EDITORIAL: Putin’s Party, a Clan of Liars


Putin’s Party, a Clan of Liars

Until recently there were quite a few Russophile maggots who were attempting to claim that global warming would be good for frozen Russia, unlocking untold riches from the permafrost.  Then — whoops! — the nation was ravaged by wildfires, and suddenly Russians high and low were decrying the horror of climate change and its untold new setbacks in store for Russia.  It was quite a sight for Russophobic eyes to behold.

With harsh, cold reality slapping the Kremlin right in the face, its leaders panicked and once again went into Soviet mode.  Lie, deny, cheat, steal.  You know the drill.

Eager to show how active he was in fighting the wildfires, Putin actually jumped into an aircraft and pushed a button dropping water on the fire.  Naturally, photos of he-man Putin were circulated far and wide on state-owned TV.

His political party, United Russia, didn’t bother with such trappings.  It simply invented facts wholesale.

For instance, it circulated a photograph of United Russia volunteers in the bush, only to be exposed by an eagle-eyed blogger as having photoshopped the images.  Don’t hold your breath, of course, waiting for Putin to condemn this scandalous fraud or to impose discipline.

It’s clear that, just as the USSR attempted, the Putin regime is stridently seeking an alternate reality in Russia, one where the nation’s rulers cannot be criticized, where like cartoon heroes they can accomplish any feat with ease.  And instead of actually accomplishing anything, the regime chooses to squander its precious resources on manipulating the public consciousness with artifice and fraud.

Such tactics did not work for the USSR, and they will not work for Russia. If Russia does not face its problems and reform, its problems will be its undoing. The KGB state will collapse just like the Communist state and the Tsarist state before it, and Russians will soon be left wandering through an acrid desert, the remains of a country that could have been spectacular and turned out to be nothing but rubbish.

8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin’s Party, a Clan of Liars

  1. I wonder how much Putin’s official “private” photo ops are photoshopped. He looks much more scrawny when not shirtless, even when posing with other evil midgets. http://nsarchive.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/vladimir_putin_with_kim_jong-il-2.jpg


    Let’s go to the videotape!

  2. Bogdan from Australia

    The behavioural pettern of Putin resembles the script for the “Aliens Versus Predators” movie.
    In that picture, Predators bred Aliens in order to train their younger offspring in the art of personal combat.
    However, overwhelmed by the mosters (Aliens) they have themselves created, Predators set up a nuclear explosion to destroy Aliens and themselves in order to start the proces again.
    It is likely that Putin and his degenerate regime is breeding the self destructing monster (Russia) and when its is overwhelmed by the events they (the regime) will end up everything in smoke and ruins, attempting to survive in the system of undeground bunkers it is now putting money to restore.
    Judging by Putin’s totally irational acts such a scenario is increasingly possible.

  3. Apparently it does not matter how many dumb lies the kremlin crowd puts forth. (1) We are going to divert an asteroid! (2) We are going to build our own airliners! (3) We are going to build our own naval ships! (4) We are going to rebuild your burned down homes! etc. etc.

    Those dumb russkis will never hold the Putin crowd to account.

    There is no reason at all for the Russian government to keep their lies straight. Anything will do.

  4. I’ll never forget the first ‘documentary’ shown on television by SBS (channel 0) about Putin, after he became President. In one part of it, his Primary school teacher is shown – an elderly lady, wherein she pointed out that when Putin walks, he sways from left to right just like a penguin and hence this action gave him, his school day’s nickname of “PENGUIN”. And that Putin was in the process of correcting this deficiency, now that he’d been elected President.

    Well old habits seem to have won out, as the above video of him walking side by side with Kim Jong II, still shows him swaying from left to right and back just like a penguin when it dawdles on snow.

    Yep ‘penguin’ Putin! old habits die hard.

    • @he sways from left to right just like a penguin

      According to his own wife (ex-wife?), he walks “like a duck”.

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