EDITORIAL: Serpent Russians and their Forked Tongue


Serpent Russians and their Forked Tongue

The world saw yet another horrifying example of the amazing duplicity, dishonesty and hypocrisy of which Russians are capable last week when the Kremlin’s Gestapo turned a blind eye to an unsanctioned protest by over 1,000 chanting nationalist goons.

The said goons were protesting the fact that police had dared to shoot down one of their number while he was attempting to carry out a lynching, and they shut down one of Moscow’s more important subway stations while the authorities watched with apparent approval.

Yet, whenever anyone attempts to carry out a peaceful protest in support of democratic values or otherwise criticizing the Putin regime, they are attacked immediately by OMON forces and jailed.

It is perfectly clear, in other words, not just that the Kremlin will not enforce the law equally for all citizens, not just that it will use the “law” (as barbaric Russians understand that term) to harass and intimidate its political opponents, but that the Kremlin openly and actively approves of the nationalist scum that are Russia’s very lowest common denominator.  Just as it sees the likes of Boris Nemtsov as enemies of the state, it sees skinhead lunatics as the state’s friends.

That’s hardly surprising, since Russians also think of crazied dictators like those found in Iran and Venezuela as their friends. It is only such venal criminals who would even consider befriending a nation that would, as we document in today’s issue, support the persecution of the mother of Sergei Magnitsky, an opponent of the Kremlin who was literally murdered by the Russian legal system.

It has now become routine for Russian “president” Dima Medvedev to be directly contradicted by Russian “prime minister” Vladimir Putin.  The Russian Kremlin itself, in other words, speaks with the same forked tongue as the Russian population itself, and vice versa.  Just as in Soviet times, Russians have absolutely no sensitivity at all to the obviously and horrific implications of this mendacity and duplicity.

A nation this barbaric and crazed cannot long survive. We do not expect Russia to do so.

55 responses to “EDITORIAL: Serpent Russians and their Forked Tongue

  1. Police did not approve that action. They simply didn’t have force at hand to stop it, as the event caught them completely unaware. A squad of OMON that was there didn’t dare to intervene.

    • What a cop-out (excuse the pun), they can certainly get thousands of OMON vermin there fast enough when it is a surprise opposition event.

  2. But the “surprise opposition event” is usually a bunch of creepy old dissidents, not a battalion of resolved street-fighters. So dig deeper you russophobic worms!

    • Doesn’t say much for the cowardly little pip-squeek lap-dog OMON, does it now.

    • Good Empire will get even better comes 2012 – you all russian slaves will be marching to the goulags – the only way to save your pathetic empire where 95% percent of russians live in pure 18th century – travel east of moscow, if you find a decent road that is….I wonder how are you going to cope with this winter famine in Russia – pretend that is not hapening…..

      • oh dear, it’s pretty simple. when harsh winters come we usually eat Americans for starters. We’ll slice those who work for Microsoft, BP, Boeing, Alcoa and eat them fried. Once we privatized our mines and oil wells there’s no shortage of them in the Russian provinces. And they are usually obese so not to worry we do have means to survive this winter. Now tell me please how are you going to pay your 13 trillion check to the Chinese, Japanese, Saudis, and surprise….us? Don’t tell me you gonna switch to Iran instead. Foreclosure and eviction are the Good Empire’s imminent future. Fasten your belt or you may get hurt.

        • Take a good look at yourselves – you pathetic half mongol hords , whoops ‘ good empire’ – it is difficult to face your own demise – siberia is being retaken by chinese and you russians still kiss chinese ar….s, whole central asia, gone [didn’t kyrgyz and uzbeks slaughtered russian minority during the russian instigated putsch; like good old pogroms??]; it is a question of time when Tatarstan will be independent, next will be Karelia, Konigsburg [whoops Kaliningrad – who on earth was mr. Kalinininin?], all so called frozen conflicts created by russia at its borders will be gone rather sooner than later. Talking about so called Black Sea russian fleet – it should be in the prehistoric museum – over 30-year old ships, super technology of bulava misiles, military planes that were returned to Russia by Algeria of all places!! – conclusion TOTAL JUNK. Shall I go on.. As far as food shortage in russia this winter – the americans will AGAIN send some food.. remember the Bush’s chickens that saved your miserable, meaningless, lives in 1998? No wonder whole russia is drunk with the contaminated samogon and high on afghan heroin…Russia’s humiliation is total….

  3. It is interesting, since I can now reflect on stories like this, since I used to be a ‘Russian’ supporter, somewhat brain washed by the numerous articles of Mr. Ames on Exile, but to see what is happening in Russia now, day by day is truly mind boggling. The fact that the people, the sheep so to say is just stand passively and allowing their country to be taken by outright criminals is incredible.

    Even in Ukraine, where things are not that much better, there is a real, albeit still in its infancy ‘democracy’. Just look at the tax code revolt a few weeks ago, Ukrainian authorities could have very easily crushed the protest and gone ahead with the code. Yet, whether political maneuver or not, they listened to the people, the police politely spoke to the protesters and in the end, Yunik vetoed the code and complied with the demands of the protesters.

    Anyone think something even remotely close could happen in Batman & Robin’s empire? Those protesters would be locked up and beaten before one could say Da. Open your eyes Russians, I am one of you but you are slipping further and further away from reality. Do something to help your country.

    La Russaphobe sometimes takes things to the extreme here, criticizing every single story that is Russia related. I do not believe this is correct, but she is right on vast majority of the issues. Russia is an uncivilized country, not interested in change or even slight movement towards democratic basic principles and it should not be taken in any way seriously by the international community. Had it not been for natural resources, Russia would be something similar to ‘Africa’ with snow.

    I am a changed man, and I support LaRussophobe now, she is doing something that many of us do not have the balls to do.

    • Such a stupid “supporter” isn’t a big loss anyway.

      Just look into the case carefully, people. It’s how the real russian democracy and civil society is going to work. You can call these people ‘goons’ or whatever. For me they’re compatriots fighting for their human rights, and for other russian people.
      Clowns promoted here like Bonner or Kasparov are just a bunch of vermin for us.

      “The said goons were protesting the fact that police had dared to shoot down one of their number while he was attempting to carry out a lynching”

      Yet another example of LR’s lie. Nothing like that happened of spoken about.

  4. WikiLeaks has some value, afterall! (surprisingly)-
    This revealing information, which is but MORE proof of just how disgustingly subservient to the Kremlin and it’s internal and foreign policies, and THUS co-guilty of it’s abuses and crimes, it’s captive-‘church’ is, the so-called, ‘Moscow Patriarchy’ (founded as an organization by Joseph Stalin in 1943), is also but more proof of how TERRIBLY dishonest and corrupt is ALL of present neo-soviet Putin’s Russia:
    Read: http://ocanews.org/news/Wikileaks12.10.10.html
    “Wikileaks Reveals Russian Church Leader’s Conversation With U.S. Ambassador”
    (Note: the multi-lingual & caresmatic youthful MP Metropolitan Hilarion-Alfeyev , ‘Of Geneva and Western Europe’, mentioned here, is very close to Patriarch Kyrill, and highly placed in the top levels of the Moscow Patriarchy (& thus, in close close collusion with the Kremlin). He, as with ‘Patriarch’ Kyrill-Gundaev, MUST be KGB agents, pure and simple.
    He often represents Russia to foreign religious and governmental leaders.. usually promoting Russian governmental/economic/MILITARY interests in foreign lands, plus,’Russian Orthodoxy’ (what the Kremlin labels, ‘missionary activity’).

    • The majority of russians are atheistic.
      So for us it’s probably the best way to utilize the religious prejudices of some people.

    • Added: the RUSSIAN text, followed by the English text:
      Private communications between Moscow Patriarchy ‘Metropolitan Hilarion-Alfeyev’ with the U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation:
      Again, this is very revealing as to just how political, the higher ‘clergy’ of the KGB subservient state church are, in Putin’s ‘new free Russia’.
      Such ‘churchmen’ are only propaganda mouthpieces for the Kremlin-

  5. Thanks, ‘OUCH’, you prove what is clearly known about Russia: it is a hopeless ignoble country, unable to ever be a free people or truly good.
    It is utterly corrupt, immoral, and plain evil, -a curse on the whole world.
    Your stupid attempt to defend this situation, is but more proof of just how hopeless it is, that Russia can reform itself. Perhaps, it is only fit for our nuclear missiles? to be reduced to radioactive dust-?

    • So you DO have nuclear weapons out there in Israel? I mean you sound like you speak for all America, while you have nothing to do with America man:) Relax yo, you’re not the first one in history who wants Russians to be reduced to dust. Do some research:)

    • No, I did not ‘defend’ any situation. Just explained.
      And no, i don’t like to be ‘reduced to radioactive dust’.

  6. to Kremlin propaganda idiots, ‘Good Empire’ and ‘Ouch’:
    AAH! but I DO speak for a lot of fellow Americans. You obviously have no inkling of just how deeply, many many Americans, hate and despise your ANTI-AMERICA neo-soviet country. IF….your current neo-soviet enemy-to-America, ‘Russia’, cannot or will not CEASE your never-ending threats to our national existence or world-wide interests (of ours and of our allies), then there SHALL be a nuclear exchange. This will be inevitable. Your KGB agent Putin and his Kremlin gang, well knows this.
    My holy prayers to the Righteous God Almighty, (whom you filthy athiests do not even believe in!) are that America will first-strike you, without warning, and lay all of Russia waste and desolate-as you justly (merciless monsters )deserve.
    Russia as it presently is, is nothing but a curse upon this planet. It never improves and never becomes truly peaceful or prosperous or trustworthy. Just ask your surrounding neighbors what they think of you!
    Then, perhaps some peaceful Tibetans or Alaskan Eskimos can re-populate the land, when it becomes less radioactive?

    • Sure. But how can you make America strike first if you’re not even able to persuade them to protect your ass in the Middle East? I’ve seen many “patriots” like you who moved to the US a year ago, never served in the Army, and are fast to sacrifice somebody’s lives but their own. You’re so much fun buddy. Exhale-exhale:)

      • Dear anti-Jewish/hater of both Israel and America, Agent ‘Good Empire’:
        You keep trying to infer that I am Jewish, which I am not, nor am I an Israili.
        But, then, that is your tired old sour Kremlin script, isn’t it? (you need a new fresh one, pals)-
        Any excuse to hate Jews, ANY whatsoever!!!
        Oh, but I forgot: ‘all Jews are Nazis’, as are all Americans (?)
        Wow, what an univentive -moronic imagination you commies have!…any propaganda to throw attention off of YOU and your crimes, past and present.
        That is why you KGB-hangovers, are totally destroying any hope for Russia to ever join the human race.

        • Where’s my answer to this offensive and defamatory post? Censorship it is. Everyone who is a stranger to this site just be aware they don’t let you comment here unless you are their supporter (reads HATE RUSSIA). That’s the new sort of “liberal” GULAG where they want to the nazis of their own.

          • Dearest Agent ‘Chris’, very sane friend of very sane Agent ‘Good Empire’ (or are you the same SANE guy?): Thanks for saying that I am, in your SANE perspective, ‘mentally ill’. Coming from you, KGB operatives and propagandists, that is a high compliment. Danke! Spasebo! Gratias! Slava tebe Boshyeh Nash, Slava Tebe! You sane KGB hangover criminals, are destroying Russia. One day, I hope soon, you will be thrown out on your red dupas. You also, need your own room in the Serbsky Institute, ‘Chris’, with your sane pal, ‘Good Empire’, and I need two bottles of quality/smooth Polish vodka, ( not that rotgut crap made in somebody’s bathtub, rough Russian stuff!), or maybe a very large bottle or three of good hearty Georgian red wine-? to understand your dribble. But, you types keep me laughing, thanks for that anyway! No silly words from you, can hurt me, or even offend me.
            In fact, you stimulate me, otherwise life would be boring.

            • Dude it does look like you’re hurting, offending, and stimulating your ego. But when you pleasure yourself in public could at least wear your pants as I mentioned before?

              • Sure, Good Empire, I will wear my pants, just with no wasps inside them (ouch! they sting!) nor that large wooden 3-bar Russian cross, as it puts splinters in my skin-OUCH again! Either you must be old & retired with little else to do but to post on this blog, & argue with me and others in a foreign language through a machine translation, or very young, and bored? Probably you need to emmigrate, say to sunny Australia? or, Brighton Beach?…or somewhere where you could have a future. Good luck!
                Life is too short to waste it on endless arguing, which changes no ones’ mind.

  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/11/world/europe/11impunity.html?_r=1&hp

    Mainstream media is now talking about the proxy parties of Russia. Of course, anyone following Russia knows this has been going on for many years, but now it is being talked out in the open.

    To be a supporter of Russia now can be only 2 types of people. Either people gaining financially from the current system, or brain dead individuals steeped in ‘Russia is better than everyone mentality’ which is something along the lines of a stubborn, dumb 12 year old at a birthday party sitting in the corner alone, playing his toys and thinking the reason no one likes him is because of how smart he is.

    The Putin regime does a good job currently with brainwashing people. The viewpoint goes something like this for most Russians who support today’s situation. Their logic is that if they have food in their fridges, decent place to work, good places to eat and go out, entertainment, then all is fine an dandy, as long as their behind is warm so to speak. They completely lack the understanding that they are being ruled by corrupt criminals, and are more or less being used to make those same people wealthy. They have no rights, and are at this point a laughing stock of the world with nuclear weapons. Who cares if you agree with Karsparov politics or not? How can you be fine with living in totally corrupt system, with no press freedom, single political party and pretty much no human rights at all? At least in Soviet times, the people accepted this, it was implied but never talk about.

    Idiots on this board actually somehow justify today’s system as real democracy / capitalism. Brain dead they are, no other word for it.

  8. The dilemma is whether to ban the neo-Soviet goons and leave them free to spread their venom elsewhere.
    A fascinating insight into the mentality of those Nazis, though.

  9. Hundreds protest against Russian government

    MOSCOW(AP) — Hundreds of people are protesting against theRussiangovernment at two separate rallies inMoscow, with opposition activists calling for the resignation of Prime Minister VladimirPutinand nationalists demanding greater rights for ethnicRussians.

    Read more:


  10. Ming the Merciless

    It is a fact that the Axis of Evil is a spawn of Russia AND China.

    Two countries on their last legs demographically.

    Soon, the Russkies will be enslaved and exterminated
    by their muslim parasitic cancer, JUST LIKE THEY WHERE BY THE GOLDEN HORDE,
    and the chinetoques will be a nation
    of starving wobbly male vieillards…(Maoist scum killed ALL the female babies)


  11. Ming the Merciless

    Remember when the Soviet Union collapsed, the communist Nomenklatoura
    exported all what was left of the wealth, thousands of tons of gold vanished
    and they sold to themselves what could not be moved out.

    Same thing will happen soon to the aging and doddering China, hundred of giant cargo planes will airlift all the dollars and the precious metals outside to
    Taiwan and South Korea…and like before the Boxer wars, they will be down
    to sell their babies to Europe’s perverts!

  12. 5. (C) The Moscow city government’s direct links to
    criminality have led some to call it “dysfunctional,” and to
    assert that the government operates more as a kleptocracy
    than a government. Criminal elements enjoy a “krysha” (a
    term from the criminal/mafia world literally meaning “roof”
    or protection) that runs through the police, the Federal
    Security Service (FSB), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD),
    and the prosecutor’s office, as well as throughout the Moscow
    city government bureaucracy. Analysts identify a
    three-tiered structure in Moscow’s criminal world. Luzhkov
    is at the top. The FSB, MVD, and militia are at the second
    level. Finally, ordinary criminals and corrupt inspectors
    are at the lowest level. This is an inefficient system in
    which criminal groups fill a void in some areas because the
    city is not providing some services.


  13. What’s hilarious is that I just checked Good Empire’s blog (link is visible through the handle) and for someone who’s supposed to be so anti-American, anti-Jewish etc, he seems to be pretty critical of his own country in the articles written in the blog and pretty much recognizes most of the stuff Russophobe harps on about, but in a realistic, non-fanatical way.

    Pslalomschik, reading your posts, you come off as a ultra right wing republican from Alabama who forgot his white KKK conehat in the basement while going to the bar to get sloshed on JD and coke. Nuclear war? Brutal.

    • Dear KGB agent or commie-fifth-columnist, ‘Soccer Fanatic’, if you don’t already live in Putin’s neo-soviet workers’ paradise, why don’t you go there, now? IF you live in America, too bad for America, as we already have too many air-headed leftist traitors , ‘Democrats’, already. You are indeed, a ‘fanatic’, the true current definition of a ‘liberal’, and my label is PSALOMSCHICK..(‘Psalm-singer’ in old Russian)…can’t you leftist-athiests spell anything …right? As to your other name or your co-agent ‘Good Empire’, what you say about his Russian blog may indeed be true, but SO WHAT? No matter how unhappy many Russians are, (as they all should be!), with their own ROTTEN country, yet…they still attack America, and ‘the Jews’, like mindless morose MORONS, as you are. It is the Russian thing, to complain, complain, and then…complain some more,…and to blame everyone but themselves for their woes, but NEVER DO anything to change their own stinking country. Please, sir, go and live in Putinland, so you will be under our American atomic bombs when they hit. It would be my pleasure to drop them on you.
      You got it coming, Soccer Fanatic or Good Empire, or whatever silly and phony names you conjure up.
      The MAJORITY of us Americans, ( north, south. east. west), do not want a leftist dictatorship running our country-SURPISE! (Wake up lefty, and emmigrate out, you just don’t belong here).

      • Since when do Evangelicals have a congregation in the Russian Brooklyn? How dare you call yourself American? You’re yet another Brightom Beach Psalomschik. Shmuk or Shmak – is that how you call yourself there? My first sight impression was indeed correct. You see nobody takes you seriously here. Be kind.

        • OOH! ‘Good Empire’, If only you had responded with anything meaningful,( even more nonsence) then I could try to respond. But, you didn’t, so I won’t.
          Dosvedaniyeh! Comrade. Have they put you back in your cell yet, in the ?Serbsky Institute?

        • The Russian colony of Brighton Beach is in England! Look at a map of the world, not just your local area of Vladivostok and Siberia!
          Be kind, comrade, no one here takes you serious. Sorry.
          Yet, I thank you for the humour.
          Let’s see, in Russian it must be, ‘Brightonsky Beachsky’-? Is that it?

          • Hahahah! Man you’re hilarious! Now you’re quoting me to myself:) With what you’ve just said you’re totally exposed. People you see, who this newborn WASP is? In Russian they say that you should either wear your pants or hide your cross. These things normally don’t get together well.

            • My goodbye message to ‘Good Empire’-
              You got me confused. I am a newborn WASP? I wear my pants or I hide my cross? Where do wear my pants?, pulled up to my neck or down low around my ankles? And, where do I hide that huge cross of mine? (maybe, IN my pants?) And which of all these things, don’t go together?- the wasps or the pants or the cross?
              OK, I think I finally understand you -you want me to put wasps in my pants, with my cross, so nobody sees me with my wasps or my cross? Is that it?
              Will I then be an OK fellow? enough to please you?
              In that case, maybe we both need adjoining rooms in the Serbsky Institute?

              • Oh dear! Don’t pretend you don’t know this. Smbd says to an old Jew in the public bath: “Hey Rabinovitz, you’d either wear your pants or hide your cross.”
                I hope this helps, so that you can now inspect yourself more thoroughly, my little neophyte American.

                • YOY! ‘Good Empire’, you are wearing me out! YOU HAVE UNCOVERED MY DISGUISE! And how did you find out my real last name ,-Rabinovitz? and that I am a confused old Jew, who needs to keep my pants on in the public baths, ( which we have almost none of in America), so no one will know I am circumcised? ( as most Gentile American men are, for medical reasons), And darn! did I forget, again, to wear my plastic Christian neck cross, to fool the public, that I am just a normal-Christian, as they are? (so they, YOU, don’t drown me in the bath?, pretending to baptize me?)
                  Remember friend, another old Russian saying: ‘The laugh comes, before the fall off the cliff!’
                  But, thank God, I have Russian-Gentile friends and wise advisors like you, to guide me. YOUR-VEH!

                  • Take it easy man. You were not such a big deal for the almighty KGB to uncover. Next time you lose your wallet, let me know.

                    • So, you are going to pick my pockets?, or are you going to return my wallet, when your KGB pals, steal it?
                      Is this more threats from your KGB?
                      The whole world knows already that you are criminal thugs, so what else is new?

      • You’re a good laugh man. I’m neither Russian nor American. I’m Jew of a German descent living in Canada. Nuclear bombs. Don’t make me laugh.

        Thank god there are people like Sepp Blatter on this planet who, should the World Cups in Russia’18 and Qatar’22 be successful ventures, will likely receive a Nobel prize after his death for having the balls to do what many politicians couldn’t – open the world to the most controversial regions (Russia and the Arab world) and vise versa and extend them with a helping hand and a chance at redemption and make the world a better place.

        Read this and educate yourself:


        • Dear Soccer Fanatic, A Canadian Maple-Leaf,
          Well good for you! molodyets! iz bogum! And as the Poles say, ‘May you live 100 years!’

  14. More Moscow “law enforcement” adventures:

    A two-day police hunt for an Ingush woman believed to have arrived in Moscow to carry out a terrorist attack ended in farce Friday when it was revealed that she had fled to the capital to meet her Internet lover.

    Law enforcement sources initially said Bella Barkinkhoyeva, 22, was suspected of being involved with extremist groups, including Muslim radicals and ethnic gangs.


  15. On Monday, Russians looked in shock at the images of last weekend’s violence in downtown Moscow: hundreds of young men raising their right arms in stiff-armed Nazi salutes against the red brick walls of the Kremlin; young men in black hoods attacking riot police with chunks of ice, burning flares, glass bottles and steel rods; five young men from Caucasus, blood streaming down their faces, cowering behind policemen who rescued them from nationalist attackers.

    Demonstrators chanted “Russia for Russians” and chanted “2-8-2,” calling for Russia to abolish a law that makes it a crime to incite ethnic hatred.

    Far outnumbered, police arrested only 80 of the 5,000 nationalists, pushing most of them into subway stations. Once in the subway, gangs of youths ran through trains, chanting ‘White Car, White car,” beating non-Slavic riders.

    By morning, gangs had shot a shop clerk from Armenia, shot a shop assistant from Azerbaijan, fractured the skull of another man from the Caucasus, and knifed to death a man from Kyrgyzstan

    A leader of the banned group Slavic Union, Dmitry Dyomushkin, said in an interview the Kremlin should expel the heavily Muslim republics of the Caucasus from the Russian Federation. He said that labor migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia should remember that they come to Moscow as guests.


    • @Russian Orthodox Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin has called for authorities, migrant workers and native Russians to take “immediate steps” to keep football violence from becoming an “ethnic war.”

      Oh come on, Mr. Chaplin. They were just “speaking from their hearts” in reaction to the recent decision of FIFA, according to which Russia is “ready to inspire” or something.

  16. MANEZH PLAZA, under the walls of the Kremlin, is a symbolic place in Russian politics. In the late 1980s, thousands demonstrated there against the injustices of the crumbling communist system. But this past weekend, the square saw an ugly scene of rioting nationalist thugs played out. The tacky fountains and underground shopping malls that epitomise the oil-fuelled consumption of today’s Russia can no longer disguise an inherent instability and a growing sense of injustice among different social groups.

    The pogroms were sparked by the killing of Yegor Sviridov, a football fan, on December 6th, by a man from Russia’s north Caucasus. Several of the men initially detained for the murder—although not the prime suspect—were inexplicably (some say for a bribe) later released by the police, infuriating Mr Sviridov’s friends. Inevitably their protest turned racist, and the mob turned on people from the north Caucausus, who are formally Russian citizens but have long ceased to be treated as such.

    Several thousand football fans and right-wing radicals shouting “Russia for the Russians” clashed with riot police, pelting them with heavy objects. A few brave policemen tried to shelter several swarthy-looking men from the wrath of the neo-fascists. After an appeal from the head of the Moscow police, the rioters were pushed underground into metro stations, where they proceeded to attack anyone who did not look ethnically Russian.

    The riots exposed the fragility of the Russian political system, as well as the Kremlin’s impotence. The riot police may be able to disperse peaceful demonstrations, but they appear to be less effective when confronted by an aggressive nationalist crowd, whose views many of them share.

    For the Kremlin, it is business as usual. A day before the rioting Vladimir Putin, the prime minister and “alpha dog” of Russian politics, was in St Petersburg, crooning “Blueberry Hill” and performing a Soviet-era homage to the motherland.


  17. Kadyrov hinted that the riots could have been marshaled by forces hostile to Russia.

    “Not everybody likes the fact that Russia is becoming a superpower,” the former rebel turned Kremlin strongman said.



  18. What a joke this Russia is. Last time I was in Moscow, you barely see a non white face there. Anyone have any official stats? The harmless migrant workers are almost entirely harmless, like any people, they resort to occasional petty crime, in no higher percentage than ethnic Russians and possibly at a lower rate. Russia is plagued with every problem known to man, corruption, crime, low standard of living, waste disposal, pouching, education, medicine, there isn’t a single thing the country as a whole is good at and yet the people choose this as their target? Beating up innocent, starving ‘darker than average’ looking people? The country is quickly becoming a joke, and Batman is busy singing tunes at some charity event, screaming “look at us, we are a normal country’. nothing to see here, move along.

    Russia’s new slogan should be ‘Russia, what a joke’.

  19. It is difficult to understand russian hatred of foreigners while russians themselves are of mixed blood all 100% of them – EVERY RUSSIAN HAS A MONGOL BLOOD LOOK AT THEIR ROSY CHICKS BUT SLANTED EYES AND MONGOL FOLDS..Russians called themselves eurasians.All the riots had nothing to do with a racism it is a slow but inevitable demise of so called russian empire – it is truly priceless to watch it…

  20. Russia’s Gay!

    Russia’s chic uniform ‘sends soldiers to hospital’

    MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia’s sharp new military uniforms, created by a top fashion designer, have landed hundreds in the hospital after proving too thin to withstand ferocious winter cold, a state daily said Wednesday.

    Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that between 60 and 250 servicemen have been laid up with everything from flu to pneumonia as Arctic chills sweep through the country’s northern reaches.


  21. Thousands people detained in Russia to prevent ethnic clashes

    Hundreds of riot police outside the Kievsky station in central Moscow hauled into police vans mostly young men and teenagers who were shouting racist slogans and raising their hands in Nazi salutes.

    Read more:


  22. Sounds good, Rabinovitz. Some posts are just too explicit of their author’s personality and literacy that there’s no need to comment. It’s all there. Looks better with the pants on anyway.

  23. Gorbachev urges Putin to step down after protests
    Today at 20:01 | Associated Press

    Read more:


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