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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Obama, Defeated!

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Humiliation on American TV

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Women’s Tennis in Decline

(4)  The Treachery of Barack Obama

(5)  Starbucks shows Russia the Way

(6)  CARTOON:  Thumbs Down

NOTE:  LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld continues her crusade to throw light on the malignant activities of pseudo-conservative Michael McFaul as he helps the Obama regime undermine American values in Russia.  First she detailed McFaul’s odious behavior on the American Thinker, and now she holds forth again on Pajamas Media.

EDITORIAL: Obama, Defeated!


Obama, Defeated!

It will be difficult to explain to ignorant, backwards Russians what occurred in the United States on election day this year, last Tuesday.  Russians, you see, lack any vague semblance of a real parliament, much less a lower house that is far, far more powerful than the president, much less a real opposition party that opposes the president and has previously held power. All these concepts are anathema to Russians, like a struck match to a barbaric cave man.

But that’s what America has, because of the world’s oldest, most stable constitutional government, and why America lacks any history of a Stalin or Putin brutally eradicating basic human rights — and lacks, too, Russia’s sorry  history of repeated national collapse amid violence, chaos and despair.

And on Tuesday, American voters spoke loud and clear.  They delivered a stinging rebuke of the misguided polices of the Barack Obama at the ballot box, giving his rival Republican Party 50% more seats than they needed to seize control of the House of Representatives, the only source of spending legislation, and handing them Barack Obama’s own former Senate seat in Illinois as well.  For only the third time in modern U.S. history, a first-term president’s own party was driven out of the House in shame and defeat.  Although Republicans did not seize control of the US Senate outright, they won back a shocking number of Democrat seats and, with their support from conservative Democrats in that body, have a formidable hold on that body as well.

The new speaker of the House, arguably the most powerful human being on this planet, will be Republican John Boehner.  Republicans have a massive mandate to roll back the crazed policies of the Obama regime, which of course include shameful, craven capitulation to the Putin regime.  All Obama can do now is veto and bide his time until he, too, is driven from office in shame.

Game on, Mr. Putin.

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EDITORIAL: Russian Humiliation on American TV


Russian Humiliation on American TV

Even we who have nothing but scorn and contempt for the manner in which most Russians have behaved over the past decade, choosing to be ruled by a proud KGB spy and watching him roll back their wretched state to Soviet-era darkness, were somewhat appalled by the humiliation Russia received at the hands of the American TV show “The Amazing Race” in its recent episode which took place in Russia.

In a startlingly accurate set of images from the environs of St. Petersburg, Russia was exposed as a backwards nation reeking of cow manure and languishing in the darkness of the past.  Loud and obnoxious, crude and vulgar, dirty and bedraggled, that was the image of Russia that millions of Americans saw depicted on the show.  Americans roared with laughter as the contestants were forced to dress up like “babushkas” with kerchiefs and ill-fitting dresses to shovel cow poop and “dig potatoes” as the Russians say.

For all viewers could see, Russia was little different from the prior stop on the contestant’s list, namely the impoverished African nation of Ghana. Surveys clearly show, of course, that Russia keeps company with such states when it comes to topics like official corruption and democracy.

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EDITORIAL: Russian Women’s Tennis in Decline


Russian Women’s Tennis in Decline

Not that it was ever that great to begin with, but Russian women’s tennis ended 2010 in marked decline.  We continue to see it as a perfect metaphor for Putin’s Russia — all illusion, no substance when you look beneath the shoddy, dishonest propaganda.

Russia now has only one player ranked in the top ten in the world.  Going into the year-end WTA Tour Championships in Doha, Qatar last week it had two, and they were Russia’s sole representatives at the eight-player event.  But the first, Elena Dementieva, was blown off the court in round-robin play, failed to advance to the elimination rounds and promptly announced her retirement from the sport.

And then there was one.

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The Treacherous Obama Administration Coddles Putin’s Russia

Jonathan Pearl, writing on the Huffington Post:

When Russia recently signed a deal to supply Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with nuclear reactors, the silence from Washington was deafening. The Obama administration was probably concerned that strong U.S. opposition to the deal could undermine cooperation with Moscow on several important fronts, and that it could give the adversarial President Chavez a propaganda windfall. These concerns are not without merit, but they are also not an excuse for inaction.

Over the past few years, Russia has shown that it may be more interested in making money than in controlling weapons proliferation.

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Starbucks shows Russia the Way

Professor Konstantin Sonin, writing in the Moscow Times:

In Russia, whenever someone talks about the social responsibility of business, it almost always means that a particular firm should foot the bill for something that benefits society. For example, if a governor proposes that a business financially support a local hospital or hockey team, it is understood that the money will be taken from the company’s profits.

But it is more interesting when a firm chooses a socially responsible strategy not because of political pressure, but because the strategy is more profitable — that is, when something that benefits society is at the same time commercially more advantageous for the firm itself.

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