October 11, 2010 — Contents

(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Putin’s Bitch

(2)  EDITORIAL:  A Knife in the Darkness for Medvedev

(3)  EDITORIAL: When is a Russian not a Russian?

(4)  Russian Babes do Putin

(5)  The Sham called United Russia

(6)  Putvedev:  Ridiculous and Amateurish

4 responses to “October 11, 2010 — Contents

  1. russians are too ignorant to speak russian:

    According to Russian Media, Researchers at the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg University under Professor Asynovskoho during extensive research found that speaking Russians have little in common with classical Russian grammar. As part of the research are as many as three years, they hung on the neck of volunteer recorders and recorded their language as it actually sounds.


  2. @found that speaking Russians have little in common with classical Russian grammar

    Sure thing, LES. Speaking Russians are “people”, and classical Russian grammar is “an abstract concept”. People bear little resemblance to abstract concepts, that’s no surprise.

    So, to use your own expressions, you have little in common with English grammar – or was it the first order logic that you never used?…

  3. Can Russia Embrace A New Model For Central Asia?

    October 08, 2010
    By Cholpon Orozobekova
    I count myself among the many Kyrgyz people who have high expectations that the country’s October 10 parliamentary elections will lead to the establishment of the first parliamentary democracy in Central Asia.

    Democracy in my country won’t look like the classical version found in many European countries. It will have its problems and its shortcomings. But it will be real and it will be ours.


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