September 13, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  William Burns, Craven Braying Jackass

(2)  The Russian Wrench in the EU Works

(3)  The Rise fo the Neo-Soviet Proletariat

(4)  The Neo-Soviet Train Wreck in Russia

(5) CARTOON:  Russian Pac Man

NOTE:  Ouch. USA basketball lays a whipping on the Rooskies.


29 responses to “September 13, 2010 — Contents

  1. About the death of General Ivanov of the GRU:

  2. 1-3 September marked the 7th anniversary of the Beslan School Massacre. It was, sadly, an all too familiar admixture of the basic ingredients of Putin’s Russia: incompetence, callousness, lack of accountability, and, especially, mendacity.

    All of these marked the preliminaries to the attack, the attack and counterattack, and the post-attack actions of the government.

    • I also just posted this comment there:

      The school was not leveled by bulldozers for the obvious reason it’s still standing, they rather used shovels and such to clean up the “mess” of the gym room after removing the corpses but missing some body parts.

      But such approach is simply typical for Russia. The apartment bombing sites in 1999 were actually leveled within few days since the blasts, and in the recent metro bombings of the Moscow metro the stations were opened for the public already in just hours after the blasts.

      Even their handling of the Smolensk crash that killed the Polish government was just like this, as people found aircraft parts, personal items and reportedly even body parts there few weeks later. (Not to mention the soldiers stealing a credit card from a corpse, or the locals collecting and sometimes selling the “souvenirs”.) There are many more scandals (and mysteries) regarding this one, too, but this time it’s an international affair.

      It’s unthinkable in the western countries, where a serious in-site investigation would be conducted for a VERY long time. (See the Lockerbie and the WTC investigations for example.)

  3. Toward the end of Defying Hitler, his extraordinary memoir of the rise of Nazism in Germany, Sebastian Haffner describes how the Nazis had “made all Germans everywhere into comrades.” This, he argued, had been a moral catastrophe. This emphatically was not because comradeship was never a good thing. To the contrary, as Haffner was at pains to insist, it was a great and necessary comfort and help for people who had to live under unbearable, inhuman conditions, above all in war. But Haffner was equally adamant that, in normal times, in ordinary civilian life, comradeship became a vice, for it relieved people of “responsibility for their actions, before themselves, before God, before their consciences. … Their comrades are their conscience and give absolution for everything, provided they do what everyone else does.”

    Perhaps this is why Einstein once said that, “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”

    • Wonderful post, LES. That’s what we need more of: off-topic posts about Nazi Germany that have nothing to do with modern Russia.

      • Hello ReTaRd, whats the matter, off your meds for schizophrenia again?

        • I have no idea what ails you, Andrew, but you should refill our prescriptions ASAP.

          • Typo: should be “your prescriptions”.

          • Well, since modern Russia is nothing less than a mini-USSR, got stabbed and waiting for revenge, it has quite in common with it’s predecessor which was a mind-ill terror state just like Nazi Germany. Thus, your opinion on LES comment, which you openly spoke, is quite incorrect.

            • Yes, Garnet, modern right-wing Russia has as much to do with the leftist USSR as the modern left-wing Germany has to do with the right-wing fascist Nazi Germany. That is, very little. And certainly nobody under the age of 50 in the modern capitalist Russia refers to others as “comrades”.

  4. The North Caucasus was rocked by its worst terror attack in months Thursday when a suicide attacker triggered a powerful car bomb outside a market in Vladikavkaz, killing at least 16 people and injuring 138.

    The attack, which was immediately blamed on Islamist militants, coincided with a spate of suspected terrorist activity as Muslims marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

    Authorities in Dagestan said they uncovered an improvised bomb laboratory in a hotel and an undetonated bomb at a hydroelectric station.

    Bombers have struck at Vladikavkaz markets in the past. The deadliest instance was in 1999, when a powerful bomb at the same market killed 52 people and injured about 200.

    More explosions occurred in 2000, 2001 and 2002, with a combined death toll of 19.

    In 2008, 12 people were killed when a female suicide bomber blew herself up in a shuttle taxi near a market in the city.

    North Ossetia also witnessed the 2004 Beslan hostage tragedy, which killed about 330 people, and a deadly attack on the garrison town of Mozdok in 2003, which killed 20.

    [More like at least 50 in 2003, a whole military hospital was destroyed by a truck bomb.]

    • @immediately blamed on Islamist militants

      Umarov explains that at a meeting of Chechnya-based fighters and commanders, he was subjected by rank-and-file fighters and the two Chechnya-based emirs present to a barrage of criticism. He said they specifically reproached him for having claimed responsibility for the most recent “special operation” in Russia, meaning the Moscow subway bombings in March, even though those same emirs and fighters had upbraided him one year earlier for not taking responsibility for other such operations elsewhere in Russia.

      It was that apparent retraction that impelled Vadalov, Gakayev, Mukhannad, and Tarkhan Gaziyev to publicly declare the withdrawal of their oath of loyalty to Umarov.

      Umarov expresses his gratitude to the emirs of the Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetian, and Daghestan fronts who reaffirmed their loyalty to him.

  5. Putins girlfriend shows his true colours:

    Russian President Warns Parliamentary Democracy Would Be ‘Catastrophe’

    September 10, 2010
    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that parliamentary democracy would be a “catastrophe” for Russia.

    Speaking at a two-day conference in Yaroslavl, northeast of Moscow, Medvedev said Russia’s current political system should be modernized “with great caution, step-by-step.”

    Medvedev said many Russians had a “difficult relationship” with democracy, especially since the post-communist 1990s led to a rise in poverty.

    Medvedev has been criticized for the slow pace of democratic reforms since winning power two years ago, and for brutal police crackdowns on protests.

    • @Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that parliamentary democracy would be a “catastrophe” for Russia. (…) Medvedev said many Russians had a “difficult relationship” with democracy, especially since the post-communist 1990s led to a rise in poverty.

      That’s right. This is why El Presidente sent the tanks in 1993 and burned down the parliament.

      Apparently the current Duma is responsible for the poverty still reigning in Russia. So I propose Dima to send some tanks and sort them in the bargain.

      Fighting poverty should be easier nowadays, I don’t think thousands of people would take to the streets in the defense of “the lawmakers” of today.

  6. I wonder why la Russophobe is so slow at bragging about America’s superiority over Russian in tennis:

    Only one Russian woman made it to the final, while all but two finalists are Americans!

    Only one Russian man and one Serbian man made it to the semi-finals, while all but four semi-finalists are Americans!

    Time for LR to celebrate!

    And Venus’ nightie was superb! I bet she wills sell her line of tennis clothing to thousands of street-walkers all over the tropical world!

  7. September 10, 2010
    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that parliamentary democracy would be a “catastrophe” for Russia.
    It would be a catastrophe. Putin and Medvedev would be hanged for their crimes and women would not be forced to cut tumers out of their own breasts leaving blood all over their own living rooms.

    • Would parliamentary democracy be a “catastrophe” for USA?

      Why do both USA and Russia have a presidential democracy?

      • Nobody askes questions like this on this blog. Nobody even knows USia is a presidential republic.

        To ask such questions is to think. Team, ban him, he obviously violates the local rules.

      • Sorry dick head, but the USA has an actual democracy, where both the Senate and Congress balance the powers of the President and vice versa.

        The US system is in many respects a “parliamentry” democracy, just that the lower house of Parliament is called Congress, and the upper house is called the Senate.

        Russia has a rubber stamp Duma with no real powers.

        • You are wrong, Andrew, US is not a parliamentary democracy.

          • Sorry dtard, but what I said was that it shared aspects of the parliamentary system.

            You see the administration cannot just force through bills without the consent of Congress and the Senate.

            Compare this to Russia, where paedo Putin can do what he likes, amend the constitution, defraud the country of billions, that sort of thing.

            The US is a democracy.

            Russia is a corrupt fascist hell hole.

            • Andrew,

              Russia used to have presidential rule.

              In the sense that the El Presidente once sent his tanks to literally burn down the Duma.

              However, now it’s ruled by the whatever official position is currently taken by Putin.

              As observed by Kadyrov: “wherever [Putin] is, whatever he is, be it a locksmith or a combine harvester driver…”.


            • When I say “Andrew is in many respects a “male” person”, I actually say Andrew is not a woman. Because the system is closed, and you can be either one, or another (we don’t take those few “mixed” types here, right?)

              There are two genders, and there are three types of respublics:

              Mixed (which America is not),
              Parliamentary (which America is not),
              Presidential (which America is).

              If you say the U.S.A. is in many aspects a parliamentary respublic, you claim either of the folloowing:
              1) It is a mixed respublic (which is wrong), or
              2) There exists a presidential respublic which is parliamentary in many aspects, that still does not make it mixed (which is a pure absurd).

              That is why I say you are wrong, and the U.S.A. is just a presidential respublic.

              P.S. You are welcome to wikipedia in two articles:

              http : //

              – forms of government map, and

              http : / /

              – basics of formal logic.

  8. you like pac man check out the video this swiss artist made, it’s pretty awesome.

  9. Monday, September 13, 2010

    VIDEO: Putin gave orders to kill Lukashenko

    On YouTube thereVideo Statementformer Russian terrorist, a member of one of the gangs in Russia.

    He warns that Putin Russian leader plans to kill President Lukashenko of Belarus . Russian security man who repented and said that it declares with full responsibility for has a reliable facts.

    In his testimony , in June in derzhkorporatsiyi ” Rostehnolohiyi “a spetshrupa from among former employees of intelligence agencies .

    There developed variations of physical removal of the Belarusian president. The basic scale is called the attack during one of the events.

    Let us mention in this context that some media and stakeholders clearly in comments on YouTube tried to discredit this statement calling it ” chyyims bad joke or fiction “,” joke “.

    Other media are trying to present this statement as ” an element of the next information war ” between Moscow and Minsk.

    However, the government of Belarus took this statement very seriously.

    Note in this context that former Interior Minister of Belarus Naumov, who according to some reports is one of the candidates for chair of Moscow ‘s new puppet president of Belarus, following the resignation went to Moscow and is adviser to the leader ” Rostehnolohiy ” Chemezov , a close friend of Putin.

    Happens to a script full statement of the Russian security men :

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