EDITORIAL: Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity


Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity

An exhibit opened last week in Berlin, Germany, whose purpose is to confront the people of Germany directly with the active support — indeed, adoration — given by their ancestors to the maniacal regime of Adolf Hitler.  The New York Times reports:

As artifacts go, they are mere trinkets — an old purse, playing cards, a lantern. Even the display that caused the crowds to stop and stare is a simple embroidered tapestry, stitched by village women.  The household items had Nazi logos and colors. The tapestry, a tribute to the union of church, state and party, was woven by a church congregation at the behest of their priest.

The same exact thing, of course, was true of Russians during the time of Stalin, and Stalin ended up murdering far more people than Hitler ever dreamed of doing.  But instead of facing up to their hideous past as Germans are doing, Russians prefer to rewrite their past with absurd lies and misdirections, and now Russians are weaving new tapestries of exaltation to Stalin and his ilk. Indeed, they’ve even elected a proud KGB spy from the Brezhnev era as their “president.”

Russia is a barbaric, uncivilized nation.  Not only is Russia incapable of acting like Germans, who are building one of the most peaceful, stable and prosperous civilizations on the planet by honestly confronting their failed past and reforming, Russia is moving in the opposite direction, rehabilitating its failed past by simply rewriting the history  books so it can attempt the horror all over again.

Only last week it was announced that Russia was making common cause with the demonic ruler of Venezuela, helping him to achieve military domination of his country and to develop dangerous nuclear technology, just as Russia has done for the equally deranged leader of Iran.  Russia is seeking to rebuild an evil empire and is acting just as it did in Soviet times, just as Germany did under Hitler.  Unlike Germans, Russians have learned nothing except bitterness and denial from their failed past, and therefore they are, of course, doomed to repeat it.


41 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity

  1. “Our government fears its own citizens,” Gorbachev said, warning the patience of Russians with “a swamp of stagnation, indifference and corruption” may eventually snap. “When people finally realize that their opinion is ignored and that nothing depends on them, they’ll go out on the street,” he said.”


  2. Gorbachev had a solid reason to say so. Unlike Stalin… Dear La Russophobe, keep up the good work. I appreciate your efforts of providing English-speaking russians who visit your blog with a portion of healthy laughter on a regular basis. Love.

  3. “Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity”
    “I appreciate your efforts of providing English-speaking russians who visit your blog with a portion of healthy laughter on a regular basis. Love.”
    “healthy laughter” — Brilliant say. Love again. Can’t agree more.

  4. Let’s enjoy watching Russia’s humiliating, slow, and painful desintegration.
    It is truly priceless to witness such a historical event – by the way I saw the tragic pictures of the victims of the summer fire. Those poor russian beggars live in the holes in the ground – still waiting for the brand new housing development by September primised by Kremlin…..

    This is a lesson for all russians – if you are slave you are treated like a slave….you have NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER TO IMPROVE YOUR CONDITIONS….

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Yankee drivel
      Void and trivial

      The good thing about USian tripe stems from its blatant stupidity and arrogance, thus making it serve as a supreme eye-opener to people who might otherwise have illusions about “The Indispensable People”. Time to go to bed, kid.

  5. G.IP.S.

    I can imagine a healthy laughter of all those russians walking to the gulags, starving there and never rebelling, drinking contaminated Russian samogon and using Afghan heroin….what a magnificent life!!!!

    • These are quite sick fantasies… not grounded in any facts whatsoever, thank God!

      • Oh I don’t know, Russia has one of the highest AIDS rates outside of sub-Saharan Africa, a huge problem with drugs, and a neo-fascist government.

        Then there is the fact that Russia has a horrific rate of hard alcohol consumption, and that is just the legal stuff….

        I suspect you are a result of FAS AT

        • @highest AIDS rates outside of sub-Saharan Africa – more than the US has? Sure? Got sources, other than the CIA?

          @a huge problem with drugs – like, the drugs USIan military grows in Afghanistan to spread across all the Europe via their Kosovo friends?

          @and a neo-fascist government – you mistake Russia for Georgia. And if you’re looking for extreme rights in the government, you’re definitely looking in a wrong direction. Look for Sweden and Netherlands in your phonebook.

      • AT wrote;
        These are quite sick fantasies… not grounded in any facts whatsoever, thank God!


        Look around yourself and look at your history – the ‘heroes of the last war goosestepped from the victory parade in Moscow in 1945 directly to the gulags – went there like animals to the slaughter without any resistance and total acceptance of their OWN government’s barbarity- is it a fantasy or reality??? za rodinu za stalina – you are not only stupid you are born salves…..BUT WE RESPECT YOUR CHOICES…..

        By the way, there were the tragic pictures of the victim of the summer fires in Russai- they live in the holes in the ground, and still waiting for the new houses promised by kremlin….

  6. I probably should suspect that KGB provides the picture of what I see into my brain… And only reading La Russophobe can gift our poor Russian minds with unveiled truth and free us from this Matrix… But, wait. That’s dangerously close to shizophrenia.

    Hard alcohol consumption does exist – mainly its victims are eldery people who lost everything with the end of USSR – their professions became unneeded – and couldn’t find their place in the new realm of “laissez faire”, promoted by young liberal exonomists like Chubais and Nemtsov in 90s. According to the ideology of those reform-makers, they should just have gone and die somewhere. They didn’t even hide it too much.
    Russians have a reason to hate liberals.

    BTW, the first (and only) time I happened to taste samogon was in Norway, on a regular weekend student party. Mixed with cola *shivers*

    As for heroin, I hope those fields in Afghanistan will one day receive a portion of napalm. No doubt, Western media would immediately react by calling this “an unprovoked aggression of a neo-fascist regime”. Or something like that.

  7. G.I.P.S.
    You are incurable – take a trip outside of Moscow or Petrograd or whatevery it is called nowadays – if you find a road, that is’ and see real russia – pure 18th centu;ry….As for the heroine use of the young russians it is OUT OF CONTROL – as they say in Cental Europe – the future russian invaders will be ALL HIV positive…….

  8. by the way GIPS,

    the uncontrollable spread of heroine in russia is a poetic justice – the soviet totally destroyed perfectly run agriculture in Aghanistan of the 80 ties – and the Afghant repay the favor by systematically killing you….

    How can anybody convince a russian not to steal it is in russia’s DNA..

  9. What I really like in you is your honesty. Your post clearly suggests that the best fate for Russians (from your point of view) would be complete and utter genocide, as they are a blemish on the face of this little nice planet… Last time such a plan was offered by a certain man named Adolf… We know how it ended.

    You are a honest person, unlike those hypocrites who hide their true intentions under words about Democracy and Freedom. My respect.

    BTW, according to your logic, the best cure for a Russian is heroine.

    “You are incurable”

    Since I am Russian, I’ll take that as a compliment.

    “take a trip outside of Moscow or Petrograd ” Nice try, but your shot hit the sky.

    Surprisingly enough, I don’t live in any of the two cities you mentioned. In fact, I live in a settlement with a population of about 3000 men – though not far from a 300 000 city (20 minutes in a car). Even more surprising (sorry to disappoint you), I don’t feel living in 18th century.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      aaausa has the vileness characteristic of Anglo-Saxons in general and of USians in particular. USians are National Socialists to boot, stemming from their totally parasitic existence on this planet. It is their sense of entitlement to other peoples’ natural resources and labour output which forms the very basis of their entire world outlook. On a side note, that’s exactly why I have never really bought into the idea that the US National Socialist government was complicit in 911. Sure, the US government and its ruling elites are not too much in love with the ugly American home population, but the point is that your dear, average Yank will approve of war without any false flag operations. Yanks very dearly yearn for all the repression, war, and chauvinism they vote for and more.

  10. “Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity”…
    “Ceterum censeo carthaginem esse delendam!” The problem is Putin must be in the know. Do not forget a single moment – ‘Indian removal’ – what would today be called ‘ethnic cleansing of millions of people’ – was official federal policy. Time to go to the last frontier to follow the way of Napoleon and Hitler in their search of “New World Order”?

    “Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity”…
    You went too far this time in your heading dear La_Russophobe and made me real angry. You’d better look for “monstrosity” in another kingdom.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Calm down, rts. To a frigging Yank, ANYTHING except The Yankistan is an “Uncivilized Monstrosity”. I confess that I do agree wholeheartedly with good ol’ G W Bush to the effect that “You’re either with us or against us”. Guess whose side the vast majority of mankind is aligning itself with?

  11. Despite the fact most Americans think Russia still remains a country of animal traction yet it still remains the only country in the world capable to make roaches the only residents of the United States in 24 minutes.
    That’s the basic reason why they consider Russia to be “an Uncivilized Monstrosity”. There’s a danger of massive baseball bat treatment from that “an Uncivilized Monstrosity” just the way it happened in South Ossetia in 2008 with 30 dead Afro-Georgians from the US Delta Force scattered around the center of the city in “extremely” uncivilized manner.

    • Of course you beloved motherland is a country to be feared, nobody would deny that. But it is strange that you seem to be proud of that. Who in the world could be proud of being an armed criminal and gangster? Those are feared too

    • Oh dear, RTS is being a sub simian again.

      30 dead Afro-Georgians LOL, next he will be talking about ridiculous things like Ukrainian or Estonian female snipers in Chechnya or intelligent Russians or something equally insane…..

  12. Anonymous Infidel

    I’m beginning to think that there is no realistic middle ground between the German (or for that matter, American) masochism over the past and the Russian worship of a far bloodier time than either of the former nations combined.

    Complete institutional masochism (as Germany and the United States, look at Obama if you doubt me) or complete denial and Russian-style recidivism, why does it always have to be one or the other?

  13. To Anonymous Infidel:
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki might equally dispel your doubts on your newly invented measurement scale and shed some light on the bloody path of the US into the future. Yet I am not quite sure about your preferences – maybe you prefer agent orange or napalm from Mr.Dow just like in Vietnam. America has a lot to offer.

    • RTS, you Russian scum killed 61,000,000 people in the 20th century.

      The Heroshima and Nagasaki bombings ended a world wide war and although they killed thousands in each city, they were not in any way worse than say, the Russian rape of Berlin, or the Russian extermination of the civilian population of Koenigsburg.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Andrew, love, don’t be shy. I, for one, estimate the “Kremlin’s heap of corpses” to no smaller an amount than Avogadro’s number. Unlike your pulled-out-of-Conquest’s-ass estimate of 61 million, Avogadro’s number does outperform Western imperialism by quite a few orders of magnitude.

        Keep in mind, darling, that 61 million dead in 30 years’ time (roughly the duration of Stalin’s reign in the USSR), is what Western imperialism kills by forcibly imposed sanctions and IMF austerity programs in the Third World in less than a frigging decade.

        Hugs and kisses from Manfred

        • Sorry Manfred, but you are certifiable.

          I guess you missed the fact that pretty much the vast overwhelming majority of aid to third world countries comes from the nations you accuse of “western imperialism”, you know, all those things like food aid, irrigation projects, immunisation projects, infrastructure projects such as hospitals, schools, that sort of thing.

          Russia gives little to no foreign aid even during disasters (look at their reaction to Haiti, blamed the earthquake on Gods judgement on the blacks, how RuSSian…), and the only aid it usually gives to third world countries is in the form of weapons that are used for ethnic cleansing and mass murder, and the propping up of dictatorships.

          Once again Manfred, do try and back up your claims with documented numbers, oh thats right, you can’t…….

      • Andrew,

        We have to sit and enjoy Russia demise – slow, humiliating, ugly, bloody, irreversible – it doesnt’ hapen too often in the human history to see russian made calamity..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Fine. And then what? Every frigging Yank’s instant ascension to some kind of “Global Stardom” ? For your own, ahem, “peace of mind”, don’t bet on Russias terminal prolapse any time soon. After all, Russia is this silly blog’s entire raison d’être, mind you. Kind of resembles Christians’ yearning for Jesus’ come-back: A never-ending, full-time commitment for True Believers.

  14. Andrew | October 24, 2010 at 6:49 am | Reply
    RTS, you Russian scum killed 61,000,000 people in the 20th century.

    Hopefully you are overeacting this whole issue. Do hope to meet you in Abkhasia or Ossetia to prove you are wrong about it. The next time there will be your great chance to pay off and learn on how to behave in good society.

    I’ve been ever asking myself why Russia down the centures been one big grave with millions of tons of bones compiled from all over Europe and now peacfully resting in Russian mud in 2,000 miles from their homes. Do you know the answer, Andrew? There must be one.

    With your “61,000,000 people in the 20th century” Russia is a bit overrated if compared with the number of victims of British Empire in India only. Same goes for Japan in China.

    • Well sub simian, thats not correct at all.

      Compared to Russian imperialism, the British in India were pretty mild.

      Of course, you can never offer any back up for your BS, but given the low level of your intelligence that is not surprising.

      BTW, the Abkhaz and South Ossetian situations are another example of the repulsive nature of Russian imperialism, ethnic cleansing.

      Russian mass murder in the Soviet period=
      Chapter 1. 61,911,000 Victims: Utopianism Empowered 1917 to 1987

      And to compare to the UK total of 816,000 from 1900-1987 which is mostly famine deaths in India, which the UK ruled and was therefore responsible in comparison to Russia, the Brits were sunday school teachers.

      And the other major difference being that Britain A) Has apologised, B) Conducts humanitarian work and provides aid to former colonies, and C) has no desire for a renewed empire.

      Russia provides little to no civil aid, even during disasters, has not apologised and is not at all sorry for the crimes it has committed, and Russian vermin such as yourself are all to keen to repeat the process.

  15. Andrew | October 24, 2010 at 3:48 pm | Reply
    “Well sub simian, thats not correct at all. Of course, you can never offer any back up for your BS, but given the low level of your intelligence that is not surprising.”
    There are Germans, who read the user manual three times before first pushing the button and the Russians who first push the button and then reading the user manual three times. The Russian “sub-simian” tactics has proved to be quite effective at some crucial moments in EU history. Note that and say hello to Napoleon, Adolf and Mishiko. I mean your bad mouth, Andrew.

    Andrew | October 24, 2010 at 6:49 am | Reply
    RTS, you Russian scum killed 61,000,000 people in the 20th century.

    “The Heroshima and Nagasaki bombings ended a world wide war and although they killed thousands in each city, they were not in any way worse than say, the Russian rape of Berlin, or the Russian extermination of the civilian population of Koenigsburg.”
    Had Hitler never attacked the USSR, the Soviet troops would have never come to do “the raping of Berlin or the Russian extermination of the civilian population of Koenigsburg.” They just got what they’d been asking for with their beloved furer.

    “Don’t mess up with Russia or Russia will come to mess up with you.” — Bismark

    “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” — Winston Churchill (1939)

    • So what about the Russian raping of Poland in 1939, the invasions of the Baltic republics, the invasion of Finland, all countries that were attacked without reason by Russia.

      Russia was just as bad as if not worse than Nazi Germany.

      Try again Retard, by the way, I was referring to you personally as sub simian, something borne out by your infantile posts.

  16. Dear aaausa.

    You mentioned poetic justice, didn’t you? Should I remind you of 11th September 2001? And the death of Salvador Allende (President of Chile) by the hands of American mercenaries, 11th September 1973, followed by economic occupation of this country by large-scale USA companies?

    Don’t you see poetic justice in such coincindences?

    To Andrew: Are you serious about “raping of Berlin”?

    Let me clarify: can you imagine a battle-worn soldier, sleeping about 3-4 hours a day, in the midst of constant and heavy firefights on the streets of an enemy city, willing to rape someone?

    If you really can, this makes me suspect that you’ve never done hard physical work in your life.

    As for “total exterminations” in European cities, Koenigsberg or whatever, those never occured. The recent Nazi marches in Latvia and Estonia are the best evidence to this.
    Stalin was too soft sometimes.

    • I guess if my nation was responsible for such unspeakable artrocities, I’d want to rewrite my history books too.

      Red Army troops raped even Russian women as they freed them from camps

      By Daniel Johnson

      Last Updated: 1:21PM GMT 25 Jan 2002

      THE Red Army’s orgy of rape in the dying days of Nazi Germany was conducted on a much greater scale than previously suspected, according to a new book by the military historian Anthony Beevor.

      Beevor, the author of the best-selling Stalingrad, says advancing Soviet troops raped large numbers of Russian and Polish women held in concentration camps, as well as millions of Germans.

      The extent of the Red Army’s indiscipline and depravity emerged as the author studied Soviet archives for his forthcoming book Berlin, to be published in April by Viking.

      Beevor – who was educated at Sandhurst and served in the 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own), an elite cavalry regiment – says details of the Soviet soldiers’ behaviour have forced him to revise his view of human nature.

      “Having always in the past slightly pooh-poohed the idea that most men are potential rapists, I had to come to the conclusion that if there is a lack of army discipline, most men with a weapon, dehumanised by living through two or three years of war, do become potential rapists,” he told The Bookseller.

      He appears to echo the American feminist Marilyn French’s notorious claim that “in their relations with women, all men are rapists, and that’s all they are”.

      Any such resemblance is, however, superficial. Beevor is careful to qualify any suggestion that what happened from 1944 onwards is in any way typical of male behaviour in peacetime. But he admits that he was “shaken to the core” to discover that Russian and Polish women and girls liberated from concentration camps were also violated.

      “That completely undermined the notion that the soldiers were using rape as a form of revenge against the Germans,” he said.

      “By the time the Russians reached Berlin, soldiers were regarding women almost as carnal booty; they felt because they were liberating Europe they could behave as they pleased. That is very frightening, because one starts to realise that civilisation is terribly superficial and the facade can be stripped away in a very short time.”

      Beevor’s high reputation as a historian ensures that his claims will be taken seriously. Stalingrad was widely praised and awarded the prestigious Samuel Johnson Prize, the Wolfson Prize for History and the Hawthornden Prize.

      His account of the siege of Berlin, however, promises to be more controversial. “In many ways the fate of the women and the girls in Berlin is far worse than that of the soldiers starving and suffering in Stalingrad.”

      To understand why the rape of Germany was so uniquely terrible, the context is essential. Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of Russia in 1941, began the most genocidal conflict in history. Perhaps 30 million inhabitants of the Soviet Union are now thought to have died during the war, including more than three million who were deliberately starved in German PoW camps.

      The Germans, having shown no quarter, could expect none in return. Their casualties were also on a vast scale. In the Battle of Berlin alone more than a million German soldiers were killed or died later in captivity, plus at least 100,000 civilians. The Soviet Union lost more than 300,000 men.

      Against this horrific background, Stalin and his commanders condoned or even justified rape, not only against Germans but also their allies in Hungary, Romania and Croatia. When the Yugoslav Communist Milovan Djilas protested to Stalin, the dictator exploded: “Can’t he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometres through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?”

      And when German Communists warned him that the rapes were turning the population against them, Stalin fumed: “I will not allow anyone to drag the reputation of the Red Army in the mud.”

      The rapes had begun as soon as the Red Army entered East Prussia and Silesia in 1944. In many towns and villages every female, aged from 10 to 80, was raped. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel laureate who was then a young officer, described the horror in his narrative poem Prussian Nights: “The little daughter’s on the mattress,/Dead. How many have been on it/A platoon, a company perhaps?”

      But Solzhenitsyn was rare: most of his comrades regarded rape as legitimate. As the offensive struck deep into Germany, the orders of Marshal Zhukov, their commander, stated: “Woe to the land of the murderers. We will get a terrible revenge for everything.”

      By the time the Red Army reached Berlin its reputation, reinforced by Nazi propaganda, had already terrified the population, many of whom fled. Though the hopeless struggle came to an end in May 1945, the ordeal of German women did not.

      How many German women were raped? One can only guess, but a high proportion of at least 15 million women who either lived in the Soviet Union zone or were expelled from the eastern provinces. The scale of rape is suggested by the fact that about two million women had illegal abortions every year between 1945 and 1948.

      It was not until the winter of 1946-47 that the Soviet authorities, concerned by the spread of disease, imposed serious penalties on their forces in East Germany for fraternising with the enemy.

      Soviet soldiers saw rape, often carried out in front of a woman’s husband and family, as an appropriate way of humiliating the Germans, who had treated Slavs as an inferior race with whom sexual relations were discouraged. Russia’s patriarchal society and the habit of binge-drinking were also factors, but more important was resentment at the discovery of Germany’s comparative wealth.

      The fact, highlighted by Beevor, that Soviet troops raped not only Germans but also their victims, recently liberated from concentration camps, suggests that the sexual violence was often indiscriminate, although far fewer Russian or Polish women were raped when their areas were liberated compared to the conquered Germans.

      Jews, however, were not necessarily regarded by Soviet troops as fellow victims of the Nazis. The Soviet commissars had commandeered German concentration camps in order to incarcerate their own political prisoners, who included “class enemies” as well as Nazi officials, and their attitude towards the previous inmates was, to say the least, unsentimental.

      As for the millions of Russian prisoners or slave workers who survived the Nazis: those who were not executed as traitors or sent to the Gulag could count themselves lucky. The women among them were probably treated no better than the Germans, perhaps worse.

      The rape of Germany left a bitter legacy. It contributed to the unpopularity of the East German communist regime and its consequent reliance on the Stasi secret police. The victims themselves were permanently traumatised: women of the wartime generation still refer to the Red Army war memorial in Berlin as “the Tomb of the Unknown Rapist”.


    • And the victorious Soviet soldier was under direct order to break the spirit and dignity of all arrogant Germans, the German Woman in particular, only total victory would do, therefore, the German Frau would have to pay the price. ‘Rape’ therefore was the Order of the Day! Rape was the weapon! Rape, Rape, Rape, regardless of age, the arrogant German women was free to be taken, free to be raped. No mercy was to be given!

      And vermin of all kinds, the victors had to give away: Lice, Bedbugs, and fleas!

      Plenty of Lice; all kinds of lice, head-lice, body-lice and genital lice, galore! We had never before experienced any lice or flies, but the primitive conquerors had given their culture to us, for free!

      If a wedding-ring would not come off the finger quick enough, the Mongols or whatever they were, would not hesitate for a moment to chop off the fingers. Very often it was even the whole of the hand. And as every woman had at least a wedding ring, some had diamonds on their hands, it was a mad tug of war by the greedy animals.

      They were hungry for virtually everything, valuable or not. When we eventually managed to get into our homes, it looked like a battlefield.

      Everything was overturned, everything was thrown about, every wardrobe was empty, they had smashed every drawer, broken and soiled. Soiled by urine and defecation.

      It was really no surprise to us to discover that the uncouth and uncivilized victors did not know what an inside toilet with running water was good for. Still, it was a deep and devastating culture shock! To discover that the glorious victors had no dignity at all!

      In their ignorance, utter stupidity, or whatever the reason was, they had smashed the toilet bowl.

      That explained in part why they had disgustingly urinated onto the walls of every room, and had disseminated feces all over the place, onto the windows and even the ceiling.

      But it was the bestial rapes, rapes that forever will be burned into our souls, hearts, and in our conscience.


    • “In the farmyard stood a cart, to which more naked women were nailed through their hands in a cruciform position…Near a large inn, the ‘Roter Krug’, stood a barn and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands, in a crucified posture….In the dwellings we found a total of 72 women, including children, and one old man, 74, all dead….Some babies had their heads bashed in.”[3]

      all the dead females, who ranged in age from eight to 84, had been raped.


  17. Dear G.I.P.S.,

    The naked women that were raped and/or nailed through their hands in a cruciform position are in heaven. The red army men who performed these dastardly deeds are either burning in hell, or being praised as “HEROES OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR” by insanely delusional useful idiots , such as yourself.



  18. LES.

    Let me explain you something simple: if a historian does not confirm the numbers he brings with documents, these numbers are just his imagination. Even if accompanied by colorful descriptions of horrors. Even if this historian has a few titles given to him by Western science community for contributing to the noble quest of depicting the horrific nature of Russian hordes.

    Medical documents, for example, from hospitale archives, could be a matter to be taken seriously. Your historian, however, speaks of “illegal abortions” – an information that can’t be checked – since they are illegal, they weren’t documented, right? Very solid ground for a theory.

    The numbers brought by Solzhenizyn about victims of “GULAG” have long been dismissed as a pure speculation, for example, when archives related to that time were opened.

    Oh yes, and I won’t bore you by telling about the glorious deeds of German soldiers in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine, but I’ll mention one thing: women used by them for pleasure in countless towns and villages were normally thanked by a bullet in their guts – unless those sons of European civilization had time think of something more funny. Anyway those women didn’t need to care of abortions… Children were also killed, just for fun. In many funny ways.

    Hitler was quite straight: the new lands for the Aryan race should’ve been cleaned from “slavic untermenschen”.

    We know of Hitlers orders that encouraged extermination of Russian population. Directly stating that Russians were not in any way subject to any international agreements about treating prisoners, civilians etc.. About half of USSR human losses in WW II were civilians. Nothing like that happened in Germany at any comparable scale – despite the fact that almost every single Soviet soldier had reasons for revenge.

    And these statistical facts that are easy to check.

    But, why would a historian that -knows- (feels deep in his heart, no doubt) that Commies were a wild undisciplined horde, care for facts? He’d better trust his intuition, and earn the recognition of scientific community by writing what everyone wants to hear.

    BTW, do you really believe that a wild undisciplined horde could defeat the highly skilled and disciplined German Army, supported by half of the Europe?

    Also, isn’t that interesting that absolutely NO publications in the press of 1945 mention those mass rapings? The whole world must have been blind….

  19. I actually googled “why are russians so messed up” (or something like that) and came to this page. Reading through it, reminds me of Russia under the czars and them Dr Zhivago theme music came to my head. Those poor, unfortunate bastards. It’s only going to get worse there. They let a guy like Stalin take over? Now they’ve got this Putin guy, who’s creepier in way. At least Stalin spent part of his youth in a seminary. We have a lot of Russian immigrants in Canada, and they are great people. The good ones (with money) are getting the f*ck out. Strange place, that Russia, strange place.

  20. It’s 2002-05-16 and Russia is flailing around in the Ukraine committing crimes against humanity.

    Russia is dying before our eyes. It’s sad, but it seems like scorched earth is the only way to make these savages understand that unprovoked attacks against sovereign countries who pose no threat to you is wrong.

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