EDITORIAL: The Collapse of Russian Foreign Policy


The Collapse of Russian Foreign Policy

Russian relations with Georgia sank to a new low last week as a clan of Russian spies were discovered by security forces in Tbilisi.  Japan was outraged by Russian refusal to return Japanese islands seized in World War II, and threatened economic reprisals.  Iran lashed out at Russia because of the Kremlin’s breach of its written promise to sell missiles to the Islamic dictatorship, and threatened a lawsuit.  And, as we reported in our last issue, the worst news of all came when American voters handed brutal, bitter defeat to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, ousting them from control of the House of Representatives in a landslide repudiation of Obama’s policies, which of course have included capitulation to Russian dictatorship and aggression.

The foreign policy of Vladimir Putin, in other words, lies in smoldering ruins. In more than a decade of dictatorial rule, Putin has failed to forge any alliances with with any significant countries, and meanwhile has alienated, offended and repulsed powerful states all across the globe. Even when he has got lucky, as with the election of the patsy idiot Obama, his luck has not held.

Who can Russia now count as friends?  Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, himself an international pariah?  Russia has even alienated Belarus, the closest thing it has to a brother state, and it is despised throughout former Soviet space.  It is now associated only with the loneliest of rogue leaders, unable to maintain mature, effective relations with any civilized country.

The whole world saw Russia exposed during its 2008 war with Georgia.  Not a single significant country stepped forward to side with Russia during that conflict while Germany’s Chancellor immediately flew to Georgia to stand at the side of the tiny country’s besieged leader.  Germany is one of the countries, particularly since Putin used to work there, that Russians sometimes like to imagine as one of their “friends” in Europe.  But when the rubber met the road, the world saw what Germany really thinks of Russia.

And now Russian foreign policy is degenerating into absolute chaos.  Totally lacking in basic information, intoxicated on its own propaganda just as in Soviet times, Russian leaders are unable to understand foreign people and unable to carry on successful relations with them. All they know is blunt trauma, yet they are not nearly powerful enough to use trauma as an instrument of policy. This leaves the government of Russia not much different from Al Quaeda, a band of terrorists flinging random acts of violence at a world they cannot even begin to comprehend, a world rapidly leaving them behind coughing dust and bitterness.

61 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Collapse of Russian Foreign Policy

  1. The U.S. government ‘‘supports Japan and recognizes Japanese sovereignty over the Northern Territories,’’ State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told a news conference.

    Asked if Article 5 of the bilateral security pact covers the islands off Hokkaido, however, Crowley said it would not apply as the islands are ‘‘not currently under Japanese administration.’‘

    Under Article 5 of the Japan-U.S. security treaty, the United States is required to defend Japan if it comes under a military attack.


  2. And I love how Ahmadinejad just publicily threatened to “crush” his Russian so-called allies “in their palaces”.

    I guess next would be Chavez telling how he’s going to “smash the Russian imperialism” if his reactors won’t arrive on time.

    Maybe Russia and AQ should actually officially ally with each other. After all, some “Russian patriot” commentators on this very blog recently said how “no USA and Israel = peace on Earth”, obviously sharing the same short-term objectives as Zawahiri (who has already visited Russia in the 1990s, officially he was arrested and then released) and his poster boy Osama.

    • Bob, AQ was created by the USia. AQ was a perfect tool to reelect USA. Supported and trained by the CIA, along with Saudi special services, AQ would never need to ally anybody – they are not independent, to do so.

      • *reelect Bush in the USA

      • Георгиевич Гончаренко

        Al Qaeda is a Kremlin Proxy

        Newly re-constructed Stasi files demonstrate a link between Carlos the Jackal (born Ilich Ramírez Sánchezand the KGB, via the East German secret police.

        Poland’s FAKT contacted Litvinenko after the London bombings last month and the following conversation was reported:

        FAKT: Every terrorist you have named is from ‘the old staff’ of the KGB. Could you name someone from recent history?

        A. Litvinenko: Certainly, here it is. The number two person in the terrorist organization al Qaeda, who they are crediting with the series of explosions in London, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is an old agent of the FSB. Being sentenced to death in Egypt for terrorism and hunted by Interpol, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in 1998, was in the territory of Dagestan, where for half a year he received special training at one of the educational bases of the FSB. After this training he was transferred to Afghanistan, where he had never been before and where, following the recommendation of his Lubyanka chiefs, he at once … penetrated the milieu of bin Laden and soon became his assistant in al Qaeda.

        FAKT: Could you hint at least, where this data comes from?

        A. Litvinenko: I can. During my service in one of the most secret departments of the FSB, top officials from the UFSB of Dagestan, who had directly worked with Ayman al-Zawahiri … were called to Moscow and received high posts.

        I will end this commentary with a quote from the text of Viktor Suvorov’s Spetsnaz.

        [Widespread terrorist and sabotage operations in advance of World War III] are known officially in the GRU as the “preparatory period,” and unofficially as the “overture.” The overture is a series of large and small operations the purpose of which is, before actual military operations begin, to weaken the enemy’s morale, create an atmosphere of suspicion, fear and uncertainty, and divert the attention of the enemy’s armies and police forces to a huge number of different targets, each of which may be the object of the next attack.

        The overture is carried out by agents of the secret services of the Soviet satellite countries and by mercenaries recruited by intermediaries. The principal method employed at this stage is “gray terror,” that is, a kind of terror which is not conducted in the name of the Soviet Union. The Soviet secret services do not at this stage leave their visiting cards, or leave other people’s cards. The terror is carried out in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organizations.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          >> Al Qaeda is a Kremlin Proxy >>

          If so, very well done indeed, Kremlin! May more Yanks suffer a lot and then vaingloriously take it out on somebody else. As I said: The dirty little secret of US militarism and megalomania lies in its immense cowardice. Deadly US violence is only meted out against poor countries with dark-skinned populations. Russia and China are well beyond Yankistan’s means.

          • Hey eine kleine schweine Manfred;

            Since when chinese and russians are white???
            Chinese are asian with a very ancient history. As for the Russians,
            the happiest time in russian history – without violence, gulags, denunciations, executions, was under the Golden Horde – almost 5 hundread years of total mongol domination created the monstrosity called eurasian russians – rose cheeks but mongol fold and slanted eyes – that what you russians are….
            By the way, don’t put yourselves in the same class as Chinese – partners with China -you must be dreaming….slaves of China more likely….

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Tu radotes comme toujours, mon petit. I never said Russians and Chinese were white people (for whatever that’s worth) — the point I made, or at least tried to make, was that these two non-white countries are too big and too well-armed for USians and Zionazis to take on directly. In short, Russia and China clearly just don’t fit the salivating picture of defenseless victims as evoked by small, poor, non-white countries and/or captive populations, as the Zionazi Entity would admit in no uncertain terms.

              Also: Deeply regret to inform you, son, that I’m a fully qualified, high-educated Aryan born and raised in the West — hooray!!! I have become possessed, however, with a VERY strong contempt of and revulsion at USians — gender, age, complexion, creed, and social status regardless.

              • For a highly-educated [I presume Lumumba University or Lysenko Institute] Aryan your knowledge of russian language, especially russian vulgarities is amazing – you must be either linguistic genius or simply kgb educated spy. What gave you away is your pathological hatred of USA – it is understandable, deary, you are no longer a world empire ouch…Russia was discarded by the USA – I know, I know it is painful, but irreversible. By the way, I must admit, I am impressed with the networks of spies all over the world [there was a little glitch recently in the USA though]. Let me give you some examples.
                2004 – a day before American Congress’ discussion regarding Poland’s admission to NATO -‘ unknown’ individuals attacked a synagogue in the center of Warsaw, poor russian children from the Russian embassy in Warsaw were attacked by those Polish ‘monsters’, a day after Russia invaded Georgia, all over Poland there were elderly people with the signs ‘Down with Georgian Agressor!, – it took a day to find out that they were paid by russian embassy in Warsaw. Czech’s EU presidency – out of the blue Topolanek’s right wing party government collasped. Let’s watch what will hapen in Hungary and Poland during their respective presidencies..it started already that mysterious ecological catastrophy in Hungary….

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  No offense being taken for a Russian in my case — on this blog, I’ll proudly wear it as a badge of honour at that. Not only a bastard for foreign languages but for mathematics and physics as well.

                  Funny how a USian deduces one’s Russian ancestry from one’s skills in Russian swearing (no doubt a VERY extensive field).

  3. Also the Northern Territories were not seized “in World War II”, but after it.

    Japan had already surrendered to the Allies when the Soviet military invasion and the total (100%) ethnic cleansing of the local civilian population commenced.

    The war was over, but the Soviets kept brutally invading countries and illegally grabbing territory for themselves.

    • Bobby, you missed one fact: Russians already captured 700,000 Japanese army when the USia decided to teach those Japanese a lesson and nuked them.

      There was NO NEED to bomb them, and kill 100,000 CIVILIANS in one second. Other than testing the weapon that USia planned to use to attack the world years later.

  4. The most grostsque thing is that those Russians who live in the Japanese Northern Territory would sell their soules, drop their tradition and so called russian culture to be under Japanese control – they will be the chosen ones – who would live like human beings as opposed to the rest of Russia. Can you get more pathetic than that???

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      A clear case of wishful thinking, made in Yankistan (where else?). Quite strange then, to say the very least, that the Japanese government doesn’t pull its punches much more, rallying the allegedly yearning population in some colour coded jamboree. Putin’s pesky jackboot standing in the way, I presume?

      Can you get more preposterous than a frigging Yank??

    • Not really, they’re basically a bunch of piss-poor yet strongly nationalist rednecks. A few years ago they even formed a militia (as in: a paramilitary group, not the Russian for “police”) in case if the Japanese come so they would fight them off (or something). A sadly hilarious part of this article was how a vigilant militiamen was watching the prosperous Japan through his binoculars.

      Economic situation:

      In spite of persistent attempts of Soviet and Russian administrations to settle the conquered territories, the islands still remain under-populated. They can boast less than 9000 settlers, making population density the lowest in Russian Far East (1.5 per square km.) and significantly contrasting with the demographic situation when the islands were part of Japan. Examining the detailed maps of the islands, one often finds former Japanese settlements with Russian names and an abbreviation “nezhil.” (Russian word for “uninhabited”) in brackets. The population of South Kuriles is not only decreasing but also aging due to extremely high unemployment, isolation and harsh climate. The remaining inhabitants are constantly suffering from shortages of consumer goods, food, fuel and electricity. During the last 50 years, the economy of the islands was based exclusively on fishing and serving numerous garrisons, naval bases and radar stations. The unique nature of the islands provided potential for the development of tourist industry which was impossible due to the fact that the islands were restricted even to most of Russians, not to mention foreign visitors. The economy of the islands today is in a sharp decrease because the fishing resources are rapidly running short, the importance of military activity is going down and the development of tourism is impossible due to a lack of funds. Even correspondents of Russian media recently visiting Northern Territories have to admit that the islands produce an impression of “no-man’s land”.

  5. Hey Eine Schweine Manfred;

    You probably saw Mr. Medvedev’s visit to the Northern Territory – even Medvedev mentioned that the only product that is in full supply is vodka….

    By the way, I cannot help it but every time I see either Putin or Medvedev [5.2″,5.3″, respectively] I immediately think of this magnificent past time in California called – MIDGET THROWING COMPETITION…..ONLY IN AMERICA..

  6. Не статья, а крик искалеченой души. Посмеялся от души.
    Такое впечатление, что это не редакционная статья, а статья в школьной стенгазете. А вообще журналисты этой газеты проходят медосмотр у психиатров?

  7. ЭТА ПЯТЬ!!! :))
    Чистае низамутнёнае удавольствее!!! :)))
    Похоже на грызуна – про “проигрыш” России в Грузии пишут только эти бедняги.

  8. Робберт !
    Не забывайте вовремя принимать все препараты, которые вам прописал лечащий врач.

  9. Какие же вы мудаки.

  10. Top Russian spy defects after betraying U.S. ring

    Today at 15:58 | Reuters MOSCOW, Nov. 11 (Reuters) –

    The head of Russia’s deep cover U.S. spying operations has betrayed the network and defected, a Russian paper said on Thursday, potentially giving the West one of its biggest intelligence coups since the end of the Cold War.

    Read more:


    • @”There has never been such a failure by Section S, the American department that Shcherbakov directed,” said Gennady Gudkov, deputy chairman of the Russian parliament’s security committee, confirming that Kommersant’s report was accurate.

      So this bunch of overpaid clowns were actually their ace spies in America? Wow, SVR is worthless nowadays.

  11. LR:

    I have noticed that the blog is again being invaded and infested by writings in foreign languages. Is there anything you can do to prevent that from happening

    • How about not minding them? Just some more braindead nashist kids.

      • I don’t know what they are saying

        • RV,

          And really, you’re not missing anything of value. It’s the same worthless and stupid things when they are writing in (broken) English, just even easier to ignore.

          It’s happening periodically here. The Putinite derp crew will eventually grow bored and go away, then return later, only Dima is obsessed enough to stay (or maybe it’s his job actually).

          • Bobby, looks like you took my advice to see a doctor really personally. You shouldn’t have, it was not an offence, just a good advice.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Comme l’a dit M. Sarkozy il y a quelques années: “Casse-toi alors, pauvre con”. T’es trop bête ou trop paresseux pour utiliser un traducteur automatique?

      • Mais c’est la plus belle langue du monde:) Meme tes jurons resonnent comme un chanson:)

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Oui, c’est vrai et c’est aussi la raison pour laquelle ce sot de Sarko ne doit pas craigner n’importe quoi de bêtises :-)

          À propos de la Russie: T’as vu ce clip hilarieux où M. Poutine a saoulé la gueule de Sarko avec de la Vodka? Clique sur le lien ci-dessous et amuse-toi:

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            Maybe the LR team would consider the above clip as “proof positive” of “The Collapse of Russian Foreign Policy”, haha!

            • I remember the clip with Mr. Putin caressing a little boy – kissing his tummy – in the States Putin will get 25 years in prison without possibility of parole.

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                And Putin’s sentence in case Sarko would have been Yankistan’s Blockhead of State, please?

              • MC, never think you know anything about Russian politics when all you know is Monica.

                • So dymasza and kleine schweine manfred, you both agree with me;Putin IS a pedophile and russia thinks it is OK. Have you noticed the way Putin lifted the little boy’s t-shirt, and then kissed his tummy what a a speed and accuracy – it implies that Putin has been practicing this for years – he probably started this pedophile business in East Germany – what do you think????

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    As for his (Putin’s) alleged pedophilia, I have no idea. After all, he is no catholic. But when you claim he’s OK to the Russian people, you’re HORRIBLY ignorant of the brilliant analyses put forward by the infallible LR team headed by the one-and-only Kim Zigfeld: “Putin Hates the Russian People and it’s Mutual”. Mind those three and a half last words carefully, my dear.

                    • Actually Manfred, quite a few Russian Saints (Including the ever great St.Seraphim of Sarov & St.John of Krondstat) constantly berated the Russian people for their toleration of child molestation and other sexual deviancy.

                  • Mc, aaa, you both misunderstand what trolling means.

          • Yes, I’ve seen this video it’s been some time – one nice Belgian girl sent it to me as soon as it appeared in francophone web:)

            • dymasza wrote;

              Yes, I’ve seen this video it’s been some time – one nice Belgian girl sent it to me as soon as it appeared in francophone web:)
              Whatever happened in Belgium, PUTIN STILL IS A PEDOPHILE GOT IT , DYMASZ….

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                Admittedly, Yankistan is so caring for the children of the world it won’t tolerate any ban on “Weapons of Child Destruction” tormenting Indochina’s and Iraq’s population. Way to go, Yankee scum.

      • “Casse-toi alors, pauvre con” – tell that to someone not speaking French, and he’ll think it’s a compliment:)

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Oui, c’est fort possible! Dans ce contexte, je me souviens un épisode du “Muppet Show” dans les années 80 où le chanteur Charles Aznavour a séduit Miss Piggy avec “la plus belle langue du monde”. Mais, comme il a franchement expliqué au Grenouille Kermit, ses phrases n’étaient pas tellement romantiques, en fait. Plutôt, son discours s’agissait d’une maudite voiture qui n’a pas voulu marcher. Hilarieux! Alors, je n’ai pas hésité un seul instant d’apprendre cette langue :-D

          • The best reason one can imagine to study a language:)

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Кажется, как будто двое из нас проводим “шоу” здесь, возлюбленный Дмитрий! Где, черт возьми, Ким Зигфелд?

  12. Stupid Yankees, how you have been brainwashed if you are such nonsense. Yes, Russia spat on your yelps, the time will come – and on Capitol red flag will be developed. Watch out!

    • Is this warm comment directed to me? If so, what are you talking about?

    • Red Komissar,

      Deary, that what happen when you mix Russian contaminated samogon with Afghan heroin – dream on you pathetic little commie.. or look around yourself and you see Russia solwly desinegrating.. what a fiendish pleasure to watch it….

  13. Meanwhile, in Dagestan:

    Moscow, Nov 11 : At least 11 people died Thursday in clash between Russian security forces and suspected Islamist rebels in the conflict-plagued North Caucasus, the Interfax news agency reported.

    The “bandits” – as Russian officials call militants who are fighting for the creation of an Islamic state in Russia’s southern provinces – had shot at a police station in Dagestan, the local Interior Ministry told Interfax.

    The ensuing gunfight reportedly left seven security troops and four Islamists dead.

    Deaths are reportedly almost daily in Dagestan and the other disputed Caucasus republics.


  14. ” Bright ” future of rasha ; in the following few years , the moscovites
    that survive aids , alcoholism , depression and other mental disorders , because of their negative birth rate , will be overwhelmed
    by moslems who will take over what is left , after China takes away
    Siberia , Far and Near East , Caucasian nations will reclaim the Caucasus and the ” rooshans ” will slowly but steadily cease to exist .
    All this spying , plotting and scheming and delusions of an
    ” empire : , will burst like a soap bubble . Rasha will disappear because it has no real foundation ; Their history , language , and most of
    their significant achievements , were either stolen from their neighbors or achieved by non rooshans .

    • Хоче полетiти,
      Тихо каже “Ква!”
      Але в небо взмити
      Hе дає Москва.

      • dymasza, really, this stupid communist poem for the pioneers of 1932 is beyond embarrassment.. so this time is the contaminated russian samogon, Afghan heroin PLUS tea with pollonium – mighty potent mixture…

        • MC, this “stupid poem” was written by a Ukranian living in Canada. He’s as communist as you are. And younger than you, I believe.

          It was just he was completely fed up with his country complaining about how Russia impedes their economic development – and fails to lend them enough money, all simultaneously.

          • dymasza,
            Is this Ukrainian still lives in Canada or chose to move back to the ‘paradise’ called Russia where he lives [probably in Workuta or Magadan] in opulence, freedom, in the perfect climate of russia. .. Dymasz, have some respect for your own limited intelligence….

        • And, especially for you and Maxim, one more nice “communist poem” from 1932 pioneers-

          Скатертью вам, хохлы, и рушником дорога.
          Ступайте от нас в жупане, не говоря – в мундире,
          По адресу на три буквы, на стороны все четыре.
          Пусть теперь в мазанке хором гансы
          С ляхами ставят вас на четыре кости, поганцы

          But you know well it was written in KGB, right?

    • ukro-nazi Maksym (what a name)

  15. Алексей Клитин

    If you are believe in it, you are stupid. What a load of bull! I’ ve never seen so foolish article. When I’ ve read it I didn’t know what I should do: crying or laughing that there are so many idiots in the world. Special for normal people I may get advice: if you want to know truth about Russia and about russian foreign policy, please, won’t read this idiotic misantropic article and leave this stupid web site. In a different way you are will degradate and will become alike on stupid macacas.

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