EDITORIAL: Michael McFaul, Putin’s Best Friend


Michael McFaul, Putin’s Best Friend

Michael McFaul, Best Pal of Putin

In the latest installment of her Russia column on the powerful and influential mega-blog The American Thinker, LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld exposes the horrifying treachery of the Hoover Institution‘s Michael McFaul, as he feverishly works to help the fetid, odious Obama administration cover its tracks on Russia.  Kim points her finger directly at McFaul, showing how he has betrayed his conservative lineage in favor of the glitz and glamor of the Obama White House, allowing himself to be used as a smokescreen that can help Obama avoid responsibility for his heinous abrogation of American values where Russia policy is concerned.

To this we respond:  What about Hoover?

Quite frankly, we think Hoover’s behavior in regard to McFaul maybe even more shocking and reprehensible than McFaul’s.  We are stunned that other Hoover fellows have not come forward to denounce McFaul’s treachery, even as the wider conservative movement, and the Republican Party, as Kim shows in her piece, are beginning to awaken and take McFaul to task.

As Kim points out, McFaul isn’t the first Hooverite to betray the Reagan legacy and help lead America down the wrong path on Russia. It was Hoover’s Condoleezza Rice who presided over the Bush administration, the one that “looked in Putin’s eyes” and “glimpsed his soul” and proclaimed him trustworthy.  It was Rice who permitted Bush to hold a White-House photo-op with war criminal Vladimir Shamanov.

Yet there has been no censure by Hoover of Rice, nor is there of McFaul. As we see it, Hoover is also guilty of treachery.  It seems to us that both McFaul and Hoover are far more interested in personal aggrandizement and the luxury of fame and power rather than in the values they are supposed to hold dear.

At the drop of a hat, McFaul was ready to sign on with Obama and allow his name, previously associated with a strong stand on American values where Russia is concerned, to be used for propaganda purposes by the malignant Obama regime.  Similarly, Hoover seems to feel that the publicity and prestige that being associated with the halls of power can bring are far more important than doing the right thing.

Obama claimed that ignoring Russian human rights violations would win nuclear arms reduction. In fact, no significant reductions in Russian arms have been achieved.  He claimed it would recruit Russia in the war against Iran, yet Russia has just flouted American sanctions an continues to supply the rogue regime with horrifying nuclear technology.

McFaul ought to have seen the light when Obama met with Oleg Kozlovsky and openly told him, in so many words, that he did not care about the fate of the people of Russia or about democracy and American values in post-Soviet space, that he care only about his own political agenda.  McFaul ought to have resigned that very day. In the manner of a Neville Chamberlain or Jimmy Carter, Obama is paving the way for a new era of darkness in post-Soviet space.  McFaul is saying and doing nothing to stop it, and neither is Hoover.

So we condemn them both, and we call upon McFaul to resign.  We have documented here on this blog the steady deterioration of American policy towards Russia, the steady encouragement of the neo-Soviet crackdown.  For a while, McFaul and Hoover might have been able to argue they were working from the inside to moderate this policy, but that argument is no longer credible.  Now, both McFaul and Hoover are as much a part of the problem as Obama himself, and if they do not take action to step away from the carnage then they are to be blamed for it equally, and as such become our enemies.

59 responses to “EDITORIAL: Michael McFaul, Putin’s Best Friend

  1. You are insane.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Richard, how can you say auch a thing?!? I mean, consider the horrible implications that would follow accordingly: Right at the very center of the universe, to wit LR, sheer insanity prevails. No, that just can’t be true — pretty please!

  2. Obama’s “reset” was insane from the beginning and is part of the cause of the political troubles for the democrats. Obama is mentally incapable crafting a realistic foreign policy.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Maybe you should offer to serve as his advisor, then. Or are you so delusional so as to believe your own petty obsessions would resolve anything?

  3. BTW, Happy Victory Day to all in Abkhazia! You protected your country in 90ies, you fought bravely, and may you live in peace in the future!

    • Dymasha, wrote;
      BTW, Happy Victory Day to all in Abkhazia! You protected your country in 90ies, you fought bravely, and may you live in peace in the future!
      Happy victory day, the Abkhazians try to save their country from total russian take over by not allowing the russians to buy property in Abkhazia – in vain, of course. In ten years Abkhazia will have 90% Russian population and consequently will cease to exist…

      • a huhu ne hoho?

      • You mean Russians will come in numbers? No, they won’t. If you have any Abkhazian friends (which I really doubt), ask them to explain why.

        • Actually dtard, the Abkhaz are getting increasingly upset with the Russian presence in Abkhazia, with Russia being in control of the borders, the railways, the airport, and with Russian citizens being able to buy land, something Abkhaz are unable to do.

          Then there is the small matter of the Russians pressuring Bagapsh to disband the Abkhazian armed forces.

          • Andrew,

            Notice how silent dtard is once you answer his RuSSian propaganda with facts that disprove his warped/twisted side of the story.

            But then what can one expect, bearing in mind the garbage he so regularly spews out.

          • Somebody said “facts”? “Facts” have “sources”.

            Actually dtard, the Abkhaz are getting increasingly upset with the Russian presence in Abkhazia, […] and with Russian citizens being able to buy land, something Abkhaz are unable to do […] Russians pressuring Bagapsh to disband the Abkhazian armed forces.

            What facts are there in Andrew’s post, other than the fact Andrew lives in the world of delusions?

            P.S. Oh, and I know how the answer would look like: an article from Goble.

            • Hey Dtard:

              Here you go:

              In Abkhazia, amplified concerns about the actual absorption of Russia. Over the past few days in Sukhumi, promulgated a number of statements of opposition forces, including the authoritative Union Veterans “Arua”, and one joint, which speak of the need to eliminate the mechanism of “sole decision-President of Abkhazia crucial for the country and people solutions.” By his voice within the country joined the influential Abkhaz diaspora in Turkey.
              The reason for the statements about the possible “requirement for early resignation of President Sergei Bagapsh became him, as the authors point out statements, independent decisions to give full control of the Russian border security Abkhazia, in the management of Railways Abkhaz railway, and some Russian companies – the Sukhumi airport,” a distinguished assignment of the vast fertile land of 200 hectares of “unknown” fruit company “plans to transfer the exclusive development of Gazprom and Rosneft’s hydrocarbon and other fields of the republic, as well as the uncontrolled sale of land to foreigners. According to the opposition, the state was under threat, “Abkhazia could become a quasi-Russian appendage … parasitizing on subsidies. ” Similar sharp questions Sukhumi arrived in Turkey from a strong Abkhazian diaspora.

              Subject formally sovereign but actually absorbed by Russia of Abkhazia in Sukhumi raised before. Dynamics of growth is indicative of sentiment. Already in September in Sukhumi, covered by the euphoria of Russia’s recognition of sovereignty, sounded warnings of war veterans at the authorities: we went to Georgia to preserve its statehood and culture, as not to lose it all in close alliance with Russia. Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba, in an interview, acknowledged that the small number Abkhaz people are threatened by assimilation, including the state. But if the choice is inevitable, we prefer to be assimilated with the Russian and Russia, openly told Nezavisimaya Gazeta FM Abkhazia.
              At the end of last year in the local press sounded timid notes (by the way, enthusiastically taken up by the Georgian mass-media) about the exorbitant appetites of representatives of Russian political and business elites, look in Abkhazia land. In February, dared, in his article to question the overly pro-Russian course of the authorities editor of Chegem truth “Inal was evacuated from Sukhumi and beaten.
              In early March, arrived in Moscow, Sergei Bagapsh, president of the question, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta about Russia’s domination of Abkhazia has expressed in the spirit of that unhappy there will always be: will the amount of cooperation with Russia, a small – reproach failure, and will scale – blamed for a decrease of sovereignty . “For us, Russia – the main partner, the guarantor of our security and development”, – told Nezavisimaya Gazeta, president of Abkhazia.
              Now it may be that unhappy with the course of the authorities in Sukhumi, more than at first glance. Referred to a joint statement signed by six political and public organizations, whose members – known and respected people in the country. They urge the authorities to open discussion of issues of “paramount importance for Abkhazia.” Without questioning his friendship with “the only real ally – Russia, the authors of the statement stressed that the authorities did not lead to” establish and strengthen a truly equal partnership relations between Abkhazia and Russia, but which meet corporate or private interests of the representatives of the two sides, and the very ” Abkhazia, pushing the death. ”

              Interlocutor “NG” in Sukhumi said that this kind of criticism suggests, on the one hand, the informal beginning of the presidential election campaign – the election scheduled for Dec. 12, but on the other – it is not baseless name. “The opposition statement referring to himself Bagapsh said that Abkhazia, Russia is taking a loan of 2 billion rubles. With this money by the Russian side is in the order of our railroad and given to the management of Railways. A loan with this republic will repay the supply of inert materials for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. Unprecedented cooperation scheme! “- The source said. According to him, in Sukhumi, also acutely received the decision on border control, which will carry out the Russians. “15 years abroad somehow protect our folks. Now they could lose their jobs. What is it in our unemployment rate – say too “- said the” NG “interlocutor.


              • cool 5-screener, bro

              • Oh, and yes, I forgot: the text of your message was English, the source you give is in Russian?

                How comes? did yoг translate the 5-screener yourself? I doubt it (as you don’t speak Russian).

                Then, the links is just a lie – as usual.

                PS. And yes, honey, I’m not going to waste time to compare texts you provide.

                • No pedophile, you can quickly translate using Google chrome if you are intelligent enough to use it.

                  • Andrew, you know what? You seem to be a small boy abused by some Georgian, judging by how fast you are at calling others pedophiles and gays:)

                  • BTW Google chrome is a browser, not an online translator. But there’s probably no difference between the two in Andrew’s private world?

                  • BTW, in most countries you would be trialed and fined for calling other pedophiles online.

                    It’s good for you you don’t live in a civilized country.

                    And for all those civilized countries, it’s also good you don’t live there.

      • I thought you said Russia would collapse in 10 years….

  4. A word about the Demos and their darling, B. H. Obama and his great harm to America, and also to the cause of trying to free Russia and it’s neighbors, from the current KGB/FSB gangster gang running Russia:
    Unfortunately, the majority of Americans who will soon vote in the Congressional elections, will SWEEP OUT the Democrats from power, not because they care about any Russian issue (because most Americans, don’t give a rodent’s rear, about such foreign matters, SADLY), but because they see the leftist/anti-business/anti-jobs socialistic Demos with their fearless RUM-DUM leader, Obama, as poisonous to America and to our jobs, and as destroying this country, and weakening it, & as SHAMING our country in front of all our foreign foes, both the Islamic terrorists, and the on-going threats from RUSSIA too.
    We don’t want a pro-enemy Congress and a pro-enemy President.
    We need Obama to be forced to resign, or be impeached, the sooner the better.
    And only then, can America be America again, and stand up for ourselves, and for those fighting oppression abroad, as the Russian dissidents, as the Georgians, and the other nations being threatened by the Kremlin regime.
    B. H. Obama and his traitorous Democrat Party, will go down in history, as THE worst, we have ever had.
    Maybe his friend, Fidel Castro, will give him a villa in sunny Cuba, when Obama has to flee from this country-?…or Putin let him stay in a Sochi villa?
    And let Obama take his Demos with him.
    Let’s see, just how much those America-hating leftists will like, actually living in an openly communist society, as they want to turn America into!

  5. Also, what is music to my ears: all sides of the American political spectrum, from the extreme left, the ‘moderate independents’, ‘moderate Democrats’, ‘moderate Republicans’, to Tea Party Conservatives, to (so-called), Extreme Rightist Conservatives, and many Black Americans who with the millions of middle-aged White Liberals , voted for him, ALL….are turning against Obama and his leftist/hate-America/incompetent administration. EVEN, the mindless/leftist/Democrat propaganda -machine MEDIA are also turning against him. Finally, the news media, is starting to spill a little actual dirty truth, about his incompetence. Also too, the Hollywood crowd, are starting to make Obama the butt of their jokes and criticisms.
    Yes, it is indeed, time for CHANGE in America!
    What a wonderful happy sound! Finally, a little truth, a sweet tune.

  6. We are deep in debt and learning the hard way. Our only compensation is the destruction of the democratic party. We will see if we can recover.

  7. We can benefit from a two party system: Republicans vs Conservatives

    The democrats should be banned because they represent the lowest elements of society and have from the beginning (Arron Burr for instance).

    However in many ways Obama is perfect: Liar, illegal, foreign, resentful, trite, limited, lazy and partial to Russians. The people will not soon forget this weirdo.

    • Russians ban political parties. We don’t. Have you forgotten? I think Obama is not responsible for Aaron Burr or for his duel just as Republicans are not responsible for Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover.

      And while I agree with many charaterizations of Obama you have made, I do firmly believe his is not “foreign” nor “illegal” (whatever you meant by that, perhaps “an illegal alien” or something). I cannot detect any foreign accent. Can you?

      We better return to the topic of this board.

      • @Russians ban political parties

        RV, what party was banned in Russia lately?

        • He probably means Limonov’s National-Socialist Bolshevik Party.

          • I wonder why on Earth ban a party that has a black sickle and a hammer crossed in a white circle, on a red banner? Who could deny the right of being elected tosuch democrats?

            • Dmitry, I am a tolerant person, but I would pause to think before I disagree with a ban to a party that contains “National-Socialist” and “Bolshevist” in its name.

              • Oh, come on, but they are democrats in their hearts… Limonov hangs out with Kasparov on each press-conference, each time they two show on public…

      • RV, while this is really not on the topic, this shows what kind of commenters this blog mainly attracts. Even living in this country, most of these East European immigrants remain not materially different in thinking to the supporters of Russia’s current regime. Its not the appreciation of democratic values that brings them here but pure hate.

        • Again, to “RV” & co-worker, “AT”: Both of your, intolerant comments here, ‘show what kind of commenters this blog mainly attracts.’ (?)
          And, ‘it is not the appreciation of democratic values that brings them here, but pure hate’ (?)
          If the shoe fits, wear it, pals!
          And, I am not an eastern European immigrant! Are you two?
          But, thank God for them in America, as they know, first hand, what communism, in any degree or form, does to a society.
          But, SLAVA BOGU! that I have such superior/enlightened guides for my life and thinking processes as you leftist-liberal wonder-minds, who always seem to know better than us, the great unwashed, mainstream, American peasants (?)
          What would we ignorant prejudiced STUPIDOS, do without you? (ha! ha!)

          • See, RV you are my co-worker now. That’s exactly what I am talking about. And I still cannot get how Communism became part of this discussion.

            • Moi, a leftist-liberal wonder-mind? In business and economics, I am as far conservative as you can get. As far as my “wonder-mind” and “co-workers” are concerned, as I told to one of your colleagues –I have nothing to do with intelligence! — otherwise, my time would have been too valuable to write here.

          • What comment of mine was intolerant? That Obama is not a foreign-born person? That is beyond any reasonable dispute in my view. Or that we don’t ban political parties? Well, we don’t.

            You forgot Daniel that I am on your side, and I am not a leftist, and I did not vote for Obama or support him. But when you are wrong, you are wrong

            • You are on Daniel’s side? Oh my. I am not a leftist, quite on the contrary. I would probably not vote for Obama either if I were a US citizen, but I would never say I am on Daniel’s side…

          • Barrack Obama was touring the countryside in his chauffeur-driven limo.

            Suddenly, a donkey jumps out onto the road, they hit it full on and the car comes to a stop.

            Obama says to the chauffeur: ‘You get out and check, you were driving.’

            The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead.

            ‘You were driving; go and tell the farmer,’ says Obama.

            Hours later, the chauffeur returns totally plastered, hair ruffled with a big grin on his face.

            ‘My god, what happened to you?’ asks Obama.

            The chauffeur replies: ‘When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of whiskey, the wife gave me a slap-up meal and the daughter made love to me.’

            ‘What on earth did you say to them?’ asks Obama.

            ‘I knocked on the door, and when it was answered, I said to them, ‘I’m Barrack Obama’s chauffeur and I’ve just killed the jackass.

          • OH TEH DRAMA

  8. To Fellow Discontented American, Ron,
    You are WAY too kind to the (Self)-Annointed-One, The Obamanator!
    You forgot his main attribute: MORON.
    But yes, I think that the anti-American communist-demos should be banned, forever.
    Or, encourage them to emmigrate to where they (think) they would be happier, as Cuba or Putin’s Workers’ Paradise, or Antartica?

  9. To ‘RV’ and ‘AT’ and all:
    My central point is, that untill we in America get rid of the leftist-‘liberals’ , including topling the ever-appeasing-to-all-our-international foes, (including to Vladimir Putin), Democrat Party from power,(‘liberal’ meaning, sell-outs ,to all our national enemies, near and far, such as Putin’s Kremlin gang), we will never be able, to aid our real international allies, such as the Russian dissidents and the many threatened people surrounding Russia, who are fighting the oppressive KGB rulers of Russia, -to establish real democracy in Russia, & threatening us too! For America’s best internal interests, economic and in all other ways, and for us to be truly effective in fighting neo-soviet Russian-Federation’s imperialism, we MUST dump the Demos, for starters.
    And, could it be that there is a dividing line between, democracy, and national suicide-such as tolerating a congress and president who are working for our destruction, under the guise of ‘democracy’ and ‘toleration’???
    Right now, we have a leftist dictatorship running this country.
    IF this present situation continues too long, we will have to become, a rightest-military dictatorship, when….yes….those who are seen as traitors, will HAVE to flee, and there will be NO rights or liberties, for any in America. And this will have to be done, just to save our country. Lincoln had to, during the Civil War, temporarily set aside the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, saying: ‘The Constitution is not a national suicide pack!”.
    If these leftist-‘liberal’ Democrates are not sweept out, by the voting process, this will happen. It is inevitable. We are moving to a new civil war in America, if this does not happen. Too many are suffering under the present regime.
    In all my life, I have never met any people who are SO intolerant of any and all opposing beliefs, as ‘liberals’, who are mostly these days, leftist/neo-communists. DO ,THEY,…. BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY??? -of course, not!

    • Well, I come from a society where they believed that some great goals would not be achieved until they get rid of part of this society. I thought that the goal of democracy, which you seek to establish, is to ensure liberties and freedoms for as many people in a society as possible, not just for those who support the same views as you do. I am not sure why you consider yourself the “real America”, while members of the Democratic Party do not have the same entitlement to be considered as a “real” part of your country. If your democracy includes getting rid of someone, please, please, PLEASE do not help Russia establish such a democracy. Russians have been there. We are still not out of the woods completely. Getting rid of someone is the last thing Russia needs.

    • Team, I think you should post the above message somewhere on the main page to be there permanently. Makes a cool epigraph to your labours here:)

      • Dmitry, does he sound familiar to you as well? Isn’t the flavor of the post exactly the same as in works of V.Lenin they forced us to study (maybe you are too young to have been subjected to that). You even do not need to replace “Democracy” with “Communism” — Lenin was also a big fan of democracy and establishing it through getting rid of opponents.

        • “working for our destruction, under the guise of ‘democracy’ and ‘toleration’???…”

          Starting from this phrase and on, his post is, yes, something Lenin-style revolutionary… I have not been forced to study Lenin, thankfully, but I have a natural interest for Russian history, as I have historians parents, so I know what you’re talking about. Yes, “leave or die, to let us build a heaven”.

    • This “leftist dictatorship” of ours is likely to disappear after the November elections, and dictatorship are not usually worried about elections, like Putin is not. Lincoln, by the way referred to a suicide pact, not pack (if he even said that, nobody knows for sure).

      We are off track again!

      • Well, do you really have a leftist dictatorship in this country? Even a temporary one? Last time I checked, there could have been some sublime changes to the fiscal policy. Otherwise, all the fundamentals appear to be securely in place, all the fundamental problems too.

        • I am certain we don’t have a leftist dictatorship now, but some people think we do. So, I told them that even we do, it’s not for long

          • Yes AT, thats why RV bracketed leftist dictatorship in speech marks, generally taken as another way of saying so-called.

            • Thank you, Andrew, but before explaining the obvious to me next time, you might consider learning what the difference between the bracket and the quotation mark is. You might also want to figure out how to spell “independent” and a few other English words.

              • “difference between the bracket and the quotation mark”


                • AT, when you put the quotation marks on either side of a word you bracket it, ie put one quotation mark either side.

                  And AT, you might try and work out how to be less of a racist, neo-imperialist Russian chauvinist pig.

                  Nut it’s not likely, given the tradition of all of the above in Russian culture.

                  • @”when you put the quotation marks on either side of a word you bracket it”

                    Bracket: –verb (used with object)
                    12.to furnish with or support by a bracket or brackets.
                    13.to place within brackets; couple with a brace.
                    14.to associate, mention, or class together: Gossip columnists often bracket them together, so a wedding may be imminent.
                    15.Gunnery . to place (shots) both beyond and short of a target.
                    16.Photography . to take (additional shots) at exposure levels above and below the estimated correct exposure.

                    “Quotation marks” bracketing?:)

          • Sadly, this blog attracts exactly such people. In any case, RV, I would be interested to know what you think about these people calling Russia “leftist” or “communist”. I don’t see anything leftist or Communist in Russia’s current regime. I can understand “authoritarian”, even “fascist” but “leftist” and “Communist” — its beyond me why some people can say that about Russia now.

            • Right-wing politicians are actually running Russia since the early 90ies. That was always a problem for the country.

              • dymasha wrote;

                Right-wing politicians are actually running Russia since the early 90ies. That was always a problem for the country.


                Let’s left-wing politicians to take over and reopen the gulags – you dymasha would be the first to march in as your family for generations – you russians seem to enjoy being slaves….

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