EDITORIAL: Savage Russia, Documented


Savage Russia, Documented

Question:  What do Albania, Kazakhstan and Russia have in common?

Answer:  Their scores on the most recent Human Development Index published by the United Nations are virtually identical.  Russia ranks #65 on the list, Albania is just ahead at #64 and Kazakhstan just behind at #66. Bulgaria, Belarus and Libya, for instance, are well ahead of Russia.  Perhaps most bitter of all for the America-hating Russians, the USA stands at #4 on the list, ahead of every single major nation on the planet.

The world would — quite properly — find it ludicrous to suggest that Bulgaria, Libya or Belarus be given a seat on the G-8.  Why doesn’t it find Russia’s seat on that panel just as insane?

The HDI is composed based on three main factors:  income, education and life expectancy.  It’s the last category that is the cause of most of Russia’s trouble:  Of the 40 nations in Russia’s group, labeled “high human development,” only one country has a shorter average life expectancy than Russia.   Russia’s life expectancy figure is the same as Pakistan’s even though Pakistan has far lower income and education levels than Russia.

What this shocking fact proves is simple:  Russia’s income and education levels are fraudulent, like most things in Russia.  Russian schools are houses of Potemkin, bedeviled by low wages, bribery and corruption of every kind.  “Graduating” from one of them simply doesn’t mean you are “educated” as it might in another country.  And wealth is distributed so corruptly and unfairly that per capita income figures mean nothing at all.

Russia is an ignorant, impoverished country and its life expectancy figures prove that beyond any cavil.  Russia is unable to use education and wealth generation for the true benefit of its people, to help them live longer, and as a result Russia’s population is shrinking rapidly.  This is the single most important measure of national success, and Russia is a disastrous failure when judged by it. Whole huge swaths of Siberian Russia are rapidly becoming wastelands as all manner of blight, from sickness to road fatalities, eats away the Russian heartland.

Meanwhile, Russia’s crazed unaccountable dictatorship recklessly pursues a policy of cold-war confrontation with the West, squandering precious Russian resources on national aggrandizement and aggression.

A nation this bedraggled cannot long survive.

One response to “EDITORIAL: Savage Russia, Documented

  1. BS above aside, I guess there’s one interesting thing about the report:

    Where did the UN source (two persons from the US, actually) took the number 8,8 for “mean years of schooling for Russia.

    With 8 years being a compulsory education (through all the XX century), and 4,7 million of *university* (not colledge) students studying *right now* (in a country of 140M), 8,2 years really seems to be an “interesting” number.

    It’s 10 years in school for students (or 8 at school, then 3 in a colledge), then 5-6 years in a university. So, 5M students *now* make 20M in 20 years. Means, for the last 20 years, at least 20M people received at least 15 years at school (let’s forget postgrads).

    Let’s imagine there’s no colledges, no postgrads, no 12-years schools in Russia now, and no higher education at all in the USSR, the number of Russian post-USSR graduates alone makes the mean number much higher than 8,8.

    It’s interesting, the same authors give 10 years number *in 1990* for the 9 “planned economy” countries, incl. USSR.

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