CARTOON: Where do Russians live?

Translation: "My address is not a house or street . . . my address is the Evil Empire!"

Source:  Oleg Panfilov’s Facebook.


4 responses to “CARTOON: Where do Russians live?

  1. This is where thwy live:

    “Muscovites will have to inhale smoke for another two to two and a half months,” said Alexei Yaroshenko, head of the forest programme at Greenpeace Russia. He said the smoke could eclipse the worst smog registered in Moscow, in 1872 and 1837.

    Airports serving Moscow were unaffected by the smoke. “This is awful. It is going to damage people’s health,” said telephone engineer Davit Manukov, 25, standing by the Kremlin where black clouds of smoke enveloped its golden onion domes.

    Read more:

    • The kremlin does not care about their people. They are so busy stuffing their pockets and trying to convince the sheeple how “GREAT” their country is while they have no fire prevention or supression.

      The emergencies ministry said 34 peat fires and 26 forest fires were blazing on Monday in the area surrounding Moscow, covering 59 hectares (145 acres).

  2. Not really evil and not much of an empire.

    • Остап Бендер

      Not any more, but this cartoon is about a soldier in the oldSoviet uniform. It is about the 1980s, when the Soviet Union was much closer to an evil empire. It is a parody on the 1970s song “My address is not a house or a street . . . my address is the Soviet Union!” about young people who volunteered to participate in construction projects in Siberian wilderness.

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