EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Thieves


Russia, Nation of Thieves

Russia’s so-called president spent the last year, according to his own propaganda, furiously working to reduce Russia’s virulent corruption.  So naturally, the most recent corruption survey by Transparency International shows that Russia has gotten even worse.

Russia dropped from #146 to #154 in the world in terms of corruption.  Only a tiny handful of countries on the entire planet are more corrupt than Russia, and not a single one of the G-20 nations is as corrupt as Russia.  TI stated:  “There are no significant changes. Regarding corruption, everything remains just as bad as it was.”

Even the Russians themselves are appalled.

Yelena Panfilova, director of the Moscow office of TI asked:  “How can a country claiming to be a world leader, claiming to be a major energy power, be in such a position? It’s a situation of national shame.’’

Sergei Markov, a Duma deputy for United Russia, admitted that Georgia’s record fighting corruption was far better than Russia’s:  “Mikheil Saakashvili may be a war criminal, but he has fought corruption effectively.”  Georgia ranks #66 on the TI list.

Let’s be perfectly clear:  Even if Russia’s performance on the TI survey were twice as good as it is, and Russia were ranked #73, Russia would still be an appalling, shocking disaster.  Such a rating would put Russia in the company of Romania, Columbia and Suriname, surely no basis for Russia to belong to such panels as the G-8 and UN Security Council.

But Russia’s performance is in fact so much worse.  Russia is, in fact, keeping company with utterly backwards African states like Kenya, Cameroon and Sierra Leone.  One is reminded of the apt phrase coined years ago by the Atlantic magazine:  “Zaire, with permafrost.”  Russians aspire to be as good as Suriname one day.

A fish rots from the head, and surely Russians are no worse than their leadership.  Vladimir Putin may well be one of the very most corrupt persons on this planet, and his secret background may very well include acts of state-sponsored murder and torture.  Putin has done nothing about corruption despite years in power and horrifyingly vast power because, undoubtedly, he is one of its prime beneficiaries.

Russia is being eaten way by internal corruption and sooner rather than later will face inevitable collapse.



25 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Thieves

  1. Oh come on, they’re going to make Moscow “the new financial capital” of the Brave New World. They’ll call it first R-1, but then they’ll rename it Airstrip One.

  2. Lee Kuan Yew once said that only after he executed a few of his best friends, people in Singapore realized that his reforms were to be taken seriously.

  3. It is in Russian people’s DNA to be a thief, those poor beggars will be ALWAYS stealing, destroying everything that is civilized – hence antirussian.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Hopefully that includes Yankistan as well. No Yanks = Peace on Earth.

      • Eine schweine manfred wrote;

        Hopefully that includes Yankistan as well. No Yanks = Peace on Earth comment;
        you must have been overdosing on russian samogon and afghan heroin -to compare half animals called russians with Americans.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Ich wiederhole, je repète: No Yanks = Peace on Earth.
          USians are global parasites, sucking in the wealth of the entire planet in exchange for worthless dollar rag paper, waste, and premeditated mass murder. In short: USians are really HIDEOUSLY ugly, body and soul alike — beyond redemption, below contempt.

          Bonne nuit.

  4. Judging by his name and language his country is not Russia. Believe me, I know how responsibilities were divided between the friends: who attacked France and Holland and who attacked Finland, Lithuania and Romania.

    • Well, let me phrase it this way:

      Really, it’s HIGHLY unlikely it’s his/her/hir/its (real) name :)

    • RV, you fcked up. You claimed Russia attacked France.

      There’s no need for any explanations and pretences.

      • Open your eyes and read. My retort was to Herr Steischwanz who is clearly a German. I never said Russia had attacked France. I expect an apology. Well, from you I really shouldn’t expect that, though

        • Actually it’s only using an obscene German phrase for a nickname.

          In other words, this thing is just a little Nashist.

          • Cool. Every other person in Nashi speaking 3-4 European languages. I bet that’s also the case for US Respublican party:)

        • @”I never said Russia had attacked France. I expect an apology. Well, from you I really shouldn’t expect that, though”

          “[…]your people dream of a world of no America; in such a world it will be a sure thing to attack France and Poland again[…]”

          I expect a little thought and responsibility in making such loud claims – before checking facts. Well, from you I really shouldn’t expect that, though.

          PS. Please don’t play stupid and don’t tell me it was “France, for the first time, – and Poland, again”. Better go and read a book on European history.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      As I pointed out to Maksym in another thread recently:

      “On second thought, I might be of some even more horrible stock. Any thoughts?”

      Hint: I’m fluent in quite a few European languages; certainly not a Yank trait.

  5. Yes, could Manfred be what used to be called, (now politically/culturally insensitive and inaccurate-?), a Mongolian Idiot-?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Comment l’as-tu pu deviner si facilement? Voilà qui est être un homme intelligent!

      Lêche ma bite, s’il te plaît.

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