EDITORIAL: Another New Low in Russian Humiliation


Another New Low in Russian Humiliation

Valentin Yudashkin

Meet Valentin Yudaskhin. A so-called Russian “fashion designer,” Mr. Yudaskin was hired by Vladimir Putin to design fashionable new Russian Army uniforms after Putin heard complaints that Russian recruits thought they looked like third-world idiots.  In doing so, Yudaskin boldly declared he was creating a “uniform for victors.”

Take a look at him. Think about the fact that he’s Russian, working for a neo-Soviet regime run by a proud KGB spy.  Now we ask you:  How do you think this scheme worked out?

If you didn’t guess that people started dying, shame on you.

That’s right, dying.  One parent reports:  “They gave our lads army boots made from fake leather with cardboard inner soles, socks, and light clothing clearly not suitable for winter.  On the street they literally felt naked.”  An entire barracks was struck down with pneumonia, and the army’s Chief of the General Staff General Nikolai Makarov attempted to defend the uniforms by arguing that they weren’t to blame, but rather the fact that the soldiers live like pigs:   “It seems that all this happened because of our slovenliness,” he claimed.

What kind of country can possibly imagine it has millions of dollars to squander on the services of a “fashion designer” for soldiers’ uniforms when those very same soldiers are being struck down by brutal dedovshchina hazing rituals, are being paid pennies for their service, and are being rounded up like cattle in an illegal manner and forced to serve against their will, as we document in today’s issue?

A country that is not long for this world.

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: Another New Low in Russian Humiliation

  1. The uniforms in the picture at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/8203978/Russias-too-thin-designer-uniform-leads-to-pneumonia-and-flu.html would look any more stereotypically fascist only if they got a swastika in place of the numbers in their armbands while they’re goose-stepping.

    • Georgian fascists don’t even need uniform to look like fascists, http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/39/allinsurance2008.0/0_14d88_cb0d803b_L

      • Look, they both were once photographed with their mouths open! How uncanny! It’s amazing! But anyway, whatever happened to the 1400/1600/2100 Innocent Civilian Russian Citizen victims of the very first hours of this terrible Georgian Genocide by the Georgian Fascists? The two Independent Countries are under full Russian Liberator control for over 2 years now, they have their Genocide Museum and stuff alright, but why did they vanish in such way that even their very names went down into the memory hole and are unavailable for whatever reason? I’m waiting and waiting and waiting, and the suspense of this mystery is becoming unbearable for me! Would you please help me out?

  2. nice article thanks !!

  3. Hey, monkey, how do russians look like – obosranye, golodnye, kasaglazye, pianye snorking the afgan heroin – you must agree it is a perfect description of russians – a laughing stock of the world….

  4. The problem was that they designed uniforms for victors, when they should have been made for ivans.


    • But, Paul, the “ivans” did defeat your sore nazi ass in 1945, didn’t they? Time for you to finally face this fact.

      • Oh Ostap the pedophile is back.

        Tell me Ostap, why is every one you disagree with a “nazi”

        You seem to be more of a Nazi than anyone else, like a lot of Russian Jews who contaminate Israel.

  5. Andrew wrote: “ Oh Ostap the pedophile is back.

    I am not one. But you have admitted to being one:


    Tell me Ostap, why is every one you disagree with a “nazi”

    Better tell me, why does LR compare Russian police’s detainment of Nemtsov to Gestapo, which had murdered millions of civilians in cold blood?

    You seem to be more of a Nazi than anyone else, like a lot of Russian Jews who contaminate Israel.

    The amazing thing here is that you don’t even realize that your use of terms like “contaminate” towards Russian Ashkenazi Jews is no different than Hitler’s claim that these same Jews “contaminated” Germany.

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