EDITORIAL: Medvedev the Marauder


Medvedev the Marauder

Ramón Mercader

Russia’s so-called “president” Dmitri Medvedev announced feverishly a few days ago that he was sending out a “Mercader” to deal with the “traitor” who exposed the Anna Chapman spy clan under deep cover in the United States.  As a result of that scandal, of course, Russia was totally humiliated before the entire world.  We offer further insights about the debacle in a post from the head of Agentura.ru in this very issue.

Medvedev was referring to “Ramón Mercader, the secret agent sent by Joseph Stalin to kill archrival Leon Trotsky with an ice pick.”  That’s right, Medvedev was openly patterning himself after Josef Stalin, and bragging about it in public. Lest you think the world saw this as another silly Russian joke, the “traitor” was soon under FBI protection.

Well, that’s the very last nail that can be squeezed into the coffin that contains the scandalous lie that Dima Medvedev is some kind of liberal.  This notion, absolutely ludicrous on its face from the beginning, was promulgated by those who would like to induce us to drop our guard on Russia.  Medvedev was selected as a front man by Putin for this very reason — so he could try to get the West to lay off him long enough to finally consolidate his dictatorship and become “president for life” just like Leonid Brezhnev.

And there were any number of idiots and traitors among us who were willing to swallow this lie, and to repeat it. They urged us to “give Medvedev a chance” to carry through on his allegedly liberal background and rhetoric, and it was oh-so convenient with the milquetoast American Barack Obama was swept into the White House.  Obama soon became Medvedev’s leading cheerleader, munching cheeseburgers with him in public and claiming that he was dividing the Kremlin by throwing his support towards liberalism.

What utterly dishonest rubbish.  What Obama was actually doing was playing right into Putin’s hands. The recent virulent, barbaric assault on leading Russian journalist Oleg Kashin, to say nothing of murders of Russians like Alexander Litvinenko, proves without shadow of doubt that Medvedev is not just blowing smoke. And his willingness to openly invoke the Stalin era, no differently than Putin would have done, lays bare his malignant soul.

Not only is Medvedev not a liberal, he is not even a civilized man — much less a civilized president.  Can you imagine the leader of any other large country openly bragging about dispatching a hit man?  Is it really possible Medvedev does not comprehend the horrific consequences of openly declaring that Russia is a mafia state?

No nation so ruled can long survive. The USSR could not, neither can Russia.

UPDATE:  Some idiots in the comments section, feverishly desperate to avoid the harsh consequences of this rhetoric, are attempting (without the slightest shred of proof)  to claim that Medvedev did not actually make this comment himself, but rather is simply allowing it to be made by others.  This missing-the-forest-for-the-trees insanity is so typical of the moronic mindset that has brought Russia to the brink of destruction.  We are not aware of any public denial by anyone speaking on behalf of the Kremlin that an assassin has been sent to the US to take revenge for the Chapman revelations and that one will not be sent in the future.  From Litvinenko to Yamadayev, the Kremlin’s willingness to commit murder on foreign soil is well known, of course.

40 responses to “EDITORIAL: Medvedev the Marauder

  1. You do know that Medvedev did not actually say anything of the sort, right?

    • You do know that you’ve offered no proof of any kind to support your claim, right (while we’ve quoted Newsweek magazine)? Do you think your reputation for accuracy precedes you and you cannot be questioned? Do you think it’s impossible that a government populated by proud KGB spies which has been convicted of state-sponsored murder and torture by the international court could make such a statement?

      You were “educated” in Russia, right?

      • Mine was a rhetorical question; of course you know that Medvedev did not say the things you have attributed to him — one does not spew out the verbiage you fine gents do each and every week without some rudimentary reading comprehension.

        As for my sources, I did not feel any particular need to mention them for the simple reason that I am not the one playing pretend journalism — you are. And since your source apparently consists of an unsourced blurb by other pretend journalists, I figured you’d understand. The Mercader quote originally stems from the Kommersant article on the affair, of course, and the paper credits an anonymous intelligence official (convenient). How and when Medvedev became associated with it is surely an interesting question, but only insofar it is a foray into the wonderous world of pretend journalism.

        Do I think it impossible that a “a government populated by proud KGB spies” (a side note — “a government”? What happened to “Medvedev said…”?) would’ve said something of the kind? No, certainly not. I’m a pretty open-minded guy; I do not generally dismiss things outright in the absence of information. Of course, the fact that something is not impossible does not make it true or even likely, all your fine innuendo notwithstanding. In that same vein, do I think it impossible that you fine folks at La Russophobe are secretly proud KGB spies, whose goal here is to make the Kremlin seem sympathetic by comparison? I’m sure you can answer that.

        (And if you cannot, a spoiler — the answer is “No”.)


        Thanks for confirming you have absolutely no basis whatsoever to challenge the accuracy of Newsweek’s report. We accept your apology for your outrageous and offensive misstatement.

        And, F.Y.I., the word “la” in our blog title means we are not “gents.”

        • Other than the fact that it’s monumentally confused, doesn’t find any corroboration in any other (sourced) news outlets, and does not cite a source of its own? No, no reason to doubt the veracity of the report at all.

          • Talk about monumentally confused!!!

            Are you saying NOBODY in the Kremlin made this comment, or just that MEDVEDEV didn’t? Your own scribbling is UTTERLY unintelligible.

            Of course, if ANYONE said it and Medvedev did not disavow it, he’s just as guilty as if he had said it himself.

            The fact is simple: You know how outrageous and offensive this comment is. You know how Russians would react if an American made it. Therefore, you are trying desperately to change the subject.

            We’d say nice try but . . .

            • Nice backpedaling there, buddy.

              I do not know whether or not anyone in the administration said it, considering the original source of the quotation is anonymous. It is entirely possible that it is simply the product of someone’s fevered imagination (much like this article, as well as the one in Newsweek). It is generally not the policy of any head of state to comment on random statements, made anonymously. In fact, Mr. Medvedev declined to comment on the specifics of the Kommersant article — as is to be expected. (I’m fairly sure you can find the source for this assertion; it isn’t overly hard.)

              I am glad to see that you are coming around to the idea that Mr. Medvedev did not say the things you’ve claimed he said, though. Of course, your next step is to attempt to derail the conversation, and instead of admitting that you were in fact quite wrong, you’ll now claim that Mr. Medvedev is “guilty”, somehow, by association. As you say, buddy, ’tis a nice try indeed.

              I have little interest in arguing with you about your opinions, however; they’re rather axiomatic. I came here to argue facts; and so far, neither yourself nor your merry little cohort of me-toos have managed to produce anything resembling evidence for your original claim.

              A side-note — if it is in fact true that you cannot comprehend my mouth-words, then you may consider everything I’ve said about your supposed reading comprehension as unsaid.

  2. Give up Futility, your first sentence cum paragraph showed you up for the brainless Medvedev/Putin stooge you really are – I mean your ignorance of that murderer Ramón Mercader is? – is just unbelievable!

    If the criminal Putin/Medvedev ‘banda’ has to sink to such a low standard as to hire people of your caliber to spread their propaganda, then they are definitely scrapping the bottom of the ‘pits’.

    Remember chum; Confucius, he said, it is better to keep one’s mouth shut and let people think that you are an idiot, rather then open it and dispel all doubt. Thank you for dispelling all doubt!

    Lastly, what are the points that you are trying to make ?? the way you waffle on, is it that you are you on some mind bending Psychiatric prescribed drugs?

    • So, you fail to read and comprehend a few simple sentences, yet this is somehow my problem? Amusing.

      Protip: I did not profess nor imply any ignorance on my part of Ramon Mercader. Perhaps this realisation will help you on your way to discovering deeper truths — though most likely not.

  3. I might be mistaken, but I think this quote by Medvedev was broadcast on public Russian TV. By Medvedev himself, of course.

    • You are indeed mistaken.

      • Well, somehow the citation hasn’t been denounced and the newspaper hasn’t been sued for such a serious misquote of the major person in the country! Need any further proof?

    • andyash,
      I saw Medvedev saying this on RT -so dymasza, futiyasaha you might deny it or it is just russian reality…..By the way, also Mr. Peter Lavelle said that; you probably know him that gay chipmunk, who is devoided of any basic humin characteristics, but then again he was raping little altar boys in Warsaw, Poland and was saved by KGB – so he ows Putin big time….

      • Then it should not be too difficult to produce a video clip or a transcript, even. You’d best get started with your search; ’twill be an adventure.

        • Once the video is found and produced by somebody, you will of course tell us it was a joke, am I right?

          • Certainly not. If such a video were to be found, I’d be genuinely disappointed in Mr. Medvedev. The disappointment would be somewhat allayed by my awe at the fact that someone had managed to find something that does not exist, however.

            All in all, it’d be a pretty mixed bag.

          • RV, you all don’t understand one thing:

            I personally read the article in Kommersant where they first published this quote about “Mercader”.

            These words were cited in that article, given by an “unnamed source”.

            Here’s a link:


            You’re welcome to google translation here:


            Now I believe we all don’t think Medvedev is cited as an “unnamed source”, right?

            Now let’s stop this silly discussion started by the idiotic post of the idiotic LR team.


            Dima, you are braying jackass. You have cited NO EVIDENCE AT ALL, much less a denial from Medvedev or his spokesperson, to indicate that Medvedev did not make this quote, and there is NOTHING in the behavior of the Russian Kremlin to indicate that it could not be said. The threat has been made, and the witness is in protection.

            Unnamed sources are used all the time, particularly when those against whom they speak ARE INFAMOUS FOR MURDER.

            Your intelligence is pulp, and you have the morals of a slug. In other words, you’re a full-blooded Russian.

            • But yes, we’re all waiting for the video – it was advertised by our Polish friend mccusa to “dymasza, futiyasaha”, and this video must be linked to make sure our dear Polish friend is not lying.

              • dymasza wrote;
                But yes, we’re all waiting for the video – it was advertised by our Polish friend mccusa to “dymasza, futiyasaha”, and this video must be linked to make sure our dear Polish friend is not lying
                my comment;
                To be called friend by russian savages that not only killed Polish President and 90 others but robbed the slaughtered bodies – it is ‘an ‘honor’ indeed…..What keeps me going is the image of the toilet in Kursky vagsal with walls covered with excrement and the Lenin’s portret handing on this sh..ty wall – of course, before the communism there was a tzar’s portret on the same wall covered with extrements – what a culture ….

                • Looks like you failed to find the video you told exists and proves the nonsense the team wrote above.

                  This makes you a liar, our dearest Polish friend, mccusa/ aaausa.

                  Now get lost.

                  • Dymasza wrote;
                    Looks like you failed to find the video you told exists and proves the nonsense the team wrote above.

                    This makes you a liar, our dearest Polish friend, mccusa/ aaausa.

                    It looks like an interrogation in Lubianka, I see years of practice, dear. DYMASHA, THE WHOLE WORLD SAW MR. MEDVEDEV ON RUSSIA TODAY – YOU CAN CHECK WITH YOUR FRIENDS E.G. THE LITTLE GAY CHIPMANK PETER LAVELLE and company. Dearest smelly russian friend this make you a liar and a criminal – did you order ME to look for the video???? I dont remember – should I receive the secret order from KGB or what … Am I going to be interrogated in lubianka tell me, tell me are you going to send Mr. Ice pick …..

                    • @did you order ME to look for the video

                      MC, nobody’s going to try and find any sources for your lies. Nobody, including you, it seems, LOL.

                      Now get lost. Beat it. Buzz off.

  4. “You can be sure – a Mercader was sent to him already” told our source in Russian intelligence services.

    That was the only quote about “Mercader” in the media.

    Medvedev, of course, did not say anything the team says he did.

    The team lies, as usual.

  5. “You came to Moscow at a right time. Your police got out of control and grabbed some people,” Putin said, elciting a laugh from Clinton.

    And when asked by reporters if Moscow was planning to take revenge, he said it was incorrect to ask about it. “It cannot be solved at a press conference. They live by their own laws, and all special services are well aware of these laws,” he said.

    (elciting a laugh from Clinton?)

    • Taking into account it’s normal for USian presidents to issue orders to kill priests, most probably any USian secretary of state should bash Putin for being too vague and soft-hearted.


      So you admit Medvedev did make this statement. Thanks!

      Meanwhile, if you have proof of American presidents openly bragging about sending out hit men, please provide it. Otherwise, you sound like a babbling drunkard. If you think that other countries committing crimes means Russia is free to do so, you need to have your head examined.

      • dymasza wrote;

        Taking into account it’s normal for USian presidents to issue orders to kill priests, most probably any USian secretary of state should bash Putin for being too vague and soft-hearted


        What about the central committee of the soviet union or the present day Russia that took decision to slaughter its own nation, including prureists, – probably just for fun and keep those russian slaves even more on their knees. Can anybody bit that???

        • Sad to inform you sunshine, but there’d never been any “Central Comitee of the Soviet Union”. Happy f*ck up again:)

          I don’t what the word “prureists” means, so I’m not going to say you f*ckd up here too… Maybe “prureists” is some dialect of Polish, and we’ve really slaughtered those mercilessly… (But, of course, I’m joking, my dear friend, and you f*ckd up twice in two sentences).

          P.S. Your phrases are usually so vague, my dear… You seem to like methafors (these are figures of speech using play of words to convey analogy) and other tropes (happy googling!), but that’s no good – you just don’t know how to use them, regretfully…

          I didn’t understand what do you want “anybody” to bit? US presidents ordering murders of priests or what? Imagine a US president “biten”? I’m afraid that could lead to WWIII? Or is it next Rep president is a little bit sado-mazo? And we’re going to see the Ovul Office reloaded?:)

          Let me give you a good advice, sunshine. Why dont you stop trying to attack me every time? For your own good? Because I’m quite out of your league. And because you risk being TYOAB-ed every time you try…


          Dima, STOP USING PROFANITY ON OUR BLOG. It is VERY RUDE AND VULGAR, proves you are uncivilized, makes Russia look terrible, and violates our published rules.

          Do it again and you are banned.

          • Dymasza wrote;
            Sad to inform you sunshine, but there’d never been any “Central Comitee of the Soviet Union”. Happy f*ck up again:)

            dymasza, dymasza, wrong again
            No central committee of the soviet union’s communist party – who were then those revolting old men e.g., chrushczev, brejnev, chernenko, andropov, with bushy eyebrows and mongol folds, kissing each other on the lips – the whole world thought it was a central committee – it wasn’t a religious order by any chance….
            Aren’t you ashame of yourself, dear, YOU DIDN’T KNOW….FOR THIS TEN YEARS PRISON – MAGADAN PREFARRABLY….START PACKING….

            • Dear mccusa,

              Did you notice that you are chatting with a vulgar moscal showing his vulgar “culture” with his obscene language as he continues to spout his and the kremlin’s disinformation?

              Central Committee, in the history of the Soviet Union, the highest organ of the Communist Party between party congresses, though in practice this status was held by the Politburo from the 1920s on. The Communist parties of other countries were also governed by central committees.

              The first Central Committee was founded by Vladimir Lenin’s Bolshevik faction in 1912 when it broke off from the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party. The committee determined broad policy objectives for the Bolsheviks, and in October 1917 it established a Politburo of five of its members to lead the Russian Revolution. The size of the Central …


      • LR, now you lie once again I agree to BS you say – and a new lie of yours does not make the former more credible:)

        As to the US president sending hitmen after a priest – here you go:


        A recent case. Priest, and a US citizen, waiting to be murdered by the order of a US president.


        2nd case. To make sure you don’t cry this was all democrat’s fault. And a US citizen again.

        Both are/ were at the time imams, i.e. Islamic religious leaders, priests.

        But you’re not going to respond, silly team?


        You’re an illiterate ape. We are discussing the president ADMITTING doing it, not simply doing it. We didn’t deny that assassinations are carried out, we said that the president doesn’t brag about it. Nothing in your links is to the contrary, ape man.

        • As of yet, there is not a shred of evidence that Mr. Medvedev said any of it. You’re doing a bang-up job as always, buddy.

          But please, do tell me or Dmitry again how we should just go ahead and prove a negative.

  6. DIMA:

    Do you have the guts to DIRECTLY answer two simple questions?

    (1) Has the US government murdered anyone on Russian soil since the fall of the USSR?

    (2) Are you claiming that the murder Medvedev is authorizing is somehow related to terrorism against Russia?

    • LR:

      None, however the “Russian government” has murdered several Americans in Moscow and elsewhere it claims is a “Russian soil”, including:

      -Cynthia Elbaum, journalist, killed by the Russian air raid on a residential area of Grozny among at least 18 other people, 1994

      -Fred Cuny, aid worker, deliberately framed by the FSB as a “Russian spy” so he would be killed in Chechnya, 1995

      -Sandy Booker, hostage, gassed to death by the FSB in Moscow among well over 100 (200?) other people, 2002

      and others, of course none of these deaths were criminally investigated.

    • LR, here you go.

      1) No. I have not heard of killings on Russian soil, thankfully. Would your gallant boys try, they’ll be caught, tried and jailed. Still this is no exuse for killing presidents, PMs, leaders, priests whose existence you find inconvenient – all around the globe, in less important countries that are defenceless against you. And some random wedding processions in the same states that just get in your way.

      2) No, I’m not claiming anything like this. Medvedev did not “authorise” anything.


      So you admit Russia is planning to do what Americans have not!! And you admit that American actions are connected with fighting terrorism, while Russian actions are connected with advancing terrorism!! (In fact, right now Russians are actively seeking to protect Victor Bout, one of the worst terrorists on the planet, and Russia has been convicted MANY times in the International Court for Human Rights of state-sponsored murder, torture and kidnapping.) Your comparison of this incident to American actions was TOTALLY bogus in BOTH respects, utterly childish and idiotic and inaccurate. Yet YOU dare to criticize US??? Do you REALLY think you are seen as a paragon of objectivity and accuracy, Dimushka? Or are you just blind drunk (again)?

      You have ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that American security forces are not moving to protect this Russian from attacks on American soil, which means the threat from Russia is QUITE real and was obviously authorized by Medvedev (unless you think Russian secret police are authorized to commit murder abroad without presidential approval!). The report is unquestioned by A-N-Y-O-N-E (did you read it? did you notice IT IS A RUSSIAN REPORT???). Yet America has not done that to Russia. Russia ROUTINELY kills on foreign soil. It killed Litvinenko, and it killed Yamadayev.

      So there is no reason to doubt that Russia plans to kill the man who informed on Anna Chapman.

      Meanwhile, you do not stop FOR ONE SINGLE SECOND in your childish, breathless frenzy to find some kind of fault in this blog to question whether it’s a good idea for Russia to carry out these actions against the world’s most powerful country.

      Your statements are utterly deranged and totally devoid of ANY factual support of ANY kind, yet you question our accuracy. You’re sick in the head, Dima. Or maybe it’s just that you’re Russian.

      NOW ONCE AGAIN WE ASK YOU: Please POST A LINK to AN OFFICIAL RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT SOURCE which denies that any “Mercader” has been sent to the USA. And if you can’t, PLEASE SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

      • @So you admit Russia is planning to do – no, I never admitted that Russia plans to do anything you claim.

        @American actions are connected with fighting terrorism – Murdering terrorists without a trial? What are they going to do with the “terrorist states” then? Nuke them?

        @Russians are actively seeking to protect Victor Bout, one of the worst terrorists on the planet – Ah, terrorist? So he really sold Stingers to Taleban? Supplied arms to Pinochet? Suharto? Mubarak? Papa Doc? Torres? Noriega ? Mobutu? Zaur family? Many other cruel dictators? But no, sunshine, that was the US. On the state level.

        @Your comparison of this incident to American actions was TOTALLY bogus in BOTH respects – but of course, how could one man, even such a talented adventurist But is, sell arms to so many dictators around theworld in a lifetime?

        @Yet YOU dare to criticize US??? Do you REALLY think you are seen as a paragon of objectivity and accuracy, Dimushka? Or are you just blind drunk (again)?

  7. This is the 2nd time that Newsweek Moscow correspondent Owen Matthews has written a flagrant and striking innacuracy (i.e. flat-out lie) recently:

    On 9/19/10 he wrote: “[Russia’s] oil and gas production has fallen to Soviet levels thanks to a lack of investment in new fields.”

    Like he was easily caught in the lie here by the likes of Futility and the user commentators to the Newsweek article, he was caught in September as well (Russia’s oil and gas production is currently at post-Soviet Union record levels).


    Not to disturb your fantasy regarding the quality of your reporting but

    (a) What proof do you have that Owen Matthews wrote the Newsweek report?

    (b) What proof do you have that his statement was incorrect?

    (c) Assuming it was incorrect, what proof do you have he new it was incorrect, and therefore lied?

    Isn’t the quality of your “reporting” in fact at least as bad as that you criticize? Aren’t you, in fact, a shameless hypocrite?

    • Let’s have the numbers, if you are saying that the Newsweek’s reporting is inaccurate. What was the highest Soviet-era production figure for gas and oil and what is it now? I don’t know the numbers but willing to concede this point if you prove, not just say, that the Newsweek is lying

    • Well, Newsweek is one of the most left-leaning magazines (perhaps not as much so as the Nation or the Atlantic), and those usually very supportive of rogue regimes. So, if they are to lie, it would have been to create a rosy picture with respect to Russia and her friends such as Venezuela or Iran, not a black one. Perhaps, that’s why the Newsweek is in bankruptcy.

      No, that’s not the way the corporate -controlled media works.

    • a) Probably the fact that he’s one of the authors credited. Just throwin’ it out there.
      b) The fact that it has not been corroborated by anyone, and the fact that if it were true, there would be a record of it. So far this has not been produced by anyone, including the fine folks in this ‘ere thread who really would’ve liked nothing more.
      c) You’re right. He’s either lying or he’s an awful journalist who can’t check his facts even when they’re obviously wrong. I guess Jennifer gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed the former. It may well be the latter.

      Jennifer does not report. She is not a journalist. In fact, she does not even pretend to be one. Monsieur Matthews however very much pretends to be a journalist, a field which has professional standards to uphold. A strange thought? Perhaps.

  8. Answer to Dymasza’s insults:

    moy otviet budiet na tvaiom sobatszom yazykie – ty typitsznyiy ruskiy – obosrany, kasaglazyi, ruskiy riab, golodnyi, piyanyi, vskegda na kolenakh tiebya mozna v mordu naplevats a ty skazesh shto eto dozdz idiet…

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