November 3, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia Crashes another Party

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Nation of Thieves

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Demographic Fraud

(4)  EDITORIAL:  America and her Russian “Guests”

(5)  In Russia, a Childish Government for a Childish People

(6)  Shame and Humiliation for Russia at the Kremlin Cup

(7) LETTER:  Russians Ouraged by Biased Independent Reporting

NOTE:  Wikileaks is preparing to blow the lid off Putin’s Russia. Must be for real, the KGB is already issuing crude, criminalistic threats.

NOTE:  Blogger Oleg Kozlovsky says that this is a photo of Federal Transit Safety Service head Gennady Kurzenkov’s car. You may notice that it happens to be driving on the wrong side of the road.

NOTE:  Who gave Vladimir Putin a shiner?

NOTE:  We’ve heard about “don’t feed the bears,” but this is ridiculous.  Only in Russia!

58 responses to “November 3, 2010 — Contents

  1. Putin triggers topless protest, speculation over his appearance

    While Putin Vladimir Putin was discussing gas deals with his Ukrainian counterpart, Mykola Azarov, two blocks away, members of the women’s rights group Femen decided to take off most of their clothes and ridicule the Kremlin leader.

    “We won’t sleep with Kremlin midgets” and “You can’t make us bend over that easily,” read two placards held by five women with nothing to hide as they stood in downtown Kyiv on the square facing Bessarabsky Market in front of the Vladimir Lenin monument.

    The name of their protest, “Ukrayina ne Alina” (Ukraine is not Alina), refers to Putin’s reputed longtime romantic relationship with the pro-Kremlin Russian lawmaker Alina Kabayeva, a former world champion gymnast.

    Read more:

    • Laszlo Tooth Jr.

      Wow, Les, looks like Putin has little support among some flaming Kiev feminazis… I wonder how much he cares that these ugly lesbians won’t come to Moscow to sleep with him, especially given that he has a super hot girlfriend like Alina.

      • Typical comments that moskali make are Ad hominem attacks – to show their “culture”.

        For Ostarbeiter same ban on marriage was not. Gave birth ostovki and children, mostly – from their own legal husbands. For most of them conceived in sin, the child is a disgrace to the rest of his life and nearly closed the possibility of returning to his native village. So the Germans could only marvel at the moral stability and chastity of the girls from Ukraine.

      • Boy is your taste up your backside dear Laszlo!

        Funny, but I don’t remember any Uke nazis: but I do certainly remember and know of the Nashi/Russian fascists. Similarly you must be a know all to be able to recognize Lesbians from photos – be good enough to explain how you do it?

        • Don’t remember Uke’s Nazis?

          Can’t be so bad in History:

          Here’s the Hero of Ukraine, modern Ulkraine, Bandera:

          “We fight Jews, as they make the main support for the Bolshevist regime in Ukraine”. “Assimilation of Judas is out of the question”

          Word for word this could be repeated by Adolf.

          The leader of Ukrainian “insurgent army” cooperating with Adolf since 06.1941? Yes.

          Hates Jews and Poles? Yes.

          Kills thousands of Jews and Poles – civilians, like Lvov’s pre-war population? Yes.

          Is he a nazi? No, of course, just a moderate nationalist, fighting for a free Ukrainian state.

          • Oh Dtard, the Russians had their nazi lovers too.

            A couple of million Russians served in the German army during WW2, as many German officers said, they would never have been able to keep their units up to strength without the huge number of Russian volunteers that begged to fight against communism.

            Hell, even one of Russia’s best WW2 generals, Vlasov, swapped sides.

            • It’s not about “having them in the past”, it’s about “having them in parliament”.

              • Well you have plenty of neo-nazi’s in your parliament.

                Take Zhirinovsky for example.

                Racist remarks
                Zhirinovsky has been widely accused of anti-Semitism (for his part, he suggested that Jews were often to blame for anti-Semitism[6]) for statements in which he accused Jews of ruining Russia, sending Russian women to foreign countries as prostitutes, selling children and organs to the Western world, and provoking the Holocaust. He reportedly even praised Adolf Hitler’s ideology of Nazism[16] and befriended Edwin Neuwirth, an Austrian industrialist and a “proud” former officer of the Waffen-SS who has denied that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews during World War II, leading some of the German media to denounce him as “Russia’s Hitler”.[7][14] Zhirinovsky has expressed admiration for the 1996 United States presidential election contender Pat Buchanan, referring positively to a comment in which Buchanan labeled the United States Congress “Israeli-occupied territory”, and said that both countries were “under occupation” and that “to survive, we could set aside places on US and Russian territories to deport this small but troublesome tribe.” Buchanan strongly rejected this endorsement, saying he would provide safe haven to persecuted minorities if Zhirinovsky were ever elected Russia’s president, eliciting a harsh response by Zhirinovsky: “You soiled your pants as soon as you got my congratulations. Who are you afraid of? Zionists?”[17] Zhirinovsky repeatedly denied his father’s Jewishness until he published Ivan Close Your Soul in July 2001, describing how his father, Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein, changed his surname from Eidelshtein to Zhirinovsky. He rhetorically asked, “Why should I reject Russian blood, Russian culture, Russian land, and fall in love with the Jewish people only because of that single drop of blood that my father left in my mother’s body?”[18]
                Besides expressing his hatred for Turks and Caucasians,[19] Zhirinovsky also called for the deportation of all Chinese from Russian Far East.[20] During the 1992 visit to the United States, Zhirinovsky called on television “for the preservation of the white race” and warned that the white Americans were in danger of turning their country over to black and Hispanic people

            • Hi Andrew,

              You must realize that it is only a clueless teenager and a wanna-be russian disinformation propagandist.

              In its imperialistic frenzy, which stems from its acute inferiority complex, the Russian leadership, with the help of its special services, is trying to brainwash both the international community and Russian society with its Ukrainophobia, and through the mass media and agents of influence which they control—a certain segment of Ukraine’s population.

              Read more:


              It fabricated some quotes. Meanwhile, many of the doctors for Bandera’s men were Jews.

              The claim that “the UPA engaged in anti-Jewish actions” is a provocation engineered by Moscow. It is a provocation. It is a lie that the UPA destroyed Jews. Tell me: how could the UPA have destroyed Jews when Jews were serving members of the UPA?

              Read more:


              During the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, many Zionists were members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and the Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army (UPRA). For example, the Zionist Haim Sigal, alias Sigalenko, was a chieftain and ‘Bulba’s’ right-hand man. . . . A number of Zionists such as Margosh, Maximovich, ‘Kun’ and others were officers in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.According to a report by a Nazi Einsatz-commando Zionists closely cooperated with the Bandera ringleaders. The latter provided them with the forged German documents.

              Only Nazis and communists could complain that Ukrainian nationalists saved the lives of Jews by providing them with false documents during the Nazi occupation. That story happens to be true. A report to the Chief of the Security Police in Berlin dated March 30, 1942 reveled that “Today, it has been clearly established that the Bandera movement provided forged passports not only for its own members, but also for Jews.”


              On June 30, 1941, the Banderivtsi announced a Ukrainian independent state in Lviv [11].

              At first, the Nazis were encouraging of any situation which would cause unrest in the USSR and allow them a quick victory. However, once it became clear that there was no cooperation forthcoming, Nazi authorities quickly moved against the OUN, and Bandera was arrested. For his refusal to rescind the decree, Bandera was arrested and spent the period from July 1941 to September 1944 in German prisons and concentration camps, notably Sachsenhausen

              Bandera’s brothers were taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where they were later shot.

              PS It stated “Lvov’s pre-war population?”. But, Lviv’s “pre-war” population was controlled by the savage uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin and occupied by the red army. They not only murdered Ukrainians, Poles and Jews, they returned Jews that escaped from Western Poland – back to Hitler.

              Before fleeing the German advance the Soviet occupational regime murdered thousands of Ukrainian civilians, mainly members of the city’s [Lviv’s] intelligentsia.
              (Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Volume 3, p. 222)

          • There were no “OUN guerrillas” in 1941, so your claim that they “slaughtered thousands of Jews in Pogroms in 1941” is simply nonsense. Who are these OUN guerrillas you mention who were slaughtering Jews in 1941 ? Where did they come from. Had you done your homework, you would have learned that the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) was not formed until 1943 (ie: two years after 1941). By 1944 the UPA’s medical, communications, arms manufacturing, and other units were well supported and staffed by many Jews. Many Jews were not Communists or Nazis and sympathized with the local Ukrainian population. I would suggest that you read the “Litopys UPA” which 20 volumes clearly states that every battalion of the UPA was supported by Jews. However,there were also many Communist Jews who fought the UPA. The progeny of these Jewish Communists both here in the USA and in Ukraine are 5th column of the Kremlin. For decades the Soviet Union claimed that the Ukrainian nationalists had collaborated with the Nazis in the extermination of the Jews and they simply repeated these lies. President Yushchenko ended these lies when he opened the Ukrainian state archives to historians and scholars, including those from Israel. There has been absolutely NO evidence of any Ukrainian Nationalist involvement in the extermination of Jews, and in fact very often the exact opposite is true – they saved many Jews. Yet, people like you continue to print Soviet turned Russian propaganda. Get over it. Your bigotry is worse than the worst anti-semitism.

            • @LESS’ “There were no “OUN guerrillas” in 1941, so your claim that they “slaughtered thousands of Jews in Pogroms in 1941″ is simply nonsense.”

              Sure, they Lvov Jews and Poles just slaughtered themselves.

              • Soviet Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials Roman Rudenko, in his accusatory instruments against Nazi collaborators, did not mention Stepan Bandera or the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists despite, one can be certain, a definite agenda drafted in the Kremlin itself.

              • kremlin Nazi collaboration

                kremlin-NAZI Dec. 1939 celebration in Berlin: the top war criminals gathered to toast Hitler’s and Stalin’s success in their joint invasion of Poland:




                kremlin and NAZI officers taking the salute on a reviewing stand, at a parade celebrating their 1939 conquest of Poland:


                Ivan Serov, the kremlin’s general who commanded the massacre of Polish officers and Katyn, was awarded the Lenin Medal for this achievement. As a further reward for this collaborationist service, he was appointed to head the odious criminal syndicate, the NKVD.


  2. Laszlo Tooth Jr.

    Wikileaks is preparing to blow the lid off Putin’s Russia.

    Do you mean this:

    WikiLeaks proved the US lied: Fisk

    Wikileaks says it revealed the death of 15 thousand over the number

    John Sloboda, co-founder of Irak Body Count “If we add the number of deaths registered fighters in these leaks .. now we can say that more than 150 thousand people have been killed in total since 2003, of whom about 80 percent of the civilians.”

    • Thanks for confirming Wikileaks is credible!! So when the information on Russia is released, it must be accepted as true!!

    • So Laszlo, you are dropping your line about several hundred to a million dead in Iraq?

      Glad you have finally grow up.

      By by the way moron it is Iraq body count, not “Irak”.

      Oh and 150,000 is bad, but still nowhere near as bad as 250,000 dead in Chechnya 95% of whom were civilians in a much smaller population.

      • Do all Georgians believe “several hundred to a million dead in Iraq” contradicts Wikileaks’ “more than 150 thousand people have been killed”?

        I mean, do you really believe million is less than 150 thousand deaths secretely counted by the USian military?

        • Listen Dmitry, the wikileaks documents gave a total for civilian deaths in Iraq of around 150,000, this was including 15,000 deaths not previously reported not 150,000 deaths “secretly counted” by the US military. The Iraqi government has already stated publicly that the overall death toll is in the order of 150,000, which pales in comparison with the carnage you Russians are causing in the Caucasus.

          In addition, the overwhelming majority of deaths in the wikileaks documents were caused by terrorist gangs armed and equipped by Russia and Iran.

          So try again Dmitry, thanks for proving Russians are brain dead morons.

          Cant wait until wikileaks starts publishing its info in Russia……

          • Never thought some deaths may not be documented by the murderers, i.e. US army and Iraqi government, huh, genius? Never thought if WikiLeaks published 15,000 additional murders after just one whistleblower, there can be much more ahead?

            “overwhelming majority of deaths in the wikileaks documents were caused by terrorist gangs armed and equipped by Russia and Iran”

            And trained, honey, and, actually, all these “terrorist gangs” are KGB operatives, right?:)))

            Sure, Russians arm Iraq’s Al Quaeda or whatever US fight there:)))

            BTW, what do the US fight there? Their former CIA brother Bin Laden? Their former Taleban brethen from Afghanistan? Or their former friends from Saudi Arabia Islamist gangs?

            But judging by documents Wikileaks published, the real terrorists in Iraq are US military, and their Iraqi henchmen.

          • Andrew, that’s not how it should be compared. For starters: the population of Iraq is over 31 million people as of right now. But the population of Chechnya is (officially) just little over 1 million people. And there are just no official statistics for the death toll AT ALL. But one estimate from Kadyrovs’ puppet government said more than 200,000 citizens were killed or were disappeared. Actually it’s likely a gross oveverstimate (in my opinion), and the seme goes for the “official census”, but anyway, comparing it to Iraq and its population, it would be like over 6 million people dead.

            Now, counting the people who were injured, tortured, made refugee, lost close family members (thousands of children lost both of their parents), actually everyone was severely affected by the war. And all of them officially were “Russian citizens” – and very many were even ethnic Russians, they actually lived in some of the most bombed areas (and by “most bombed” I mean literally leveled, like the central Grozny).

            A good article on the subject of statistics in Chechnya:

            Click to access thomas92.pdf


            There are no definitive estimates, but a survey was conducted in Grozny in the first Chechen war. Using the method devised in 1995 by Eduard Gelman of the Kurchatkov Institute, it was concluded that there were 25–29 thousand civilian deaths [in Grozny in 1994-95]. Cherkasov reports that the Chechen State Committee, using the same data, made its own estimates of 30–40 thousand deaths. In the second Chechen war Cherkasov reports that, using the same method, the best estimate is 15–24 thousand civilian deaths. But this estimate does not take into account many of those identified as missing or ‘disappeared’.

            In the winter of 2002 the Danish Refugee Council conducted a house-to-house survey in Chechnya in order to help determine needs for humanitarian aid. The Council counted 600,000. This was the figure cited to an OSCE meeting held in August 2002. Cherkasov, taking into account other sources, indicates that this may be the most accurate and reliable estimate of the population at the time of the Census conducted in October.

            • Honey, the population of Chechnya in 1990 was about 750 thousand.

              In early 1990ies, under Dudayev government, there was a huge ethnic cleansing, when 300,000 non-Chechens, mostly Russians, were cleansed from Chechnya.

              300,000 non-Chechens were cleansed. Republic is mono-ethnic now. Do you understand? Mono-ethnic.

              There should be 450 thousand living in Chechnya. But you yourself claim there are 600,000. Perhaps, that’s because of high fertility.

              But how can these numbers be used to prove 150,000 were dead during the war? I just believe you misunderstand what demography means.

            • Robert, “Kurchatkov” institute is non-existent – at least Google knows no Russian-language sites that mention “Курчатков” институт.

              Sad the “good articles” quoted on the site are of such a low quality.

    • What’s the mystery? 150 thousand Iraqis have been slaughtered directly by US soldiers/contractors, and close to 1 million Iraqis have been killed by fellow Iraqis in the lawless nightmare that USA has wrought on Iraq. What kind of a genocidal sadist conquers a country, abolishes and disbands all of its army and police, and refuses to use its own forces to enforce law and order?

      • No Lazlo, 150,000 have been killed total.

        A very small minority by US & Iraqi government forces, the majority by Russian equipped and Iranian (and probably also Russian) trained terrorist groups (you do know that the Russians trained the overwhelming majority of the worlds terror groups during the cold war don’t you?). You have actually read some of the wikileaks documents haven’t you? Or maybe not given your ongoing retardation.

        The overall death tally of 150,000 closely matches the Iraqi government figures, as well as Iraq body count, and the UN estimates of total deaths since the invasion of Iraq.

        I know you Russian idiots like to use inflated numbers when it suits you, but come on….

        And what sort of genocidal sadists invade a country, bomb its cities literally back to the stone age, kill, deport, or maim over half the population, install a puppet government with a mass murderer in control, then invade and conduct ethnic cleansing in neighboring states, and supply the majority of the worlds Islamic terrorists with weapons etc?

        Thats right, the Russians.

      • Wrong (as usual) Laslo.

        The Wikileaks figures show a total of 150,000 people dying due to violence in Iraq. The majority killed by Iranian and Russian armed terrorist groups.

        The figures closely match those of the Iraqi government, Iraq body count, and the UNWHO all of whom (in the case of IBC once the extra 15,000 deaths from the wikileaks documents are added in) come to around the 150,000 figure.

        As usual you are full of it.

  3. Putin’s Shiner: My money is on Ludmylla (sp)…finally. By the way, anyone catching the interview of the two of them….she is looking very good. She looks like she lost a few pounds and the babushka attitude. Maybe she’s going to pull a Princess Diana and say forget this to the little dictator. You go girl, you can do ALOT better. Hmmm…a divorce could reveal where Putin has his little stash $$$$$$.

  4. I somehow don’t believe that “SSReichsfuehrer” Putin will allow this damaging information to be published in ‘his’ RuSSia.

    So I guess we will just have to wait until ” Wikileaks” does it for us.

    Dear ‘o’ dear what will the likes of Lazslo, Dimitry and their band of Russophiles come up with to counter this latest exposure of Putin and his banda of robbing billionaires and their wealth, while the Russian ‘sheeple’ continue to suffer at 3rd world subsistence rates.

  5. The time is between about 1930 – the start of the second Ukraine famine – and 1945. The zone is the territory that lies between central Poland and, roughly, the Russian border, covering eastern Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic republics. Snyder’s “Bloodlands” label is jarring, a title those beautiful lands and those who now live there do not deserve. But it’s true that in those years and in those places, the unimaginable total of 14 million innocent human beings, most of them women and children, were shot, gassed or intentionally starved to death.

    For Stalin, it was in Ukraine that “Soviet construction” would succeed or fail; its food supplies must be wrested from the peasantry by collectivisation and terror. And foreign influence – which meant above all Polish – must be flamed out of the western borderlands. (Snyder reveals the little-known fact that the Polish minority were the main ethnic victims of the great terror between 1937 and 1938: well over 100,000 were shot for fictitious “espionage”.)

    This book’s unforgettable account of the Ukraine famine shows conclusively that Stalin knew what was happening in the countryside and chose to let it run its course (some 3 million died). For Hitler, too, seizing Ukraine and its produce for Germany was crucial for his new empire. So was smashing Polish identity. Between them, Germany and the Soviet Union tried to behead the nation’s elite by murdering 200,000 Poles in the first 21 months of the war.

    The figures are so huge and so awful that grief could grow numb. But Snyder, who is a noble writer as well as a great researcher, knows that. He asks us not to think in those round numbers. “It is perhaps easier to think of 780,863 different people at Treblinka: where the three at the end might be Tamara and Itta Willenberg, whose clothes clung together after they were gassed, and Ruth Dorfmann, who was able to cry with the man who cut her hair before she entered the gas chamber.” The Nazi and Soviet regimes turned people into numbers. “It is for us as humanists to turn the numbers back into people.”

  6. Balkar anger at Nalchik and Moscow intensifies

    Yesterday at 23:16 | Paul Goble

    Representatives of seven Balkar villages are in the fourth month of a hunger strike at the base of the Kremlin wall in Moscow to call attention to the violation of the traditional land-use rights of their community by officials in the bi-national Kabardino-Balkar Republic in the North Caucasus.

    The resolution, adopted at a meeting convened by two Kabardinian-dominated organizations, reflected anger about what its signatories said was “the legal nihilism in society and the organs of power” and the “unceasing bacchanalia of criminality”

    “Despite the systemic and continuing lie that under Kanokov Kabardino-Balkaria is flourishing that has been distributed by the local clan elite in the Moscow corridors of power and related media,” the resolution said, “statistics, facts and reality say that the situation on the ground is exactly the reverse.”

    According to official statistics, Kabardino-Balkaria ranks among the worse in employment, corruption and other negative indices. And it has been the scene of an explosive growth in the number of extremist crimes and terrorist actions, according to Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Sydoruk.

    “Even more disturbing, there is evidence that the terrorists have links with the officials, the resolution says. Otherwise, how can one explain that the terrorists never attack those who are directly part of the ruling clan and its supporters in Moscow but only those within the KBR who do not have links with Kanokov and also that officials don’t pursue terrorists in many cases?”

    “Moreover, many in the force structures simply kill innocent opponents of the current ethnocracy, the resolution says, thus leading to a situation in which the mothers of KBR residents beg the powers that be “not to shoot their children but to bring them to court.”

    “Given this behavior on the part of the officials, the resolution suggest, it should surprise no one that “dozens of young people are fleeing into the forests and the mountains in order to save their lives from the illegal actions of the siloviki.”

    Read more:

    • “Fourth month” of the hunger strike?? Like, they are all terminators or what?

      • To be clear, that comment above was not about Balkars – they are a proud and laborous nation. That was about the quality of Uke nationalists’ newspapers you read, boy.

        • Hunger strikers quite often strike for several months, taking just enough food to keep themselves alive.

          Shows the level of your retardation that you don’t know that Dtard.

          • Not exactly, sunshine. It’s really sad you discuss Russia without even speaking Russian.

            However, that’s what the original (not that Uke nationalists’) source says (and the original source is, ironically, a blogg):


            “We were surprised by the attitude of the militia[…] They are treating us like brothers, come to us every morning, they protect us and care about our health[…]”

            “People were coming, especially pensioneers, bringing us food and clothes []” – etc. people were bringing money, clothes and food.

            The difference between your Uke source’ picture, and the real people that stand there is, they have a problem with local Kabardin authorities, and ask for Kremlin protection, and Ukes have a mental problem with Russia.

            • “Has diaspora been helping?” – “Sure, bringing us food, clothes. One girl from Germany sent us several jackets”.

              Hunger strike, yes.

              Ukrainian sources are really reliable.

          • Andrew, seriously maybe find yourself some other hobby than reading Dima’s crap and even replying to it. Can’t you just ignore this idiot?

  7. Another example of the basic dishonesty of Russians and why Russian official statistics are worthless:

    People Not Counted In Tatarstan ‘To Be Marked As Ethnic Russian’ In Census

    November 01, 2010
    KAZAN — All citizens in the Russian republic of Tatarstan who were unaccounted for in last month’s census will be automatically counted as being ethnic Russians, a census taker has told RFE/RL’s Tatar-Bashkir Service.

    Airat Khatmulla, a census taker in the Tatar capital, Kazan, told RFE/RL that not all families allowed census takers to enter their homes. He said that every census taker was tasked with interviewing about 400 people in 168 households, but many refused to speak with the census takers.

    Khatmulla said when the census was officially announced as having ended, Tatarstan’s State Statistics Agency, Tatarstanstat, issued an order that all people who were not interviewed by the census takers should be marked down as being ethnic Russian.

    The census in Russia was officially from October 14 to October 25. It was later prolonged until October 29 due to the significant number of people who had not been interviewed.

    In the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, the issue of ethnicity is very sensitive. Tatar nationalist groups claimed before and during the census that Russian officials were trying to divide Tatars into separate, smaller ethnic groups to reduce the number of ethnic Tatars, the second-largest ethnic group in Russia after Russians.

    The Tatar nationalist groups also claimed that many Tatars in Bashkortostan are officially recorded as being ethnic Bashkirs to make the number of Bashkirs
    higher in that republic.

    Some locals — in some cases whole villages — openly refused to cooperate with the census takers because of their dissatisfaction with social, economic, and medical conditions and demands for improvements.

    Ethnic Tatars (53 percent) had a slight majority over ethnic Russians (40 percent) in Tatarstan, which has nearly 4 million residents.

    In Bashkortostan, ethnic Russians (36 percent) had a slight majority over Bashkirs (30 percent) and Tatars (24 percent) among that republic’s 4 million population.

    • And how are they going to count these people from Tatarstan that have not “opened the door”, honey? Do the gallant CIA boys from the RFE/RL explain this?

      • They will just do what you lying Russians always do.
        Falsify the numbers to suit yourselves.
        Remember, Russian citizens will have to be registered with the necessary documents (police state after all), so anyone who is registered and does not vote becomes an “ethnic Russian” like it or not.
        Then of course they may use voter registration lists, that sort of thing.

        You really are not too bright are you Dmitry….

        • What is the test for determining the ethnicity? How do they know who is an ethnic Russian and who is not? Sounds very much like a police state to me.

          • What is the test for determining the ethnicity? How do they know who is an ethnic Russian and who is not?

            The census people come into your apartment and ask: “What is your ethnicity?” You tell them. They write it down. That’s how.

            Sounds very much like a police state to me.

            Really? So, when the US census people asked you about your racial origin, you shouted: “USA is a police state!”?

            For non-Americans: here in USA, not just the census, but all job and other applications demand to know your race.

            • @What is the test for determining the ethnicity? How do they know who is an ethnic Russian and who is not?

              That’s simple.

              To ask person to name his/ her ethnicity is the only way to know it. Even if he/ she claims to be an “elf”, than this is the ethnicity you write down. Because otherwise, people from mixed families would have to choose one of their ancestors’ ethnicities, and there may be 20 of them.

              Ethnicity is more about the way you act and think, than the blood that you have. You speak Russian in your family, was grown in the Russian culture, you are an Orthodox Christian, you think you are Russian – then you are Russian. Even if your mother is, say, Estonian, and your father is, say, Belorussian.

              @here in USA, not just the census, but all job and other applications demand to know your race

              Why would my employer need to know my ethnicity, or my race? Is this a kind of information they need to know to procced with some positive discrimination policy?

              • He is absolutely lying about “all job applications” having this question. Or perhaps he is not an American and tries to pass himself as one. Responses to the Census are voluntary and one can omit this question if he wishes

              • So, the crucial question for me is how they classify Jews (assuming there are still some who remain). Do they identify them as Russians or as Jews? Do they stamp their identity cards accordingly?

                • They would let one to fill out the questionnaire him-/herself, if one wishes. They would let one to come and fill the questionnaire at the special census station. Let just dial a number and fill out the questionnaire.

                  AnyRussian, Tatar, Jew, and Chechen would be remembered and counted exactly with the ethnicity he/she chooses.

                  But that’s much more difficult with the people that don’t won’t talk to the census staff – just won’t let them enter their apartment. They would be not counted at all.

                  • Except for the fact that the census takers are being told to count households as Russians when they are not.

                    Russian government statistics are worthless due to the criminal nature of Russian dishonesty.

                • Why only Jews? Are you a Zionist?

  8. Japanese ambassador temporarily recalled from Russia

    Today at 10:10 | Interfax-Ukraine

    Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara has temporarily recalled the Japanese ambassador to Moscow Masahara Kono.

    Read more:

  9. Japan warns Russia against visits to disputed isles

    Today at 10:35 | Associated Press TOKYO, Nov 3 (Reuters) –

    Japan warned Moscow on Wednesday against more visits to rocky islands claimed by both countries, Kyodo news agency reported, after Russia’s president stopped off in one of the isles this week, sparking a diplomatic row.

    “We have conveyed our position that the Northern Territories are Japanese territory. We would like them to act accordingly,” Kyodo quoted Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara as telling reporters after a meeting with Tokyo’s ambassador to Moscow, who returned on Wednesday after President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to the islands.

    Russia said on Tuesday that Medvedev planned more trips to islands seized by the Soviet Union from Japan at the end of World War Two, deepening a serious rift with Tokyo.

    Read more:

    • Japan has “disputes” with every neighbouring country.

      And all these “disputes” are not taken seriously by anyone – they are a matter of internal politics of Japan.

    • Who cares about these claims? Kuril Islands are genuine Russian territories that were occupied by japs and then fairly returned back to Russia thanks to surrender of Japan. Хуй вам в жопу, япошки, а не Курильские острова!

      • Well, strong language aside, Japan may go and try to take the islands away any time they want. Last time they tried, 700,000 of their soldiers were captured by Russians in China – in one week, in the victory that ended the World War II.

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