EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Traitor and Coward!


Barack Obama, Traitor and Coward!

Recently, two Russians have boldly and directly challenged the treacherous cowardice of U.S. President Barack Obama in regard to his foreign policy towards Russia.  We invite all Americans to do likewise.

First, opposition political leader Boris Nemtsov called for banning travel to the U.S. and other Western democracies by a whole host of malignant Kremlin officials, as protest against their egregious mistreatment of politicians and reporters who dare to speak up for democracy.

Then Vadim Klyuvgant, attorney for Mikhail Khodorkovsky, called for open public confrontation of the Kremlin on the issue of Russia’s shamelessly rigged judiciary and legal processes by the Obama administration.  In the words of the Washington Post, Obama has been “close to silent” on this issue throughout his presidency.

Obama has been nearly as silent on the question of democracy and the free press, and he has taken absolutely no action of any kind at any point in his presidency to actually defend these basic American values against the virulent, violent assault they daily face in Putin’s Russia.  In so doing, Obama has betrayed American values. As such, he is a traitor to his country.

Under Obama, the American economy continues to languish. America has been twice humiliated after being rejected for hosting both the World Cup and the Olympics on Obama’s watch, the Olympics bid coming from his own home city of Chicago. Meanwhile, Obama has adopted the same policies of appeasement of dictatorship that were favored by the infamous Neville Chamberlain, and he is leading America into the same firestorm of shame.

This presidency is a disaster for Americans, and it is an even bigger disaster for Russians.  America is the only force which can contend with the heartless brutality being visited upon freedom-loving Russians by the Kremlin, and yet it does nothing to help.  Instead, Obama is actually giving aid and comfort to the Kremlin in its propaganda battle to dupe the world into believing it is something other than a horrific menace to civilized society.

We condemn Barack Obama, and we urge the people of America to hold him accountable for the tragedy he is helping to create in Putin’s Russia.

26 responses to “EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Traitor and Coward!

  1. Peter Heck at (American Thinker) takes the position that Obama is saving the Republic. I agree. Aside from being a foreigner, ruining the money, pandering to the worst people on the globe and belonging in an asylum he is performing a vital service. He is destroying the democratic party. The worse he is the better he is.

    • Well, you are right, Ron.
      Yet, with our fervently hoped-for down-fall of the rotten Demo party and it’s current Dear Leader B. H. Obama, (becoming less, ‘dear’ to many Americans, of all political stripes, day by day), I fear that America will also be further dragged down into such an economic and morale swamp, that we may never recover. My only defence that I can conjure up, to defend all of our air-headed/non-thinking fellow Americans….who mistakenly voted for this national catastrophy, is that….most had no real clue as to what and who he was. But, HE SOUNDED GOOD! The super-slick promo campaign in the elections , by careful design of course, gave ( almost) no hint as to his true qualities or true beliefs, etc.
      But now, we all are seeing what he & the Leftist-Demo Party is about: it is leftist/hate America/down with those evil capitalists-class warfare, ( the capitalist owners and operators of businesses, WHICH EMPLOY MILLIONS of the common folks!), straight out of Marxist theories, weaken Evil America because we DESERVE to be punished (for all of our successes-?), and hooray for all of our enemies world-wide, including our Islamic terrorist foes and all of our neo-soviet Putin’s KGB-Mafia pals, and their world-wide friends.
      And too, poor Obama needs all those frequent vacations and golf games, as he gets SO tired out, from his daily dedicated work in attempting to RUIN our country, one step at a time, bit by bit!
      But yet, we still hear the now tired old-Demo theme songs: that they alone care for the common-man, they alone will save the have-nots, and that without them, those evil Rebuplicans will destroy us all, and….’the International Community’ (whoever in Gehenna, they are!!??).
      So, yes, America and the DECENT people of the world, and the suffering Russian people!, would be much better off, with our Demo party and it’s Dear Leader totally dethroned., just as the long suffering population of North Korea would be better off, without their Dear Leader and his family and his vile Marxist-Stalinist regime.
      But, I like many fellow Americans, am growing more pessimistic.
      Every time, Mr. Obama travels afar, my hope is that he will just stay put, in that distant land.
      But, “A bad penny always turns up!”

  2. PS:
    No! No! The time is not yet ripe. There are more elections to come. The full horror of this low I.Q. meglamaniac is not yet in view. Yes, the “N” word is getting closer to the surface, but we are not there yet. We have 100 years of Leftism to wipe out. This requires a lot more grinding sandpaper on the American psyche.

    Wait until Americans have fully experienced life’s worst flake. Some are slow learners you know.

  3. Rumer has it that Obama will be vacationing in Hawaii. Vacation, vacation, vacation. The gift that keeps on giving!!

  4. Apparently Obama has tried to co-op the Republicans by cutting social security taxes from 6.2% to 4.2% on payroll taxes. This will have no effect on economic activity at all. In fact, it is the sign of an unhealthy mind. This is how social security has been financed for generations. I would not be surprised if the shock effect of this crazy action sends the economy over a cliff.

  5. Well the Republicans are in on this strange tax deal. It is still weird and dumb.

  6. Obama is a weak naive fool not only has his ineptitude seriously damaged the US economy this treacherous creature, has snubbed trusted friends in favour of giving sucker to what amounts to a mafia “Don” heading a mafia state, Obama forgets that Putin oversaw the state execution of Alexander Litvinenko in London putting innocent citizens at risk, he forgets the invasion and illegal occupation of Georgia, he also forgets Russia’s part in supplying the mad mullahs in Iran with missiles and nuclear material,

    START is a one sided treaty the US gains nothing, Russia’s nuclear arsenal harks back to the soviet era, the missiles Russia has thrown in the pot will be past there serviceable use date by 2020 and will have to be decommissioned anyway. In return Russia has been given a licence to stick its unwanted beak into the framework of European security and now has the audacity to dictate terms which suit its own dubious agenda (has the world gone mad?), The sooner the good people of the US wise up and get rid of the dangerous clown “O barmy” the better.

  7. (Reuters) – NATO has drawn up secret plans to defend the Baltic states against any Russian threat, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

    The decision to draft contingency plans for the former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania was taken secretly earlier this year at the urging of the United States and Germany, ending years of division within the alliance over how to view Russia, the Guardian said.

    In parallel talks with Warsaw, it said, Washington offered to beef up Polish security against Russia by deploying special naval forces to the Baltic ports of Gdansk and Gdynia, putting F-16 fighter aircraft in Poland and rotating C-130 Hercules transport planes into Poland from U.S. bases in Germany.

    The details were drawn from 250,000 diplomatic cables obtained by the website WikiLeaks that are being made public.


    In Lisbon last month, NATO and Russia agreed to cooperate on missile defence and other security issues, and hailed a new start in relations that have been strained since Russia’s war with Georgia in 2008. U.S. President Barack Obama has a policy of “resetting” relations with Moscow.

    The WikiLeaks cables point to underlying tension in the relationship between the former Cold War adversaries.

    The plan entailed grouping the Baltic states with Poland in a new regional defence scheme codenamed Eagle Guardian, the paper said.

    Poland, the Baltic states and others were rattled by Russia’s brief war against Georgia and have been irked by large-scale Russian army exercises in Belarus and by Moscow’s military doctrine that sees NATO expansion as a threat.

    The Guardian said nine NATO divisions — U.S., British, German and Polish — had been identified for combat operations in the event of aggression against Poland or the Baltic states. Polish and German ports had been listed to receive naval assault forces and British and U.S. warships, the paper said.

  8. Robert points out that 9 divisions from NATO countries have been earmarked to defend Poland and the Baltic states from any Russian aggression, these 9 are of course professional seasoned soldiers equipped with state of the art hardware. Russia on the other hand has only one fully professional well equipped armoured division in its entire army, this is the 59th based near the borders of the Baltic states, this division was used during the assault on Georgia 2008, the rest of there armour is outdated and operated by a rag tag bunch of poorly paid recruits and spotty conscripts. So one has to ask this question….Given our overwhelming military superiority why does Obama seem hell bent on giving his Russian buddies a virtual veto when it comes to European security.65 years of US/European trust is being eroded by this inept fool.

    • When I watch BO, I cannot but help and marvel at his irrelevant eloquence. He seems to think everyone is stupider then he is, and that the listener will accept his spiel without questioning its relevance or rationale.

      In other words, he most probably thinks that his oratory will enable him to sell a freezer to an Eskimo living next door to the Arctic circle.

  9. Thank you, Bohdan!
    Your words have me in stiches! speaking about our Dear Leader, B.H.Obamanator: that he ‘most probably thinks that his oratory will enable him to sell a freezer to an Eskimo living next door to the Arctic circle’!!!
    There are plenty of certified mental patients in institutions, who also think very highly of themselves, and that the rest of us, are total idiots.
    But only he, among them, is President of the U.S. A.
    Poor self-deluded Obama, he really needs to wear a straight-jacket, and live in a padded cell.
    If only he didn’t hate this country, and admire ( failed) Marxist doctrines.

  10. Regarding the new tax compromise I guess I forgot myself. The Republicans do not control anything. Even in January they will only be in a position to block things, not actually do anything.

  11. Of course it’s entirely obvious that Obama is responsible for the dire state of the US economy, because the Bush administration handed it to the Democrats in fine condition. Although I am in favor of Obama speaking out against the brutal Kremlin regime, are you suggesting that Obama sabotage the START negotians by embarrassing Putin publically?

    • Did you give Bush credit for the economic rebound that followed Obama’s election? Because if you are right, that was Bush’s doing and not Obama’s.

      We are suggesting Obama do nothing to advance the Kremlin’s interests and everything to undermine them, as Chamberlain should have done with Hitler.

      • though to the rest of the world it’ pretty obvious that the Hitlers of our times reside in Washington, DC:)

      • Economic rebound…..? The US economy was tanking 700,000 jobs per month when Obama took office! Now I’ve lost a lot of respect for you and your blog. Do’t even get me started on the defosit that Bush ran up. And how come you Republicans never give Obama credit for the huge middle class tax cut in the stimulous package, you’re so keen on cutting taxes?

        My parting shot before I desert your GOP blog for good, Hitler didn’t have the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear missiles.

        • @Hitler didn’t have the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear missiles

          Actually yes he had (the A-4/V-2 rocket), he just didn’t have nuclear warheads for them – but then again, neither had anyone else.

  12. Shay seems to believe that the current global economic crises is the fault of the Bush administration, sorry Shay your incorrect the root of the problem began in 1999 under the Clinton administration, under Clintons watch the Glass-Stiegel act was repealed

    This act was passed following the great depression and banned banks from investing in securities. This de-regulation opened the door for the predatory speculators and corrupt bankers to run amok.

  13. In December, 2006 the Democrats achieved full control of both houses of congress and made speeches on how things were going to be very different. Barney Frank immediately caused a complete blow off in housing. In 2008 the Market crashed. In 2010 the Democrats are running a trillion dollar deficit. Unless Bush hid in some corner of the white house I do not see how he can be blamed.

    As for Putin, his gross mismanagement of the Russian economy is the reason for his ongoing humiliation.

  14. The FSB in Moscow answering to Obama’s “reset” idiocy (WikiLeaks):


    A November 2009 cable signed by John Beyrle, now ambassador to Russia, set the scene for FBI Director Robert Mueller before his visit with law enforcement and security counterparts. It sketched a growing climate of harassment of U.S. diplomats by elements of the Federal Security Service, or FSB.

    “Family members have been the victims of psychologically terrifying assertions that their USG [U.S. government] employee spouses had met accidental deaths,” the embassy reported. “Home intrusions have become far more commonplace and bold, and activity against our locally engaged Russian staff continues at a record pace.

    “We have no doubt that this activity originates in the FSB. Counterintelligence challenges remain a hallmark of service at Embassy Moscow.”

    Decades earlier, the cables show, U.S. diplomats in Tehran tried to comprehend the Iranian revolution in its earliest throes and explain to Washington the near impossibility of reasoning with Iranians.

    Bruce Laingen, charge d’affaires, signed a biting critique of what he saw as the Iranian mindset, contending “statements of intention count for almost nothing,” “the single dominant aspect of the Persian psyche is an overriding egoism,” “cultivation of goodwill for goodwill’s sake is a waste of effort,” and the “almost total Persian preoccupation with self … leaves little room for understanding points of view other than one’s own.”

    Laingen was on to something: impending trouble. A few months after, ideologues overran the embassy and diplomats lived the lives of hostages for 444 days.

  15. To compare Democrats performance compared to Republican performance go to AMERICAN THINKER and read Yossi Gestetner. All minus signs in front of Democrat numbers and all plus signs in front of republican numbers.

  16. I have two words for all of you GOP hacks, and they are “Iraq” and “Katrina.”

    I am disappointed by Obama’s Reset policy as much as anybody who posts to this blog, but until Republicans can demand an end to START treaty negotiations from the floor of Congress and offer an alternative strategy I will continue to ignore your party and Sarah Palin.

    Lastly Bush had eight years in which to restore Glass Steigal but he didn’t because his criminal friends on Wall St were cleaning up, instead he was too busy looking into the eyes of Putin and formulating a positive sense of his soul.

  17. Shay:
    Iraq’s monster dictator was legally hanged by the neck. Katrina was a storm. Try to think up a real fault of President Bush like his failure to veto spending bills.

  18. “we urge the people of America to hold him accountable for the tragedy he is helping to create in Putin’s Russia. ”

    IMO snafu Obama should do a public apology to Geoff Fieger for the damage the FBI did to his law office and his reputation in Michigan. What happens in Russia is their business.

  19. I agree with these two russians that Obama is no good- hell he is worse for us USA citizens,and for the hungry black folk out there He backstabbed you and lied in your face,and is shutting the door of his warm comfy MANSION on you while you freeze to death out in the cold- no mercy what-so-ever cold and calculating he was and still is-he is a snakehead evil runs through his veins-this foreigner,coward,spy,non-USA-citizen,Kenyan born liar loves ISLAM and gayness-he aint the antichrist but he is on the team as a huge player-this scum deserves punishment with a vengence-PAYBACK is going to make him penniless and in jail for life-it is time to nail this perp to the wall and show that KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE to all the world-he is a traitor that would have been shot by our forefathers-how dare he go against the laws of the CONSTITUTION and violate them and blatantly not respect GOD but uphold Islam -yes he is less than zero he is a black hole that vacuums all of our monies and valuable moralities and USA strongholds and antigay,antiISLAM,anticrime,GUN TOTIN’ LUVIN’,LOVE JESUS society trying to uproot one neighborhood at a time trying to make us all suffer for being USA citizens that love to drive a 1969 z-28 like an obama out of hell down the backroads 160 miles an hour-yes he is traitor to us all and if he was legit he would be our worst president ever-but doesn’t even deserve to be called president he is one of the worst traitors ever he belongs with Hitler

  20. You guys should cut him a slack,he has done enough for the commoners,he deserves better from you have-nots for the coming election,if you can’t beat him,join him.

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