EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Fraud and Liar


Vladimir Putin, Fraud and Liar

Back in June, when the story broke about a massive web of pathetically ragtag Russian spies having been uncovered whilst seeking to insinuate themselves at the most intimate levels of American life, the Russian government denied any spies had been caught.  Former KGB spymaster Vladimir Putin went further. He didn’t just deny there were spies, he accused U.S. law enforcement authorities of losing control, going on a frenzy and locking up innocent people.

He’d know, of course.  Nobody knows better than Putin how to lock up (or simply murder) innocent people.

But it has turned out, of course, that Putin was lying.  Shamelessly, after the spies were returned to Russia, Putin met and sang patriotic songs with them.  This only confirmed the fact, now common public knowledge, that Putin didn’t merely know about these spies, he sent them to America himself.  It was his spy program that imploded spectacularly before a slack-jawed world, and his bitter childish and ridiculous neo-Soviet recriminations in the aftermath prove this better than any other kind of evidence ever could.

Everywhere you look these days, Putin’s failure is evident.  The Caucasus region is exploding in renewed violence.  The economy has collapsed, the stock market losing a shocking 80% of its value in the course of a few weeks.  Russia stands without allies, and is even feuding furiously with the likes of Belarus.  And despite spending untold billions on renewal of the cold war with the United States, Putin’s ridiculous neo-Soviet schemes are collapsing all around him like a house of cards.

From day one, this has been what we’ve predicted for Russia.  Choosing a man totally without qualifications or credentials like Vladimir Putin to run a large complex country like Russia in the midst of a competitive global economy was always an act of folly, and now these chickens have come home to roost.

Even if Putin’s policies had succeeded, of course, the cost would still have been far too high. That’s because we haven’t yet mentioned the horrific crackdown on civil society that has pervaded Russia from Putin’s first days in power.  The minute he assumed the mantle of command at the KGB, opposition leader Galina Starovoitova was assassinated and Putin announced himself as the second coming of Stalin. Since then, many more opposition leaders have been brutally murdered or jailed on spurious charges or driven out of the country, and Putin has seized a choke hold on the regime.  He directly appoints governors, rigs “elections,” and populates the Kremlin with an army of KGB cohorts.  He liquidates opposition parties and independent media, and revives images of Stalin and Soviet power.

There were many who argued that Russia could “never go back” to the dark Soviet past.  They were liars too, as much as Putin himself, and we now see their lies exposed for all to see.

And let’s be clear:  There’s only one reason why Putin would openly meet with these spies and sing songs with them, and that reason is bilious hatred of America.  Putin has been raised and trained to hate America, and even now when the US has a cowardly, appeasing president like Barack Obama Putin simply cannot restrain his hatred.  His meeting with the spies, proudly and openly, sends just one message:  “I hate America, and I’ll do all I can as long as I can to destroy America.”

It’s time Mr. Obama started listening.

14 responses to “EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Fraud and Liar

  1. FSB to Re-Absorb SVR by End of 2010, Moscow Journal Says


    The source added that there had been efforts to subordinate the GRU, the main intelligence service of the General Staff, to the FSB. “But thanks to Defense Minister A. Serdyukov, and more precisely his administrative resources, the GRU still remains a relatively independent structure.”

    If this report proves to be true, the growth in the power of the FSB would be so great that it seems unlikely even a revamped NAK would be able to control it. As a result, that agency would become an even more serious threat to the possibility of the democratic development of Russia.

  2. I’ll go so far as to say that your words of “It’s time Mr. Obama started listening.” are totally wasted on the likes of B. Obama!

    That guy B. O. is a cowardly wasted piece of space, one who cannot get his head out of Putin’s arse.

  3. Aside from being mentally unstable Obama just is not very smart, He got poor grades in snap courses and flunked statistics altogether.

    However it does not seem to do Putin much good. Putin is another one that is not up to the job. Areas near Russia are fighting back which is good.

  4. read this



    and translate this



    The only party in whole world that had predicted the geopolitical game of Russia since 1985 using agents in whole world, biggest of whom was Andreas Papandreou in Greece, tha father of Prime minister Papandreou, that is also an agent of Russia that destroys Greece so transform Greece into a colony of Russia-China neonazi axis

    • Είναι οι κόκκινοι μαλάκες, γιατί να τους διαβάζουμε; ΓΑΜΩ ΤΟ ΚΚΕ!

  5. Barack Hussein Obama, Our American disaster!
    Even now, as many on the political left, and conservative right, and center-moderates, turn against him, ….as even the mainstream leftist-regime supporters in our ‘news’ (propaganda) media, begin to timidly actually criticize his words and decisions, ….STILL when I try to speak my own disgust with him to other average Americans, there are still lots of them who…adore him (!) He is indeed their ‘messiah,’ who walks on water and who can do no wrong (!!!)
    They don’t seem to even perceive that something is severely wrong with him and his administration.
    These are the ‘blue’ airhead mindless ‘liberal’ masses (mostly liberal ‘white’ people), who voted him into office, amidst the hysterical hypnotic shouts for ….’change’.
    Well, so now we do have ‘change’.
    Isn’t it wonderful-?
    I hope that America can survive this leftist-idiot, and his cadre of pro-communist advisors.
    Of course, to say what I am here, is proof to the liberals, that I must be a ‘racist’, etc.
    But no, I too was raised as an American liberal, in the good and old meaning of that word…i.e. I am a tolerant person of others, including other races or nationalities, or religions, or whatever, or of differing views, etc….yet, I am loyal to my country!
    Now, however, the most intolerant folks, are those self-proclaimed ‘white liberals’ ( & black racists) who still support Obama and his extreme leftist/hate America/down with capitalism, regime gang.
    But of course, Obama is a cause for great rejoicing in Moscow, as he is leading America down to it’s ruin and weakness.
    He is giving away the store!
    We have in America, I have no doubt at all, many black citizens who would have made a good president, -the ones who are smart and also loyal to America, (unlike Obama).
    Mr. B.H. Obama is not such a one.
    I’m surprised that Putin or Castro haven’t yet given him the Medal of Lenin!
    Why not to also have invited him to that well publicized ‘cup of tea’ that Putin had, to triumphantly celebrate with his returned (non) spies?…and singing patriotic-soviet songs-?

  6. Interesting article from the Moscow Times, by Andrei Zubov: “It Is Time To Declare The Soviet Union Illegal”:
    Do we see more and more cracks in the system over there?

  7. Also, an interesting article about Patriarch Kyrill, side-kick to V. Putin, both ‘ex’ KGB agents, (ha! ha!) and all his political ….missionary….outreach:
    ‘The Ambitions of A Would-Be Orthodox Pope’
    (If this good link won’t put you through, then just retype it on your computer, but it is a good link).

    Also of interest, in understanding the complex & corrupt relationship of the various power/monied components in current Putin’s Russia, read:” For Russia’s Future Priests, An Education in Church-State Ties”: http://www.rferl.org/content/For_Russias_Future_Priests_An_Education_In_ChurchState_Ties/2112024.html
    These articles touch on various aspects of neo-soviet Russian realities, including Moscow’s goals at subverting Ukraine under it’s umbrella, secular and ‘religious’.

  8. Bogdan from Australia

    Obama is not a tragedy in itself. It is the unimaginable cretinism of those 63 million Yanks who votrd for him and bretahtaking ignorance of those 50 (or so) million who obstained from voting at all because the MCCain/Palin ticket seemed not conservative enough to them.
    Every time the politically ignorant refuses to vote the EVIL rubs it hand with glee as it makes easier for the EVIL to take over.
    Even now the GOP’s NOMENKLATURA is throwing the logs under Palin’s legs in order to prevent her from winning the WH.
    The GOP’S APPARATCHICKS are in almost total egreement with the American left about Palin; “Anyone but Palin!” is the their motto.
    Fortunately she seems to be unstoppable and is growing as not only the prospective US President but also a leader of all FREE PEOPLE.
    Yesterday I saw a new webside Germas4Palin so her message is slowly spreading.
    There are other equally fantastic people in the US though. The most prominent among them are Allen West, Michelle Bachmann, Christopher Christ, Jane Brewer, and emerging younger generation represented by Nikki Healy for example.
    So there is a hope still…

  9. Yes, Australian Bogdan, I cannot disagree with your basic analysis, of how Obama got into office. Most fellow Americans, are cynical and worn out by all politicians, but yet….still easily fooled by happy sounding words of hope, such as, ‘change!’, etc.
    And, McCain really lost our country, as he has such a poor record as a false-conservative/appeaser of the left and of the Democrats, just ‘one of the good ole boys’ in the halls of the congress. Did you notice how he always seemed to be laughing, throughout his campaign? It all appeared as one big lark for him. Many of us real conservatives, just could not vote for him, as he disgusts us. He needs to retire from government, once and for all! Sarah Palin was a different matter, & generally popular with conservatives, (though the left’s smear campaign against her, cost the Republicans many votes!) but she was only the Vice-Presidental candidate. In American politics, we tend to, ‘vote for the lesser of the two evils’, as when it comes to the presidential election, we have only two choices.
    Question: ‘How can you tell if a politician is lying?’
    Answer: ‘If his lips are moving!’.
    But, yes, myself, I realized that leftist Obama would not turn out good for America, and so I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket.
    As polls have proven, conservative voters here, are the majority, as more than 75% of voting Americans, have conservative political/social views. Right now, neither of the two parties really represents us.
    But, because of the growing disenchantment, on all sides of the political spectrum, with Obama and the Democrat congress, come November, we expect to see a major…throwing out of the congress of Democrats.
    The so-called, ‘Tea Bag Movement’ is gaining strength, and is pressuring the Republicans to move more to the right,…or they will not be re-elected.
    One good thing about the Republicans, -they will more likely be firm with Putin.

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  11. Bogdan from Australia

    Psalomschick. Thank you for your kind response. I wish I’ve migrated to the US than EUNUCHALIA. It’s much worse here and KANGAROOS are even more ignorant than Yanks. The Labor DEGENERATES are stealing and wasting OTHER PEOPLES’ money in such a blatant way and the Australian HOMO-CONSUMUS-DEGENERATUS still cannot wake himself from its mental slumber.
    Nothing is going to happen here before the real changes take place in America.
    Then the Aussies will follow.
    Like sheep…

  12. Putin is biggest and most terrible evil throughout the World. Europe will be quacked hardly soon over him. Indeed. Responsibility must take US & EU themselves

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