EDITORIAL: Once again, Russia rapes Poland


Once again, Russia rapes Poland

Any poor souls benighted enough to believe the gibberish published a few weeks ago that Russian relations with Poland were actually improving despite the recent plane crash on Russian soil that killed a large number of high-ranking Polish government officials received a splash of cold water right in the face last week.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk moaned that with the investigation entering its final phase, cooperation with Russia is worse now than it was at the start.  The Kremlin is frustrating Poland’s effort to get to the bottom of the crash at every turn.

Who can be surprised by Russia’s failing to miss any opportunity to stab a neighbor in the back?  Who can be surprised by Russia’s total inability to take advantage of a golden opportunity to improve relations with a powerful neighbor, and to instead provoke that neighbor into new hostility and contention?

Nobody can be surprised, because Russia is run by a crude, violent thug who spent his entire life in secret police, and who values nothing more than violence and confrontation.  Like all neo-Soviet idiots, Putin believes Russia can “go it alone” in the world, thumbing its nose at every other country in the world. Unlike any other state, Russia needs no allies because it is a “super nation.” The fact that there is absolutely no basis for this belief, that Russia has collapsed over and over again because of its fundamental weakness, means nothing to men like Putin.

Hopefully, now the people of Poland will see unquestionably the nature of the neo-Soviet evil they confront, and will wake from their rose-colored dreams about reform and change in Russia to lead Eastern Europe into the battle it must inexorably face.

3 responses to “EDITORIAL: Once again, Russia rapes Poland

  1. Anyway, there’s nothing new about it, Putin’s (personally led by him) “investigation” is just a cover up as usual. Like always. And this stuff here is just a tip of the iceberg even in this particular case. I wrote about this repeatedly here, and there is much more still. NOTHING what the Russian “investigators” (including also MAK of course) say or give should be believed anyway. If anything’s new here, it’s maybe Tusk rosy glasses cracking, at last. And remember Tusk is a crazed “Russophile”, the kind of guy who would hug Putin in public yet who would not have shake hands with his own president (Kaczynski).

  2. Bogdan from Australia

    Idiot Tusk (the current Polish PM). He and his entire political entourage have been secretly cheering the tragic death of their opponent Pres. Kaczynski and licking Putin’s a**e only to be thrown into the loo like a blob of used toilet paper.

    Now the moron is whining about being ignored by the DESPOT who would be more than happy to turn the entire Poland into a pile of radiating glass.

    The tragic as well as comical aspect of the aftermath of the barbaric murder of the Polish leadership is that almost all the so called intellectual and artistic elite that is being represented by many former anti-communist activists, placed themselves ignorantly and cowardly on the site of that loser Tusk and his cohorts.

    Such a short and sellective memory of those who ONCE WERE FREEDOM FIGHTRS.

  3. Steamed McQueen

    As far as ‘going it alone’ and Russia being a ‘super nation’: Russia does indeed have everything it needs to be wholly independent, at least w/r/t raw materials.

    As LR has pointed out so many times, what is holding Russia back is her unwillingness (or perhaps inability!) to behave as a responsible, civilized nation.

    They demand respect but refuse to act respectable.

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