Russians, Starving

The Moscow Times reports that Russia is on the verge of a massive nationwide grain shortage.  Meanwhile, Russia is slashing farm subsidies by half.  Talk about a rock and hard place! Nice work, Mr. Putin!

Russia faces an “acute” grain shortage after the country’s worst drought in at least 50 years and may import more than 6 million metric tons of cereals, SovEcon said Thursday.

The country will have a grain surplus of 4 million tons at most when the next marketing year starts on July 1, 2011, after domestic usage of 77 million tons, the researcher said on its web site. Russian grain supply in the current year will be between 77 million and 81 million tons, it said, calling the Agriculture Ministry’s 90 million-ton estimate “erroneous.”

“There will be a most acute shortage in the market,” SovEcon said. “The country won’t last until the new crop with 4 million tons of inventories.”

Inbound shipments of grain may exceed 6 million tons if the state delays sales from its 9.5 million-ton inventory, the researcher said. The government has said it will start selling stockpiled grain in the first quarter and that cereal supply will suffice to meet domestic demand.

Grain supply includes stockpiles and imports as well as the national harvest. SovEcon forecasts a 59.5 million-ton grain crop this year. The harvest will come to about 60.2 million tons, according to Bloomberg calculations based on Agriculture Ministry data. The ministry estimates the crop at between 60 million and 65 million tons, compared with 97.1 million tons last year.

Russia exported 3.3 million metric tons of wheat between the start of the marketing year July 1 and Aug. 15, when the ban on exports came into effect, SovEcon said.

Egypt and Turkey bought almost 2 million tons of Russian wheat, the Moscow-based research center said.

19 responses to “Russians, Starving

  1. This is the price Russia pays for maintaining an absurd and expensive foreign policy. A little bad luck in agriculture and people in the back country starve. Suddenly there are no reserves to buy food since energy prices are down also.

  2. Well. What a deep analysis, true masterpiece.

    Russia has to buy 10% cereals from abroad… Well – it may, possibly, if the numbers provided by the government, i.e. by all Russian producers of grain, are wrong, and if the one minor consulting company, proposing the new numbers, is right.

    Equals “Russians are starving” :)

    So – when I say US has a 10% budget deficit in 2009 (and note what I say is real), does this mean that “USians went broke”?

    PS. REALLY forget not the http:/ / site (this very consulting company), to see yourself what brilliant sources our LR team uses. E.g. headers like “vcxvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv” are ok for their “corporate site”:)

    Reliable source, LR style:)

  3. I recently learnt about some official Soviet post-war figures for WWII civilian losses.

    I was not at all surprised 4 million people were said to having been starved to death by Germans. I knew about their requisitions (and they even kept the Kolkhoz system for a better control of the peasants), about the horrific Hunger Plan, about how they starved to death even thousands of “Aryans” in Holland (many survived only thanks to the RAF’s Operation Manna).

    So it was quite logical.

    But I was somewhat suprised 3 million people starved to death in the territories that were never occupied by Germans.

    Then I reminded myself I shouldn’t have been.

    I don’t know if this number included the victims of the wartime deportations of whole nations, but my guess is not.

    Btw the Chinese also suffered horrific losses in the territories never occupied by the Japanese. Due to extreme neglect and also self-inflicted (including infighting, but also things like their extremaly ugly conscription system, requisitions, general brutality). Possibly actually more then inflicted by the Japanese. In one case they killed up to 1 million people in a huge man-made flood, one of the worst in human history.

  4. Russians, Starving???
    Come to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador or the best portion of Mexico to see people starving under the guidance of the US based nazi style IMF advisors on malnutrition. Once seen, never forgotten. Or you’d prefer to go to Haity to face the music of the US “multi-occupations” down three ages?

    • @the US based nazi style IMF

      Oh them UN Nazis. Isn’t Russia also a member of the UN and the IMF, along with 185 other UN members + Kosovo? Is this making Russia “nazi”? If so, why Russia won’t go and secede from the world?

      If the IMF were “Russia based” would they be more or less “nazi” than now? Why didn’t Stalin demand this when the UN were creating the IMF in 1944?

      How much humanitarian aid is Russia sending globally, comparing to the US aid?

      @go to Haity

      Where is this mysterious, magical place, Haity?

      • IMF is mostly controlled by the U.S.A., created under B-W accords, and has almost nothing in common with UN, which is really controlled by multiple interests.

        • Dtard, you are a moron.

          The International Monetary Fund was conceived in July 1944 during the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference. The representatives of 45 governments met in the Mount Washington Hotel in the area of Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States, with the delegates to the conference agreeing on a framework for international economic cooperation. The IMF was formally organized on December 27, 1945, when the first 29 countries signed its Articles of Agreement. The statutory purposes of the IMF today are the same as when they were formulated in 1943.

          • I believe you didn’t catch July 1944 was actually before December 1945.

            You also seemed to miss the “45 states” not necessarily equals, and even comprises the “29 states”.

            Pray tell me of Communist China in Bretton-Woods in 1944:D

            With love.

            • There was not a communist China until 1948 you retard.

              And the US never had a dominant role in the IMF, and it the IMF and World Bank are UN institutions.

              The IMF and the World Bank
              September 15, 2010
              The IMF and the World Bank are institutions in the United Nations system. They share the same goal of raising living standards in their member countries. Their approaches to this goal are complementary, with the IMF focusing on macroeconomic issues and the World Bank concentrating on long-term economic development and poverty reduction.

              What are the purposes of the Bretton Woods Institutions?
              The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were both created at an international conference convened in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States in July 1944. The goal of the conference was to establish a framework for economic cooperation and development that would lead to a more stable and prosperous global economy. While this goal remains central to both institutions, their work is constantly evolving in response to new economic developments and challenges.
              The IMF’s mandate. The IMF promotes international monetary cooperation and provides policy advice and technical assistance to help countries build and maintain strong economies. The Fund also makes loans and helps countries design policy programs to solve balance of payments problems when sufficient financing on affordable terms cannot be obtained to meet net international payments. IMF loans are short and medium term and funded mainly by the pool of quota contributions that its members provide. IMF staff are primarily economists with wide experience in macroeconomic and financial policies.
              The World Bank’s mandate. The World Bank promotes long-term economic development and poverty reduction by providing technical and financial support to help countries reform particular sectors or implement specific projects—for example, building schools and health centers, providing water and electricity, fighting disease, and protecting the environment. World Bank assistance is generally long term and is funded both by member country contributions and through bond issuance. World Bank staff are often specialists in particular issues, sectors, or techniques.


              • @There was not a communist China until 1948 you retard.

                Funny, but you f*ckd up even with this year, honey:D The Communist China (PRC) came into being in 1949:)

                And know when the US accepted the communist China in the IMF club of theirs? I bet you don’t.

                In 2001. Soviet Union was never a member of the IMF. Actually, it was only in 1990, when the states where the majority of Europeans live now joined the IMF.

                Do I need to explain any further why the IMF is not at all as neutral and universal as the UN is?

        • Oh, and by thew way, the US only controls 17.09% of the votes in the IMF, not exactly dominating is it?

          Try again you moron.

          • Sure thing, darling, and China has astonishing 3,2%. Clearly respects their economy size, in comparison to the USian? Wrong. They should have at least three times more.

            But you are not supposed to be good at economics, being a Georgian. So better just don’t put all these complex ideas in that pretty head of yours.

            With even more love.

            • dymasza, you really have an obsession about the Georgians – why is so? Perhaps they are more civilized? When Georgians were reading the Bible, you russians were still sitting on the trees – her eit is the inferiority complex. Make simple mathematics – the Georgians adjopted christianity seven hundred years before you – it is more than your whole history

    • rts,
      You have very short memory, indeed – in the early nineties USA saved the poor russians from starvation. The russian poor pitiful beggars…

  5. Unfortunately for the people weather patterns often stay on for years. Hopefully the rains will return next year.

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