CARTOON: Luzhkov’s Final Word

Source: Ellustrator.


44 responses to “CARTOON: Luzhkov’s Final Word

  1. If anyone reads Russian here (including you, Russophobe), read this article from Kavkaz Centre (Russia’s #1 enemy) where they suggest that opposition such as Kasyanov, Nemtsov etc are the ones who let the oligarchs into the Kremlin and are eating fruits of their own labor. Also suggesting that Luzhkov is the only suitable candidate to replace Medveput at the next election.

  2. If that’s to suggest there aren’t oligarchs in the Kremlin now, it’s foolishness. Simply different oligarchs, Putin’s ones. And Putin himself is now the biggest, fattest of them all.

    • yanukovych just joined the putin club.

      Update: Return to 1996 Constitution strengthens president, raises legal questions
      Today at 14:29 | Staff reports By repealing the 2004 constitutional amendments on Oct. 1, the Constitutional Court reinstated the semi-presidential system of government provided by Ukraine’s original Constitution in 1996. This strengthens the president vis-a-vis parliament, and has prompted the opposition to talk of a “dictatorship” being installed.

      Read more:

      • Think about Micha of Georgia next time you post:

        • Let’s quote Micha a little (no 5-screeners, I promise):

          I categorically disagree with the Venice Commission – which in overall likes the new draft – to weaken the President and equal this post to the one that is in many European countries […] We should understand that without a strong President, especially in the crisis situations, it will be difficult to rule Georgia. So in this regard we can not accept European experts’ recommendations fully […]

          President Saakashvili also said on September 3, that he was not intending to call a referendum seeking for voters’ consent to run for presidency for the third term. Saakashvili’s second and final term in office expires in 2013.

          I wonder if he would intend in the future. Let’s see. Long live Georgia under Saakashvili!

          • Dtard,

            Saakashvili has already said that he will honor the constitution and not stand for any further terms as President.

            This is in direct contrast to your fascist dictator Putin of course.

            You really are subhuman in your intellect.

            • Andrew, you know what?

              I totally like your country.
              You borrowing from the West for the last 7 years.
              Your one-party USSR-style political system.
              40% of your population subsistence farmers.
              Absence of any industry in Georgia.
              Your NATO-uniformed Zaire-minded army, that guarantees you won’t be able to attack somebody else anytime soon.
              Your three presidents that started three wars with their neighbours and lost all the three.
              Your society that makes women make a hymenoplastics to get married.
              Your economics, providing each Georgian with an external debt of 20 000USD in hard currency.
              Your state that allows Georgian nation to dwindle at a very high speed since the very beginning of independence.

              And, most of all, I like you for making me dig in statistics and history of Georgia and making me know all that.

              Thanks. With love.

            • Before calling somebody subhuman, look at yourself чурка черножопая.

              • You first Russian scum.

                Russia was and is the most evil nation in history, mother of a whore like verminous rabble that have brought more misery to the world than even Nazi Germany.

                Thank God the lord is causing you to die out.

                • Andrew, on demographics:

                  As a portion of the population, Georgia was named as largest emigration countries in the world in the 2007 World Bank report. And the 2002 population census in Georgia revealed a net migration loss of 1.1 million persons, or 20% of the population, since the early 90s.[6]

                  Net migration rate: -4.26 migrants/1,000 population (2009 est.)

                  Total fertility rate: 1.44 children born/woman (2009 est.)

                  An impressing achievement for a young democracy.

                  As for Russia:

         (Georgians included)

                  You said people in Georgia just don’t want to vote for the opposition since Saakashvili came to power? It’s not they don’t want to vote. It’s just they are voting for the opposition with their feet.

                • The most evil nation in the history with the most ugly and stupid, crooked-nose population is Srakatvelo. The nation of dirty slaves who are always ready to lick the hands of their masters.

                  • And you’ll die out first. Its a pity that Russians don’t bomb you well enough in 2008, as they could. Next time.

                    • Wrong dick head, Georgians have a positive birthrate, as do New Zealanders, meanwhile Russians continue to die out fast.

                      In addition, the Georgians shot down so many Russian aircraft that the Russian air force stopped flying on the last day of fighting.

                      Good riddance vermin.

                    • Personally I can’t wait until some corrupt Russian pig sells the Chechens a biological weapon, then goodbye to the centre of evil in Moscow.

                    • my, my, my…

              • Не тупи.

  3. No need for aircrafts, there are missiles that can easily hit all your dirty villages. Its a shame that Medvedev didn’t order to use modern missiles against sraka-tvelos.

    • Dmitry: Is this kind of racist and genocidal attitude common among Russians?

      • do you think moron that the suggestion “Personally I can’t wait until some corrupt Russian pig sells the Chechens a biological weapon, then goodbye to the centre of evil in Moscow” is politically correct?

      • Among Russians who frequent hate sites, like this one, it might be…

        • Hate breeds hate

          • Never mind, I was just winding Casasa up.

            You Russians are so easy to bait.

            • …just like Saakashvili was winding its neighbouring country up…

              • Oh the Georgians have plenty of legitimate grievances after suffering 200 years of Russian imperialism, unfortunately scum, such as yourself can never admit that your country is one of the most evil in history, unlike the Germans who have made amends for their history of mass murder, and are genuinely sorry for it, Russians continue to do the same things over and over again.

                • You better tell that tale of 200 years emperialism to somebody else.

                  Imereti and Guria, for example, were freed from Ottomans by Russians – just to be included in what you call Georgia – in 1774.

                  Much of the modern Ajaria was captured by Russians from the same Ottomans – just to be included in what you call Georgia – in 1864.

                  Care to return at least these two “unfortunate gifts of the Russian Imperialism” back to Turkey, to which they rightfully belong, being just temporarily torn away from the fellow democracy by the evil Russian imperialists?

                  I mean, dude, these two “legitimate grievances” alone comprise at least 20% of modern Georgian territory, and there are, as you rightfully mention, “plenty of legitimate grievances” of this kind:)

                • Well, that a wise policy, which left Georgia with 80% of its territory and deeply indebted to foreign lenders. Smart!

                  • You bet:)

                    Still there’s more for us to applaud:

                    This time, we proudly present: the patented Georgian way of making the best-looking charts in the world:)

                    1) we know Georgia owes about6-7% of it’s foreign debt to Russia, and
                    2) Russia is actually the #2 sovereign creditor (after Germany with 8%),
                    – you could expect Russia would be mentioned on a chart of foreign creditors, the one that Georian MoF shows to all the English-speaking visitors?

                    Not when they think the creditor deserves it not:)

                    Take a look at the wonderful chart:D 10% are humbly named “other”, and no Russia mentioned at all:)

                    No, sir, we don’t take money from evil imperialists!:)

                    Still we have a very clear “2% – Japan”, and “2% – USA”.

                    Ain’t they cool, our little Georgian bank gnomes?:)

                    What I like about the country, is it’s famous Georgian transparency:D

                  • A real 5-screener, but not at all some reposted BS.

                    Our brave guys (not completely “our” for me, of course) – guys at the CIA say about Georgia (country):

                    GDP – composition by sector:

                    agriculture: 12.2%
                    industry: 26%
                    services: 61.8% (2009 est.)

                    Looks like some kind of Japan of Caucasus. Must be making some really popular hi-tech there. 62% of GDP come from the tertiary sector – a real postmodern state that popped out of nowhere on the ruins of the good-ol’ USSR!

                    I almost wish I was Georgian to cry out of loud, “SAAKASHVILI IS A GENIUS!” out of the window in a frosty Moscow air.

                    You see, today we all are (well, were) you-know-who, as you-know-who said. But then the CIA team interrupted again …

                    Labor force – by occupation:

                    agriculture: 55.6%
                    industry: 8.9%
                    services: 35.5% (2006 est.)

                    Oww. That’s what they call farming in the Democratic Georgia…

                    What do they do in this “agriculture”? What could they possibly do, if they together – half of the country labor force, for a second – make 12% of the country GDP?

                    What do they look like? I mean, when a GDP per capita is 4400USD (gallant CIA guys say, not me), and these 56% “agriculture” people do 4,5 times worse than the average, does each of them Georgian “farmers” produce things worth, like, 1 000 a year?

                    I mean, just, like *produce* something worth 80$ a month? 3,8$ per working day? 47¢ each working hour (hope they have a 8h/5d working week)? Half of the country’s population?!

                    Now, let’s imagine they get a 50% of their product (not income, just turnover, and that would be a very, extremely happy case) as a salary/ wages/ whatever they get there.

                    This makes 40$ a month salary? An average wage? Half of the country’s workers earn for their families (an extremely optimistic estimate) 40$/ month?!

                    After that, you don’t ask why Georgia started three wars in 20 years and lost all three.

                    I’d say, it’s a real wonder there are still 12 MPs from non-Saakashvili parties among 150 members of their parliament. Because I guess the named 60% in GDP are created by the “police” service, and the “state communication” service, and the “judiciary” service, which are all, of course, “services”.

                    And then you don’t ask if it worth borrowing 20 000USD per citizen, or not. Well, yes, it is! First is, those “farmer” citizens would need 500 years to return what they owe, spending all their income to bailout Micha. And even Saakashvili might believe his full control of the country can end sooner. Second, one just needs to support his “services”, just to stay in power.

                    Now, speaking seriously: by the end of 1996, Georgia’s economy had shrunk to around one-third of its size in 1989. Which means after 6 years of independence, the country’s economy was three times smaller than under “the Russian occupation”.

                    US State Dept says, not me.

                    http:/ /

                    You say, consequences of an unfortunate Soviet system? Sure:)

                    The thing is, in Soviet Russia, Soviet system seemed to be less Soviet then in Georgia. The fall in GDP was from 1,200BN USD in 1992 (the first full year of independent Russia) to 950BN USD in 1996. Not that threefold Georgian fall?

                    Seems like those Democratic Georgians did something very wrong, during the last 20 years, and continue doing it so.

          • But Moscow is the centre of evil, and probably always will be.

            • The centre of evil is Tbiliso, Sraka-tvelo, your home city. Hard to accept this, I know.

              • No, its definitely Moscow.

                61,000,000 people murdered by Moscow.

                • Most of them by a Georgian usurper and his Georgian friends in Moscow though

                  • No, most of them by Russians, the worst part of the reign of terror was under Yehzov and Yagoda old chap.

                    By the way, Stalin is considered to be the 3rd greatest Russian of all time by the Russian people.

                    There are also over 300 monuments to Stalin in Russia, including 16 that have been erected since Putin came to power.

                    Meanwhile in Georgia they have taken down the last monument to Stalin in Gori, and are changing the museum there so that it talks about his crimes and the crimes of Russian imperialism in general.

                    And to alsoLenin (also a great Russian murderer) described Stalin as “the Great Russian chauvinst”

                    Oh, and one other thing, Stalin was by ancestry Ossetian, Russian and Georgian.

                    In fact he is worshiped in both North and South Ossetia.

                    • Ok, an international team of usurpers with a Georgian posing as a “great Russian chauvinist” in charge and a jew and a half-Lithuanian under him operating out of Moscow.

                    • @Oh, and one other thing, Stalin was by ancestry Ossetian, Russian and Georgian.


                      Perhaps our little Georgian boy don’t know this, but in normal societies “ancestry” is defined by the culture that surrounds a child, not his “Rassenreinheit”. Not in Georgia, right? There you must adhere to your racial purity theory strongly, otherwise you would not have driven out most ethnic minorities since the 1990.

                      Shevardnadze was Soviet. But Stalin was, undoubtedly, Georgian.

                      @And to alsoLenin (also a great Russian murderer) escribed Stalin as “the Great Russian chauvinst”

                      You lie, Andrew. You don’t know a thing about Russian history of that (and other) period (-s), and this is the only reason why you don’t see how stupid this lie of yours is.

                    • well, just another two lies from you, Andrew, do you agree?

      • No, it’s not. We have hundreds of thousands of Georgians living in Russia, and there was absolutely no agression against them during the 8.8.8 conflict.

        And what you see above is a reaction to Andrew’s initial comment, abusive to every Russian.

        I wonder why you don’t ask Andrew about that post.

  4. Imagine obama firing Bloomberg and then deciding with pelosi which “democrat” will “rule” New York City.

    Putin met members of the ruling United Russia party on Friday to discuss who could replace Yuri Luzhkov, ousted this week after 18 years in power, as the boss of the capital city and its 1.1 trillion rouble budget.

    Read more:

    PS Why do the Muscovites let others decide who “rules” them?

  5. You all seem to be on both sides very smart guys.
    I didn’t got the message and who’s been targeted by that cartoon. ???????

  6. Vladimir Mikhaylovich Smirnov

    So if Medvedev scored a political victory here, it was most likely against Sechin. But as political analyst Vladimir Pribylovsky notes, there is still another important act that needs to play out in this drama — the selection of a candidate to replace Luzhkov.

    “What really matters is who the next mayor is,” political analyst Vladimir Pribylovsky told “Moscow News” this week. “If it’s someone from the Sechin camp, then this would be just as unfavorable for Medvedev.”

    And this is where things could get messy.

    In his interview with Ekho Moskvy, Belkovsky said the real reason a critical mass of the Kremlin elite wanted Luzhkov out was to get control of the financial empire he controls:

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