EDITORIAL: Dima Medvedev, Crypto-Fascist


Dima Medvedev, Crypto-Fascist

Medvedev poured cold water on the hopes of private media outlets when he said: “It seems to me that it does not make sense to set the goal of moving away from government media because both [private and government-controlled media] exist everywhere in the world.”  In this sense, Medvedev departs from the more liberal stance of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. As president,  Putin never publicly spoke out so directly in support of state-controlled media.

— A report from the 10th Russian-German Petersburg Dialogue forum in Yekaterinburg on July 15

Dima Medvedev is, of course, a shameless idiot and liar.  Which explains this particular remark, we cannot say. Perhaps, both.

Did you think you would live to see the day when Medvedev would be called more fascist than Vladimir Putin?  We didn’t.

But perhaps it’s the case.

There is no “government controlled media” in the United States, of course.  CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC — they are all private for-profit corporations owned by shareholders, and they routinely expose and criticize the highest American authorities. Sometimes, on shows like “Sixty Minutes” or “The O’Reilly Factor,” they seem to make a sport of it.

Is the President of Russia (so-called) really so oblivious of basic facts that he doesn’t know this? Or is he such a ridiculous neo-Soviet liar that he doesn’t care, or thinks the people of his country are too ignorant to notice or too cowardly to say a word if they did?

Medvedev is also openly supporting a new neo-Soviet law that will allow the KGB to issue “warnings” to anyone who criticizes the Kremlin and to jail any such person ignoring its warning for up to two weeks with even formal charges, much less a trial.  And let’s not forget what these KGB goons are capable of doing even without such open authorization and invitation from the regime:

On May 10 in a Moscow metro train car, a passenger was unhappy with an FSB agent, who was singing and shouting while visibly drunk. The agent pulled his gun and started firing. Before firing, the agent probably said, “Hey, you dirty bastard, go to hell!” Needless to say, the passenger did not do as instructed. According to official FSB training, disobedient citizens should be held fully accountable.

On Aug. 24 in the Moscow region, an FSB agent used an automatic weapon to shoot a policeman who had taken his parking space. According to the new legislation, the victim should be held responsible.

On May 15, the senior FSB officer for the entire Moscow region got into a taxi driven by a Nigerian man, Mbamar Etelbert. The agent put a knife to the driver’s throat and demanded to be taken to Zhulebino in southern Moscow. Later, the agent justified his behavior by explaining that he had been drunk at the time. Under the new legislation, Etelbert should be held responsible because the FSB officer never made it to Zhulebino.

On May 1, a drunken FSB agent broke the nose of a traffic police officer who had stopped him for driving under the influence. The new legislation would require the cop to spend a minimum of 15 days in jail for refusing what must have been the FSB agent’s command of “Shove it where the sun don’t shine!”

In other words, the notion that this man is even remotely more civilized or reasonable than Vladimir Putin is totally ridiculous.  Medvedv is a neo-Soviet demon no different than Putin, and perhaps an even more dangerous one since unlike Putin he seeks to hide behind civilian credentials and soft rhetoric, even going so far as to meet with opposition journalists.

He is, in other words, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He is not progress for Russia, he is regression.

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