EDITORIAL: The Rise of the Russian Gestapo


The Rise of the Russian Gestapo

Those Nazis sure do love them some Russia!  Little wonder, of course.

Back in January, we republished a piece from Global Voices reporting on the persecution of a young Russian woman who dared to the commit the “crime” (in racist Russian eyes, at least) of marrying a Chinese man and admiring Chinese culture on her blog.

A few days ago, the American neo-Nazi website Stormfront picked up the link in its forum section, sending any number of neo-Nazi thugs scurrying through our virtual pages and leading them to make comments like “boy do I love the Russians” and “they are taking the most direct approach (more than other whites) in the streets, they are a tough folk that’s for sure.”

We’ve previously reported on how right-wing lunatics like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and David Duke wet themselves when thinking about the racist dictatorship that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Look the other way in Russia, however, toward the “police,” and the situation is little better.

According to the Russian government’s own polling agency, 82% of Russians believe Russian “police officers” are willing to commit crimes, and 32% believe they actually do so on a regular basis.  Less than ten percent of cases of torture by police are fairly investigated so, in Moscow, 46% of respondents favored gang violence to fight back against corrupt police.

Since there is virtually no reporting about police corruption on state-controlled Kremlin TV, the people’s main source of news, and since the polling agency is itself run by the Kremlin and therefore obviously inclined to minimize negative information, one can only wonder what the real level of cynicism is and would be if the population were fully informed.

Russian police, in other words, are as much a part of the crime problem as the actual criminals.  In fact, Russian police are far more dangerous, because they clothe themselves in the appearance of legality and therefore play upon, and undermine, trust in the law itself.

This was the same story in Nazi Germany, of course, and in Stalinist Russia.  It was this feature of those societies, more than any other, that brought about their downfall.  Yet Russians have learned nothing from history. They have brought Stalin’s KGB back to power, and they are nurturing racist xenophobia that is no different from the type that prevailed in Hitler’s Germany.  Race murder is common in Russia, and the regime does nothing to prevent it. America’s neo-Nazis know a good thing when they see it.

19 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Rise of the Russian Gestapo

  1. “they are nurturing racist xenophobia”

    Really? Do you really think that Putin advocates racism over pragmatic democratic ideas?



    Here is a nation that promotes non-democratic racist principles:


    • You think the election of ONE black person to office in Russia proves it’s not a racist country?

      What would happen to this black man if he ventured into the Moscow metro alone?

      Have you yourself ever even set foot ONCE in Russia, or spoken to a black person who lives there?

      Did Putin IN ANY WAY support the candidacy of this person for office?

      Your gibberish only proves our point.

  2. From what I gathered, the Nazi masses in Russia and their foreign friends in the world believe (or pretend to believe) in a world in which uncle Adolf invaded the Soviet Union in order to liberate the Russian nation(s) from “Jewish” communist oppression. I wonder how they fit the policy of extermination and systematic starvation of Soviet conscripts and general civilian population into this. Probably they also think the German plans of either literally enslaving or forcibly assimilitaing a part and deporting the rest of the Slavic peoples of the east more to the east, after killing off their elites, were a Jewish forgery or something. Or maybe it’s sadomasochism on the part of the Russian Nazis, or some kind of Stockholm syndrome like in case of WWII Russian collaborators (not like if many of them had any choice but “or else”, that is). Many of them are course are too stupid to think about it at all, but there are some who are actually not retarded. The whole thing is strange, and the “Russian Jewish” Neo-nazi gangs in Israel just crossed the scale into a total absurd and yet it’s true.

  3. I see and speak to men with black skin here. But they didn’t serve in Putin’s office. :) And what? If we have racist movement that’s supported by the politics, why didn’t we have any hearing of the case in international tribunal, for example?


    You did, actually, many of them. And you were convicted each and every time, and have paid millions in penalties. For this reason, your government is considering withdrawing from international tribunal and is begging for foreign lawyers to defend it.

    You are poorly educated because you read our blog too little and talk too much.

  4. )))) I see, and you talk too “little” right here :)))) So, why you don’t do the right thing: find the evidence of crimes and help victims?


    Aren’t you going to apologize for your first lie before you tell a new one? That’s bad manners!

    We do help the victims by publishing their stories. We can’t do more than that because Vladimir Putin and the cowardly people of Russia won’t let us. Don’t you know about Russia’s strict rules against foreigners?

    Now you can move on to lie #3. But first you should apologize for lie #2!

    By the way, what do you mean by “:))))”? Do you mean that race murder and political oppression are funny to you?

    • @So, why you don’t do the right thing: find the evidence of crimes and help victims?

      Actually I do the right thing and I help the victims (in my capacity, that is refugees from Russia).

      Finding the evidence is nota job I’m qualified for, since I’m not a lawyer nor a journalist, I’m also based in Russia so I could be a volunteer researcher for HRW for example or get on with IWPR or something (that is if I had the courage like the folks at Memorial, I don’t know because I live in a peaceful country). So I can only spread the public awareness regarding the evidence uncovered by the others. And this is what I do (no, not just posting here).

      What about you?

  5. I have a question: Why ignorant people like I may not talk here? Do you have a censorship? :)


    Are you really so ignorant that you can’t see you ARE talking? :)

    We have a question: Is the only way we can avoid your worry about “censorship” to allow you to write anything you want whenever you want on our blog? Whose blog is this, ours or yours?

  6. It’s funny, cause for my 30 years I couldn’t find any of that you are writing on your blog! ))) That’s really funny! Any race murder and political oppression. So I don’t see for what I should appologize.


    You don’t even need 30 SECONDS!


    Just long enough to see the “racism” category in our sidebar and click it. Does a Russophile slob really need 30 years for that? So sad . . .

  7. Kavkazwatcher

    A few years back, a black friend from Hollywood came Moscow for a project. He’s not well known but a stable player in film, and very visible as he is about 6’3″. For an entire week we shuttled about Moscow from elitny restaurants and clubs, to business meetings and back again. One day, he got tired of all the glitz, and we made an impromptu stop at McDonalds at Kitai Gorod. I sent him with my kids to sit a few feet away, while I picked up the food. Those few seconds of inattention were enough for him to be accosted by a pair of skinheads, who were screaming at him calling him a blackie and a pedophile. Being from the US he had no concept of what to do, I fortunately did – and push them both back also screaming at the top of my lungs. They clearly wanted my buddy to fight them but an aggressive response put them in their place.

    Yup – these are coping skills you too can learn even in the investment banking world in Moscow, such skills with no application (legally) anywhere else in the world.

    To this day, my friend thinks I saved his life from nutjob nazi skinheads, and has never returned to Moscow since then. And I say, he shouldn’t; not without alert security.

  8. So what’s up with internation tribunal? Blame Russian people in papers but not in real deeds?


    You’re absolutely hilarious!! A welcome addition to our blog!!

    First you say Russia is innocent because it hasn’t been convicted in international tribunals, then when confronted by the fact that Russia has been convicted MANY times you say the tribunals are illegitimate!! Tell us another one!! ROTF!

  9. Now, I see that Americans have a harder censorship than we. So it’s your democrazy :) I don’t envy you at all…


    Censorship??? You’ve just published over a dozen comments attacking us today alone!!! Are you drunk?

  10. Besides, I also want to punish that bastards. So what can I do for you?


    Well, you can start by criticizing them instead of attacking those who do, and you can criticize the many passive Russians who say nothing or applaud, and you can criticize the absolute silence of Vladimir Putin on this issue.

  11. I have no evidence that Putin is a racist or commit any crime. And now I see that you also haven’t. That’s why you offer me just criticize… I cann’t say any bad word of a man when I have no proof of his deeds. What’s up with evidences?


    Here’s the evidence, you illiterate baboon:


    Meawhile, did you even read this post?? American NAZIs proclaim their love for Putin’s racist state!!

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