EDITORIAL: Putin’s Russia fails, and then it Fails Again!


Putin’s Russia fails, and then it Fails Again!

At the world basketball championships in Istanbul, Turkey, last week, Vladimir Putin‘s Russia reached the quarterfinals.  All it had to do to reach the semis, two games from a gold medal, was beat the United States.  It didn’t, but instead received a humiliating spanking that left world media talking about “sweet revenge” for the USA. Then, in a pathetic “consolation” game, Russia had the chance to play for fifth place, against Argentina.  Again, it failed.  This left Russia with the opportunity to win its final game and take seventh place in the world championships, and it finally managed to accomplish its task by barely beating tiny Slovenia.  Not only did Russia fail to medal, it never came remotely close to having a chance to compete for a medal.

Then it got oh, so much painfully worse.

At the U.S. Open tennis championships in New York City last week, Putin’s Russia did slightly better than the disaster in Istanbul, but it may have wished it hadn’t; it reached the semi-finals on both the men’s and women’s sides of the draw (with Mikhail Youzhny and Vera Zvonareva both facing amazingly easy draws to limp their way into contention) and advanced to the finals on the women’s side.  Youzhny’s match was non-competitive, as he was swept aside by world #1 Raphael Nadal in easy straight sets, exposing him for the pretender he was.  But Zvonareva’s match made Youzhny look like Pete Sampras.  It was an appalling spectacle that TV commentator John McEnroe called “painful to watch.”  It lasted just 60 minutes and Zvonareva managed to win only three of fifteen games played.   She struck four times as many unforced errors as winners and managed to ruin the second consecutive grand slam final of the year, falling apart just as pathetically as she had at Wimbledon just a few weeks before.

So once again, Russia was exposed on the athletic fields as a fraud, a giant nation incapable of even being seriously competitive when the rubber meets the road.

Nice job, Mr. Putin!

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin’s Russia fails, and then it Fails Again!

  1. As an avid tennis buff, I did watch most of the televised USTA games, including (against my better judgment) the quarter final set by Vera Zvonareva). And I was totally disappointed as she was pathetic to watch while she floundered on the court like a beached whale!!

    In all honesty I felt vindicated, when I heard commentator John McEnroe (no angel himself for on court behavior – as Jimmy Connor’s famous on court remark when playing him that his “5 year old son was better behaved then he) make the comment that she was “painful to watch”, and believe me she was.

    • Did I say “quarter final”? oops sorry I meant the final against Kim Clijsters.

      • Yes, a mistake is yours, the quarter finals were actually the stage that even USian players managed to reach this time.

        • Are you really happy having a Russian player get to the finals by luck (playing vastly inferior opponents) then get humiliated before the whole world playing like a clown?

          Truly, Russians have no clue.

          • Whatever happened in the final to her performance, I know that it’s better for a top player to play poorly in final, than be beaten by a non-seeded in the quarters.

  2. It’s not all that surprising that Russia did not do well in the basketball championships. The old Soviet national team was dominated by Lithuanians. Note that Lithuania took the bronze!

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