Nemtsov Blasts Putin on Chechyna

Remember how dangerous it is for any Russian to criticize the Putin regime over Chechnya, as best illustrated by the murders of Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova and Stanislav Markelov, a recent interview by Boris Nemtsov is truly breathtaking in its courage.  Paul Goble reports:

The North Caucasus at the present time is “our Palestine,” Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov says, the result of the deal between Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov in which the former has purchased the loyalty of the latter for cash and at the price of allowing the Chechen leader and his minions to do what they like throughout Russia.

If Russia is to escape from this dilemma, Nemtsov said in the course of an online press conference, several steps are necessary because as the Manezh violence shows the problems of that region are no longer confined to it but rather spreading throughout Russian society.

First of all, the opposition leader says, the deal between Putin and Kadyrov must be annulled and all Kadyrov militants “disarmed and sent back to Chechnya.” Second, Russians must recognize that nothing will change until the current regime is changed because “Putin personally” protects “the banditry” of the militia and by implication that of the Chechens. And third, Nemtsov said, it is imperative that Moscow address recent failures in youth policy by assigning “as the minister for youth policy an individual who enjoys the respect of the fans” who formed a major portion of the participants in the wave of protests that have swept through the Russian capital and other cities.

A second opposition figure who took part in the “Gazeta” conference, Garri Kasparov, expanded on these points. He said that the situation in the North Caucasus and the consequences of developments there for the entire country were now so serious that an increasing number of Russians were thinking what had been unthinkable until recently.

“For very many citizens of Russia, including those far from politicz, a civilized divorce with the North Caucasus” is no longer viewed as “a tragedy” for the entire country. But despite those feelings, Kasparov argued, “after so many years of living together,” separating the North Caucasus out from Russia would not be easy or painless.

“But it is also obvious,” he continued, it is precisely the Putin policy of pacification of the Caucasus which has created a constant source for the reproudciton of the criminal milieu which now is not limited to the geography of the North Caucasus but has spread literally throughout all of Russia.”

These and other questions addressed to the opposition figures arose from growing concerns about what will happen next after the Manezh Square violence. Kasparov said that there will be more such violence, something he called “the natural result of the policy which has been conducted in Russia during the administration of Vladimir Putin.”

Indeed, he said, the Manezh events and those that have followed them reflect the combination of “all the problems of contemporary Russian society, [including] in the first instance the absence of prospects for the overwhelming part of Russian young people,” the failure of social escalators to work, and the increasing economic divides especially in the cities.

But in addition, Kasparov pointed out, “the constant playing of the powers that be with the nationalistic theme” has had its effect. “Sooner or later” that had to produce the kind of explosion which appears to be occurring now and which the current powers that be seem powerless to deal with.

The comments of Nemtsov and Kasparov are important for three ways. First, by drawing the parallel between the North Caucasus and Palestine, the two are highlighting both the need to do something and the difficulty of doing anything, a bind that those more engaged in sloganeering often forget. Second, their linkage of Putin and Kadyrov, while not new, is certain to gain them and the opposition more support because, as they point out, the deal the two authoritarian leaders have concluded not only has not worked – the North Caucasus isn’t really more peaceful – but has made the situation worse by spreading the plague of violence into central Russia. And third, although this was certianly not their intention, their discussion of the inability of the current powers that be to address this situation will simultaneously add to the frustrations many Russians feel about the current situation and inspire those who believe that the only way to change things under the circumstances is to go into the streets.

39 responses to “Nemtsov Blasts Putin on Chechyna

  1. The thieves kadyrov and putin must be sent far away from this planet. Their actions are causing pain and suffering to the normal population. If the above-mentioned weren’t so hard handed in their dealings (using brawn not brain, it seems they have much of the former and less, if any, of the latter) people wouldn’t have forced to join the ranks of insurgents as the only way for them to recuperate their dignity at being humiliated in the filtration camps during their illegal detention. And by now, the violence and desperation is spreading.

  2. But Kadyrov’s agents are operating freely not only in Russia. Let’s not forget there were public, daylight murders organized by them in several foreign countries and his (and Duma) deputy AD is still wanted by the Interpol. Kadyrov had even plans to estabilish formal presence of his gang in the EU countries by the means of “cultural centers”:

  3. There is only one, true and just solution to the whole North Caucasus and Georgia and it is for Russia to leave it alone! Give freedom to Northern Caucasus, and leave Georgia’s occupied territories. Russia has caused enough grief, genocides and murder for Northern Caucasians and Georgians. It is not their land, never was, time to let it go.

    • Hard to believe in that after georgian genocide of osetians in South Osetia in 2008.

      • Really, casasa? “georgian genocide of osetians [sic] in South Osetia [sic] in 2008”?

        I thought all allegations of war crimes by the Georgian side (all kinds of stuff: shooting babies, burning people in churches alive, “sawing them to pieces”, what not) turned out to be just lies by war criminals such as Kokoity, Putin and Medvedev and nothing of this really happened (by the Goerogian side, becuase there were summary executions of civilians and POWs by the Russian side in this war). Could it be, am I just mistaken? Please enlighten me, and us all!

        Btw, whatever happened to the 1400/1600/2100 “innocent civilian Russian citizens” allegedly “killed” in the very first hours of the Georgian offensive?

        • Of course you are mistaken, don’t follow georgian and WSJ propaganda. Georgians attacked Zhinval with “Grad” and tanks and killed hundreds of osetians there (and there were babies among them, no doubt). This is ethnic cleansing, am I right? Regarding the war criminals, the only one is Saakashwili. Putin, Medvedev and Kokoyty were great though, in my view, too kind to agressors — they should have arrest and prosecute Saakashwili and his gang.

          • Rubbish Casasa, try reading the Independent Fact Finding Comission report.

            Even the fascist Russian government has been forced to admit that only 162 Ossetian civilians died during the war, and many of them were killed by Russian bombing and shelling of Tskhinvali when it was captured by the Georgians for 3 days.

            The Russian artillery strikes on Tskhinvali were far heavier and mor indiscriminate than anything done by the Georgians.

            And no, it is not ethnic cleansing you retarded little moron.

            Georgians and Ossetians get on fine in the rest of Georgia, there are more Ossetians in Tbilisi than in South Ossetia.

            Ethnic cleansing was committed by Russian troops and South Ossetian militia when they burnt down peoples houses, killed those who refused to leave (twice as many Georgian civilians died as Ossetians in the August war), bombed refugee columns, and completely destroyed Georgian villages that are older than your cesspit of Russia.

            • bla-bla-bla-bla… Do you belive, funny srakatvelo kle, in what are you speaking about? Even if georgian nazi soldiers killed 100 innocent osetian civilians, it is still ethnic cleansing and horrible crime.

              • No, ethnic cleansing requires the intent to remove a native population from an area in which they live.

                The horrible crime of ethnic cleansing was committed by Russian vermin such as yourself, with the almost complete removal of the Georgian population.

                Now Casasa, we all know you are retarded by what passes for an education in Russia, but you really should get a proper education before posting with normal human beings.

                By the way, the whole world saw the massive crimes committed by the Nazi Russian war criminals in Tamarasheni (destroyed) and dozens of other Georgian villages in the conflict zone (also destroyed), in the bombing of Gori, in the ethnic cleansing (real, not your imagined BS) committed by Russia, which was documented by an independent international commission.

                Once again, Russians and their militia puppets killed far more Georgian civilians, and deliberately targeted them, all of this according to international investigators, who directly accused Russia and it’s puppet administration of ethnic cleansing. The same investigators found absolutely no evidence that Georgia committed, or intended to commit, ethnic cleansing.

                Russia was the one committing ethnic cleansing, not Georgia

              • @Even if georgian nazi soldiers killed 100 innocent osetian civilians, it is still ethnic cleansing and horrible crime.

                Even if Russian nazi soldiers killed [just] 100 innocent Chechen (or Russian, even in Moscow – like in 1993 and 2002) civilians, it is still [an] ethnic cleansing and [a] horrible crime?

                Btw, the proper English is “Ossetian”. As in, with double “S”. You know, like in in the word “Russia” and unlike in the word “Estonia”.

            • @162 Ossetian civilian

              You forgot to mention they classify the militiamen (in the meaning of “volunteers” – opolchentsy, and not their name for police, and most of their combatants were the members of militias including many who came from Russia just for this) as “civilians”. So a guy killed while firing a machinegun or running with an RPG was a civilian and this is a war crime. Should be applied to the Russian parts of the North Caucasus too, I think!

          • Really Casasa, are you actually so stupid as to believe the rubbish you spout? Of course you are Russian….

            The IFFC (Council of Europe) report found no evidence that Georgia committed or intended to commit ethnic cleansing.

            They did on the other hand find that Russia and South Ossetia committed ethnic cleansing and that the ethnic cleansing appeared to be pre-planned and deliberate policy.

            In addition, if Russian Nazi scum killed 3 times as many Georgians, then surely their crimes must be three time worse.

            • the rubbish and nonsense is what are you spouting, georgian kle “Andrew”. It is well known that georgia started the war and therefore is responsible for all its consequences.

              @In addition, if Russian Nazi scum killed 3 times as many Georgians, then surely their crimes must be three time worse.

              Georgian fascists, you should be thankful to Russians that they didn’t kill you all. You and your Hitler deserved much more than you got in response.

              • Not according to the IFFC report.

                As the report clearly stated, Russia committed multiple wrongs and provocations in the period leading up to the war and was directly responsible for the war, as were the Georgians who did not show sufficient restraint in the face of Russian fascist provocations.

                So Casasa, I know that you are mentally deficient (well you are a Russian neo-Nazi as shown by your posts) and probably a descendant of either NKVD vermin, or Hiwi who served the Nazi party, but your lack of compassion for innocent victims on both sides shows you up to be a typical ara adamiani Russuli sxoveli.

                • poor little georgians… Did not show sufficient restraint, poor rabbits… OK, hope you took your lesson and the next time (if any) you will show it.

                  Retarded pederast “Andrew”, stop lying. Amazing when a thief yells “catch the thief!” as in your case. That are you who are georgian nazi and who enjoy the number of victims from both sides.

                  • No pederast, thats you, of course you are a Russian nneo-fascist who enjoys creating suffering all through the Caucasus.

                    Of course, child molestation is a feature of the filth that pases for Russian culture, so I guess we have to expect deviant behavior form scum such as you.

                    • I already remarked that when you have nothing to say, you speak about child molestation. If you are a child molester and pederast, don’t show this to everybody so openly.

                      Regarding the culture: the Russian on is that of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Pasternak, Chaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Khvorostovsky, Netrebko; while the Georgian one is that of criminal “vorov v zakone” and “barsetochnikov”.

                    • No Casasa, I accuse you of child molestation, you fit the mold with your inability to present facts to support your arguments.

                      Russian “kultur” is best represented by the Circassian genocide, the ethnic cleansing of Georgians from Abkhazia, the massacre of the Chechens, the Gulag, Katyn, 62,000,000 dead from 1917 to 1991 in political repression and mass murder, racism, neo-Nazism, the genetic disposition of Russians to mass murder and genocide, dishonesty and filth.

                      Georgian culture on the other hand, is represented thus:

                      The first Georgian literary monuments are related to the 5th century AD. It is church literature of early Christianity – lives of the martyrs and saints, various treatises. Later went folklore – legends about heroes and didactic poems.

                      The blooming of Oriental ( Persia , in particular) literature strongly influenced the development of Georgian literature. During the epoch of the early Middle Ages epic products of lyrical character about unfortunate love inspired by Firdausi’s creativity and other authors appeared. The symbol of Georgian fiction is the epic poem “The Hero in Tiger Skin” by Shota Rustaveli written in the 12 th century. The most significant contribution to the literary heritage of Georgia was also made by Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, the author of Georgian thesaurus (the 18 th century), Elijah Chavchavadze, Alexander Kazbegi and Acacias Tsereteli (the 19 th century), Galacteon Tabidze (“The Moon of Mtatsminda”, “The Wind is Blowing”), Constantine Gamsakhurdia (“The Right Hand” – the 20 th century).

                      The works of poets and writers of Georgia were translated into Russian by many poets including Boris Pasternak and Eugenie Evtushenko


                      Or you can look here for a list of Georgians who are internationally recognised.


              • @Georgian fascists, you should be thankful to Russians that they didn’t kill you all. You and your Hitler deserved much more than you got in response.

                That’s interesting. Please don’t be shy and tell us about the “much more” and “killing you all” in detail.

          • @Georgians attacked Zhinval with “Grad” and tanks and killed hundreds of osetians there (and there were babies among them, no doubt). This is ethnic cleansing, am I right?

            Actually, “yes doubt,” and no, you’re wrong, this is not ethnic cleansing as there was not a trace of policy of killing and/or forced removal of the population (only several dozen Ossetians were arrested – of whom some could have been civilians – but none of them died in custody nor disappeared and all were promtly exchanged for Georgian civilian hostages – for whom even at least 9 Ossetian criminal convicts(!) were swapped too *).

            Now please answer the following questions:

            1. How many “hundreds”? 14 hundreds, 16 hundreds, 21 hundreds (Medvedev, Putin, Kokoity), or some other number altogether?

            2. What do you think about attacking Grozny with many more Grad, Uragan, Buratino (FAE) and all the other launchers and tanks (and aircraft and massed conventional artillery – and let’s not forget the tiny cute mortars, but hundreds of them) in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999 and 2000? (Let’s even forget about the other towns and villages, just Grozny.) These attacks were not days-long, but continued for weeks and even months. I’d like to hear your opinion (you know, “war criminals”, aggressors”, etc).


    • Russia should “give freedom” to the Northern Caucasus, should it? So I s’pose you’ll agree that Georgia should give freedom to the “occupied” territories as well, then?

      • This is very clear and clever statement.

        • Not so much of a “very clear and clever statement” but some kind of a stupid rhetorical question, but I hope you liked my answer too.

      • Yes, following the end of the Russian occupation all the people who lived in the areas of conflict before the outbreak of hostilities, including Georgian refugees, should be given freedom of return to their homes and then to vote on their future. Of course.

  4. muhteşem olmuş elinize sağlık.

  5. Andrew
    Could I ask you about your healthy? Are you mentally healthy? It seems that you are not normal.
    You`ve wrote your “comments” for a several years, you always blames my country and you always predicts the fast final to Russia. But you are doing only mistakes every time. Russia becomes more and more powerfull. We are going ahead without even look to you and same as you and without every think about your mention.

    • Anton
      Your English is atrociously bad! you must have failed your English classes miserably at the FSB school.

      “Could I ask you about your” message? what is the point that you are driving at, because if your dialogue is an example of your mental ability, then you have a big, big problem.

      To me it is obvious that your name is an alias, because if you have been reading this magic blog for – your words, not mine – “several years”, you would not be replying just as of now!!

      Besides chum, Andrew submits excellent articles based on truth, unlike the trashy and badly disjointed propaganda that is your ‘work of art’ – big, big fail for you!

      May I suggest, please return to your “nashi’ jackboot roots, or where your ability will be much appreciated by like minded apes of your caliber.

    • Anton, I am far more mentally healthy than someone who seems to think Russia is getting more and more powerful.

      Of course, Russians like you seem to lack the basic human decency that differentiate those great Russian heroes like Estimirova, Politkovskaya, Markelov, Magnitsky and a whole host of others who really did try to improve their country, and died as a result.

      No wonder your country is collapsing into a pit of autocracy, corruption, racism, and filth.

  6. Almost all russian men are human scum,which should be wiped out from this planet!!!!!!!!! No wonder that all russian girls want to leave this rotten country!!!

  7. Sascha 29
    Your point of view is like Nazies one.
    They also had intentions to wipe out Slavic and Jevish so called “UNTRMENCHEN”. The final came at 09/05/1945

    • You must be new, so I’ll tell you a secret. “Sascha” is either a very dedicated troll (I’ve seen him even on YT) or a crazy person. And yes, he’s sometimes posting as a (literally) Nazi German too. Among the other paper-thin identities (using various names), such as these of a Polish guy, Dagestani rebel and a Chechen fan of Ramzan Kadyrov.

  8. The names change , but the modus operandi remains the same .
    NKVD , MVD , GPU , KGB , now FSB , nothing has changed .
    The same old , outdated , primitive way of spying , dissaminating
    disinformation , creating subversive actions in neighboring countries
    and even allies , and of course desperately trying to shore up
    the ” empire ” status through the use of paid stooges like these
    badly qualified , undereducated clowns like ; Anton , casasa , RTL ,
    and others who regularly polute this site . In their simplicity , these
    poor sots , have no idea just how easily they expose themselves
    for what they are . Undoubtedly there are well educated , well
    meaning russians that realize the depth of the chasm that russia finds
    itself in , the huge effort it will take to drag this medieval , backward
    third world monster out into todays daylight . But these individuals ,
    are so outnumbered by the masses easily manipulated by Putler
    and his gang , that any kind of change is virtually of the radar .

  9. “casasasa”, so I decided to show you something.

    This was one incident of an “ethnic cleansing” – the term invented by Serb extremists themselves, that since then then entered the international vocabluary – in 1992. I’m showing you this one, because in 2008 elements of the Russian criminal regime (*) initially attempted to lie about such human bonfires (which had allegedly took place in the villages of Tsinagari and Dmenisi) happening during the so-called “Georgian genocide”, too bad for them nothing such happened and these particular lies were since quietly abandoned in favor of just the OMG GRADS. (Pot calling the kettle black, check out the first picture here, and the ruins of the presidential palace was of course demolished during and not after the first war.)

    Now, again, please tell me about your desire to “kill all” “Georgian fascists”. How would you kill them “all”? I hope you won’t be shy after such a statement.

    *) “Investigative Committee” of the “Russian Federation Prosecutor’s Office” organized crime group and the agent “Archbishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz”, as cited by Rossiiskaya Gazeta:

  10. The chechens are barbarians, much like afghans, who are completely and totally incapable of ruling themselves. And independent Chechnya will only serve to foster terrorism and anarchy in the region. Let we forget, these chechen “freedom fighters” supported nazi germany during WWII! Russia MUST maintain control over this region, and re-civilize the chechens.

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