Russia’s Neo-Soviet Imperialism in Ukraine

Mincing no words, Jeffrey T. Kuhner, president of the Edmund Burke Institute and writing in the Washington Times, warns the world about Vladimir Putin’s neo-Soviet ambitions beyond his borders:

Moscow is on the march. Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the most destabilizing – and reckless – great power on the world stage. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia could have become a stable democracy at peace with its neighbors.

Instead, Mr. Putin is erecting a Great Russian empire. He has imposed a brutal police state at home. Journalists routinely are killed. Critics and dissidents are jailed. Media freedoms and opposition parties are under assault. A gangster elite runs the Kremlin, plundering the country’s vast wealth.

Russia has become a rogue state. Mr. Putin’s aim is to make Moscow the center of an anti-American, anti-Western axis. Russia has waged a genocidal war in Chechnya. It has de facto annexed the Georgian provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. It has reduced Belarus to an economic vassal. It menaces the Baltic States. Moscow asserts a sphere of influence in Central Asia and the Caucasus. It has sold vital missile and nuclear technology to Iran’s mullahs. It has close ties with Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

Yet the Russian bear seeks an even bigger prize: Ukraine. This nation of 46 million, whose size is that of Germany and Britain combined, is of vital geopolitical importance – to both Russia and the West. Ukraine literally means borderland. Throughout the centuries, hostile neighbors – Russia, Poland, Lithuania – have sought to control Ukraine’s rich resources and minerals. Because of its geographic location, Ukraine’s fate has been to serve as a bridge between Asia and Europe; it straddles the civilizational fault line separating West and East. This is Ukraine’s curse and blessing.

Mr. Putin understands that his imperial ambitions ultimately can be achieved only if Ukraine is subjugated. Russia with Ukraine resembles America – a vast continental superpower. Without it, Russia is more like Canada – a large country mostly covered in snow.

Moreover, a democratic and prosperous Ukraine is a dagger aimed at the heart of the Putin regime. It will serve as a model for its northern Slavic cousins to imitate – a viable, attractive alternative to Mr. Putin’s barbarism. Hence, for Moscow, Ukraine must be smashed; its experiment in independence must be subverted.

Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, is a political battleground pitting pro-Russian forces against pro-Western nationalists. President Viktor Yanukovych is trying to roll back the clock to pre-Orange Revolution days. In 2004, backed by the Kremlin, he tried to steal the election, sparking street protests that culminated in the Orange Revolution. Earlier this year, he won elections – this time, fairly – on a platform of economic renewal and national reconciliation.

Mr. Yanukovych, however, has again proved the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He is a Russophile thug who is slowly forging an authoritarian state. His government has centralized power, repealing amendments to the constitution – without public debate or any kind of vote – that substantially weaken parliament. Media censorship is on the rise. Journalists critical of the regime have disappeared mysteriously. In recent regional elections, opposition parties were harassed. Ballot tampering and voter fraud were rampant.

Mr. Yanukovych’s base is in the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine – the Sovietized industrial east. His Party of Regions seeks to make Russian an official language; in fact, its website refuses to use Ukrainian. He has put joining NATO and the European Union on the back burner – bowing to Moscow’s demands. Slowly, but surely, he is splitting Kiev from the West. In short, he is Mr. Putin’s poodle.

The result is that Ukraine is a sovereign country in name only. Moscow funds Mr. Yanukovych’s Party of Regions and numerous Ukrainian think tanks and media outlets. The Kremlin has issued thousands of Russian passports in the Crimea, thereby creating Russian “citizens” who in the future may need “protection” from imaginary threats in Kiev – repeating the pattern established in Georgia. Also, the lease for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, based in Sevastopol – set to expire in 2017 – was extended until 2042. Ukraine is being transformed into a Russian protectorate.

Mr. Putin despises Ukrainian nationalism. At a 2008 NATO meeting, the Russian strongman told then-President George W. Bush, “Ukraine is not a real country.” Rather, Mr. Putin said, it was a “gift” from Moscow, whose major territories formed part of czarist Russia. He publicly refers to Ukraine as “Little Russia.” His comments are not only insulting and disrespectful, but belligerent.

It is high time Washington takes notice. President Obama’s efforts to press the “reset button” in relations with the Kremlin have failed, emboldening Mr. Putin’s fascist regime. Ukraine’s descent into Putinism would be a tragedy of historical proportions. Contrary to Moscow’s propaganda, Ukraine is not a regional outpost of Russian civilization; rather, it is part of the European main – a long-suffering nation with a distinct cultural identity rooted in Western values, a separate language and unique Slavic heritage.

Ukraine is the eastern ramparts of the West. It is a strategic bulwark against Russian expansionism. It is not “Little Russia” but a nation in its own right. America cannot turn a blind eye. We must slap the bear down and tell Mr. Putin unequivocally to keep his greedy paws off Ukraine.

22 responses to “Russia’s Neo-Soviet Imperialism in Ukraine

  1. well spoken THX !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Raphael Lemkin, the father of the UN’s Genocide Convention, later described the Soviet genocide of Ukrainians that spanned more than one decade. First they killed the “national brain” — the intelligentsia. Next they went after the “soul” by destroying churches and killing priests. Only then did they go after the body — the “large mass of independent peasants” through artificial famine.

    • Holodomor was NO SECRET IN WINNIPEG

      Ukrainians held memorials for Stalin’s victims, while local communists accused them of ‘lying’

      PS The moscali blame stalin rather than the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin!

    • …and lastly they forcefully moved millions of other nationalities (mostly Russians) to “dilute” Ukrainian culture. It is amazing that you mentioned Lemkin! I have just (30 minutes ago) re-read his assay about the genocide against Ukrainians.

  3. Sadly, to my ears over the years, I have heard, here in America, from many first-generation Russian immigrants, and also from some of their children, such things as: there is no such nation, as ‘Ukraine’, or a people named, ‘Ukrainians’, it was always just, the Border-Region, & it was and always MUST remain, a part of Russia!, etc.
    When I have tried to confront them, with, “but, if the majority of the population there, WANT a separate Ukrainian nation, why can’t they?”
    They usually respond,’ but they have no RIGHT to steal away from Mother Russia, territory that was ALWAYS an integral part of Russia!’, and, ‘ if some there want a separate Ukraine, then let THEM leave!, get out!, or be forced to leave BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!’
    And then they all repeat the old Russian dictum (chanted as a mantra long before communism):
    “Kiev is the mother of RUSSIAN cities!” (i.e. and will REMAIN so, forever!)
    The difference between today’s Kremlin neo-soviet Putin’s propaganda and this past Russian chauvenism, are a number of historical developments, not the least of which is the FACT that Ukraine is today, a separate nation, and the only way that it can be ‘re-united’ to Moscow’s control, will be by a major & very bloody military invasion, AND the traitorous fifth-columnist co-operation of some segments of the population (among those large numbers who identify themselves as ‘Russians’), plus if the rest of the world just looks the other way.
    In short, I fear for the future of Ukraine.
    Will our timid cowardly western governments, want to ‘interfere in Moscow’s sphere of influence’?
    B. Obama seems willing to give to Putin, anything, and anyone.

    • I too am worried about Ukraine’s future (hell, I was born and lived there until I was 26). But there is always a fine line with the international interference. Yanukovich was elected. Burden of the consequences of that election falls onto Ukrainian citizens. It is hard to imagine at which point foreign community can interfere and how deeply. See, Saddam was a threat to other nations (which in my mind the point when even if the nation likes their dictator it is no longer their business) and still the west cannot come to a consensus as to whether his removal was justified. Economic embargo, blocking overseas bank accounts, notes of protests…when and where and how to get everybody on board-that is the question.

  4. The Regionnaires (as party members are known) share other similarities with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Like the CPSU, the Party of Regions is a formidable vote-manufacturing machine, possessing dedicated cadres, vast resources, and unscrupulous leaders. Like the CPSU, the Party of Regions is an efficient moneymaking machine, serving as a get-rich-quick scheme for its activists, promoting the interests of Ukraine’s elites, and maintaining warm relations with organized crime. Like the CPSU, the Party of Regions is also a powerful mythmaking machine, idolizing all things Soviet, exalting Russian language, culture, history, and identity, and conferring “separate and unequal” status on their Ukrainian equivalents. And finally, the Party of Regions is inherently incompatible with democracy, the market, and rule of law, as was the CPSU. Even if Yanukovich is the bold reformer his defenders say he is, he will — like Mikhail Gorbachev — soon discover that the main obstacle to perestroika is his own party.

    Although the Regionnaires may make the trains run on time, their rule — called “thug-ist” by the Russian democratic analyst Yulia Latynina — cannot make Ukraine truly modern. Small wonder that they still can’t accept the Orange Revolution as a genuine manifestation of popular will. It’s not just that the upheaval repudiated and exposed them as fraudsters. Far worse, it demonstrated that Ukrainians could and, given the chance, would resist the rule of reactionaries and authoritarians. The revolution proved that Ukrainians were mature enough politically to understand that they had rights — and that the Yanukovich people were the interlopers incapable of withstanding people power.

    • When the Iron Curtain “fell”, and the WWII occupation finally ended for many European countries, most of the commies/KGB stayed behind the scenes and remained in charge. Most of the Directors of the factories, etc, were commies/KGB that slowly “changed” to democrats, socialists, etc.

      I did and analysis of the elections in Ukraine over a 10 year period as follows:

      Ukraine “inherited” the commies/KGB – who in turn joined/created the Party of Regions (Por) – when it became independent.

      The commies love their show trials, and the commies/KGB are back in power now. The por was created from the commies/KGB that left the commie party and joined por.

      >>1998 commie party = 24.7%
      Por = 0%

      >>1999 commie party = 22.4%
      Por = 0 %
      Vitrenko = 10.97%

      >>2002 commie party = 19,98%
      Por = 5% (?)
      Vitrenko =3.2%

      >>2004 commie party = 4.97%
      Por = 39.26%
      Vitrenko = 1.53%

      >>2006 commie party = 3.66%
      Por =32.1%
      Vitrenko = 2.93%

      >>2007 commie party = 5.39%
      Por = 34.37%

  5. They sovok russkie moskali will NEVER get Ukraine again…..they can try – but this time UPA will resurrect and belive me…..the rooooshian buffons will have a lesson they´ll never forget…it is neither Abkazhia nor South Ossetia – never forget….mr putler !

  6. On the anniversary of the Orange Revolution, another one started?

    Tax code protesters brave blizzard, gather on Independence Square

    Today at 08:21 | Staff reports

    Demonstrators protesting against the new tax code early in the morning on Nov. 29 began gathering again on Independence Square in Kyiv.

    By 8:00 a.m., about 1,000 of demonstrators had assembled on the square, which has been the epicenter for a grassroots nationwide protest campaign. Rallies on Nov. 22 and Nov. 25 attracted tens of thousands in Kyiv, as well as in regional capitals across the country.

    Organizers of the protest demand President Viktor Yanukovych veto the tax code, dismiss Prime Minister Azarov and his government and hold elections to parliament in early 2011, not 2012.

    Read more:

  7. As for Yanukovych, who wants “truth above all” in matter concerning the Holodomor, perhaps the truth about all the crimes of communism will come to see the light during his presidency. Perhaps this willl be accomplished by the communist he appointed to head the Institute of National Memory. For comparison’s sake, that’s like appointing a neo-Nazi to head Yad Vashem.

    Read more:

  8. It is extremely important that international pressure continue in order that the Holodomor be recognized as a genocide. It is time that the victims of this atrocity receive the recognition they deserve. Today, the fourth Saturday in November, is an international day of awareness for the Holodomor.

    We should all do our part in spreading the word about this atrocity. All nations must accept the truth and recognize the 1932-1933 Ukrainian Holodomor as an act of genocide.

    Read more:

  9. This confirms that the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin would go to any extremes to obfuscate their guilt – including blackmail.

    According to a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, published on Nov. 29 by WikiLeaks, Britain’s Prince Andrew, a frequent visitor to the region, said that Aliyev had received a letter from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev “telling him that if Azerbaijan supported the designation of the Bolshevik artificial famine in Ukraine as ‘genocide’ at the United Nations, ‘then you can forget about seeing Nagorno-Karabakh ever again.’”‘

    Read more:

  10. Aliyev had received a letter from President Medvedev telling him that if Azerbaijan supported the designation of the Bolshevik artificial famine in Ukraine as “genocide” at the United Nations, “then you can forget about seeing Nagorno-Karabakh ever again.”

    Prince Andrew added that every single other regional President had told him of receiving similar “directive” letters from Medvedev

  11. Yanukovych is giving Ukraine to Putin/KGB.

    Gazprom to form gas joint ventures in Ukraine

    MOSCOW Dec. 1 (Reuters) –

    Russia’s Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz have agreed to establish two joint ventures to extract gas from coal beds in Ukraine and develop Black Sea offshore deposits, Gazprom said on Wednesday.

    Read more:

  12. LR Should have a field day with these WikiLeaks.

  13. AND TOO:
    On the subject of world-wide KGB infiltration and their hoped-for take-over of the whole world, here is a powerful testimony, for those who read Russian, by ex-KGB agent, Konstantin Preobrazhensky: a way & link to download his entire book from the internet:
    “The KGB In The Russian Emigration”
    Note: And of course, why should anyone imagine, that Ukrainian emigrants, world-wide, are not also being infiltrated and used by the KGB?…not just ‘Russians’-?

    • The better link to the Russian original text of K. Preobrazhensky’s new book,
      “The KGB In The Russian Emigration” is:
      and then click on to, ‘download’.
      This link CAN be put through google, to get a rough-English version, but as far as I know, it does not yet exist in good English…though it MAY be……?

  14. Ming the Merciless

    “Without it, Russia is more like Canada – a large country mostly covered in snow.”



    Whose debts are all paid up, whose banks make money head over heels,
    whose real estates prices are rising compared to collapsing in the USA.

    Lots of countries would like to be covered in snow instead of
    trillion dollars debts…

    And Russia is not “covered in snow”, it is nothing more than endless snowbanks!
    (And muddy ditches for roads in the summer!)

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