EDITORIAL: Russia Crashes another Party


Russia Crashes another Party

In another editorial in today’s issue, we highlight the fact that Russia has just been revealed by Transparency International to be the very most corrupt nation in the G-20 organization.

Now it turns out that both Brazil and India, fellow members of the so-called “BRIC” group that includes Russia as well as the G-20, are already disgusted with the organization and are spurning it. This was, of course, supposed to be Russia’s great coming-out party, a new group of independent countries looking to Russia for leadership and acting as a bulwark against a unipolar world dominated by the United States.  It is turning out to be another classic Russian boondoggle, an illusion rather than a reality.

Once again, in other words, we see Russia being revealed as a totally isolated country, unsuitable and unqualified for membership in any civilized group of countries and unable to establish a leadership role in any organization.  Russia imagines itself a leader, but in fact it is not even a follower.

Despite years of trying, Russia has still not achieved membership in the WTO, for instance.

Russia has no significant nation to call a military ally.

Almost no Russian products are admired by foreign countries.

In survey after survey after survey, Russia is shown to be lagging far behind the civilized world.  Just click the “rating Russia” category in our sidebar to see the horror unfold.

Russia has insinuated itself into the G-8 and the UN Security Council by one means:  Brute force.  Nobody wants Russia there, but it demands a place because it possesses nuclear weapons.  Civilized countries call that blackmail.

What is most bizarre and sad about all this, however, is that Russians don’t seem to mind at all. They seem to actually want to be spurned by the world, to be proud of their infamous xenophobia. And we think we know why.

It’s because by repudiating the outside world, regardless of the suffering and instability that results, Russians avoid the need to compare themselves to the outside world. They don’t have to work as hard, don’t have to obey the laws of morality, don’t have to meet any expectations or feel the same of not meeting them.

As a result, Russia experiences collapse after collapse, a slow disintegration into the ashcan of history.

42 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Crashes another Party

  1. Laszlo Tooth Jr.

    I agree! The fact tha both Brazil and India are already disgusted with G-20 and are spurning it while loving BRIC, proves that G-20 is a sham and a joke, and so are its members like USA, Canada and UK.

    And Russia has insinuated itself into the G-8 and the UN Security Council by one means: Brute force. It invaded Panama and kidnapped its President. Then it beat up on Iraq. Then it bombed Serbia into pieces and destroyed its territorial integrity. Then it beat up on Iraq again, this time totally destroying it and liquidating any law and order, resulting in deaths of millions. Russia is the disgusting bully of the world!

    • We know how Russia got to be a member of the G8 and other august bodies — by threatening everyone with its nuclear arsenal which is very formidable. So, basically using blackmail. You wouldn’t tell us Russia is one of 8 most economically advanced nations, would you?

      • Cool:) Blackmail is what we always did to the USia:)))

        Next time we should blackmail US for some USian democrats. Let’s leave USia with only republicans – that would be one really deadly blow:)

        Say, like, make an ultimatum: give us your president, or face extinction! For we’ve got a “nuclear arsenal which is very formidable”:))))

  2. Manfred Steifschwanz

    What total rot (as usual). Suffice it to say that if there’s one thing this blog is a manifestation of, it’s First World decadence — particularly the USian variety of it. Layabouting, stupid, self-loving parasites spouting tripe as their life-long pastime.

    • So why are you here? Oh, I forgot — you’re also decadent, particularly of the USian (sic) variety, layabouting, stupiding, self-loving-parasitesing sputing tripe as your life-long pastiming. Right? Na gut, Kinder, Zeit zum Schlafengehen, mach den Computer zu!

  3. Laszlo Tooth Jr.

    Hey, Manfred, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dein Steifschwanz.

  4. Those stupid “arschlöcher” should be banned from that place (but OK maybe it is 1st Amendmend why they can stay) and yes Dimitry is their bro in mind – and of course Goebbels stands well in line for example with russkie highlights like Shirinovsky and Putin when he is in rage about Chechen resistance….

    • “Shirinovsky” is a name of an old jew from Brooklin, he has nothing to do with “russkie”, hombre.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Quizá, pero sus pronunciamientos oficiales parecen bastante chovinistas en favor de la Rusia; es decir un “Gringo Ruso”.

  5. casasa…is there antisemitic stench….yes it is…OK I did a typo The name is
    vladimir wolvovich Zhirinovsky – born “Edelstein” – but he is nothing but a russian hate-mongerer and of course vice-president of “Duma” and head of neofascist “Liberaldemoc rats”

    • @casasa…is there antisemitic stench….yes it is…
      There is nothing antisemitic in my post. Where, explain please! You are accusing me in antisemitism, but you are a dirty racist yourself. Using the word “russkies” is exactly a racist stench: “Russki, Russkie (disparaging when used by foreigners for “Russian”), see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_slurs#N
      In that, you fit well to all your mates in this blog.

      • You are on a russophobic website….and you wonder why we call them russkies ??? Well not all of them, Mr. Gorbatchev, Mr. Sacharov, Mrs. Bonner, my father in law – I call them russians in deep respects, but the are a neclectable minority in this xenophobic, orthodox, hypocrite nation – whom nobody like, exept Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe…

        • What if on LR website there are also members of “La Judophobe” or “La Yankophobe” websites who also want to argue on their points? Would you let them posting their comments?

          What if I rephrase your sentence “but they are a neglectable minority in this xenophobic, orthodox, hypocrite nation…” meaning Jews instead
          of Russians — would it be a blatant antisemitism from your viewpoint?

          • well maybe you would be right if there would be something like judaic values – but there are non …there is nothing in the world like a judaistic nation (let Israel aside – they are under permanent thread of beeing wiped from the map…) EVEN Israel has no special values as a whole – but most of the russians have – how to they behave in Chechenia, the whole caucasian region, how did they behave in Finland, in the Baltics, in Ukraina, Moldavia and so forth, how to russians behave to each other ?? Where in the world is (set 3rd world aside) is so much domestic violence, so much yearning or the yoke for themself (natshalnic system, so much hatred against individualism and freedom ….) and all surrounding nations are under permanent danger, esp. ex soviet union and the so called socialist countires….where the heck is any civic society within russia, who stands for it ??? Who wanna take responsibility for his own – not blaming something else ?? Where is more self hatred, alcoholism,
            negativity ?? In what country elsewhere they do not like you when you are open and friendly in the streets and in general ???
            It is so easy – go unbiased to Ukraine, stay in Lviv and go to Crimea – or even more harsh – go to Donetzk after…..Thats all folks, more ain`t nessesary …or if not enuff – go to the baltics and see the russians how they behave towards the Balts…Why nobody in the world like russians ??? guess why ???

            • Joseph, don’t read your free press before breakfast.

            • @Why nobody in the world like russians ??? guess why ???

              Why do you think that nobody in the world like Russians? I guess your philosophy is “I’m a small universe”. I like Russians and Russian spirit very much. Brave men, strong and fair, no comparison to USian “paper tigers”, who keep strong only until air-conditioning breaks down.

    • I heard Andrew claiming Stalin was called by Lenin a “great Russian shauvinist” – literally what Andrew said. Never providing the source,l of course, for Lenin never actually did that:)

      Now another estupido claiming “Zhirinovsky is a Russian hate-mongerer”…

      I’d say, one more genius from Georgia, huh, joseph? Come on in, sunshine, we need more of your kind here, the place has been boring lately:)

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