EDITORIAL: A Russian Tail, and Dog


A Russian Tail, and Dog




Suppose we told you that those three numbers represent the annual salaries of the President of Russia, the Prime Minister of Russia and the Chief of the KGB (now known as the FSB).

In reverse.

That’s right:  Suppose we told you that the Chief of the KGB makes 50% more than the President and 25% more than the Prime Minister, who in turn makes 25% more than the President — what would you make of it?

Who, in your view, is really running this country?

And how could either the president or the prime minister afford the swiss watches they wear, watches that cost a third to a half of their annual income? How could Putin afford to give such a watch away to a boy he met on the street?

Isn’t it clear that the Russian government is entirely a fraud, a sham orchestrated for the benefit of idiotic foreigners and cowardly, hapless Russians?

How can a government like this be considered fit for membership in councils of civilized nations like the G-8 and the UN Security Council?

These are the questions we are asking.

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: A Russian Tail, and Dog

  1. This watch apparently costed “only” $8,000.

  2. I’d say your questions are queer. Nobody personally “rules” Russia.

    We are all ruled and controlled by tens of millions of pensioners, through these pension and investment funds.

    So better go make your next mortgage payment instead of asking queer questions.

  3. @Dmitry How about trying to be controlled by children? Oh, I forgot, you are killing them..
    I accidentally came across the blog and I feel I’ll be subscribing to it:) Though there’s nothing particulary new or at least nothing surprising, it’s fun to follow some of the comments:)
    The salary rates are just to show off. Heads of government in Russia are successful businessmen so giving away even full his salary to anyone they meet (if there’s a camera nearby, of course) does not matter to them. I won’t be surprised if they themselves don’t know their salary just because they don’t need it!

    • Oh, yes, the salary rates – thanks for asking for it from me, a humble Christian babies killer, sunshine.

      So here go these rates, which are “to show off” for state officials, and to make a living for common people:

      Here are the average wages in RUR for 2005-2008:
      8555 10634 13593 17290 – approx. USD 250 to USD 550, a nice growth in 4 years. PPP doubles these wages, as with any sum you count in Roubles.

      Second term of Putin’s presidency.

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