Shame and Humiliation for Russian Tennis in Moscow

Russian women’s tennis reached a new low last week at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow.

Russia currently has six players ranked in the world’s top 20, a shocking comedown from its position in prior years (America currently has more top-five players than Russia does).  Two-thirds of these Russian players, four of the six, spurned the Kremlin Cup entirely. They were not even interested in stepping on the court for their own country’s most prestigious tournament.  The roll of shame:  Vera Zvonareva, Yelena Dementieva,  Nadia Petrova and Maria Sharapova.

Only the lowest two of the top six deigned to appear in the own country’s tournament:  Maria Kirilenko and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

Pavlyuchenkova lost her opening round match to an unseeded non-Russian. Kirlenko reached the finals, where she lost in easy straight sets to a non-Russian who was not even the tournament’s top seed.  From beginning to end, Russian players produced nothing but disgrace and humiliation for their country, confirming that it remains a sports backwater even among Russians and that Russians simply can’t compete against foreign rivals.

“Dominant” Russians? We think not.

14 responses to “Shame and Humiliation for Russian Tennis in Moscow

  1. Laszlo Tooth Jr.

    Good point, LR! Indeed, the fact that the Kremlin Cup is scheduled too late in the season for anybody to care and that Vera Zvonareva, Yelena Dementieva, Nadia Petrova and Maria Sharapova thus didn’t participate, proves that they are shams.

    And I can understand how the fact that the powerful Victoria Azarenko, ranked 10th in the World, defeated Maria Kirilenko, ranked 19th in the World, would amaze you, because we all know that 10 is a larger number than 19.

    And the fact that the winner, Victoria Azarenko, comes from Russia’s brotherly republic of Belarus, proves that the Russian political system sucks, while Lukashenko rocks!

    • Most Belorussians I know dislike Russia and Russians to say the least.

      Funny how when Georgia played Russia at football in Belarus, the Belorussian crowd were waving Georgian flags………

  2. Yes, you are quite right — Russia is not a nation its citizens can be expected to love when it is late in the season, and Belarus is the same as Russia. (Russians, of course, are responsible for Lukashenko).

    • Laszlo Tooth Jr.

      Are you equating playing in the private for-profit tournament called “Kremlin Cup” and the love for one’s own country? How bizarre.

  3. Laszlo Tooth Jr.

    Andrew wrote: “Most Belorussians I know dislike Russia and Russians to say the least.

    To paraphrase the saying, tell me what you are, and I will tell you what your friends are. Since you are a paranoid russophobe, so are your friends, be they Russians, Belorussians or Georgians.

    Andrew wrote: “Funny how when Georgia played Russia at football in Belarus, the Belorussian crowd were waving Georgian flags

    1. Please provide the links to these “flag” pictures from that match or the news stories about that.

    2. If some fans were indeed waving Georgian flags, please tell me how you know that those people were not Georgians or Belorussians of Georgian ethnicity.

    FYI, when the USA soccer team plays Mexico in Los Angeles, there are thousands of Mexican flags in the stands. No, not because Los Angeinos hate America, but because many Mexican-Americans root for Mexico even more than for USA.

    • Laszlo, this child is just stupid enough to believe every other bs that Imedi tells him. No need to question these lies – this will just cause more agression. No need to make a paranoid more psychotic.

  4. “Dominant” Russians? We think not.
    Where is the logic? You’re sick in the day when the logic in the secondary schools studied? Of the 20 best in the world, Russian tennis player have the 6 positions. They are followed only by the USA – 2 positions.

    • Yes, and both USian players in the top 20 are Williams sisters, born in 1980-81. Both too old to stay there for long…

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