September 22, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Four Russian Musketeers

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Arkady Dvorkovich, Lying Bastard

(3)  The KGB Seizes Russia

(4)  The Ticking Time Bomb in Vladivostok

(5)  CARTOON:  The Putin Generation at Play


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  1. Why is Russia such a violent repressive place? A good indicator is the way that they treat women:

    ‘A Man’s World’

    But not all change is for the better when it comes to women’s independence. Zdravomyslova says the new main roles offered up by popular culture today are as housewife and sex symbol.

    A recent television commercial for lingerie shows long-legged women dressed only in stiletto heels and underwear, one of hundreds of such images bombarding Russians every day. Zdravomyslova says advertisements, television programs, and glossy magazines are “aggressively sexualizing” the common idea of women’s roles in society, and reinforcing traditional attitudes.

    It’s those entrenched attitudes that are helping perpetuate one of Russia’s darkest secrets: domestic violence that’s so pervasive many see it as a normal part of everyday life, in a country where an old saying advises, “If he beats you, he loves you.”

    The government’s own figures estimate 14,000 women die each year from domestic violence. That’s the death of one woman at the hands of her husband or partner every hour. It’s more than 10 times the number of deaths in the United States, which has twice Russia’s population.

    Larisa Ponarina of the Anna Center for Domestic Violence says it’s impossible to tell exactly how many victims of domestic violence there are because the authorities aren’t interested in the issue. She says no accurate statistics are kept, in a country whose legal system doesn’t even provide restraining orders for victims of abuse.

    “It’s still a man’s world,” she says. “There’s no conviction at the top of society that women should be advanced, and of course that influences society as a whole.”

    • Andrew, I believe you really forgot about hymenoplastics for Georgian women…

      • Dima, do you really care nothing for the fact that one Russian woman is butchered by her husband every single hour throughout the year? Is that really a subject you should make a sick joke about? What do you think people, civilized people, make of Russians who do so?

        • No, I do care about family violence. I just don’t see any sources of the numbers you use. And I don’t believe Andrew’s words without sources, because I have heard him lying multiple times.

          • Hey retard, here is one from “Russia Today”

            One woman killed by domestic violence every hour in Russia

            Published 07 February, 2008, 05:51

            Domestic violence kills 14,000 women in Russia each year, which amounts to almost one woman every hour, or about the same number of Soviet soldiers who died fighting in the 10-year Afghan war. And at the moment there is no law to protect them.

            Despite a population of about 11 million there’s no shelter in Moscow for abused women. Meanwhile, there are organisations taking steps to raise public awareness and put an end to abuse against women.

            Fame and fortune couldn’t save Russian pop singer Valeria from the fists of her ex-husband. “I had no money, no power, I didn’t have anything, if I had said something I would have been killed,” she remembers.

            Valeria endured 10 years of beatings and threats before breaking her silence.

            Now divorced and happily remarried she hopes to encourage other Russian women to follow her lead and stop living in fear.

            With no law on domestic violence in Russia, campaigners say there’s a lack of reliable statistics and the scale of the problem could be even worse.

            Campaigners say the root causes of violence aren’t simply alcoholism or drug abuse but are embedded in society.



            3. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN THE FAMILY (ARTICLE 1, AS INTERPRETED BYGENERAL RECOMMENDATION 19) In its previous report to CEDAW, covering the period from 1994 to 1998, the authorities ofthe Russian Federation stated that about 14,000 women a year had been killed by theirhusbands, partners or close family members. Since then, different government authoritieshave stated in different media that between 9,000 and 14,000 women per year are beingkilled by their partners or close family members.23 Given the fact that the authorities do notmaintain centralized disaggregated statistics on domestic violence, the true scale of domesticviolence against women in Russia remains unknown.


            Amnesty International has repeatedly raised concern that the authorities do not maintaincentralized disaggregated statistics on domestic violence, and has called on them to do soand to make the figures public.24The Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation does, however, publish detailed statisticsabout other crimes, for example crimes committed in public places, on public transport, byindividuals under the influence of alcohol, by minors or by foreigners.25 Looking at thesestatistics it appears that mechanisms to maintain disaggregated statistics do exist, but theyare not collected and/or published for crimes involving violence in the family.

            And from the UN

            6. Cruelty and violence towards women, especially routine violence in the family, remains a serious problem. Every year 14,000 Russian women die at the hands of their husbands or other relatives. Sociological surveys show that 30 per cent of married women are regularly subjected to physical violence. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of statistics and indeed by the attitude of
            the agencies of law and order to this problem, for they view such violence not as a crime but as “a private matter” between the spouses.


          • But wait, there is more:

            Part: 6
            Russian Women Struggle to Survive Domestic Violence

            By Mariya Rasner
            WeNews correspondent
            Thursday, October 1, 2009

            In Russia, 14,000 women are killed each year in acts of domestic violence, and human rights activists are dissatisfied with the government’s enforcement of laws against the crime. Sixth in a seven-part series on the Beijing Platform.

            MOSCOW (WOMENSENEWS)–“He’s successful, earns a good salary, so he thinks he has a special entitlement,” says Anna Kazakova, a 30-year-old journalist, referring to her husband of five years. “He owns me and has a right to beat me. And I am supposed to worship him.”


          • Scale of the problem

            Government statistics

            In its fifth periodic report to CEDAW, the Russian Government stated that 14,000 women die each year at the hands of their partner or a family member.(34) In 2003 reportedly 9,000 women died as a result of violence from their current or former partner.(35) If these figures are correct, it would indicate that a woman in Russia dies in her home at the hands of someone close to her every 40-60 minutes.

            However, to date there are no systematic federal government statistics available about violence against women in the family and its impact on the lives of those affected. The Russian Federal Office of Statistics and the Ministry of Interior publish statistics about crimes and crime investigation on their respective websites, but these statistics do not include information about the victim of a crime and his or her possible relationship to the perpetrator. When Amnesty International spoke to law enforcement officials, women’s NGOs and medical experts, it emerged that most of the bodies dealing with violence in the private sphere and with health issues collect information about their work and provide these to the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and Social Development and others. For example, the data collected by emergency ambulances personnel contains information about the place where an injury was sustained, be it in a public place, in traffic, at a workplace or in a private home. The influence of alcohol, and the age and gender of injured persons is noted down as well. Forensic institutes provide similar information. However, none of the practitioners Amnesty International spoke to had received an analysis of their data back from the respective ministries.


            • Murder rates you mention rely to 1994-1998, that alone is a good reason to question these numbers. And there are other good reasons, of course.

              For example:

              During the 7 first months of 2010, there were 9 700 murders and attempts to murder registered in Russia, with victims and murderers from all social groups counted (not women only, not killed by family members only, but all victims, and all murders and murder attempts types).


              This number is for 2010, official one, from the Russian police. Note they do not “hide” murders, before you claim something stupid like “90% murders are not mentioned here”.

              I can not really see how can it be every hour a woman dies from an in-family violence, and 14 000 women die as a result of this violence each year (as you and the LR team claim), if the total murder count would be something like 16 500 for the year (which is also terribly high, of course, but still).

              That is why I once again have to say your numbers are fake.

              • Jeez moron, thats 9700 murders and attempted murders for Jan to July.

                Extrapolating that would mean they expect 19400 murders and attempted murders for the year.


              • Another Russian source for the numbers:

                One woman killed by domestic violence every hour in Russia

                Domestic violence kills 14,000 women in Russia each year, which amounts to almost one woman every hour, or about the same number of Soviet soldiers who died fighting in the 10-year Afghan war. And at the moment there is no law to protect them.

                Despite a population of about 11 million there’s no shelter in Moscow for abused women. Meanwhile, there are organisations taking steps to raise public awareness and put an end to abuse against women.

                Fame and fortune couldn’t save Russian pop singer Valeria from the fists of her ex-husband. “I had no money, no power, I didn’t have anything, if I had said something I would have been killed,” she remembers.


                • When some Georgian is dumb, he would be the dumbiest man in the world.

                  To make you understand, Ill put it brief:

                  1) 14 000 number women victims of domestic violence is from the early 1990ies, even if true, which I also doubt very much.

                  2) Number of all murders and attempts to murder in Russia nowdays barely exceeds these 14 000, which means (according to your logic) every victim of murder in Russia is a married woman.

                  3) I can’t see why should I discuss anything with a creature so dumb, really.

              • Violence against women widespread in Russia: Amnesty International
                Category :International Sub Category :Europe
                2010-05-27 00:00:00

                London, May 27 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Russian authorities should take more measures to prevent violence against women, Amnesty International said in its latest annual report issued Thursday.
                ‘Research by NGOs showed that violence against women in the family was widespread. There were no statistics provided by the government, and government support for crisis centres and telephone helplines remained inadequate,’ the report said.
                According to Amnesty International’s experts, there were only some 20 shelters across Russia for women fleeing domestic violence in 2009.
                ‘Many of these were open solely to those with residential registration in the local region, including Moscow’s single shelter, which provided space for only 10 women,’ the survey said.
                It stated that ‘no legal measures specifically addressed violence against women in the family’ exist in Russia.
                ‘The information presented in the report is absolutely just. The Russian government does pay little attention to violations of women’s rights,’ the deputy director of Russia’s Anna National Center for the Prevention of Violence, Andrei Sinelnikov, told RIA Novosti.
                Sinelnikov quoted Russian Interior Ministry statistics as saying a total of 14,000 women die annually from domestic violence in Russia.
                He said some 73 percent of Russians believe that Russian authorities should take more effective measures to prevent domestic violence, including the discrimination of women, according to a survey conducted in 2008 by international research company TNS Gallup Media in cooperation with the Anna Center.
                ‘We are glad that this issue has been raised by Amnesty International,’ Sinelnikov added.


                • So 87% of all murders and attempted murders in Russia are women killed by their husbands?

                  • Given that one of the sources I was reading said that at least 2/3 of the murders in Russia were women killed by a partner or family member, then yes quite probably.

                    Given the misogyny prevalent in Russia, and the absolutely horrific spousal abuse statistics, I am not at all surprised.

                    • AT: “So 87% of all murders and attempted murders in Russia are women killed by their husbands?”

                      Andrew: “yes quite probably, I am not at all surprised.”

                      Me: Andrew, you are an idiot, which we all know too well.

        • LR, with all due respect, there were 10,724 murders and attempted murders in January-August of 2010 in Russia exactly. There are 5,832 hours in 8 months, so 1.82 people get “butchered” an hour. Do you imply that, outside domestic violence, there were 4,892 murder victims in Russia, while the rest 5,832 were women murdered by husbands?

          • You forgot to mention attempts in final numbers. I’d estimate attempts would make about 20-30% of the total number, at least.

            So all those murdered are actually women murdered by their husbands, I guess.

            We should just completely abolish marriage, to solve the problem of murders in our society. No wives, no murders.

            LR team, thank you for another brilliant point!

            • As far as the accuracy of Andrew’s source is considered, a simple internet research shows that there is not committee for “Social Defence”(? — must be social security) neither in the Federal nor in the Nizhny Novgorod, nor in the Moscow Duma. Also there does not appear to be any deputy called Tatiana Melnikova in these dumas.

      • Oh hi Ostap the retard, so you have changed your name again?

        On the subject of hymenoplasty for women:

        Russian girl in intensive care after restoring virginity 6 times
        17 Jun, 02:08 PM

        A Russian woman ended up in intensive care after restoring her virginity for the sixth time.

        The woman, identified as Natalia K., got married at 24. Her husband was not the girl’s first sexual partner, writes.

        When the husband confessed he was upset about her losing her virginity before the wedding and with another man, Natalia decided to make things up for him.

        To celebrate their first year together as a married couple, she went to a plastic surgery clinic and had a hymenoplasty operation.

        The husband was so delighted with the present, that a year later Natalia wanted to give that joy to him again. And the next year, and the year after that.

        The sixth time the woman came for revirgination surgery, the doctors warned her it posed dangers for her health. Nevertheless, Natalia signed a waiver of all claims and had the surgery done.

        But the doctors’ fears turned out to be justified. The woman’s weakened immune system failed to fight an unspecified minor infection she caught after the surgery, and landed her in intensive care.

        Hymen reconstruction is pretty common in Russia old boy.

        And there is a big difference between hymenoplasty and the way you Russians beat your women to death at what is pretty much the highest rate in the world.

        You are a pathetic little animal.

        • Andrew, sunshine, she gave it to him as a present, being his wife for a year. She might be somewhat wrong in head, I guess, but she did not make it because she had to. As to Georgian women, they have to make it to get married…

          • No Dtard, wrong as usual.

            Of course, your equation of hymenoplasty with the Russian habit of beating women to death by Russians, just shows what a repulsive little misogynist you are.

            Given that you are Russian this is not at all surprising.

            BTW it seems her husband may have demanded it:

            A Russian woman, known only as “Natalia K,” allegedly underwent six hymenoplasties to “restore her virginity” for her husband.
            Apparently, Natalia’s husband was upset that he didn’t take her virginity, so for their first wedding anniversary, she got a hymenoplasty. And then, despite doctor’s warnings, she got repeated hymenoplasties for six years in a row., a Russian news site, reported Natalia was hospitalized for “an unspecificed minor infection” due to a “weakened immune system,” although we’re unclear if that would be related.
            A hymenoplasty, also called vaginoplasty or vaginal cosmetic surgery, re-attaches the hymen and gives a woman’s vagina the appearance of never having had sex before. Although the extremely controversial procedure is performed by cosmetic surgeons, critics disparage hymen repair surgery for buying into the idea that a woman is more valuable if she is an “untouched” virgin.
            We understand some cultures prize a virgin wife above all else, though we’re pretty speechless anyone would undergo this very intimate surgery even once. []


            • Aha, then he was upset the next year she’s not virgin, then the next year too and so on… Come on, guys were just having fun, and even a Georgian like you could make such a conslusion.

              But I’m telling of a real tendency for Georgian women who lost their virginity before marriage to make hymenoplastics to save their marriage from breaking up during the first night.

              Some links from 2010:

              “There are no official statistics on the number of such surgeries performed, but the four doctors interviewed for this story said they perform it two to three times per week, as do their colleagues.”

              77 percent of respondents think it is unacceptable for a woman to have sex before marriage”

              “Sex is something you do in Ukraine, Russia or some other place where people are grown-up about this, while here you just get married,” grumbled twenty-something cellist Vakhtang Gabisonia.

              • Yes Dmitry, they are very conservative about sex in Georgia.

                However, what we are talking about in this forum is the fact that Russian aradamiani like yourself tend to beat women to death in absolutely horrific numbers.

                Of course, a homosexual and women hating Russian piece of filth like yourself is naturally not worried about this.

                • They are not conservative, it’s just that women in Georgia are expected to be virgin, or risk not being get bought into marriage.

                  Hymenoplastics, widely practiced in Georgia, proves both points, actually.

                  As to your “14,000 women murdered in Russia annually” lie, I would not describe for the third time in the same thread why your number is a fake. In two years this number will be more than the total murders and attempts to murder number, but you’ll still be using it.

                  BTW, I noticed you are trying to offend me calling me a gay – as if it was something bad, honey. That also tells (better than words can) about what country Georgia is.

                  Actually I feel I need to send you a good song, just to compensate for the lack of gay readers at the moment:

                  • So you are a child molester, no surprises there dtard, given your approval of boy molester Putin.

                    Hymenoplasty is also very common in Russia, in case you had not noticed.

                    In fact it is advertised on Russian hospital websites.

                    Regardless of the drop in overall murder rates, the fact that 2/3 of murder victims in Russia are women murdered by their husbands or partners is a sickening indictment of your repulsive “culture”.

                    • When a Georgian is an idiot, he would be the dumbiest idiot you can imagine.

                      First, you need to get out of your country, and get an education.

                      Second, find a sociologist, and ask him why it can’t be 14,000 of 16,000 murders can not be of married women.

                      Third, ask your daughter in the future to avoid hymenoplasty, and ask her to find a non-Georgian husband who would not dictate her what her past should be.

                    • Fourth, you need some contact with gays (I do not mean “sexual intercourse”, just talk to them). Gays are usually way better people than homophobes like you.

                    • “Russian hospital sites” you say?:)

                      The site you quote is an international medical database, telling about hymenoplastics among others, and substantiating Russia in place for any country in it’s articles, as well as Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, and many others.

                      Oh Andrew, you’re such a mischievous boy:D

                    • Dtard, you really are a cretin.

                      I am not from Georgia.

                      BTW Dtard, the type of homosexual that you appear to be is not a “good person”, you are of the misogynist child raping type given your total indifference to violence against women in Russia.

                      Look dtard, in 2005-2007 there were 14,000 women murdered by their partners, it has apparently dropped in 2009-2010, but even if it is “only” 10,000 women, that is still far too many.

                      Are you too misogynistic to understand this you brainless little idiot?

                    • Andrew, you need to know you don’t speak to equals here, you are talking with people who understand how logic works.

                      We do understand when you cheat with the facts, we do understand how exactly you cheat, and will mock at you for doing so.

                      You were talking of an annual number of 14,000, claiming it is an actual one. I showed you it was from the early 90ies.

                      Then you claimed the overwhelming majority of murders in Russia was of married women by their spouses, and I told you you need to consult a medic.

                      Now you claim this 14,000 number in fact goes back to 2005-2007, and “apparently falled” by now.

                      I say you are totally wrong, and are too weak to accept you’re loved – and so get loved again and again over the same point.

                      Generally, there’s one rule for people like you posting in the internets:

                      This is internets, and you might get scre- er, loved here.

                      And let me add, you will be loved yet much more.

                      PS. Your two attempts to offend me calling me “homosexual” is something I really adore about you, Georgian boy, something that made my day:) Keep on:)

                    • No Dtard, you are my inferior in every way.

                      You did not prove that the 14,000 number was from the 90’s.

                      The MVD has stated that 2/3 (the overwhelming majority) of murders in Russia are women, and the overwhelming majority of those were murdered by their husbands or partners. In addition, this number is repeated by the head of the Duma committee on Social defence uses the same number.

                      aadly, Elena’s death is emblematic for a generation of Russian women who have little recourse from domestic violence. There is not a single shelter or rehab center for women in the entire Nizhny Novgorod region, Elena’s home province, despite its population of 3.5 million people. There are only 20 such shelters in all of Russia. (For comparison, there are at least 400 in the U.K., a rate of one for every 150,000 people, whereas in Russia there is only one for every 7 million people.) Women are beaten to death and thrown out of the windows, and lately more of them are being shot than ever before, says Marina Pisklakova-Parker, director and founder of Russia’s first hotline and crisis center for women, in Moscow. Tatiana Melnikova, head of the Duma’s Committee on Social Defense, says that of 21,400 murders in the country last year, 14,000—two thirds—were of women who died in domestic disputes (not counting the ones attributed to other causes or not reported at all to the police). And that number is up 50 percent since 2002. The Interior Ministry reports that at least 34,000 women fall victim to domestic violence every year. Frederica Behr of Amnesty International in Moscow says there are three times as many Russian women murdered at home as in any other European country, and one woman dies by unnatural causes per hour in Russia compared with one per week in the U.K.


                      Unfortunately a retard like you obviously considers women to be of no value.

                      You really are scum Dtard, and once again, you are inferior in every way.

                    • @You did not prove that the 14,000 number was from the 90′s.

                      Andrew, I gave you the source of the 14,000 number. It was from the early 90ies. I don’t know how often do I need to repeat, to make you understand, so I just won’t.

                      @The MVD has stated that 2/3 (the overwhelming majority) of murders in Russia are women, and the overwhelming majority of those were murdered by their husbands or partners

                      And this comes from what source? May I see the http? If this is a conclusion you make basing on the only source you provided, then you lie. Because the article simply does not say anything close to this.

                      @No Dtard, you are my inferior in every way.
                      @You really are scum Dtard, and once again, you are inferior in every way.

                      You forgot to call me gay this time, sunshine:) Nevertheless, you are a truly eloquent orator:)

                      With love, once again:)

                • Andrew, as for the articles you quote all the time — it just appears to confirm that a lot of BS is coming from the mass media sources. The only confirmaiton about the 14K of women murdered by their husbands in Russia appears to come from a “Tatiana Melnikova, head of the Duma’s Committee on Social Defense”… you can research on the web easily that there is no such a committee in the Russian Duma. … Maybe the article referred to the Nizhny Novgorod Duma, but there is no deputy called Tatiana Melnikova there….

        • I think it’s quite normal for a woman to be virgin (not “restored”) if she really decides to marry someone in her life and not live with various partners. Otherwise, all this wedding stuff will be quite silly :-)

          But I digress. The definition of “Man’s country” for Russia is an exaggeration in my opinion. First, Russian women are most likely just as barbaric as Russian men. Second, if Russia were a man’s country, then there wouldn’t be so much boozers in province, the life expectance of men wouldn’t be so small compared to women and Kremlin would be actually running by men, not a bunch of sold out girls and their Putin chief.

          “Woman from Bashkiria, Russia murders her partner and prepares jellied minced meat from his remains”:
          http: //

          “Wife murders her husband with sofa”:
          http: //

          “83 year old woman murders her husband with a frying pan”:
          http: //

          “A mother of two children murders her husband”:
          http: //

          “Woman spared her mate. She, in turn, kills her husband”:
          http: //

          “Woman from Kalmykia, Russia kills her husband with a rolling pin”:
          http: //

          “22 year old woman kills a man stubbing him 21 times with a knife”:
          http: //

          “Woman from Omsk, Russia kills her boyfriend after he told her that her red pair of shoes is way too lust inciting”:
          http: //

          “Woman from Tyumen, Russia kills her boyfriend with fork and knife”:
          http: //

          “Ural, Russia. Young woman kills her boyfriend and takes his body to junkyard”:
          http: //

          “Schoolgirl gave birth to her child while on her way to school and threw her born child away pretending nothing happened”:

          “Mother throws her child away in junk”:
          http: //

          [wipes a sweat out his face]

          My bottom line is that family violence in Russia is all over the place with both men and women involved in subject, not just men alone.

          • Thats true, in the figuresw mentioned above (State Dept report I believe) is is estimated that 3000 men are killed by their wives, probably in revenge for beating them.

            So D-Tard, you better think long and hard before the next time you hit your woman.

            • Stop, I thought you called me gay? How comes I have a woman to beat, out of a sudden, sunshine?:D

            • Hey, where do the 3000 men killed by wives fit?

              I mean, out of 16 000 something murdered 14 000 were wives (last time you posted), so where’s place for 3000 husbands???

              Or are they husbands and wives at once in some cases?

              Your numbers are laughable:)

          • I once talked with a Chezh colleague of mine, and she told me a phrase I would very well remember for all the time we are going to work with the office in the Chezh rep.

            She said about her colleague that did something wrong in the project: Oh, well, never mind, it’s just she’s Slovak.

            I was quite appalled and asked from my friends, is it normal for Chezhs to treat Slovaks like this, and, surprisingly, 3 out of 3 friends that know Chezh rep. answered, well, yes, actually.

            Garnet, one may wonder, how comes Chezhs are racists, after all their XXc. history with Nazi occupation, and so on, and I also once thought my Chezh colleague was rather an exception. Now I see you, and I slowly come to a consclusion most Chezhs are really racists.

            • Not as racist as Russian, who have the largest number of neo-Nazi’s in the world, amounting to over half the neo-Nazi’s in the world.

              This too is well documented.

              Of course, telling this to a racist, misogynist, wife beating piece of filth like you is about as much use as discussing philosophy with a dog.

              • Aha, the greatest number of the neo-nazi, and 14 000 women murdered by husbands annually.

                I have already explained why both numbers you use are false.

                I applause your outstanding ability to miss any information contradicting your POV.

                But remember, this is the very quality that makes you so stupid.

                • From the Moscow Times

                  09 December 2009
                  By Paul Goble

                  VIENNA — Unlike a decade ago, today’s Russian neo-Nazis are now a real threat to Russian society and the powers that be, the result both of the evolution of this group and of Moscow’s unsuccessful effort to control them by drawing off some of their membership into quasi-governmental youth movements, according to a Polish commentator.

                  In an essay in Warsaw’s Dziennik newspaper, Stanislaw Rajewski notes that Russians – and by implication, many others – do not appear to understand just how different the neo-Nazis of today are from those of a decade ago, and how much greater a threat they represent.

                  “For the majority of Russians,” Rajewski continues, the neo-Nazis are viewed as “bands of skinheads sitting in courtyards, drinking beer and painting uncensored slogans on stores where Armenians or Georgians sell shashlik [kebabs]” or youngsters who “greet one another with the Nazi salute” or who occasionally beat up “a student from Liberia.”


                • Russian neo-Nazis follow tactics of Al-Qaeda
                  The scene is depressingly familiar in the post-9/11 era. Two terrified victims kneeling with their hands tied behind their backs as a masked thug menaces them with a sword. The killers are not the followers of Al-Qaida, but Russian neo-Nazis taking a page out of the terrorists? handbook.

                  By Nickolai Butkevich
                  Tags: Russia Neo Nazi

                  The scene is depressingly familiar in the post-9/11 era. Two terrified victims kneeling with their hands tied behind their backs as a masked thug menaces them with a sword. The hostages are forced to spout propaganda, which in the end doesn’t save them from a grisly, on-camera death. But in a video released last month, the killers are not the followers of Al-Qaida, but Russian neo-Nazis taking a page out of the terrorists’ handbook.


                • Neo-Nazism in Russia Was A Sure Sign of Things to Come in Georgia

                  It was Monday evening in February of 2004 when a particularly harsh winter arrived at the doorstep of Yusuf Sultonov. The Tajik immigrant was walking into his apartment building in St Petersburg with his young daughter, Khursheda, and son, Akobir. A gang of seven teen-aged skin-heads rushed across the snow-covered yard armed with brass knuckles, chains, metal bars and knives and literally started hammering the young family to the ground, according to eye witnesses. Nine year old Khursheda was stabbed eleven times and bled to death before an ambulance arrived. Her seven-year old brother was rushed to the hospital with severe head injuries but survived. Immigrants from the Caucasus such as the Sultonovs are frequent victims of hate crimes in Russia.


                • Russia’s far-right on rise
                  By Andrew Osborne
                  6:00 AM Saturday Jan 29, 2005

                  Driven by crushing poverty, a lingering sense of humiliation after the collapse of the Soviet Union and outrage over Chechen separatist terror attacks, Russia’s skinheads are becoming increasingly organised, violent and numerous.

                  – INDEPENDENT


          • I think it’s normal for a women to be virgin, as well as not to be virgin, if she wants to marry someone, and for us to stay really far from sticking our noses in this question unless – actually unless nothing.

            As to crimes you quote, we all know human mentality is centered around precedents and story-telling. But everything has it’s limits.

            First, you miss one point: “Mother kills child” returns 60M+ results in Google, and they are not at all about Russia. I won’t go down to quoting anything, because I just don’t want to.

            Second, tell you one thing: unless you use numbers in such matters (but just happily quote details), you will look mentally disturbed every time you post something on it. Well, using child killings to try to verbally attack someone, and choosing some examples to post in the internet, you know, is quite weird…

            Even I feel I’m dirty after answering to your post.

            You need to consult a professional in mental health, really.

  2. Investigation into Journalist’s Death Reopened

    Investigators on Thursday reopened for a second time a criminal inquiry into the mysterious 2003 death of investigative journalist and State Duma Deputy Yury Shchekochikhin.

    The Investigative Committee said in a statement that it had uncovered new evidence that suggested Shchekochikhin had been murdered.

    The statement offered no further details.

    Investigators initially ruled out foul play and said Shchekochikhin had died from an unspecified allergic reaction.

    They reopened the case in 2008 and exhumed Shchekochikhin’s body. But in April 2009, they said no evidence had been found of murder and Shchekochikhin had died of toxic epidermal necrolysus, also known as Lyell Syndrome, a severe skin disease.

    Shchekochikhin’s colleagues at the opposition-minded Novaya Gazeta newspaper maintain that he had been poisoned with a rare toxin and have led their own investigation into his death.

    When he died, Shchekochikhin was spearheading a parliamentary investigation into a furniture-smuggling case at Tri Kita that implicated senior officers from the Federal Security Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office. Former Tri Kita owner Sergei Zuyev was sentenced to eight years in prison on smuggling charges in April.

  3. Hymenoplasty, murdered journalists, unhappy expressions on peoples faces, corruption??? Is there anything pleasant about this place??? Or is it “Klingon” all the way????

    • For that, you should not come to the LaRussophobe site. If you come to an anti-semitic site, you will get an impression there is no worse people than the Jews.

  4. But Russians are known bastards from way back and Jewish people run a lawful, democratic country. Anti-semitism is irrational, even absurd.

    Also I think LR and other web sites are having an effect on the Kremlin, I don’t think Putin is doing well.

    • Sure Ron, Putin spends half of his time reading our disputes… and cannot sleep at night afterwards… And China is being surrounded…

      • And Mexicans are much better than “Low Blacks”, and almost equal to “Whitening Blacks”. All named better than Russians, of course.

    • In fact, they always have good valid reasons for racism. Here are some cool quotes you’d like.

      In the Sudan, black African captives in the civil war were often enslaved, and female prisoners were often used sexually,[31] with their Arab captors claiming that Islamic law grants them permission.

      Rwandan Prime Minister Jean Kambanda revealed in his testimony before the International Criminal Tribunal that “…one cabinet minister said she was personally in favor of getting rid of all Tutsi; without the Tutsi, she told ministers, all of Rwanda’s problems would be over.”

      Furthermore, we are informed by the Inquisition and others that the great harm done to the Christians persists, and it continues because of the conversations and communications that they have with the Jews, such Jews trying by whatever manner to subvert our holy Catholic faith and trying to draw faithful Christians away from their beliefs.

      …the embargo has a broader and more sinister purpose: to impoverish the people of Gaza, and thus turn them against Hamas. As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported, the Israeli officials in charge of the embargo adhere to what they call a policy of “no prosperity, no development, no humanitarian crisis.”

      Once their territories were incorporated into the United States, surviving Native Americans were denied equality before the law and often treated as wards of the state. … Tens of thousands of American Indians and Alaska Natives were forced to attend a residential school system which sought to reeducate them in white settler American values, culture and economy, to “kill the Indian, save[ing] the man.”

      Poles are being discriminated in the matter of employment. It is quite understandable, if one speaks with an accent they probably suspect that he also thinks with an accent. On the other hand it is hard to blame them. It is easier for them to hire a person who is more like themselves, who can speak their language well.

      It is a part of the fate of the German race that at critical points it must defend itself against the threat from the East. It is especially dangerous today, bound as it is to the ruthless infernal goals of Jewish intellectualism. Without doubt it was a near fatal threat not only to Germany, but to all of occidental culture, when Jewry transformed the physical capacities of the East into a monstrous and armed Soviet military…

      We have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race—the free white race. To incorporate Mexico, would be the very first instance of the kind, of incorporating an Indian race; for more than half of the Mexicans are Indians, and the other is composed chiefly of mixed tribes. I protest against such a union as that! Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race…. We are anxious to force free government on all; and I see that it has been urged … that it is the mission of this country to spread civil and religious liberty over all the world, and especially over this continent.

      The sub-human, that biologically seemingly complete similar creation of nature with hands, feet and a kind of brain, with eyes and a mouth, is nevertheless a completely different, dreadful creature. He is only a rough copy of a human being, with human-like facial traits but nonetheless morally and mentally lower than any animal. Within this creature there is a fearful chaos of wild, uninhibited passions, nameless destructiveness, the most primitive desires, the nakedest vulgarity. Sub-human, otherwise nothing. For all that bear a human face are not equal. Woe to him who forgets it.

  5. …meanwhile in Russia:

    “Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (L) and his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovich ride inside a Zaporozhets (ZAZ-965) of the Soviet Union Era in Zavidovo outside Moscow on September 17, 2010. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovych celebrated today their nations’ increasingly warm ties by driving vintage cars in a race from Russia to Ukraine.”

    Brothers in arms, I guess. It’s funny how they call Yanukovych a “counterpart” of Medvedev, maybe a “clone” could also suit well.

    • What about Obama, would you, a chezh, include Obama in the company of clones?:)

    • Garnet, you sound like the second Robert, except for the length of your articles. Robert, a very sincere but extremely annoying Polish activist also thinks he is a news agency and publishes 5-screen articles on the Chechnya conflict in comments to all the posts. Totally irrelevant, no one reads them, but they totally prevent others from commenting on the actual LR articles. I suspect this is his way of trolling this site. If you guys think you need to bring news articles to everyone’s attention maybe — just maybe — you could limit yourselves to links and a few explanations why the news are interesting/ relevant? Or you may be more effective starting your own blogs. I am sure LR would provde a link to Robert’s blog if he chose to run one on Chechnya.

  6. @Sure, and those who write the articles personally counted the bodies…

    At least the Russian “officials” are very good at counting them.

    Would you tell me please how and when Lt-Col Putin and his sidekick Dima M. personally counted the bodies of 1400/1600/2000 (choose one randomly) Ossetian “civilians” allegedly killed in the first hours of the hot war (in the “complete genocide”)?

    Sample wartime photo of some Ossetian “civilians” (official classification of the Russian “genocide commision”):

    Nice masks. Nice knives, too.

    Some “regulars”, for comparison (with Kokoity):

    Officially they lost 27 soldiers and 10 “militiamen” in the sense of police. But most of their losses were the irregulars (outnumbering the regulars several times), and they all were classified as “civilians” (and included in the victims of “genocide”, at whatever number it stands now, 100-some or 200-some). “About 50” (not including at least 10-15 “North Caucasian and Cossack volunteers” who came from Russia to fight and/or loot) were killed according to but it’s a Russian unofficial (semi-official) estimate. +67 or so Russian soldiers officially (if they counted them properly and not hid any losses, but probably not, and previous official figures ranged from 48 to 74).

    • Robert, must you change the topic all the time you run out of arguments?

    • Me? The topic of yours was “personally counting the bodies”.

      So, how many of “Ossetian civilians” (of unarmed and unmasked kind) were killed in “complete genocide” of the night and morning of August 8, 2008?

      • Haven’t we been discussing the victims of domestic violence and reliability of statistics? Its your typical…and meanwhile 1o years ago in Grozny… Frankly, I have no idea how estimates of Ossetian civilian victimes were made. I also fail to understand how this is relevant to the topic of domestic violence or the reliability of figures published on the Russian statistics side.

        • So, estimates of Ossetian civilian “victimes”, voiced personally by Putin (and by his frontman Medvedev, and by other top “officials” too), were lies and they just pulled this out of their asses, and yet somehow all the other official estimates of corpses issued by Russian “government” are nothing but truth, “personally counted”, never understimated nor overstimated, never propaganda. Is this what you believe (having “nothing to do with intelligence”), or is this what you want the others to believe?

          A sample of lies (I love her wild eyes when “GENOCIDE” appears on the screen, or how they flatly deny bombing of Gori, etc.):

          • I love Russia Today so much. You may also compare this (“Genocide” by Georgia):

            to this (“HOLY DEFENSE” by Karadzic):

            • I think I especially like how at o:28 they talk about “thousands of Ossetian villages bombed”.

              There were no “thousands of Ossetian villages” at all.

              Do you have something else to say about the Russian abilities of counting bodies, or counting villages (not only “bombed”, even just simply existing in reality), or counting anything at all?

              Oh, and when the Bosnian Serb extremist in the second film talks about how the trial of “Just and Holy” “Hero” Karadzic is actually the trial of “Republika Srpska”, and how it will prove it was founded on genocide, he is actually totally right.

              And about the RT’s claims of “centuries long ethnic conflict” (Russian amazing ability to count again, this time counting centuries) that led to the “thousands of Ossetian villages” being “bombed” (I don’t know what they said after this because stopped watching right there, I love absurd humor but this was too much):


              The first major conflict between the sides took place in 1918-1920. It began in a series of uprisings in the Ossetian-inhabited areas of what is now South Ossetia. The uprisings were against the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic, which claimed several thousand lives and left painful memories among the two communities. Following the 1921 Red Army invasion of Georgia, the Soviet Government declared South Ossetia to be an autonomous oblast within the new Transcaucasian Republic in April 1922.

              South Ossetia includes many all-Georgian villages, and the Ossetian population is concentrated in the cities of Tskhinvali and Java. Overall, in the 1980s the population in South Ossetia was 66 percent Ossetian and 29 percent Georgian. In 1989 more than 60 percent of the Ossetian population of Georgia lived outside South Ossetia. Unlike other conflicts in the Caucasus, there is no clear border between Georgia and South Ossetia, and there are relatively few cultural barriers. Indeed, it can be difficult to distinguish between Ossetians and other Georgians due to high levels of inter-marriage and assimilation. Ossetians have been more a part of the Georgian state than other minorities.

            • Wow, amazing (but not surprising) hypocrisy from our Russian friends.

              • Andrew,

                When comparing “hypocrisy from our Russian friends.” and Nazi Dr Goebbels propaganda, the soviet Russians make Goebbels look like a baby.

                What always springs to my mind is Eminent Professor and author of numerous books on soviet communist Russia, Robert Conquest, such as “The Harvest of Sorrow” (on the Ukrainian Holodomor) and “The Great Terror”, when asked where he obtained his information from? answered to the effect of ‘from everywhere world wide with the exception of Russia where you will get anything except the truth’ – i.e. only lies.

        • It is relevant because it shows that the Russian government is completely unreliable.

          They lied about the number of civilian dead in the August war by inflating the numbers by a factor of 10 or more, and as HRW pointed out this was almost certainly done to incite racial hatred.

          They are quite capable of doing the opposite and claiming a far lower figure for murders and violent crime.

          Just as they did in the soviet period, lies, lies, lies.

          • If you don’t trust the stats, you should admit you have no idea how good or bad things are in Russia. You posted about a dosen of articles saying that there are 14,000 female victims of domestic violence in Russia a year. If the figures are not to be trusted, it coud be 1,400 or 140,000. Or all the articles could have just been made up. The same with economy: you have no idea how rich or poor the country is. The same is with demographics: you have no idea whether the number of Russians is really dwindling or it has been growing exponentially, and the government was just hiding this trying to show better per capita figures for example. Also, you should be consistent: if you don’t trust “good” figures, you should be skeptical about “bad” figures too. You cannot have it both ways.

            • Well, we can trust the figures used by say, the UN.

              The problem is that Russia, and Russians have a marked tendency to lie through their teeth.

              • And where do you think UN gets the figures? I hate to disappoint you, but — with respect to the number of murders in Russia for example — there are only three agencies in the world who are charged specifically with counting those bodies: the Russian Bureau of Civil Records and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. And the the Russian State Statistics Service who collects the records from the other two. The same applies to any other statistic. Once collected those are reported to the UN, journalists and others.

                • It is interesting that they all give different figures to each other.

                  However, it is a tendency amongst authoritarian governments to “create” favorable data.

                  When you are talking about a system like that of Russia where the police can simply produce statistics that reflect the requirements of the leadership.

                  This is noticeable in the case of racial crimes, when Russia came under international condemnation for an increasingly horrific series of racist murders all of a sudden Russian police started issuing statistics showing race murders and assaults were on the decrease, despite a great deal of evidence from NGO’s to the contrary.

                  A good example of the system is given here:

                  This reflects a reality of Soviet life. Statistics had other functions besides conveying information: they had an ideological and propagandistic role in trumpeting the regime’s achievements and concealing its failures, and they were considered potential sources of strategic intelligence to be concealed or manipulated so as not to give aid and comfort to the enemy (the West). Soviet statistics were thus notoriously unreliable and, just as often, unavailable. The deceptions and lacunae were meant to fool people outside the Soviet Union, but the Soviets themselves often fell victim to their games of smoke and mirrors. For example, boasting about health achievements made it that much more difficult to obtain financial support for an increasingly underfunded health care system.


                  This sort of stupidity has carried on into “modern” Russia in a big way.

                  Just look at the researchers jailed for “spying” for simply compiling publicly available information into reports for publication in the west (hint, one was exchanged for real Russian spies recently).

                  And in answer to your question, given the corruption and incompetence of the Russian state, it is all too easy to believe negative figures, but very hard to believe positive ones, particularly in relation to violent crime.

                  • Three agencies give the same figures. And your constant changing the theme is pathetic.

                    When you fck up, guys, you should admit it, or you will always fck up.

    • My dear Chezh sunshine, the number of 2000, in case you missed this, was initially named by the President of South Ossetia.

      Which, in case you missed this, had to leave his house and his office in the city shelled for several days by Georgian friends of yours.

      Unfortunately, in case you missed this, there was no mission of Russian statistical office/ police in the city of Tskhinvali at that time.

      Only Georgians bravely riding their tanks and, in case you missed this, pouring private houses with bullets. That was a very good reason to give whatever number you want.

      I’d bet, being a Chezh, you’d remember Prague 1968. Strangely enough, you don’t, – which shows just what a comfortable type of memories are they.

      However, now you can very well see every body of Tskhinvali resident count, and every victim of the Georgian artillery and tank attack on the city buried, with a name on a grave. Hope that makes you happier there in Prague or wherever you live.

  7. Russia is the world’s #1 for premeditated murders – 21.5 per 100,000 people. Nearly 75% of premeditated murders, about 80% of acts of hooliganism, and up to 75% of rapes take place between 6pm and midnight. In 2005, the police registered 30,800 murders and attempted murders; 18,000 people died in this way. 14,000 left this world thanks to criminal driving offences, 15,000 died in fires, 20,000 disappeared without trace, and more than 40,000 unidentified bodies were found. Total: 137,800. In 2006, the police recorded 140,000 criminal deaths. You can add 58,000 suicides to this.

    • You are right, but why do you quote stats from 5 years ago? The number of murders was indeed 30,849 in 2005; 27,462 in 2006; 22,227 in 2007; 20,056 in 2008; 17,681 in 2009 and 10,724 (an annualized 16,100) in 2010. So basically you confirm that Russia is making a great and sustainable progress in the crime rate area. Not a bad record considering 33,583 murders in 2001!

      • More likely fudging of statistics and failure to report.

        You do have a serious problem with corruption in the police remember, and also there is the tradition of falsifying data to meet the “5 year plans”.

        Russian government statistics are often worthless due to the mountain of lies on which they are based.

        • Liar. So if the figures show a negative trend, they are right, and if they show a positive trend, they are false. Do you have any evidence proving that these figures are false? Or that “Russian government statistics are often worthless due to the mountain of lies on which they are based”.

          • Not lying at all.

            The Russian government has a long tradition of lying about negative results.

            In fact they lie about everything, look at the “2000 dead civilians” BS that came out of Russian state media in August 2008.

            We have no reason to think that anything has changed.

            • Andrew, you understand your statements are totally unsubtantiated until you demonstrate some statistics that have been proved to be doctored. There is a lot of BS coming out of Russian state and private media, like 14,000 women/year killed by their husbands. I am yet to see a gross misrepresentation in the official statistics.

              • I just did.

                The Russian government claimed (within minutes of the Georgians finally reacting to months of provocations) that Georgia was committing “genocide” and had killed “over 2000 civilians”, when in fact the majority of the victims of the war were ethnic Georgians.

                The Russian state also lied about its ethnic cleansing campaign in South Ossetia, and claimed its troops were “not in Gori” when they were filmed robbing banks, looting houses, and generally acting like Russian soldiers usually do.

                In addition:

                The authorities in Russia say they’re tackling the country’s endemic corruption. But many Russians believe the very law enforcers who are supposed to fight abuses of office are actually among the country’s most corrupt officials. In the second of a three-part series on Russian corruption, RFE/RL’s Gregory Feifer reports from Moscow on a situation many believe is spiraling out of control.

                MOSCOW — Yevgeny Tkachuk was away on a business trip when the police paid a visit to his suburban Moscow apartment building late one night.

                “It was horrible,” Tkachuk says. “First they went to my mother-in-law’s upstairs. They turned the place upside down. Then they started banging on my door. My small child was inside, and they were yelling that they were going to break down the door.”


                How can you trust any information coming out of such a venal and corrupt system?

                By the way, Russians have a long tradition of beating women, hence the old Russian saying “If he is beating you it is because he loves you”

                Even if it is “only” 9000 women dying a year at the hands of their partners, would you not agree that that is an absolutely disgusting display of misogyny and violence against women, after all, it is still several times the rate of the US or EU, both of which have more than twice the population of Russia.

                Don’t you think that Russian men should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to happen?

                • @The Russian government claimed (within minutes of the Georgians finally reacting to months of provocations) that Georgia was committing “genocide” and had killed “over 2000 civilians”, when in fact the majority of the victims of the war were ethnic Georgians.

                  1) Hours, and 2) early on in the hot war the opposing forces were on defense, their firing positions mostly either supressed, overrun, or contested, and until the arrival of the Russian main forces/beginning of the Russian bombing campaign the bulk of civilian casualties were actually ethnic Ossetians.

                  Just relatively very few of them. Possibly dozens were killed on the first day in the opening barrage and in the street fighting. But not 1400, 1600, nor 2100. The city (town) was not leveled neither.

                  And also importantly, the claims of various atrocities by were all lies:

                  “Georgia launched a cruel, cynical aggression against South Ossetia; our citizens died — residents and peacekeepers” said Mr. Medvedev on Sunday. “The form this aggression took is nothing less than genocide because Georgia committed heaviest crimes — civilians were torched, sawed to pieces and rolled over by tanks,” he added.

                  And millions of idiots in Russia (and some even elsewhere) actually believed in such stories of wild bloodthirsty Georgians shooting (eating?) babies and literally the Georgian Chainsaw Massacre.

                  • Continuing from my comment now awaiting moderastion:

                    Maybe the most cynical was an Internet campaign by some Russians using a famous photo from Gori (some Georgian soldiers running to help the victims of bombing, an apartment block burning in the background) as an illustration of “Georgian Genocide” supposedly from Tskhinvali. I have just no words for this.

                    This was a photo very similar to this one (in the same spot, probably by the same photographer), just showing no fire truck, and the soldiers were more “menacing”:

                    • Couldn’t find this one, but here are these evil soldiers later in action, still busy conducting their “genocid” (sic):

                      (There are probably more running around with chainsaws, just as Medvedev said.)

                    • I wonder how comes that both of you, Bobby and Andrew, just can’t see you are such demagogues, that you even can’t accept it, when you are clearly shown wrong and lying.

  8. Well it looks like what goes around comes around.

    After the Russians being so smug about getting the Kyrgyz to bump up the price for renting the US base, it seems the Kyrgyz have thought that market rental of military bases is a wonderful idea, so they now want the Russians to pay up.

    BISHKEK — A Russian military delegation has arrived in Bishkek for talks after Kyrgyzstan said it wanted more money to host Russian military facilities, RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service reports.

    The Russian delegation is headed by General Valery Gerasimov, deputy commander of the Armed Forces General Staff.

    The Kyrgyz Defense Ministry press service said the delegation started talks with Kyrgyz military officials today. First Deputy Defense Minister General Asylbek Ormokoev is reportedly heading the Kyrgyz negotiating team.

    On the agenda are Russian-Kyrgyz military cooperation and proposed amendments to bilateral agreements on leasing military facilities.

    Kyrgyzstan said last week it wants a several-fold increase in the $4.5 million rent that Russia pays for leasing military facilities in Kyrgyzstan. The possibility of Russia providing armaments in partial payment of the lease is also under consideration.

  9. Caucasus Emirate ‘a Product of Russian Special Services’

    The meeting called on the United Nations to convene “an international tribunal on Chechnya and on the European Union and council of Europe to organize a conference on the situation in the [Chechen] republic together with representatives of Russia,” reported, citing a Radio Liberty report.

    Neither is likely to take this step: Russian opposition to anything that recalls the Chechen national struggle is too strong and Moscow’s influence too great. But Zakayev’s comments and the meeting in Poland show that the Chechen cause has not disappeared as Moscow claims and that the nature of the Islamist movement there may be different than Moscow suggests.

  10. Gay Rights Icon in Russia Tells of Abduction

    “You can take him,” an airport security official said, according to Mr. Alekseyev. When he asked where they were taking him, he said, one of the men answered, “You’ll see.”

  11. GROZNY — Armed guards barred women without headscarves from festivities in Chechnya marking a new holiday — to honor women.

    “It’s just a costume show for the king,” she added, referring to an edict issued by Kadyrov in 2007 that — in direct violation of federal law — banned bareheaded women from entering public buildings.

    A spate of recent attacks on Chechen women for not wearing headscarves, which rights groups and assailants alike said were orchestrated by authorities, led to accusations that the celebrations were laced with hypocrisy.

    “The future of the Chechen people lies in your hands. You are the soul of our nation,” Kadyrov, wearing a traditional ram’s wool hat, told a mostly female crowd of about 1,000 people.

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