EDITORIAL: Russia Activates a Weapon called Iran


Russia Activates a Weapon Called Iran

Would it be just fine with Russians if America were to build a nuclear plant in Georgia, fuel it up, switch it on, and then provide Georgians with sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles they could use to shoot down any Russian effort to dismantle the plant were it proved Georgians were using it to work on a nuclear bomb?

We doubt it heartily.

How, then, can Russians explain their government’s decision to switch on an Iranian nuclear power plant last week, even as it supposedly participates in a new round of sanctions against Iran for violating nuclear safety standards? And what should we make of the government’s refusal to rule out deliveries of missiles to the rogue Islamic regime?

They can’t do so.  This is Russian hypocrisy and duplicity at its most venal.

Let’s be clear:  Russia is ruled by man who spent his entire life in the KGB learning how to hate and destroy the West, particularly by giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies around the globe. He played no part in the downfall of the USSR, and he did not magically transform his views when the USSR collapsed despite his best efforts to help it destroy America.  Instead, he simply waited for his chance to reassert his views and pursue them to their logical conclusion.

As a result, Putin is now pursuing openly a policy of cold war against the United States, a policy no different than that of the USSR. He is providing nuclear and military technology to one of America’s most dangerous and despised enemies on the planet, believing he is free to do so because of the craven weakness of the Obama administration in Washington DC.

46 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Activates a Weapon called Iran

  1. Barry Soetoro is an enemy of the United States too.

  2. Russians never change. Always the criminal. Always the SOB.

    Barry the bungler, however, is performing a useful service: The destruction of the democratic party.

    • @Barry Soetoro

      Wow, you two are now on level of David Icke.
      Okay, almost.

      Anyway, I’d like to hear any positive results from their “reset” and betraying American allies and values. The Russian “foreign ministry” mafiosi couldn’t even give up a notorious (and Tajikistan-born) illegal arms trader arrested in Thailand without a desperate struggle.

  3. Boo-hoo!

    That’s what the Yanks get for surrounding Russia with military bases and installing ABM silos 50 km from the Russian frontier.

    That’s what the Yanks deserve for arming and training the Saakashvili regime to attack South Ossetia.

    Yanks can’t do a damn thing, except yell sanctions over and over like a two-year old tyke in Pampers.

    • PG,

      Thank you for claryfying me the effects of the “reset” for me.

      It’s just as I thought: the softy-soft, Kumbayah approach to the Russian gangsters indeed works wonders and there’s a full cooperation and no anti-Americanism at all.

      • The American gangsters are no different. In fact, they may be one hundred times worse.

        • Really? You think USA is also a lawless territory ruled by a powerful organized crime group? Let’s apply the Russian standards (normal, and not “one hundred times worse”). So, for example, are thousands of American citiziens missing and presumed dead after being abducted by “the government” gunmen from their homes or at checkpoints in any single state since 1999, too? Well, or just in the entire United States? With absolute impunity, of course. Or just 1 thousand of them? Or just 100? Um… 10? I don’t know, maybe just 1?

          That’s for staters, I’m listening because it sounds interesting.

          • As for Russian crimes in Chechnya … those are well known and well documented, no person of conscience would try to deny them.

            Impunity is something reserved for powerful states, as you can easily find.

            • It’s not an answer, I was asking about your claim of the American government’s lawlessness, supposedly even possibly “100 times” worse. Like, the US Constitution being broken 100 times more than the one the Russians sometimes claim to possess, or 100 times more political murders in NY (Washington is actually not much larger a city than Grozny used to be, and I wanted to compare it rather with Moscow), or 100 times more political prisoners – and political refugees, or 100 times more police and army corruption (even officially crimes, like this: http://en.rian.ru/russia/20100402/158406665.html ), or 100 times more “Heroes of Russia” equivalents (that would be probably the Medal of Honor recipients) ordering contract hits on each other in the USA and beyond… and so on, actually I don’t know what you meant so maybe you just tell me.

              • You don’t seem to be able to comprehend simple facts.

                Because the US extends its “jurisdiction” globally, US violence is mainly externalized. The US invasion of Iraq produced anywhere from 2-4 million Iraq refugees and millions more within Iraq, which arithmetically, translates into “one hundred times” in the book of statistics.

                True, in the US there is less lawlessness domestically, although a country with the largest prison population in absolute numbers and per capita terms is nothing to write home about.

                • No, not the invasion. The invasion produced only a few thousand refugees, mostly prominent Baathist criminals such as Saddam’s family (and even Comical Ali after he was simply released, despite him being a murderer). It was caused by the insurgency. The Sunni militants killing Shiites, and vice versa (and their own peoples also too, and various valnuarable minorities like Christians or Palestinians or Yazidis), when they were not busy attacking the foreigners, again putting the population (their own) in the middle. And most of the Iraqis were killed by the Iraqis (which was like this even during the first Gulf War if we include its aftermath). The refugees were leaving the areas were the other factions were in majority, in order to not be killed (and the Palestinians were forced to live in the desert, because nobody wanted them).

                  As of the prison population, it means the law enforcement works. And the justice system is independent. Now, care to compare the death rates in prison custody per capita? Or TB and AIDS rates? Or the living standards (and interrogation methods) in Gitmo (where there are not even US citiziens, and is not in America – due to the US laws, but anyway) to this of an average “prison colony”, not to mention http://www.hrw.org/reports/2000/russia_chechnya4/detention-center.htm ? No contest.

                  I wanted your “100 times worse”, and you’re giving me what?

    • Pinya wrote;

      That’s what the Yanks get for surrounding Russia with military bases and installing ABM silos 50 km from the Russian frontier.

      That’s what the Yanks deserve for arming and training the Saakashvili regime to attack South Ossetia.

      Yanks can’t do a damn thing, except yell sanctions over and over like a two-year old tyke in Pampers.


      Pinyahs – Bednashka,

      You are drunk again?? Look around yourself – who even wants to visit the sh…t hole called russia?? So calm down, accept the fat that Russia lost the war with Georgia; that Abkhazia is fighting for its life against Russians trying to take over and buy out the whole country – it is freedom russian style. By the way, why do you need those little places you have Siberia to enjoy life with its perfect moderate climate, beauiful real estate e.g., old gulag camps available for you so move there – as far away from Europe as possible….. By the way will South and North Osssetias be united and independent soon????

  4. Boy O Boy PG
    Your language gets stronger as you go. Hopefully the things you say about USA are true, but I see USA as being as tough as a ball of cotten.

    Even the riff raff on death row seem completely safe.

  5. What’s a Pinya? Is it anything like a piñata?

    • Unfortunately, it’s a Jewish name. Many years ago, I knew one old Polish (or Russian maybe) Jewish man, I think a refugee from the Czar or perhaps from Bolshevists, who spoke mainly Yiddish and has that name, which is supposed to be a nickname for Pinchus.

      I say “unfortunately” because it pains me to no end to see a fellow Jew sell himself to Russians

  6. We should be used to that with Ostap Bender/RTR/Michael Tal/Voice Of Reason.

    There are turncoats in any society unfortunately.

  7. “…He is providing nuclear and military technology to one of America’s most dangerous and despised enemies on the planet…”
    The same concers USA, as the providers of military nuclear technology to Israel.

    • So Oleg, when did Israel ever threaten the USSR/Russia?

      It was actually the other way around, with Russia supplying weapons to nations bent on the destruction of the Jewish state.

      Given the usual Russian anti-Jewish hysteria this is no great surprise of course.

  8. So Andrew, when did Iran ever threaten the USA ? Pardon, didn’t catch your point re “usual russian anti-Jewish hysteria”. My point was about “difference” (which I couldn’t find) b/ween said above cases. That’s all…

    • @So Andrew, when did Iran ever threaten the USA ?

      For example, when they invaded the US soil (embassy) to take a large number of hostages and then held them for over 1 year while repeatedly threatening to execute them. Was this threatening enough?

      But if you mean direct nuclear threats, then yeah. Zhirinovsky alone issues more in a year the entire Iranian goverment ever did.

  9. Also, a couple of basic things… As I understand, all this rush is about Bousher station. And it has LWR type. But “nuclear weapon” programm (if exist in Iran) requires PHWR type. Iran has it for few years, already (they got it without Russia). So…usual “bla-bla-bla show”.

  10. Sorry Oleg, but you are wrong (as usual)

    Bennett Ramberg, Ph.D.Nuclear proliferation and terrorism expert

    On its face the installation does not pose proliferation risks. It is a light water reactor fueled with low enriched uranium. Typically, countries do not use such plants to produce weapons usable plutonium But closer examination reveals a facility that could present such a risk as well as a radiological hostage to neighbors concerned about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. These facts only serve to complicate the region’s already complex nuclear situation.

    Situated along the Persian Gulf Bushehr marks the culmination of Iran’s 30 year effort to generate atomic power. In 1979 the Shah’s vision of nearly two dozen reactors ended with his overthrow along with his plans to conceal a parallel nuclear weapons program. In 1995 the revolutionary regime contracted Russia to complete one of two reactors the Shah started at Bushehr. Washington saw the effort as a potential guise for a nuclear weapons program and attempted to halt construction diplomatically. It failed.

    Due to the isotopic composition, weapons designers do not consider plutonium bred in the spent fuel of nuclear power plants that recharge on average every eighteen months the best material for weapons. However, were fuel unloaded eight months or so into its cycle, the plutonium would be weapons grade. Presumably, IAEA safeguards would detect such an Iranian effort. Russia has demanded additional guarantees requiring spent fuel repatriation as a quid pro quo for new fuel elements. Were the Mullahs to balk they could bank on fuel supplies from their own enrichment and fuel assembly facilities to keep Bushehr in operation while extracting the plutonium for weapons from the spent fuel.


    Indeed experienced arms control experts like Mark Fitzpatrick at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London (IISS) believe that a working Iranian reactor does not pose a proliferation risk as long as it is run solely to produce power for electricity generation.

    “It would be a risk if Iran operated it differently, i.e. for short periods at low burn-up in order to produce weapons-usable plutonium.


  11. “as usual” … Bravo, Andrew ! May “usual” appears because of being…usual job for you ))) Don’t roll me up to your usual opponents list, please. As soon as I notice my often or “usual” participation of ANY kind of phobia society, I ‘ll run to a psychiater immediately.

    • “)))”

      Hey, could you explain to me why the Russian emoticons have no eyes, but have several mouths? I always wondered about it, and not only me, yet no one seems to have an answer. A way to remember the effects of Chernobyl, maybe?

      • Sorry Bob, I’m not russian…and therefore don’t know what to say about. Chernobyl ? As I remember it’s in Ukrain somethere (next to Belorussia).

        • Oleg wrote;

          Sorry Bob, I’m not russian…and therefore don’t know what to say about. Chernobyl ? As I remember it’s in Ukrain somethere (next to Belorussia).

          You blame Ukrainians and Belorussians for the Soviet barbaric calamity – Cherenobyl. You ARE Russian….

          • You are really sick…Chernobyl is the location in Ukrain, isn’t it ?
            If you mean recent disaster…whom to blame, russians, ukranians or belorussians – doesn’t sence. All of them are former USSR. Moreover, all of them are…russians, ethnically. And ukrainians are even more russians than the others.

            • I thought that you were just clueless, but now I know that you are either insane or delusional.

            • Considering that all Nuclear matters were the direct responsibility of Moscow, and that the USSR was simply the continuation of the Russian empire, then the Russians are to blame.

  12. Also, B.Ramberg simply does his job. His profile “politico-military affairs”… So, Bennett Ramberg or Stephen Colbert – same level on the matter…

    • Listen Oleg, it is a well known fact amongst educated people that running a light water reactor for short periods produces weapons grade material.

      Try getting an education mate.

  13. Ukrainians and Belorussians do not consider themselves “Russian” any more than Poles do.

    They are all Slavs, but they are certainly not Russians.

    • “considering” and “being” – different issues. I hv pointed, already it (see my “ethnically”). And you are talking about sitizenship… Moreover, your “anymore” in chatting about recent cases (belongs to USSR time) looks funny.

    • Hi Andrew,

      The Czarist rus-sin empire also made a differentiation.

      >> 1897 The total population of the Russian Empire in 1897 was recorded to be 125,640,021 people (50.2 % female, 49.8 % male).

      Great Russian (i.e., Russian): 55,667,469
      Little Russian (i.e.,Ukrainian):22,380,551
      White Russian (i.e., Belarusian): 5,885,547

      As many other census in the era of nationalism, the results of this census are biased and skewed towards the nationality preferred by the authorities, in this case, Russian, in order to inflate the numbers of population of Russian ethnicity.

      {Also, we all know that the kremlin constantly lies and fabricates in their favor!}

      • Please note the absurd logic of the kremlin:

        1862 – The Circular also stated that “no separate Little Russian language ever existed, doesn’t exist, and couldn’t exist”, but permitted publication of literature in the Ukrainian language.

        1876 – The Circular also stated that “no separate Little Russian language ever existed, doesn’t exist, and couldn’t exist”, therefore, the kremlin completely prohibited something that did not exist?

  14. Good moderation ! Bravo !

  15. Vladimir the Impala

    Come on LR, put these juves out of their misery. Its 9gram o’glock time!

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