EDITORIAL: The Kremlin turns its Eye towards the Aged


The Kremlin turns its Eye towards the Aged

“This is a big country – there’s the Far East, and Siberia.”

Yevgeny Savchenko, Putin-appointed governor of Belgorod Oblast, when asked to where Russia’s elderly could be relocated.

Well, that did not take long.

In power for only a brief period, the Kremlin’s hand-picked Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has already jumped on the bandwagon being driven by Belgorod governor Savchenko and is proposing the resettlement of all of Moscow’s elderly citizens in order to bring down real estate prices for the city’s younger set.

Savchenko is blunt:  “Make it so that there would be five million people living here [in Moscow], and all the issues would be resolved without capital investment.”

But we think he is not bold enough.

Why think resettlement, Comrade Savchenko?  Doesn’t that still impose an unnecessary expense on Russia’s young and vital? Wouldn’t it be so much cheaper to just build a few industrial gas chambers, with incinerators to match?  Haven’t you ever heard, Comrade Savchenko, of Comrade Stalin?

We can only wonder how long it will be before the Kremlin expands its resettlement ideas beyond Moscow, and beyond the aged.  How long until anyone not a member of the United Russia party needs resettlement, perhaps reeducation, perhaps extended treatment in a psychiatric facility under the loving care of neo-Soviet “doctors” who understand that only an insane person can criticize Vladimir Putin?

How long before the notion of resettling the racially undesirable is raised? Certainly, if the race riots and lynchings sweeping Moscow are any indication, such an idea would meet widespread acceptance among ordinary Russians.

Day by day, Russia is revealed as an ever more vile and odious nation, capable of sinking to depths that would be impossible to imagine but for the fact that only a short while ago Russia, in the guise of the USSR, had already sunk to them.

When will the leaders of the free world, especially the craven coward Barack Obama, stand up for justice in Russia?

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Kremlin turns its Eye towards the Aged

  1. What actually worries you? This is going to be so ghetto American!

  2. I’m myself more than advanced in years. I take it all very seriously.
    Some some say I am for Putin? But!!! I am for democracy.
    There are two peoples I care for Russia andhe US. I have kids on both sides. Nothing else matters.
    Blame on Words from Microsoft. The worst thing in my my life, reallyin the respect of commas.

  3. A really good piece

  4. Well that did not take long. First the Putin crowd diverts most resources into theft and military and now has nothing left to deal with food shortages. Their answer is pack the elderly off where no one will see them starve to death.

  5. Resettlement? Gas chambers? Stalin? Just level their old neighbourhoods with them still there and build the brand new ones over the mass graves.


    This technique has been tested in Putin’s Russia already, allegedly (according to RT) works wonders. Central Grozny used to be largely populated by the ethnic Russian pensioners, and POOF, look they’re all gone!

  6. Savage barbaric moskali show how “civilized” they are, again :

    Fights start as thousands stuck in Moscow airports

    Today at 16:10 | Reuters

    Irate holidaymakers beat up Aeroflot staff at a Moscow airport on Tuesday as thousands were stranded with little food or information, after icy rain and blackouts disrupted traffic for a third straight day.

    At Sheremetyevo where Russia’s flagship carrier is based, Aeroflot personnel were now scared of dealing with agitated passengers, saying the airport did not have enough security guards, state-run RIA quoted an airline employee as saying.

    Read more:


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