EDITORIAL: Putin’s Bloody mayhem against Children


Putin’s Bloody mayhem against Children

Did you know that one Russian woman is murdered by her husband every single hour in Vladimir Putin‘s Russia?  Did you know that there are 8,736 hours in a year?  As we report in today’s issue, Russian women are being slaughtered in their homes by their drunken, violent, crazed “husbands” with horrifying regularity, and not once during his rule over the country has the demonic dictator spoken out against it. One can only infer that he approves, and perhaps engages in the same type of violence himself.

But Russia’s conduct towards women is nothing compared to what it does to its children.

The Moscow Times reports:  “Russia has the worst record in Europe and Central Asia on homicides of young people, ranking ahead of Albania and Kazakhstan.  The rate for violence-related deaths among people aged 10 to 29 in Russia is 15.85 per 100,000 individuals — 34 times higher than in Germany, the World Health Organization‘s European bureau said in its first report on youth violence.”

Russia’s rate of youth murder is nearly 50% higher than that of the second-place country.

“There is nothing surprising in those figures. It’s common knowledge that the level of crime is higher in Russia than in European countries,” an Interior Ministry spokesman, Oleg Yelnikov, told The Moscow Times.

In other words, the Putin regime knows, and it couldn’t care less.

That’s not all:  “The suicide rate among Russian minors is the highest in the world and three times higher than the global average for this age group. About 45 percent of young women and 27 percent of young men in Russia have thought, at least once, about committing suicide.”

There is no arguing with these irrefutable facts, fully and openly admitted by the Moscow Kremlin.  Russia is a barbaric nation, brutally butchering women and young people at breakneck speed, and watching without care as its population plummets and it descends into madness.

What is worst of all, the cowardly, craven people of Russia do not even have small opposition parties galvanized in their legislature to demand justice for these victims.  They simply watch with approval as their own government attacks and liquidates anyone who dares to confront the regime with these facts.

In short, friends, Russia is doomed and couldn’t care less.

44 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin’s Bloody mayhem against Children

  1. @“There is nothing surprising in those figures. It’s common knowledge that the level of crime is higher in Russia than in European countries,” an Interior Ministry spokesman, Oleg Yelnikov, told The Moscow Times.

    “There is nothing surprising in those figures. It’s common knowledge the Interior Ministry killed thousands of children too,” an Interior Ministry spokesman, Oleg Yelnikov, chose to not tell The Moscow Times.

  2. LR: You said “There is no arguing with this irrefutable facts, fully and openly admitted by the Moscow Kremlin. ”

    I have come to the same conclusion, with all that statistics and facts that you have provided. Yet, wait and see, our crazy resident Russophiles will find plenty of reasons for arguing that Russia is the most humanitarian and gentle nation that has ever been, is or will be.

  3. You fckd up again…

    28 30 31 29 27 25 20 17.9 16.5 14.9

    These are numbers of homicide rates from 2000 to 2009 for Russia.

    Putin years.

    Show me an American president that actually helped the country to halve homicide rates in 8 years.


    Are you suggesting that ten years ago, one Russian woman was murdered by her husband every half an hour?

    • Dima, profanity is banned on this blog, as is quoting specific facts without documenting them to source material. You are violating our rules. Please apologize and cease this activity, or you will lose your commenting privileges here.

      Not only is your comment unsourced (are you quoting KREMLIN data, ape?), it is irrelevant. It has NOTHING to do with violence against women or chlidren, even if it is true. As such, your comment is SPAM, and your ignorant use of profanity reveals you to be the moronic gorilla we always knew you were.

      It’s the typical response of the propagandizing liar to simply change the subject when he meets inconvenient facts. You can’t defend Putin’s record on women and children, so you don’t even try.

      • I just wonder why he continues to insist on his statistics thing. Fraudulent it or not, for any thinking Russian man it is enough to look at Kremlin guys, walk down the streets of Russian cities and visit some villages or small towns, especially Siberian. What one would see there is enough to make anyone run to Triumph Square, engage in opposition and visit a local gun store — no statistics digging needed. Oh, I forgot it’s illegal for Russians to protect themselves with firearms (actually, with anything). Only Kremlin thugs can carry guns.

        Nevertheless, it seems he uses this statistics thing as a dope in order to please his mind. And what one can observe in his comments is probably a post-effect, withdrawal pains :-)

      • Once again, dear team, you are seriously below the IQ average. Deleting my posts really equals to admitting you are, and you hardly have any arguments.

        Yes, and this excuse for banning abilities of yours is really something being beyound good or evil. You are more than welcome to ban Russia by IP, most my comments I make from this country:D

      • Oh, and the source – you know, a person with 80+ IQ would really search the sequence of numbers I give in Google.

        A person with an IQ higher than 100 could possibly even hit the “I feel lucky” button and get right to the first result google gives. Which would be namely the source you so desperately look for, team.

        But my post is for people with IQ80+, of course, so – don’t pay attention, just listen to the song, it’s nice, I promise.

  4. The article form Moscow Times does not show such a rosy picture. By the way, American Presidents are not in charge of halving crime rates. Crime is mostly a local issue

    • ORLY?

      So what abt this?

      The President will lead the fight to build a more fair and equitable criminal justice system. He will seek to strengthen … and will work to ensure that federal law … He supports … President Obama will also improve … etc., etc. – from the WH.gov

      • Those are just words. Nobody listens to that knowing it’s politics. Politicians of all stripes and persuasions, for at least last 100 years, have felt compelled to portray themselves as being implacable crime fighters. And yes, there are some areas of law enforcement, etc. that a President does play a role, I admit that.

        But still, in the U.S. as a federal republic, crime is predominantly a state, county and local issue. That’s why if the City of Los Angeles wants to hire a police commissioner or chief of police, the federal government cannot interfere

  5. Bogdan from Australia

    Dmitry; Your glorious “President”. The beacon of honesty, truth and freedom!

  6. http://www.jamestown.org/programs/edm/single/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=36908&tx_ttnews%5BbackPid%5D=27&cHash=939d0db75b

    Barrack Obama,a dirty pro-russian american traitor and coward pig!!! Read these two articles and your blood will boil over!!!! SHAMEFUL USA-POLICY TODAY,LONG LIVE GEORGIA AND SAAKASHVILI


      May sound strange, but I agree with both points. I’d even say LONG LIVE GEORGIA UNDER SAAKASHVILI:D

      We all have too much popcorn for the show to end in 2013.

  7. I can hardly imagine Russian hailing Putin online, or French hailing their president, or American – but can for sure imagine a georgian crying out Micha’s name. Cool.

    • And I couldn’t imagine anyone actually CAPSING about their president, but then I saw Georgians do…

    • You can hardly imagine a Russian hailing Putin online? Isn’t that what you are doing all the time?

      • Why, is the main idea of my post so hard to understand?

        Give me one example – a post where I cried “GO PUTIN!” or “LONG LIVE PUTIN!” or “GO MEDVEDEV!” and “LONG LIVE MEDVEDEV!” etc.

        Every time I say something good or bad about any person, I give reasons.

    • http://russiasuperpower.blogspot.com/

      Russia fulfills the criteria of being a world global Superpower for it’s four axes of power: a massive military, economic, political, and cultural (uses soft power and hard power).


    • @http://russiasuperpower.blogspot.com/

      “A superpower in the past and a superpower of the present, Russia is undergoing a transition towards democracy but not American style democracy but a Russian style democracy as Russia wants to be its own government to the world and remain a global superpower.”

      Superpower superpower , superpower superpower superpower. Superpower? Superpower. Superpower! Superpower superpower.

  8. Did you know that In US probably every 90 minutes a women get’s beaten up by her redneck husband. In India probably 6 women get beaten up every hour, in North Korea even more. Did you also know than in Russia there are nations who follow Islam quite serioustly, similar to Iran, and generally speaking women’s rights are at a low profile. Did you know that you can not expect from a country with big economic problems, unemployment and low incomes to score high on crime prevention. So why only bother concentrating on Russia, this I do not understand.


    Well, because THIS IS A BLOG ABOUT RUSSIA, you hilariously ignorant doofus.

    Russia’s domestic violence is TEN TIMES WORSE than in the USA.

    Please do not attempt to quote statistics without sources. It is rude, ignorant, and violates the clearly posted comment rules of this blog.


      But the next rule reads as “even with an autopilot, you will need to use brain”…

  9. Spaking of “bloody mayhem”, heavy peace and love continues daily in Dagestan.


    “According to latest updates, 30 people, including 20 police officers, have been hospitalized after the blast,” the source said, adding that three people were in serious condition. Police surrounded a group of militants in a private house in Makhachkala on Friday evening. Two militants and two police officers were killed in the ensuing gunfight.


    The day before:

    “According to preliminary information, four militants, including a woman, were killed. The identity of one of the militants has already been established,” the source said, adding that the identified militant was a member of a terrorist group.


    Two militants were killed and one was detained during a special operation in Dagestan’s capital of Makhachkala on Friday evening, Russia’s National Antiterrorism Committee said. Two police officers also died while protecting civilians from militant fire, the statement added.


    Day earlier (these guys sure are jumpy):

    Police in the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan opened fire at a car, which refused to stop, killing two colleagues, a police source said on Thursday. He added that both victims were identified as officers of the local police department.


    (And if you click the link and see the photo, they made so many holes in their “two colleagues” they sure won’t get an open coffin a funeral.)

  10. Top “…one Russian woman is murdered by her husband every single hour…” VS from LR: “…profanity is banned on this blog, as is quoting specific facts without documenting them…”


  11. LA: “Russia’s domestic violence is TEN TIMES WORSE than in the USA”.
    Where did you get this figure from ? o_O

  12. Actually I take my words back about the improvement, otherwise la russophobe will bomb my mailbox with accusations. If the new mayer will be appointed by the president, what good is it indeed.

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