus,
      You are Chinese?
      What is this comment for?
      And why did you mention some kind of utopian ideas?

      • Does it sence who am I ?
        Sorry, it was Ron, who mentioned Chine, the first… You was just the second one who did the same. My point is very simple…do not shake air in falce “worries” about other contries, if your own state is deadly sick ))) What’s about Russia ? Leave it for russians to worry about. Particularly to the topic, Putin and Medvedev are the same as Nemtsov and Khodorkovskiy ! BN and MKh – both are ex “komsomol” activists/leaders, who was driving Russia in deadly 90-th, conning “sell of the country” and total burglary of the population. Both got enough money from that… Wonna they to get in-power again ? It will collapse Russia completely (to death) within little few months. So ? What is this bla-bla diarea in topic and in commnets about ? What is the point of your “worries” ?

  13. …continue…
    So, BN&MKh or VP&DM – same end for Russia. The main problem is that there is no any real opposition in Russia. Present “power” interested in doing nothing. Their opponents – interested to intercept “power” and…do nothing same way (as their ambitions and abilities are easy traceable from the time they were on the top). Circle run….

  14. “Absurdly, they have charged me with disobeying the police. For three hours the police bosses didn’t know what to charge me with”

    It’s called disorderly conduct and resisting arrest which can get you 6 months or more for each count in the US. Persons detained in the US can be kept for up to 48 hours without charge while prosecutors ponder their options.

    The influence of Nemtsov and his kind is dying in Russia. There is no dual identity anymore…either you belong or you don’t and if you don’t want to belong then you can find a ghetto somewhere else…preferably not America. The rightful place for jihadist anarchists is jail.

  15. “The influence of Nemtsov” has already dead in Russia (for many years). As well as mentioned in this topic (and in every second topic in LR) “angel in white” Khodorkovsky. Their “influence” is alife artifically-virtually in western media the only, resulting “spaghetti on ears” on some vegetable like people, who trust in media “independence”. More realistic and trustful article about Khodorkovsky is here: ( http://www.ariannaeditrice.it/articolo.php?id_articolo=36683 ) or here ( http://www.ariannaeditrice.it/articolo.php?id_articolo=36683 ) . And the mentioned “martyr” Nemtsov was the Prime-Minister that time.

  16. David W. Lincoln

    Seeing this is how Nemtsov and Khodorkovsky are treated, which isn’t that different than how Sakharov, Sharansky, Bukovsky, and others were treated; shouldn’t the issue be about why Putin is viewed with suspicion?

  17. Good heavens ! How is it possible to compare Sakharov & Sharansky with Nemtsov & Khodorkovsky ? o_O

    • David W. Lincoln

      Because both groups live in a land where there is failure to live up to the test of freedom described by Sharansky in “The Case for Democracy”.

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