January 7, 2011 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Russian “Legal” System, Out of Control

(2)  Nemtsov Blasts Putin on Chechnya

(3)  Milov Blasts Putin on Riots

(4)  The Putin Economy on the Verge of Collapse

(5)  Fascism takes Hold in Putin’s Russia

(6)  CARTOON: Zoich!

NOTE:  LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the powerful Pajamas Media megablog tells the shocking story of American citizen Arkady Gontmakher and his persecution by the Putin Kremlin.  Even as Mikhail Khodorkovsky was being re-convicted for the same crimes, Gontmakher shows that it’s not only Russians who can fall prey to the neo-Soviet dictatorship.

NOTE:  In a double play, Kim’s latest entry in her Russia column on the influential American Thinker blog castigates the Kremlin for its total failure to manage Russia’s recent blizzard conditions.  Is this the beginnning of the end for Russia? Can’t even handle a little snow, Mr. Putin?

NOTE:  Anna Chapman hams it up on Russian TV.

4 responses to “January 7, 2011 — Contents

  1. Ah LR you have done it again! another superb blog – thank you!!

    Now getting back to the subject matter, murdering dictator for life ‘вoвa’ Putin is really starting to show his true colors that sadly a lot of stupid people cannot see or do not want to see. By this I am referring to the black sheep in the Olympic committee and FIFA.

    As a means of protest, I for one will boycott both when they are shown on television, and I also believe that the outcome will come back to haunt these stupid and blind black sheep for making and allowing such a crass decision. I mean what next, the Nobel peace prize for this murdering gangster who is ruining – with his powerful stranglehold grip – current Russia.

    Back to the dark ages for them.

    • FIFA denied England the 2014 World Cup – and to round off matters, awarded the 2018 one as well – because the English media had highlighted the already notorious corruption of FIFA members. In other words: yes, we are corrupt, and to show we are proud of it, we shall award the world’s second most important sporting event to two other bunches of corrupt mafiosi. This is organized crime, an increasingly powerful and self-conscious movement, asserting itself in public and declaring that crime is not only powerful but legitimate, and that any criticism of it will be punished. Which, come to think of it, is Mr.Putin’s slogan.

    • >> I mean what next, the Nobel peace prize for this murdering gangster >>

      Seems as if you’re not too up-to-date regarding the farcical “Peace” prize, awarded by a bunch of self-appointed bourgeois “intellectuals” from a frigging NATO country. Awarding the prize to Putin would actually testify to a little sanity, at least. Keeping Russia strong has a sobering effect on US imperialism, buddy.

      Now, will Kim and her acolytes REALLY boycott the football World Championship Tournament? It can’t be, it mustn’t be — what a wicked act of perjury!

  2. Friday, December 31, 2010

    Window on Eurasia: Ukrainian Officials Helping Moscow to Destroy Kyiv Patriarchate, Filaret Warns

    Paul Goble

    Staunton, December 31 – Filaret, the patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine, said yesterday that Moscow has put in place a plan to split and destroy his patriarchate and that it has assigned “the main role in this plan to the organs of state power in Ukraine” rather than in the past to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

    Last spring, Filaret noted, the Moscow Patriarchate as part of its preparation for Kirill’s visit to Ukraine dispatched agents to various oblasts of Ukraine to seek allies within the hierarchy of Filaret’s church. “But this plan failed,” the Kyiv patriarch said, and consequently, Moscow decided to try another approach.

    Then, beginning this summer, he continued, reports came in to Kyiv that priests loyal to him had been summoned by government bureaucrats who questioned them as to why they were loyal to Filaret rather than to Kirill. And as of now, Filaret said, “in some bishoprics, up to 70 percent of the priests” had been subjected to such “pressure.”

    In a number of these cases – and he provides details on several across Ukraine — Filaret said, the local officials were supported “from offices in the capital,” a reference to Yanukovich’s regime. And “in all of these cases … the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities … acted in the interests of the Moscow Patriarchate” rather than in defense of religious freedom.

    The Moscow Patriarchate has three reasons for seeking to gain control of parishes and even entire bishoprics of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

    First of all, Kirill and the hierarchy oppose any autocephaly for the Ukrainian church. Second, nearly half of all the bishoprics of the Moscow Patriarchate are in Ukraine. And third, the Russian church has ties with business groups there.

    Consequently, it is no surprise that the Moscow Patriarchate is continuing to put pressure on Filaret’s organization. But what is disturbing is that the Yanukovich government, apparently in its effort to curry favor with Moscow, appears to be working hand in glove with the Russian church against Ukrainian believers.


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