July 26, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Dima Medvedev, Crypto-Fascist

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Russian Epitaph

(3)  In Russia, Prison as Torture

(4)  Russian Barbarism and Failure in Japan

(5)  CARTOON: Where do Russians Live?

7 responses to “July 26, 2010 — Contents

  1. At last they understood how to hurt and “the government” most – threaten their money. No one was fired after Beslan, for example, because it did not hurt the Krelmlin mafiosi. But now they’re scared (terrorized). What about their precious, precious but vulnerable oil & gas infrastructure?


    President Dmitry Medvedev threatened a wave of dismissals Thursday if attackers managed to carry out a repeat attack on strategic infrastructure in the North Caucasus after the bombing of a power station killed two and caused $50 million in damage.

    Officials “must do all they can to make sure that such things do not happen again,” Medvedev said. “If they do, none of the law enforcement, security and energy company chiefs will keep their jobs. They will all be fired.”

    • Two senior Russian lawmakers have highlighted what they consider the most alarming aspects of the Baksan attack.

      Gennady Gudkov, who is deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Security Committee, said it raises the question whether the Russian authorities are capable of effectively fighting terrorism, given that their standard response to acts of terrorism — issuing harshly worded statements — has not changed since 1999. He described terrorism as a disease that was not being treated, but was spreading geographically.

      Aleksandr Torshin, who headed the Duma’s investigation into the 2004 Beslan hostage-taking, highlighted the professionalism of the perpetrators of the Baksan raid, and expressed concern that it was “just the beginning,” a “rehearsal for the seizure of larger, more important facilities.”

  2. It’s just a routine now:

    Strasbourg court orders Russia to pay for Chechen disappearances


    Another Chechen resident, Artur Akhmatkhanov disappeared in April 2003. He had been shopping with his mother, when she realized she had to fetch a document she had forgotten at home. Reaching home, she heard shooting coming from a building nearby. The woman approached the site and saw it had been cordoned off by Russian military servicemen. Neighbors told her later they had seen Artur near the building and that a young man with a plastic bag over his head was put into an armored vehicle by the servicemen.

    The court ruled that applicants had provided consistent accounts of the abductions and said that Russia did not disclose all the documents the court required.

    It said the three missing persons should be considered dead as a result of an operation by Russian servicemen.

  3. Dagestan burns. Today so far four policemen and three soldiers killed in four attacks! Also a railway-line has been blown up

  4. All these events in Russia have a name a slow, irreversible, unstoppable process of Russia’s desintegration.

  5. Trends are unfavorable to Russia and it is for the best. Maybe they will learn.

  6. It’s now a hunting season for the Russian soldiers in Dagestan. What kind of “checkpoint” was this anyway?


    A group of unidentified persons came to a checkpoint of a military unit, seized mobile telephones of servicemen, and one of the attackers struck a soldier with a knife. The wounded serviceman died on the way to hospital.

    An hour earlier, unidentified attackers fired at a group of defence ministry officers near a checkpoint. The officers had come to Buinaksk from one of Russian regions. Three servicemen were killed in the shooting attack.

    According to the investigation, the two incidents are not viewed as links of one chain.

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