November 13, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Obama, Defeated!

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Humiliation on American TV

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Women’s Tennis in Decline

(4)  The Treachery of Barack Obama

(5)  Starbucks shows Russia the Way

(6)  CARTOON:  Thumbs Down

NOTE:  LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld continues her crusade to throw light on the malignant activities of pseudo-conservative Michael McFaul as he helps the Obama regime undermine American values in Russia.  First she detailed McFaul’s odious behavior on the American Thinker, and now she holds forth again on Pajamas Media.


14 responses to “November 13, 2010 — Contents

  1. A tiny leak by Mark Franchetti, before WikiLeaks publishes their materials.

    Originally from The Sunday Times, but a subscription is needed to see their content online.

    “We wrapped him in cellophane and took him to a ridge where we dumped him in a pit filled with mud and dirt. I placed a kilo of TNT on his face and another between his legs and walked about 30 metres away. I connected the wire. A big blast followed. The corpse’s stench hung in the air but there was no trace of blood. I felt no emotion whatsoever. That’s how people go missing.”

  2. OMON smashes protests by democracy activists, but they are nowhere to be found 5000 neo-nazi Russians go protesting the existence of non Russians….

    Far-Right, Pro-Kremlin Rallies Vie On Russia’s Unity Day

    November 04, 2010
    Thousands of pro-Kremlin youths and far-right nationalists have massed in competing rallies to mark a new Russian national holiday.

    The pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi (Ours) said it had mobilized more than 15,000 people for its rally on the banks of the Moscow River, while the far right attracted at least 5,000 for an anti-immigrant rally on the city outskirts.

    In one of the largest far-right demonstrations in years in Moscow, activists shouted “Russia for the Russians,” and carried banners calling for “White power” and “Orthodox faith or death” in a march held with official permission in a suburb in the south of the capital.

    National Unity Day has been marked on November 4 since 2005, when Russia’s then-president, Vladimir Putin, created the holiday to replace the November 7 commemoration of the 1917 October Revolution.

    The one on the right looks retarded enough to be Dmitry.

  3. Damn those democrats. They make people poor, that’s why people don’t vote them.

  4. I wonder which is preferable, poverty in the US or poverty in Russia?

  5. Dim,

    Your grammar is not only painfully annoying, but also unintelligible.

    Can you please try again, and by that I mean could you try to answer the question?

  6. Another Russian journalist beaten badly in the doorstep of his Moscow apartment:

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