EDITORIAL: William Burns, Craven Braying Jackass


William Burns, Craven Braying Jackass

William Burns, braying jackass

When we read a statement from Oleg Orlov last week indicating after a meeting with top American diplomat William Burns that the undersecretary intended to offer “public criticism” of the Putin regime’s abysmal human rights record, we were heartened. Maybe at last, we hoped, the craven Obama regime has got the message that it can’t simply ignore the appalling neo-Soviet crackdown underway in Putin’s Russia.

But then we read how Burns chose to respond to the fact that Lev Ponomarev had been absent from the meeting because he’d ben arrested for daring to assemble in public to discuss Putin’s atrocities without first getting Putin’s written permission.  To say we were disappointed is putting it mildly.

Burns stated:  “I should note that it is regrettable that Lev Ponomarev, who was supposed to be at the meeting, was not able to attend.  The freedom of assembly is very important to the United States and very important for any democratic society.”

That’s pretty lame all by itself, but then it got much worse.   Burns went on to meet with Kremlin officals and all that could be reported afterwards was: “The arrest was also discussed at the U.S. officials’ meetings with their Russian counterparts.”

In other words, all Burns had to say after meeting with Russian rights activists was that it was “regrettable” the Kremlin is illegally arresting them, and Burns could not even say the word “arrest.” Instead, he used the outrageous and offensive diplomatic euphemism “not able to attend” and expressed no direct opinion about the legality of his seizure.  In essence, his words can be read to say it’s too bad the arrest had to coincide with the meeting, the Kremlin could have arrested him a bit later.  Nothing quotable, nothing likely to make a splash in either the Russian or the Western press.

Then, to outdo himself, Burns refused to give any details at all about how he raised the issue with Russian officials or how they responded.  What’s more, there’s no hint that Burns even mentioned the repeated arrests of former first deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov or the suppression of his writings about the Kremlin’s policy failures, nor did he mention the resignation of Ella Pamfilova. 

Once again, in other words, the United States has failed to provide the basic leadership the world expects from it on democracy and human rights, failed to do so as Obama continues his craven policy of appeasement towards Russia in horrifyingly Chamberlainian fashion.

Would it really have been so hard for Burns to simply say “the United States condemns the obviously  illegal arrest of Russian human rights activist for doing nothing more than exercising his right of assembly.”  Couldn’t he have said “the United States does not notice any cases in which pro-Putin demonstrtors have faced similar obstacles or arrests”? 

Of course he could have.  We say so.

4 responses to “EDITORIAL: William Burns, Craven Braying Jackass

  1. I met him in Moscow when he was newly posted. He was such a milquetoast then, although highly touted internally by the State Dept. folks as a rising star in their career diplomat mandarin class. Certainly he’s done well in learning all the non-offensive, don’t-rock-the-boat behavior prized by them.

    Amusingly, the State Dept. bio on him states: “In 1994, he was named to TIME Magazine’s list of the ’50 Most Promising American Leaders Under Age 40′, and to TIME’s list of ‘100 Young Global Leaders.’ ” – I wonder, exactly how has he fulfilled this promise, and to what has he led his various sub-areas, and finally, how has he really ultimately presented the pride and glory of our nation to others out there.

    Easily answered by seeing him in action in person, and the results such as above. How very sad for us here. This is our “professional” representation in action.

  2. Although I’m a registered democrat, I’m considering switching my allegiances and voting Republican this November, such is my outrage at Obama’s appeasent of the Kremlin dictators!

  3. Shay:
    Many people are in the dark about reality. Your president is not appeasing the Russians. He really believes the Russians have been treated unfairly.

    Fact: He believes Reagon was terribly wrong in bringing down the Berlin wall.

    Fact: Your president has erected cheap styrofoam Greek columns before making a speech filled with only weak generalities.

    Fact: He believes someone else caused the 1.3 trillion deficit and has said so.

    Face the fact that that this president only seems to be lying when he contradicts himself on an hourly basis.

    Fact: The definition of a psychopath is a person who believes his own lies.

    There is a reason why behind the scenes people are managing our foreign policy and sending major fleets into Chinese waters while Obama is on vacation.

    Face the fact that the President of the United States with a nice warm smile is a psychopath who believes he is brilliant inspite of all his bad grades in school.

    If you wanted to live in interesting times you have got what you wanted.

    • Ron,

      Russians being treated unfairly – yes – you really want to go back to the goulags – we should help those bloody slaves to realize their dream….

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