EDITORIAL: The Shameless Fraud called Putin


The Shameless Fraud called Putin

Mr Putin repeatedly praised the quality of the Lada car he was driving, giving valuable free publicity to the car’s struggling Russian manufacturer Avtovaz. However, he admitted he would not be personally driving the vehicle for the entire journey and would sometimes travel in his convoy of expensive foreign-made Jeeps.

Vladimir Putin was off on another one of his utterly absurd publicity stunts last week, this time driving a thousand miles across Russia in a Lada to prove how great the car is and encourage his fellow citizens to purchase one, while at the same time showing his own mettle as a he-man destined to rule Russia for life.

Except that Putin wasn’t driving a Russian Lada most of the time; most of the time, he was riding in an American-made Jeep.

It was highly ironic, of course, that Putin felt he needed the security of a Jeep, since the other purpose of his little journey before the cameras was to prove that Russia’s newly-completed trans-Siberian roadway, from Chita to Khabarovsk, was a viable roadway. But in fact Putin was stricken with fear not just that his flimsy Russian car would break down, but that defects in the new “highway” would frustrate the efforts of anything but the most determined all-terrain vehicle manufactured abroad.

Let’s be clear:  The Lada has sucked, its sucks now, and it will continue to suck until the government stops keeping its manufacturer alive artificially and the whole operation finally collapses. Everyone in Russia knows this perfectly well, but Putin doesn’t care, because he believes (as every other Russian ruler has always believed) that they are too stupid to remember it or too cowardly and hopeless to do anything about it if they did remember.

Putin’s willingness to lie to his countrymen is hardly surprising, of course, since he’s a proud KGB spy who has spent his entire life learning how to be dishonest, and since he’s seeking to delude his countrymen into believing he deserves to be handed the absolute power of an autocrat for life.

But nonetheless, Putin’s shamelessness in openly acknowledging his duplicity is deeply disturbing, as is is open contempt for the people of his country.  While he rides in a Jeep, he urges them to stake their savings on a Lada, and to risk their safety on his new road.  A genuine Russian patriot, of course, would not purchase Jeeps or any other foreign vehicle with Russian tax dollars.  A genuine Russian patriot would not waste billions of such dollars on cold-war provocation and aggression; he would invest in projects that would make a real difference in the lives of his fellow citizens — few if any of whom wish to drive through Siberia, be it in a Jeep or a Lada.

Our lead editorial today exposes the fact that three-fourths of all Russian citizens would like to leave the country if they could.  Who in his right mind wouldn’t want to, when being ruled by a repugnant reptile like Vladimir Putin?

Nobody, but then Russians are not in their right minds.

One response to “EDITORIAL: The Shameless Fraud called Putin

  1. Project Syndicate: Can Russia be great?

    Today at 06:38 Joseph S. Nye writes:

    CAMBRIDGE – In the 1950’s, many Americans feared that the Soviet Union would surpass the United States as the world’s leading power. The Soviet Union had the world’s largest territory, the third largest population, and the second largest economy, and it produced more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia. Read the story here.

    Read more:


    And a GREAT comment on the above link :

    Great at being a non democratic authoritve state! Great at supressing and killing people who do not fall in line! Great at screwing up the lives of non-russian people whom the russians think fall under their sphere of influenece! Great black market society! Great at stealing other countires history, culture, assets! Great at passing of non-russians as russian e.g. Ukrainian Hohol! Great at russification of other nationalities! Great language (duzhe dyakou ka-ka-ka-ka-ka)! Great for decieving and deluding it’s own people! Great for Stalin, lets be thankfull for this mass murder, nazi collaborator and his wonderful statues (sic, but Great for russian pidgeons to sit on I suppose)! Great for its KGB and their ruthless methods! Great for covering up real history – Holodomor genocide, Katyn, Geogian war, Chechnian slaughter! Great at puting up prices to line the pockets of the choosen few! Great at supressing media and general freedom-of-speech! Great for a decreasing population (because people keep leaving to escape the crappy, stinkin truely great motherland)! Great prime minister (never seen a peacock strutt so much as this action man – What a hero – When he was on that motobike, he looked like an extra from police accadamy…Blue Oyster bar I thank)! Great for changing/manipulating constituions to get thier own ways! Great at divide-and-conquer technique to decieve other nations to get their own way! Great mud slinging against other nations (e.g. if they don’t comply with russia they must be a nazi)! Great a destroying other countries wealth and security just because they don’t fall in line (e.g. recent warfare of cyber attacks on other nations)!

    The list goes on and on………………………

    Truely the Greatest of all Nations!!!!!!

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