EDITORIAL: The Craven Cowards in Washington DC


The Craven Cowards in Washington DC

Here is what the U.S. State Department had to say about the Kremlin‘s barabaric crackdown on peaceful protesters on August 31st, including the illegal arrest of a former first deputy prime minister:

U.S. officials in Moscow and St. Petersburg confirmed that several gatherings took place across Russia to demonstrate support for Article 31 of the Russian Constitution. And according to our Embassy and consulate, dozens of protestors were detained in both cities. Article 31 guarantees to Russian citizens the right to gather peacefully, without weapons, and to hold meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches, and pickets. Since 2009, Russian citizens have been holding similar rallies on the 31st day of every month that has 31 days. The United States reiterates the importance of embracing and protecting universal values, including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly enshrined in the Russian Constitution, as well as in international agreements with which Russia has signed.  We are concerned by actions by the Russian Government in recent years, shrinking the space for civil society. We have concerns about intimidation of citizens, intimidation of journalists, intimidations of nongovernmental operators who are working on behalf of the Russian people. It is part of our ongoing dialogue with the Russian Government, and we hope and expect that Russia will live up to its human rights obligations. We – well, through our Embassy, we have expressed our concern to the Russian Government and that conversation is ongoing.

This mealy-mouthed, craven gibberish would be unacceptable even if it came directly from the lips of the President of the United States or the Secretary of State.  There is no hint of any policy action, no naming of names like Nemtsov, and no language which would even vaguely suggest outrage.  It is the language of a small person, from a small country, a cowardly mouse hiding in the shadows.

But America did not even have the courage to let a president or secretary utter these words. Instead, they came from an anonymous underling deep in the bowels of the State Department and were heard by almost nobody, least of all anybody in the Moscow Kremlin.

Let’s be perfectly clear what sort of misconduct by the Kremlin we are talking about here:  For instance, the Kremlin is openly bragging about reading the private e-mails of opposition activists and then preemptively arresting them before they could carry out the protest action that they planned in the e-mails, which would have consisted of nothing more than peaceful, constitutional demonstrations.

Watch the preemptive arrest of opposition activist Oleg Kozlovsky for yourself.

This is neo-Soviet behavior. It is the behavior of Stalin, of the dark failed past that brought Russia to her knees.  It menaces all the people of the world who live in freedom, just as it did in Soviet times.

But while American leaders of the past like Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy stood up firmly to Soviet aggression, the craven bastards who now sit in the White House are acting like Neville Chamberlains of the new era, prepared to allow Russian aggression and dictatorship to grow and prosper until, one day, inevitably, it boils over into open war.  History will condemn these cowards tomorrow.  We condemn them today.

22 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Craven Cowards in Washington DC

  1. Absolutely right! Russia is assailing the world order and democracy. During just last few months they toppled democracy in major European countries of Ukraine, Poland, Kyrgystan where Kremlin’s agents are ruling now. They are waging the total subversive global propaganda war using Internet as well as through their paid agents in every Western mass media and government. The US as well as any democratic contry are heavily infiltrated by Russian spies and paid traitors. There are hundreds thousands of morons worldwide working for Russian satanists’ dirty money, oblivious to the End of the Days they are helping the world to approach.

  2. EU lawmaker says shocked by Putin warnings of reprisals against rallies

    Moscow, September 3 (Interfax) –

    The head of the EU parliament subcommittee on human rights, Heidi Hautala, said she was shocked by warnings by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that Russian authorities might use tough measures against rallies that have not been officially permitted.

    Hautala, who was speaking in a program on Moscow’s Ekho Moskvy radio on Friday, described Putin’s words as a direct appeal for violence against peaceful demonstrators.

    Read more:


  3. @It is the behavior of Stalin

    No, under Stalin there were no demonstrations. If there were they would be simply machine-gunned. Of course.

    There’s a neo-Stalinist gangster regime in Chechnya, however (with Islamist flavor – this mix resembles the Baathist Iraq a lot). There are no demonstrations and offically over 99% of people vote, and they all vote for Putin and Kadyrov.

  4. The only difference between Putin and Stalin seems that the latter had no stolen billions in Western banks to lose in case of indulging in full scale cannibalism. They differ only in scale, not in ways, so the author is right.

  5. You are only getting more ridiculous as the days go by.

  6. I do not see that the Putin crowd are having any actual success at all. Yes they are typical Russian SOB’s but that does not mean success.

    A major development, such as readily available, cheap energy world wide, is going against them.

    They are doing great harm to the Russian people, but are not making real headway. Even a feckless Obama cannot really help them.

    To me they seem to be a viscious, but chained up animal.

  7. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sascha29/

    Russian police under attack all over Southern Russia! Furthermore a suicide-attack against the russian army in Dagestan

  8. This summer there were odd events happening in Washington D.C. that I have not seen before in my lifetime. Obama is almost certainly not running the show!!!

    [1] “Spies”, such as they are, are arrested during a visit by Medvedev. The timing cannot be an accident.

    [2] Major fleet movements, involving many allies. occur just off the China coast [in the yellow sea of all places] during the time that Obama seems to be out getting an ice cream cone. This was a huge fleet involving ships I did not know we even had. Our pacific allies also pulled out all stops and their ships were heavily involved. We even made deals with Mongolia to prevent a move by the Chinese to the North. The Chinese complained that they were being surrounded by enemies.

    [3] The secretary of state even visits Georgia and drinks a toast to Georgian leaders.

    [4] All of this tells me we were close to war and the Pentagon was pulling out all stops.

    I personally believe that Obama is not running the show. This phony is not capable of making such decisions.

    In a way all of this is encouraging. It shows that the American military is able to function effectively at a time when the bastards of the world are ready to make a move. If ever they are going to make a move it has to be during the time that an idiot like Obama is on the scene.

  9. [5] Large purchases of military equipment was shipped to Tiawan over the strong, undiplomatic, verbal opposition of the Chinese.

    [6] The North Korean sinking of a South Korean Corvette had all the earmarks of coordination with China.

    All of these events this summer seem to have been successfully met by a coordinated effort by the nations that surround China. China thought they would be dealing with weak sister Obama, but found out otherwise. Gates, who was appointed by Bush, may have been the one who was directing to our efforts along with the joint chiefs.

  10. Obama’s “reset” of our relationship with the Putin crown has been extremely damaging to the Russian people and the people in the “near abroad”. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about it now.

    Unruly elements in the US govt expressed their irritation with Obama by arresting the “spies” at just the right time, but the damage had already been done. The “reset” helped Putin become even more in control.

    Obama’s simpering weakness has it’s price.

  11. Dimitry ,
    What do they call you ? Moskal , Moscovite , Moscvin , which one is
    right ?

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