EDITORIAL: Putin’s Mafia Don for the Kiddies


Putin’s Mafia Don for the Kiddies

Vasily Yakemenko (center) goes to Camp

We learned recently that Vasily Yakemenko, the founder of the pro-Putin youth cult Nashi and Putin’s director of youth policy, has an extensive background in organized crime.  Vedemosti reported that in 1994 he founded a company called Akbars along with five partners, each of whom was a convicted racketeer in the Complex 29 mafia group based in Tatarstan, one of the bloodiest criminal groups in Russia.  Vedemosti learned about this event from a government database.

To say we were not surprised is the mother of all overstatements.

From the beginning, Nashi itself has been nothing more than a gang of organized state-sponsored criminals, bought and paid for by the Kremlin to wreck havoc among those heroic young Russians who would stand up against the horrors of the neo-Soviet Kremlin.  Yakemenko was instrumental in funding the “summer camp” where campers viewed the heads of opposition leaders, including eighty-year-old Lyudmila Alexeeva, on pikes.  He guided Nashi as they attacked, intimidated, threatened and harassed anyone and everyone who dares to question the perfect rightness of His Holiness Vladimir V. Putin.

One does not acquire this level of feral viciousness easily.  Only a life of crime prepares one to become involved with such sordid doings, and only such a life inures one to the horrific consequences of doing so.

But who can say that membership in an organized criminal gang is any better or different from membership in the KGB, of which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is so very proud.  Recent revelations from Wikileaks document how the FSB, the KGB’s successor, has been terrorizing innocent family members of US diplomats for years, engaging in conduct what would make any mafia don beam with pride, as it undoubtedly makes Vladimir Putin do.

Any civilized population would be ashamed and outraged by such behavior.  They would demand a change in power, they would excoriate their leaders publicly.  But Russians are no such population, and there will be no such response from them. Instead, Russians will continue to allow their nation to wallow in fetid mire and sewage, sinking ever deeper until the inevitable collapse. 

We can already hear the sucking sound.

38 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin’s Mafia Don for the Kiddies

  1. Reading you guys is such fun. Yakemenko is a skinny nerd who was scared to walk the streets of Lublino, the gang populated suburb of Moscow. His only power is his close affiliation to Surkov. That’s it. Please continue to entertain us with that kind of bold “analysis”. I guess I’m the only audience of this blog apart of those who write this crap.


    Thanks for the impressive documentation of your claims. One can readily see how hard-working and intelligent you are from the painstaking research you do and the extensive contribution you make to our understanding of Russia.

  2. You’re always welcome. In case you would like to avoid republication of rumored news in the future you can always rely on my expertise for no additional fee. I’d be happy to contribute to your decent though meaningless efforts.

  3. See how the new generation of Chekist thugs has learned English? All the more dangerous for that.

  4. Well said Sebaneau! but please note that these “Chekist thugs who have learned English?” (pardon me for taking the liberty to slightly modify your quote” are still nevertheless as stupid as their predecessors.

    And that fact will never ever change.

    • Was that a distant voice of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) or something similar? Would you like some chocolates, yo?

      • O’ goodie,goodie ‘Evil’ Empire! Yea, I’ll take you up on your offer of “some chocolates”.

        The address is;
        Gruppenfuehrer Bobo Putler,

        PS as I’m sure that the ‘chokies’ will be laced with something like Poloniun 120, etc, be good enough to send at least several boxes, so that everyone at the Kremlin gets a chance to taste your generosity.

        Comrade Ruski! May Satan bless your kind little black heart! yo?

        • you may be surprised bro, but I’d love to mail this kinda box to that kinda address. this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t offer one to Bandera.

          • I hate to disappoint you little bro, but I’m sure that Bandera (if he were currently still alive) would avoid you like the black death, i.e. the Bubonic Plague! Besides in the next life there’s no hope of you two ever meeting as Bandera went upstairs and you will go downstairs.

            As an after thought, tell me, why do you waste your time on all this useless – and may I add unbelievably stupid – communist propaganda trash that you spew out ad nauseum here on LR? Ever thought of Pravda.ru? you’d be a moral ‘cert’ there, where you and your other brain damaged communistic cohort can have a field day by running riot with your limited mentality and made up lies. Unless of course Gruppen Fuehrer Putler is your paymaster, then say no more – I understand. Wink, wink, nudge nudge.

            • You sound like you’re completely unaware what the chocolate boxes meant to people like Bandera or Konovaletz. Even if you want to be a Ukrainian nationalist, doesn’t mean you don’t have to study history.

          • Thats only because you feel the USSR was a lost paradise and Putin is not restoring it fast enough.

            • I don’t feel like it was a paradise at all. But I do know that children were not living on the streets. Putin and Medvedev are doing their jobs well. And in reality they are both members of your team, not mine.

              • Well thats not really true.

                As Gorbachev “joked” with Regan, Russia just sent the homeless on a free holiday to Siberia.

                As for Putin being on “our team” doubt it somehow, him being the archetype of the “Great Russian Chauvinist” and a dyed in the wool Russian imperialist.

                • This is true. Because unlike you I lived in that country for 11 years.

                • Oh I didn’t live there for 11 years, but I did live there, and I know a lot of people who grew up there.

                  Russia had problems with homelessness and poverty during the USSR, just that state propaganda did not mention tiresome things like that and those unfortunate enough to fall on the rubbish heap tended to be swept under the carpet (ie off to siberia with you)

                  Of course I suspect you were 11 when the USSR collapsed, given your childish fixation with it being a perfect place full of light and laughter…..

                  • That doesn’t mean I’m 11 today. And I didn’t say anything about light and laughter, I just mentioned something I was witness to i.e. there were NO HOMELESS children at all. And regardless of what you heard from those who talked to those who might know, this IS truth. Let us both speak for ourselves, alright?

            • Just for everyone to understand. Good Empire doesn’t stand for the USSR. We were Evil Empire. Good Empire is you, guys. So why are you so irritated with this name?

  5. That’s what I expected. You are very predictable. This site is under censorship not because someone doesn’t want obscenities here, but because you’re too scared of fair exchange of opinions as your own are weak and inconsistent. I wanted you to admit this, and by doing so you admit. Good Empire you are, and will always be:)

  6. Somehow I doubt that any idiot who considers Russia/USSR to be a “good empire” is interested in “fair exchange” of opinions. It’s not very Russian after all…

  7. Absolutely not. As the Good Empire is not Evil Empire and is your home address, yo.

  8. Putin is disgusting. Did anyone see him singing a song in front of many hollywood actors and actresses? It was truly disgusting, he got a standing ovation from those brainless idiots. Giving a bloody dictator a standing ovation after he killed so many innocent civillians in Chechnya and Georgia AGH!

  9. Is it possible that the audience was bribed?

    • Dear Kate,

      This occurred in St. Petersburg with some liberal useful idiots from Hollywood (some of many) and the rest of the audience was most likely putin’s KGB comrades and their mistresses to clap and dance and sway.

      This was a classic propaganda piece so that the sheeple and other people forget that putin made Muscovy burn like hell this summer, etc. His “kissing” and shaking hands with the black jazz musicians was just the icing to the Potemkin performance.

      Putin Finds His Thrill

      At a recent fundraiser for children’s-cancer research in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Russian prime minister and former president showed off his pipes when he sang the classic tune “Blueberry Hill” for charity.

      Wait, what? In one of the more unusual clips to make its way onto the Web in recent years, a reticent Putin played a bit of the piano before ambling over to the microphone to sing, in impressive English, the classic tune.


      • It was indeed a revolting spectacle, I just watched it. The man truly has no conscience.

        Thanks for the link. I bet Fats Domino would cringe if he heard it. I sure have. Why would all these celebrities go to Russia?

    • Kate, you are fool, and likely blond.

  10. I agree with your assessments. casaca who are you?

  11. the whole world cup 2018 in russia is really disappointing too

    • you would be surprised to know how disappointing it is to Russians themselves. But the bankrupt britons don’t deserve it either.

      • Good, they should be dissapointed. They know that after all the brutal actions they have engaged in, they don’t deserve to be hosting World Cup. But I have a question for you, why do Russians hate Caucasians so much?

        • The Russians hate the Caucasians because the Caucasians refuse to lie down and die, or become Russified, be they Chechen, Ingush, Georgian etc.

        • This is not true. Crazy soccer fans you may see on the newscasts these days are not the majority of Russians – mostly poor, dissatisfied, frustrated with their government, and deprived of any means to speak out.

  12. Andrew, I agree! What I don’t is the fact that the Russians hate us Caucasians ( I am Georgian myself) and yet they won’t leave our land and territories alone. The same Nashi’s who hate Caucasians, I bet if you asked any of them if Russia should give freedom to Caucasus and leave occupied Georgian territories they would be strongly AGAINST it.

    • I’ve been to Tbilisi 3 times (and some other places too). Though it was long time ago, I’m sure it is still a wonderful place where people are smart and very hospitable. I remember talking to Kote Makharadze when he was alive. There’s no hatred toward Georgia or Georgians in Russia. It’s all politics, and all the 4 nations got trapped into it. I hope the day will come when we’re going to be friends again, and will not be accusing each other in trying to “subjugate thy neighbor”.

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