EDITORIAL: An Idiotic, Lying Jackass is blogging at “A Good Treaty”


An Idiotic, Lying Jackass is blogging at “A Good Treaty

A new Russia blog has appeared by the name of “A Good Treaty.” Its purpose is to offer one-sided propaganda in support of the notion that Barack Obama’s sham treaty on nuclear weapons with Russia is a good idea and should be ratified as the U.S. Senate considers the document.  Is the blogger on the Obama payroll? Or the Kremlin’s? Or both?  You be the judge.  Let us introduce you to it.

First of all, it’s beloved by the Russophile maggots, of course.  Interestingly, not one of them chooses to make the criticism of “A Good Treaty” that they level at us, namely that some of us are anonymous. It’s just fine with the Russophile scum that AGT is anonymous, because it’s only a bad thing to be anonymous if you criticize the Putin regime. If you work hard to justify it, and the Obama administration’s appeasement of it, then nothing else matters. Got that?

Second of all, the blogger who writes AGT is stunningly lazy, dishonest and stupid, even by Russophile standards.  In a post on the vast expansion of the KGB’s power to arrest and harass, the blogger claims the new law is no worse than America’s Patriot Act, passed in the aftermath of 9/11.  It appears, based on this pseudo-scholarship, that the blogger got the degree he lauds on his blog (but that nobody, of course, can confirm) from a box of Cracker Jacks.

Needless to say, s/he ignores an avalanche of facts:

  • AGT does not even try to compare the actual content of the Patriot Act to the new law on the KGB.  Instead, he simply issues ridiculous partisan smears against the Republicans, resulting from his crusading fervor in support of Barack Obama.  To him as to the KGB, the actual facts are meaningless.
  • It’s not surprising that AGT would ignore the actual content of the American law because the Patriot Act did not authorize the FBI to arrest any American citizen on American soil at will for publicly criticizing the Bush regime and toss them in prison for two weeks without charges. There isn’t one single case of an American like Boris Nemtsov being arrested preemptively for trying to publish and trying to speak against the Bush administration on the streets of America.  American TV continued to overflow with vicious criticism of the Bush regime after the Patriot Act, and it continues to have such criticism of Barack Obama now.  Can AGT find any on Russian TV of Putin? Of course not. The Patriot Act was aimed not at arrests of citizens but at deportations of foreigners.  Even a child, but not a ridiculous Russophile slob like AGT, could understand that difference.
  • Even if the Patriot Act had authorized such arrests of citizens, Russia has a long history of dictatorial mass murder carried out by the secret police.  America has no such history.  Russia also has a history of national collapse because of such policy failures that America lacks.  Russia, in other words, has far more to worry about.  History, however, means nothing to this treacherous little bastard, either.
  • AGT also chooses to ignore the fact that the Patriot Act was passed with the overwhelming support of the Democratic Party that otherwise vigorously opposed George Bush and which had previously held power.  Russia has no opposition parties, and power has never once changed hands. There is no opposition of any kind to Vladimir Putin in the Russian Duma.
  • Apparently the inbred doofus at AGT did not notice it, but George Bush’s party was routed in the last election. Is he suggesting this has happened to Putin? Or that it is about to?  So much stupidity and ugly-American ignorance would be funny, were people’s lives and freedom not hanging in the balance.
  • AGT also does not notice the implications of his own “logic.” If America is the standard by which Russia is to be judged, then because Russia lacks contested elections and transfer of power between competing parties, and because it lacks independent national TV broadcasts, the government of Russia is illegitimate. But then, actual thought was never the strong point of your basic neo-Soviet stooge.  America is the standard only when the Russophile gorilla chooses to make it so. At all other times, America is “another country” and “irrelevant” to Russia.

AGT concludes by suggesting that “emotional or moral” responses to the new Russian law are improper because two wrongs make right. Apparently, for him, it’s OK if his mother and father are brutally murdered because other moms and dads have also been murdered.  No murderer can be prosecuted until all murderers have been prosecuted.

In other words, AGT justifies neo-Soviet misconduct exactly the way it was done in the USSR.  One could, indeed, almost think s/he was speaking on behalf of the Kremlin itself. And for all we know, of course, that’s just what s/he’s doing.

Moronic anti-democratic idiots like the one blogging at AGT are the folks who give Americans a bad name.  Attempting to leverage his views with references to academic and professional credentials nobody can confirm because s/he’s anonymous (something we here on this blog never, ever do), he is engaged in a shameless campaign of propaganda in the style of Neville Chamberlain, asking the West to bow and scrape before dictatorship in the hope of avoiding armed conflict.

But still, his post does serve two useful purposes.

First, AGT is, at least, smart enough to realize he can’t deny the draconian crackdown embodied by the new Russian law, or deny Dimitri Medvedev’s rabid, feral support for that crackdown. So he openly admits it, and thereby confirms it for all to see.

Second, AGT confirms that it’s perfectly fine to be anonymous, and lays that issue once and for all to rest, making the Russophile idiots look even more foolish than they already did.

20 responses to “EDITORIAL: An Idiotic, Lying Jackass is blogging at “A Good Treaty”

  1. Thanks very much for the ‘shout out,’ LR. Just for the record, I don’t mind that you’re anonymous. Просто молодец.

    I’m touched that my FSB law / Patriot Act comparison has inspired you to so prominently advertise my blog, but please note that your link to AGT is dead, as the site has recently migrated. This is the correct URL: http://www.agoodtreaty.com/2010/07/18/minority-report-fsb/

    With love and respect forever and a day,


    Just as we are giving you free publicity, you are admitting the substantive content of our post is correct by being unable to respond to it.

    Just for the record, we never said YOU minded. YOU hardly could, since YOU are. It’s others we were talking about.

    With love and respect forever and a day,

    • Okay, I’m glad we cleared that up. I agree that the Patriot Act and recent FSB law are not identical. Insomuch as that’s the case, I think you’ve rather misrepresented my argument. Which is perfectly fine.

      • Not identical??? They’re not remotely similar in ANY way, not their content nor their manner of enactment nor the response of the society afterwards. Your statements equating the two and attempting to claim moral equivalence are utterly bogus and dishonest.

        Your argument was that America is just as bad as Russia when it comes to such matters and therefore should not hold Russia in contempt but rather treat it as a partner and, just for instance, cooperate on nuclear disarmament. Your argument being totally without basis in fact, your recommendation is presumably withdrawn. You ought to do so by altering the title of your blog and apologizing.

        • I don’t claim moral equivalence because I’m quite plainly not interested in morality. It doesn’t matter how ethical or kind our foreign partners are — all that counts is reaching mutually advantageous agreements.

          As I understand it, you are arguing that Russia is an unreliable negotiating partner because of the various acts of state oppression perpetrated internally against oppositionists and fallen-afoul oligarchs. But the U.S. maintains countless other treaties (economic, political, and military) with similar or worse countries. The U.S. doesn’t get to choose its neighbors in the world.

          As for Russia’s track record on treaty observance, it’s far from perfect (the same is true of America’s), but Rose Gottelmoeller (hardly a Russophilic Putin crony) has said that Moscow didn’t cheat on the previous Start treaty (http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2010/07/28/state_department_russia_was_not_cheating_on_start). The verification methods of New Start being short of comprehensive, I think the primary utility of the agreement (trust building) wouldn’t even be terribly offset by a little noncompliance, on our side or theirs.

          It’s for those reasons and others (which I’ve outlined a few times in posts on my blog) that I think New Start is “a good treaty.”

  2. Are you going to be here in 2024 when Putin is President?

  3. Сосни хуйца, Ким Зигфилд!

  4. Imho AGT is the most professional and informative blog about Russia out there.


    Is it? Or is it just the blog whose viewpoint most closely reflects your own?

    • I find it thought provoking, interesting. I think it would be lame to say ‘this is the best blog cuz it most closely reflects my views/opinions’ , tho I know judging things this way is common practice here.


      But that’s exactly what you DID say. You don’t give any specific examples to prove your point. In fact, the main reason you like that blog is because it corresponds to your own personal opinions.

  5. Maybe AGT just doesn’t want to get smeared and blacklisted like every other ‘Russophile scumbag’. Good for him.

    • So, you’re saying he’s a coward?
      Maybe we wanted to create a permanent webpage that would fundamentally discredit him, not to advertise his blog. Ever think of that? Good for us!

      • Laszlo Tooth Jr.


        You are a stupid ape: when “La Russophobe” says that only cowards hide behind nicknames, she knows what she is talking about! Good for her/him/it!

        • No, no, you ridiculous little simpleton. We didn’t say he was a coward because of his NICKNAME, we said he’s a coward because he is afraid to defend his views from our criticism. That was the point Victor made, you drunken illiterate slob.

  6. How long are you going to be doing this for LR? Putin’s going to be around for a very long time. Don’t you have a job? Do you get payed for this?

    • They used to sing that the USSR would last forever, didn’t they?

      How much was Thomas Jefferson paid to write the Declaration of Independence?

      How much was Martin Luther King paid to write the Letter from Birmingham jail? How much would you need to be paid to spend time in prison?

  7. “Don’t you have a job? Do you get payed for this?” Of course Catherine Fitzp…er…La Russophobe gets paid for this. The Soros and Ford foundations in New York (typical cutouts for You Know Who in Russia, but let’s not go there) didn’t provide quite enough bread for Manhattan living, hence the moonlighting. And besides that, LR is obviously someone with waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands, and that would match the profile of a lonely middle aged lady who hates young attractive Russian beauties and whiles away her days on Second Life.

    “Maybe we wanted to create a permanent webpage that would fundamentally discredit him, not to advertise his blog. Ever think of that? Good for us!” Yes Phobie we all know your Google-bombing Russophile defaming m.o. that keeps companies like Reputation Defender humming along suppressing your Google frauds while pumping up hits that happen to be true.

    So here’s my own version of your Catch-22 – either publish this comment, or I’ll out you as Catherine Fitz (or at least one member of the collective) at numerous blogs. Your choice!

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